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Grand Hero Battle - Jorge: Traveling Peddler

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Not a huge challenge other than just needing to get our positions down~

@NSSKG151 - Nice work from the Annas, nothing too hard for them, as usual~ Any reason you go for Moonbow on OG!Anna other than Luna or Glimmer or something?

@LordFrigid - Tome of Order has a cool animation. Pretty cool setting it up with a 1 HP live and then Edelgard just going to town

@Sasori - Nice +10 Chad! Didn’t expect him to so easily one round Jorge, or near everyone else for that matter. That was some well worth it investment.

@Diovani Bressan - Pretty cool Flame Emperor solo clear. He is not getting shown up by a certain new Brave unit by any means~

@Maaka -  Double Bartes and Double Azuras~ I like that Wo Dao Bunny Bartre, that was a lotta damage~

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@Maaka Nice clear with Bartre and Azura. It would funny seeing a Bartre alt using a tome or a bow despite the muscles he has though a dagger thrown by him would hurt pretty badly.

Yep, first IV Fruit I get is going to the Commander herself. Haven't quite settled on what boon or bane I'm going to go for yet.

@Landmaster Couldn't help but laugh since I didn't think I was going to hear music from Sonic Unleashed today. Didn't look too difficult for the Elise team. I'm still surprised by how much of a wall Mirabilis is.

I have a bunch of specials I run on Anna though I usually swap around between Moonbow, Luna, Noontime or Aether depending on the build I'm using. I don't think Anna has a good Atk stat to use Glimmer so I usually just use Moonbow when I want to use a cheap 2 cooldown special. It probably doesn't matter either way since she is getting most of the extra damage from Wo Gun/Wrath anyways.


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@NSSKG151 Welp, the better merchant won. That's all there is to it.

@Diovani Bressan LWood boosted Flemp was pretty overkill. RIP.

@LordFrigid Nice 1 HP adjustment. I sure wish I got LEdel.

@Sasori +10 Soren? Nice. You sure love those mage boys.

@Maaka Cut through like butter.

@Landmaster Jorge not being able to charge Ignis was just depressing for him. Easy.


Even though this map was easy, I couldn't really dig out anything underused in my barracks to deal with it because of the nature of it, so I said fuck it and threw Lethe + NY!Lethe at it. Not worth recording.

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@Landmaster Poor Jorge, his weapons outshone by green swords of doom. Surprised the bow knight didn't double Mirabilis, such a tanky girl. Flying dancer and guidance shenanigans are nice to see.

@Maaka I see someone was flexing with a Wo Dao despite it not working with Galeforce. I like how Jorge who has a twin has to face a Twin Azura/Bartre team

@Diovani Bressan Flame Emperor conquers a village. That guy has so much HP... the map didn't stand a chance.

@SatsumaFSoysoy @daisy jane @Alexmender @BoaFerox @DLNarshen

First Brave Claude steals upstages the OG Parthia, now a similar-sounding merchant comes in as stat-stacked archer? Someone's not happy...

Team is +Atk +1 Jeorge, neutral Peony, +Atk +2 Legendary Azura and +Spd +1 Eliwood.

Music is Belief from the King of Fighters XIV

- ...and so Jeorge rampages. He had enough of being overshadowed by not only the Wind Parthia, but also a similar-named merchant outdoing his status as an archer by asking some help from dancers and a Bonus Doubler bot.

- Bonus Doubler is so much fun. With dancer buffs he was able to outspeed some of the enemies. He needed Distant Guard support to survive the red dagger but once he was in Desperation range, he pretty much started sweeping! Brazen seal for more damage while he was low health. A well-timed Glimmer dealt with the boss (which was why Desperation was important, because he would leave the healer with 1 HP and his Glimmer would be wasted on her).

- Oh, also I wanted to show off that glorious damaged art, no offense Jorge. You have a really great art set that needed to be shown.


A new merchant comes in town? Well here is Merchant Emblem!

Team is neutral Jorge, neutral Anna, +Atk/-HP Awakening!Anna and +Res/-Spd Oboro

Music is Ne! from the King of Fighters 1994

- A new merchant has come to town, and the Annas aren't having it. So they recruit our version of Jorge and Oboro to help out. Oboro kind of works because she is the daughter f parents who run a tailoring business, and can reclass to Merchant (and has the Apothecary hat which promotes to Merchant) RIP couldn't get NY!Anna/Midori/Geese..

- Jorge being an archer easily deletes the green flier. With the help of Anna's Ruse and Distant Guard Oboro barely tanks the Spendthrift archer and gets a special charge. Enemy Jorge is then left open to a barrage of Anna's attacks. Shoutout to Brazen Atk/Res on Heroes Anna, which causes the healer to ignore her after in Brazen range.


Lastly since Daniel shows up to help his twin Jorge in his special..here is a Twin Emblem!

Team is +Spd/-Res Saizo, +Spd +1 Kaze, +Atk/-HP Eirika and +Atk +1 Ephraim

Music is Too Honest from Garou: Mark of the Wolves

- Since Jorge has a twin, it's time to battle them with the Fates ninja twins and Magvel's twin lords.

- Saizo need all the Atk he could get to one shot the flier, including Atk+3, Death Blow and waiting until Turn 3 for his brother's Chill Atk to activate so Saizo's Star can use the debuff to snipe the blade flier. Then it was a matter of splitting the enemies up, which consisted of Eirika moving far left to bait Jorge.

- Spendthrift Bow Cav was the scariest enemy, and he had to move away from Jorge as much as possible. Thanks to Lunge, Ephraim managed to trap the bow cav between him and Kaze.

- The last turn involved a lot of chipping after debuffing Jorge. Eirika needed Flashing Blade to fire off a quick Moonbow before dragging Jorge back in range of her brother. Once the melee attacks softened Jorge, Saizo could finish things off.

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Spd+1, truly the most meta Skill in the entire game~ Good to see one of the best husbandos show who is the superior archer~

Nice work with the merchants, don’t get to see President Oboro out often. Pretty amazing how low on health they got but the enemies just could never finish anyone off completely.

Trapping the Spendthrift Bow Cav was pretty huge IQ~ Two is better than one, and four is better than two when it comes to taking down Jorge, that guy’s petty thick. But the twins still managed to do it, awesome work!

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Almost halfway through the revivals, today's GHB is cleared by none other than the slowest man on Earth Arden with his brand new refine.
I wanted to true solo this, but the mage needs to go away on turn 1, or else Arden literally gets destroyed. Everything else comes by itself, and the only manipulation I had to do was with the pegasus knight (I needed to move Ephraim so that Arden could be in his range.
And lastly, I decided to use only RD unused music for this non canon battle.


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Moving Raphael up one space to tank Jorge was actually a last minute decision. Thankfully Kris was able to KO Jorge cleanly so it didn't have to take an extra turn.




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4 hours ago, Flying Shogi said:

Moving Raphael up one space to tank Jorge was actually a last minute decision. Thankfully Kris was able to KO Jorge cleanly so it didn't have to take an extra turn.

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still can't get used to Iote's Shield Katarina

Nice. Kris dealt the exact damage needed.

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