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King Marth 64

I got a question about that Honey program

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I recently saw those ads that popped up on YouTube showed Honey that helps bring Discounts and Coupon Codes on alot of websites such as Best Buy website for example. I was thinking of entering their site and register so that I can use it to buy some used games and accessories from eBay and Amazon and maybe some food like Pizza when I order it online.

Before I sign up, has anyone used Honey that might know how does Honey tracks those discount and coupon codes so fast since the ad showed the guy registered on their website and it did said he saved around less than $100? Does it track new and old codes or does it save up when you waited around weeks or months before you used the codes that the Honey app tracks it down to buy stuff from online?


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So I'm not 100% certain how it works, but I think it is able to use a coupon more than once (depending on the discount). I order pizza delivery regularly, and Honey usually gets me about 5 or so dollars off.

I haven't had much luck with it on Amazon, but I think that's because I buy from third party sellers mostly... I've found it pretty helpful! 😊

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