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Silver Snow difficulty (Chapter 13 to 17)

What do you think the difficulty about Silver Snow chapter 13 to 17.  

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  1. 1. Chapter 13 : Hunting by Daybreak

    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Hard
  2. 2. Chapter 14 : Protecting Garreg Mach

  3. 3. Chapter 15 : Ambush at Ailell

  4. 4. Chapter 16 : The Great Bridge Coup

  5. 5. Chapter 17 : Taking Fort Merceus

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Recrutement : All

Difficulty on Chapter 13 to 17 : Normal

Chapter 13 : Hard (Byleth and Seteth vs many enemy with Black Eagle student only)

Chapter 14 : Normal (Fire field)

Chapter 15 : Easy (Gwendal can be defeated easily by Lysithea Dark Spike T)

Chapter 16 : Normal (Ladislava is fast and might defence)

Chapter 17 : Easy (No strong enemy)

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5 hours ago, drattakbowser said:

Gwendal can be defeated easily by any mage

Fixed for accuracy. Anyway, Gwendal has a Lampos Shield that prevents bonus damage against cavalry units. That said, I'd say chapter 15 is easy until it becomes an escort mission.

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IMO SS Chapter 17 is an interesting case because it manages to be easy only because the chapter ends once the DK falls. Otherwise it pulls a surprise difficulty spike that can catch you off guard if you don't grind as much.

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