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If you were the only person voting in CYL5, who would win?


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Yuri, Jill, Laura and Vaike.

Pretty sure none are in the game and it'd be great for Claude to keep referring to Byleth as Teach only to keep getting Vaike's attention.

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Who would win? Nobody! Hahahaha! Stupid assholery aside, I'm going to split this up into three categories.

First one is favorites. They're characters already in the game that I just like and want to see win. I am not going to explain or go into much detail since they're favorites. What else needs to be said beside bias?


Men's division: Legault and Python. Man, this is a tough one since I don't have immediate ideas of who I would definitely want to win on the men's side. I also like Gaius, Joshua, Lukas, and Raven among others and Heroes has definitely made me like Arvis, Lyon, Saias, and Seliph.

Women's division: Cherche and Sonya. Runner-ups for making me second guess would be Clair, Echidna, L'Arachel, Lethe, Marisa, and Nailah, but out of all the women in Heroes or in Fire Emblem, it's most definitely Cherche and Sonya as the two I would want to see as CYL winners.

The second one is characters not in the game. Some have particular reasons for why I want them in the game. Others not so much.


Men's division: Duessel and Stefan. I want more axe cavalry in the regular summoning pool, thus, Duessel. Stefan's Japanese name being Soanvalcke and that it said he is of lion laguz heritage implies he is possibly a descendant of Soan and with CYL usually referencing a character's connection to family, a beloved one, or someone close to them, I feel like it would be interesting to see what they would do for a CYL Stefan.

Women's division: Ismaire and Orochi.

Ismaire's design is beautiful to me, but they would probably give her a different outfit as a CYL winner. Ismaire wearing Joshua's cool hat, anyone? The main reason I want to see her as a CYL winner is because of Jehanna where yes, Ismaire took the throne after her husband's death for his last wish, but she is likely as skilled of a swordsman or some kind of fighter someone would figure to be the leader of Jehanna. The only issue would be that she would likely be a sword infantry. Even then, she could have instead of a variant of Audhulma, Wing Sword or a personal version of it which would be neat as a prf sword with effective damage against fliers and maybe Distant Counter. Or they could do something weird and make her a mage wielding a Magvel version of Excalibur.

Orochi is a weird, troll-ish character and that's amusing to me, so that's why she's here. Quite shallow, eh? Arete would be a runner-up where as far I know about Fates, we do not get to see Arete as the mother of Azura, but mainly an enemy. That could be worthwhile to see and it could be heart-wrenching if it's an Arete who is Azura's mother, but also an Arete who realized what she has done. To salt the wound further, she's being called here as a brave hero.

The third category are just ones that I think would be interesting for certain characters to win because of whatever context surrounds them.


Greil and the Black Knight/Zelgius. CYL3's paralogue dialogue did have Alm and Eliwood talk about seeing the names of Celica, Hector, and Lyn. I can only wonder how Greil and Zelgius would react to seeing Ike's name and to see each other called forth as brave heroes. Mist being a winner on the women's division would work, but I would not want this hypothetical situation to end up being a glorified Tellius banner that the developers could use to make them not really interact with each other in the chapters they appear as CYL4 did. So, to make it more interesting, Mist won the previous CYL. For her to see her brother's name and then for her father to see her and her brother's name and see his pupil again.

Speaking of being called brave heroes: Michalis and Naesala. We have yet to get a reformed or an opposite version of the Fallen Heroes banners, so I want this Michalis to be from the end of Shadow Dragon or after New Mystery of the New Emblem. We have Michalis as he is proud and determined, but with hints of doubt and regret. A Michalis after that and being summoned as a brave hero would be interesting to see. Perhaps he would not feel like he deserves to be called a brave hero or a hero at all. This could be made worse for him if Maria and Minerva won on the women's side on this or a previous CYL.

From what little I know about Tellius, Naesala did unscrupulous things for his nation Kilvas and because he was bound by a blood pact. To that, I wonder if he would be comfortable with apparently many people calling for him as a hero.

Other male characters they could use would be Virion who fled Rosanne for the sake of his people at the cost of being considered a traitor and a coward and Renault. I am not sure who would work for the women's division except for the Arete idea. The opposite of this would be for characters like Narcian and I guess Iago to win. I cannot imagine how inflated their egos would be.


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  • Hilda (Axe Pegasus): Using her timeskip, but riding on top of a Pegasus. I know a lot of people like putting her in Wyvern Lord, but I personally love having her as a Falcon Knight instead.  And thankfully, with Three Houses' ability to train characters with any weapon type, we can actually see an axe-wielding pegasus!
  • Faye (Red Tome Infantry): Just like with Hilda, I almost always put Faye into Pegasus Knight. But I did make her a Priestess one time, and I loved her outfit! And it was also really neat to wield both swords and magic. It'd be really cool to see Faye with an alt that isn't another colorless bow.


  • Silas (Colorless Bow Cavalry): Based on his reclass options from Fates, being the Bow Knight. For some reason, I tend to not like the male characters as much as female characters in most Fire Emblem games. Most of the time, I think their designs are bland, and that makes me not want to use or learn more about those characters. Silas fits this theme of looking absolutely boring (gray hair and black armor - absolutely no color lol), but I ended up really liking him because of his loyalty and friendship with Corrin. And then I ended up loving his voice as well hehe
  • Knoll (Blue Tome Infantry): I really liked having Knoll as a Summoner, and I'd love to see him as this as a CYL unit. Knoll was the unit that made me love dark mages more than mages (the class, not the characters that are mages).
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I'm just gonna be completely biased and unrealistic with my choices.

Men's division

1st Forrest

My boi got scammed with how he is in Heroes now, and I refuse to let him stay that way. He'll have the divine version of Leo's weapon from that DLC, be a blue mage cav.

2nd Warren

Marth not getting in is honestly a tradition now, so I've gotta make sure to follow it. Tbh I just looked in my file explorer until I found the first FE character face, which was Warren. Red bow armor.

Women's division

1st Felicia

We've gone too long without a Felicia alt, clearly we need to fix that. She'll be an infantry staffer, and be like a powercrept B!Veronica

2nd Hilda

She got like 10th place, that means something. Flying green axe unit.

GHB Is gonna be Marty, so we can all have a Marty Party.

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4 hours ago, Icelerate said:

I thought Brom was your second favourite character in the series, only behind Lyn. Unless you mean you think Leif and Nils are better written while Brom is more liked. 

Brom is definitely in my Top 10 for all characters in the entire series, but there's a small few I rank above him. Every single one of them is in the game already, though, while Brom is not.

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Firstly, every CYL unit from here to eternity would be a new character. Instead of a prf skill, I'll give the winners a duo partner.


Men's division

Winner: Muarim + Tormod

Colourless Beast Infantry

Team Tiger Fang (Null C-Disrupt, Distant Ward, Transformation Effect), Reposition, Glimmer

Fierce Breath, Quick Riposte, Celerity


Runner-up: Johalva

Axe Cavalry (I would just choose Johan but I don't like his personality)

Helswath (Lull Atk/Def, Rein Atk/Def), Rally Up Atk, Luna

Death Blow 4, Atk/Def Ruse, Hone Spd 4


Women's division


Nyna + Midia

Blue Tome Infantry

Swarm (Firesweep, Isolation Smoke), Rally Atk/Res, Miracle

Mirror Impact, Chill Spd/Res, Atk Smoke



Sword Cavalry

Seiken Leda (Adaptive Damage + Astra Blade effect), Rally Up Def, Sol

Brazen Atk/Spd, Lull Atk/Spd, Joint Drive Atk

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1st Place Male: Balthus: Probably an Axe Cavalier- it'd be cool to see him dressed up as Holst or something but we don't know what Holst looks like, so... Maybe he could be dressed in traditional Kupala garb?

2nd Place Male: Touma: Definitely Lance Infantry, and dressed up as Masqueraider Ouga to symbolise his ascension as a hero. Also it makes up for how shafted he was during the TMS banner.


1st Place Female: Kiria: Green Tome Flier, and dressed up in her Labyrinth outfit

2nd Place Female: Mae: Red Sword flier I guess. Dressed in some sort of princess garb similar to Celica's.

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Men: Arvis (armoured green mage inspired by Deirdre), Zephiel (blue mage inspired by Guinevere)

Women: Elincia (flying bow with Geoffrey's colour scheme), Rhea (flying red stone inspired by Sothis)

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Holy Emperor Arvis: red armored tome unit

Emperor Arvis at his zenith. Emperor of a Jugdral in its golden age before it all came crashing down on Arvis. He dresses in gold and rightly decorated armor, a crown and a downright magnificent cape.

Prickly Sovereign Takumi: Red flyer unit

Takumi as the king of Hoshido. He dresses in a Samurai outfit that combines part of his father and his adopted mother. As a weapon he wields the Raijinto as supports state he can wield swords very well and since Hoshidan Pegasus allow males to ride them one serves as his mount. 


Legendary Darkness Niime: Red tome unit. 

Niime has surpassed ol' Briamon as the true master of Elibian dark magic. She dresses similarly as the old hero and is deathly pale, yet retains her nagging personality. 

Baroness Dominic, Annette: Green cavalry unit

Everyone's favorite hard working cutie as Baron Dominic. She combines the fighting style of both her father figures with her family's weapon. Like her daddy Annette is an axe wielder in giant armor and like her uncle she goes to battle on a horse which in her case will be a cute pony. 



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Men's: Marth and Alfonse

STARLIGHT MARTH and the Fonse can either use his dad's axe or his ex-bf's lance.


Women's: Elincia and Sharena


I feel it's unlikely that Elincia will get a legendary alt, so a staff Brave Elincia can be our OP colorless unit for CYL5. Sharena can have a made up bow or dagger or turn into a fairy.

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Adding on to my post from yesterday since I didn't say what weapon types and colors I wanted my CYL winners to be.

On 8/21/2020 at 9:24 AM, NSSKG151 said:

Female: 1st Place- Fates Anna, 2nd Place- Heroes Anna (or Awakening Tiki)

Males: 1st Place- Marth, 2nd Place- Chrom (or Reinhardt)

Female 1st Place- Fates Anna: Brave Merchant. Wears her Adventurer outfit and wielding Bifrost as a infantry staff unit (lets just ignore Bifrost could only be used by Maids/Butlers in Fates).

Female 2nd Place- Heroes Anna: Brave Commander. I imagine her as a 'Great Commander' if promotions was a thing in Heroes. Probably wearing a more sophisticated version of her normal outfit with white and gold armor. I would like her to be an cavalry axe unit with a new variant of Noatun.

Male 1st Place- Marth: Brave Hero. Flying lance unit wielding Wing Spear. Rides a wyvern while while a male variant of Caeda's outfit.

Male 2nd Place- Chrom: Brave Exalt. Wears his Great Lord outfit and is a red bow infantry unit with a new variant of Randgrior.

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Men: Edward and Stefan (I almost want to say Felix tbh, but he already does well in CYL)
Women: Mia and Nanna- Most of the female characters I like are already in the game, so I just chose them. They're ones I'd want to see with a CYL outfit. Possibly a Mia with Trueblade, which is my favorite class, and Nanna with her Earth Sword.

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On 8/21/2020 at 10:06 PM, Othin said:

I'd give first place to Marth and Eirika, second place to Seliph and Enlightened Byleth F, and the GHB to Salem.

Marth and Eirika deserve their wins, while lance cavalry Seliph and Enlightened Byleth F are variations I want. Seliph and Byleth would ideally introduce Meisterlanzen and Snow Mercurius, which I guess would force Marth and Eirika into green and colorless. Maybe make Eirika a green tome cavalry with Sacred Excalibur, and make Marth some sort of healer?

I'd prefer to keep the winners to lords, but the GHB slot makes a nice place to introduce my favorite FE5 unit, ideally with Jormungandr as a cool prf.

I'd be happy with this. Marth could be a reference to Elice if he gets a staff. A nice, diverse roster!

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There are a lot of really great picks here imo, honestly. I just didn't want to spam, so I haven't been commenting on each one. XD But yeah, CYL5 is shaping up to be really interesting! I'm really looking forward to it now!

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- Males
1. Zeke (Echoes).
His fitting alter for Tatiana, wouldn't matter which one though.

2. Ferdinand (3 Houses).
Nuff said.

- Females
1. Tatiana (Echoes)
( Will get Palutena outfit "Exemplar class). Almost looks a bit like Palutena. xD

2. Reina (Fates).
If I can sneak her in why not. 

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1. Kieran (PoR)

He's hot and funny. 

2. Python (Echoes)

He's handsome and cool


1. Rhea (3H)

She's hot and has a soothing voice

2. Eirika (Sacred Stones)

She's cute and cool





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I'll give you two lists, the first one for who I think will realistically win CYL5 and the second one for characters I just really like.


  • Marth in first place. He honestly deserves it after five years, and I'd like to see him be something other than a red infantry swordie. Maybe a healer or a bow user? (I don't know, I've never played his games)
  • Robin in second place because I want Grandmaster Levin Sword Robin soooooo badly. I know we're not doing duo units but Robin and Morgan would be pretty cute


  • Eirika in first place. She's one of my favorite female lords (although I am biased, since Sacred Stones was the first FE game I finished), and, like Marth, she definitely deserves to win after all this time. It'd be fun to see her as a green mage or a healer, especially since I wish she had gotten access to tomes/staves in her game and SM Eirika is very fun to use. 
  • For second place, it'd be a toss up between Anna and F!Byleth. I'd probably go with Anna, only because F!Byleth would probably come with Snow Mercurius, taking up M!Robin's Levin Sword spot... Anna would be fun, though. Maybe she could be a dagger unit to represent her Awakening appearance as a Trickster?

Now, for the characters I really want to win:


  • Ferdinand in first place. I'm surprised not enough people are talking about him, since he's a both a fun unit to use and a decent person once you get past all the noble stuff. It would be hilarious to see him get first place in CYL, since, of course, he's the noblest of nobles. Also, I want a good axe cavalry unit in the normal summoning pool, and Ferdinand would be the best unit to fulfill that role. not to mention his gorgeous Arvis hair
  • Gatekeeper Artur in second place. I didn't expect to end up liking him as much as I did during my Sacred Stones playthrough, and I'm surprised he hasn't even gotten into the game yet. I think it was his supports with Lute and his death quote that sealed the deal for me. He'd probably end up as a blue mage or a healer infantry. More than anything, I'd want to see how his art and voice acting would turn out.


  • Marianne in first place. Again, I'm shocked that she hasn't gotten in the game yet, especially since she has so many interesting builds IS could go for, whether it be staff flier, blue mage cav, sword flier, lance infantry, or staff cav. Also, she's precious and must be protected at all costs. In a perfect world, we'd have a Marianne and Dimitri duo unit, but I guess I'd just have to settle for Blutgang or a prf staff. 
  • Ninian in second place. I really want to see another dragon dancer (maybe green or red this time?), and I personally think she'd have a better chance of winning than Nils although none of these characters have a good chance of winning anyway. It would be cool to see an older version of her, maybe right before she's about to die after deciding to stay with Eliwood (I ship them hard). Like Artur, she unexpectedly became one of my favorite units in FE7, and I really like her character.

Don't really care about the GHB/Tempest Trial unit, but normal Selena Fluorspar, Validar, Sephiran, Rhea, or Mark (yes, I know this is highly unlikely) would all be fun choices, although I think it'll probably be some random unit from Tellius again. 

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On 8/22/2020 at 5:04 PM, Etrurian emperor said:

Holy Emperor Arvis: red armored tome unit

A man of culture.

Male: 1.Marth

Female: 1.Eirika
               2.Naliah/Ilyana ,the latter only when not a regular version is already added.

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Oh yeah, if I had to assign unit types and all to my picks, it'd be these:

Sylvain - axe cavalry wearing Great Knight armor with the Gautier Crest on it.

Frederick - Sword cavalry wearing his Guardian Knight armor from Warriors.

Elincia - Flying healer wearing her orange dress from PoR

Sharena - Blue tome infantry and dressed up like her mother, Henriette

Yeah, Sharena would be the same color she is now, but at least she has a different weapon, right?

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