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If you were the only person voting in CYL5, who would win?


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I didn't talk about about their classes. So why not. 

Marth as a cavalry sword weilding the blade of light (reference to the 1st game's title) and a B slot that would be a mixed phase version of L.Seliph's B slot. He will wear his father's armour. 

Felix as a blue infantry tome (referencing his father). He wouldn't be offensive oriented but more defensive because he now is the shield of Faergus. 

Rhea as a green infantry dragon (we need more weapon variety in CYL). Because of her connection to Sothis she would have a B slot with Null follow up and nul special charge (creator swords effect pretty much). Her breath can also have some damage reduction because (she has massive barriers when faced). Her outfit would be themed around Sothis. 

Freya as a Colourless Cavalry beast. I simply would have her weapon be as insane as it can be to parallel how OG freya also has a crazy weapon. She can have Freyr's outfit. 

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Since we are going for personal taste and favorites:

Female Divison:

1st. Lute (FE8) because she is superior after all and has instantly been my favorite in her game. 

2nd. Vanessa (FE8) or Nowi (FEA). Between these two its more difficult. I really liked the at first awkward interaction between Lute and Vanessa so I figured why not put them both at the top. 

Then again Fire Emblem Awakening was my first FE game and I came to love the bubbly dragon-girl Nowi. And if I learnt anything from playing heroes, it's that Dragons usually kick some mayor but. 



Male Division:

1st. This was.. Much harder actually since there are a couple male characters I do like and always bring for the crew in their respective game. 

For example: Owain, Kaden, Joshua, Kliff, Linhardt, Yuri, Xane, Nabarl.. 

In the end however I had one clear victor for 1st place. Fire Emblem Awakenings Henry! 

He is so quirky and shrewd, but despite his somewhat hard to read personality, he fits kinda very well with most of his support partners (even Nowi) 

2nd Place. Leon from Shadows of Valentia. I mean come on guys. Where is the passion, the love? He reminded me alot of 3H's Yuri (may be due to their hairstyle and color) and yet he was a unit I immediately wanted on my team the second I saw him

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1. Bruno
2. Marth

1. Sharena
2. Henriette

yeah i really dont care about 3 Houses representations (even though i played and liked the game and characters) and Fates is kinda over for me :/. Still Salty that Regular Bruno didnt make it into the game because Farfetched Heroes was ditched that year!!!!

I actually would replace Marth with Alfonse, but Marth really kinda needs to get a CYL version at this point.

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Boys' division:

1st place: Itsuki (TMS). I just love that funky li'l generic anime protagonist. y'know?

2nd place: Zelgius (FE10). I know I think this guy is dumb and stinky and stupid but come on man he has way too many fans I'm not an asshat

Girls' division:

1st place: Tsubasa (TMS). I like idol anime so why WOULDN'T I think she's funky fresh™

2nd place: Peony (FEH). She's my fave book mascot and I just think her design is neat come on don't beat me to death with a stick for wanting a Heroes OC to get a spot come on dude please please come on

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1. Eirika - she is one of my favourites, and FE8 is also my favourite, so yeah

2. Eleonora - you know, she is probably one of the reasons why I bought TMS#FE Encore in the first place, she and Virion just look so damn good in carnage form



1. Leon - well, yeah, best boi, favourite character from the whole franchise, easy pick

2. Fernand - no, not because I only want him in the game, he is seriously one of my favourites

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1st place: Lute (red tome cavalrly)

I made her a mounted mage in Sacred Stones and only magic is worthy of her.

2nd place: Kronya (blue dagger infantry)

Yes, you read right. I don't care what you think of me, I would use this once in a lifetime occasion to force IS to give what I always wanted for a DLC. A Kronya who survives and in CF joins you with a timeskip design. THE DREAM!

1st place: Leo (axe cavalry)

I love him and for the love of Sothis just give the Bolverk to someone already.

2nd place: Reinhardt (colorless tome infantry) 

Color balanced Reinhardt would be sick. And I made him infantry for variety and tactics team strats.

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Oooh, this looks like a fun topic ... thank you as always, @Mercakete :3  Going to try to be realistic as well.

Men's Division:

  • 1st) Yuri - Echoing somebody in here in that he's lord adjacent, and it'd be smart for IS to ride the still-fond-of-3H wave.  He's got some pretty cool character classes and outfits available, and if his base outfit is his pre-timeskip/prepremote deal, then maybe this one could be his bling'd out trickster self that's also broken with innate canto?
  • 2nd) Soren (Goldoan Legacy) - Surprisingly popular character in his own right, pretty dang vital to Tellius' storyline. Basing an alternate outfit on his bloodline(s) would be boss as hell.  Something that's a mix of Daein/Goldoan aesthetics with a slightly older self, likewise gameplay nodding to his branded self.

Women's Division:

  • 1st) Jill (Daein's Dracoknight) - Love the fact she's in base-game, think it'd be super rad if she got a Daein-themed armor set, and wielded the Tomahawk from her dad. What would happen if she stayed with Daein kind of thing.
  • 2nd) No strong feelings here, but Rhea?  If she doesn't get a Legendary/Mythic in the form of The Immaculate One, her War Phase self would be banging.
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On 8/21/2020 at 3:30 PM, Fire Emblem Fan said:

Men's Division:

  • 1st Place: Marth
    Give the guy a break. He's already been cheated out of one win (CYL 2), and he was shockingly upset in another (CYL 3). Give him the victory he already technically earned. I'd make him a lance unit, since blue is the only color he hasn't covered yet, and I'd make him a cavalry unit in reference to the majority of his retainers + his father (his father was probably, definitely a cavalry dude, right?).
  • 2nd Place: Brom
    Total, complete bias on my part. Technically, Leif and Nils are two male characters I actually rank a teeny bit higher than Brom, but holy FUZZBUCKET I wanna see Brom get some special treatment! We've had lance and axe-wielding armored CYL units already, so, let's make Brom a sword-wielding armored unit, with a great +1 movement skill akin to Edelgard's and some other great shenanigans.

Women's Division:

  • 1st Place: Eirika
    Like Marth, I'd just like to see her finally get a win. Unlike Marth, however, she wasn't technically cheated out of it. But, anyway, let's make her an infantry staff unit, just because why not?
  • 2nd Place: Ninian
    Elincia was my other consideration for this slot, but I kinda prefer Ninian for two reasons. The first reason is that we don't have a dragon winner in CYL yet. The second reason is we don't have a refresher winner in CYL yet. Ninian fulfills both of those, and she's just super great. She can be a green dragon refresher with a dance/sing skill as powerful as Legendary Azura's.


  • Noah, from Binding Blade
    We've had two kinda random blue units in this slot for the past two CYLs. I mean, who would have ever predicted that we'd randomly get Sigrun as a lance flier TT+ unit after CYL 3, and Jorge as a blue bow GHB unit after CYL 4? No one, that's who. So, let's keep the tradition going and throw in a kinda random character like Noah as a lance cavalry unit.

Half a year later and my choices are still the same. The only thing I might do is switch the colors of Eirika and Ninian, giving Eirika a green tome (Saleh inspiration) and Ninian a colorless dragonstone, maybe.

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Men's division:

1st: Sigurd, as sword cavalry with Tyrfing

2nd: Seliph as lance cavalry

Women's division

1st: Deirdre as staff infantry with the silence staff

2nd: Julia as a green tome with Naga

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3 hours ago, drattakbowser said:

Gatepeeker is a CHEAT !!! He is not a fighting unit ! He doesn't need to win !!

This isn't a CYL5 discussion/outrage thread. Please don't post things that are off-topic.

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GateKeeper He'd be a lance Unit, have that usually Armor Knight ability of "Units can't move past tiles near them" and basically be a sorta area-denial unit of sorts (maybe even getting Vantage/Ranged Counter?) as a sorta hard to dislodge tile blocker but lacking in actual offensive power. (So most of his skills and such, not too familiar with Heroes as I'm a newbie so I can't list many skills exactly, would be the kind that trigger when the enemy attacks first.)

Jedah, Not too sure how he'd work but I really like his VA and he'd be someone new.


Faye, She'd be riding a Pegasus, (Since I think it's really dumb how none of the Echoes cast have alts putting them in their alternative classes or in Faye's case, a class she can actually be in Echoes.)

Admittingly stealing it from someone else on Reddit (that I can't find at the moment), but someone stated an alt for Lissa where it's the bad future from Awakening and  I think they stated she'd actually be using Falchion too, While I don't really like Awakening, this is an actually good idea that while I don't personally care for Lissa, it's the kind of cool stuff that Alts should be IMO. (And not "Here's that female character you like in a bikini/BathRobe.)

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Perhaps an oddball set of picks and definitely unorthodox, but we can consider it a thought experiment. if I was the only one voting in CYL5 and was aware of this fact, I would place the following for my 7 votes:

Mia(RD) - 3 votes

Severa - 2 votes

Jill(RD) - 1 vote

Marcia(RD) - 1 vote

Now something should be immediately obvious. In this scenario, there are no male characters with a non-zero vote count. I'm curious what would happen in such a scenario... do they use the 3rd and 4th place males from cyl4? Do they choose 2 males at random? Or do they take the 4 characters that actually received votes, despite them all being female? I set up my votes in this fashion simply because Mia is my favourite character in the franchise(guaranteeing her a 1st place no matter how the winners are laid out), and while Severa and Jill rank fairly similarly in my list of favourites, I feel like Severa needs an up to date version more than Jill. Either she is given the second 1st place position, or is 2nd in the female division, guaranteeing she is added as a brave variant either way. Jill takes the third slot, either being one of the second place winners or falling off the ballot, and Marcia rounds out the last 2nd place position if all four characters are given one. I chose Marcia because she is among my favourite characters missing from the game, but the themed banner that she would be added in(Crimean Knights) has the highest likelihood of potentially skipping her, at least that I can think of at the moment. 

As for what these brave variants would be? Well, the only one I have a definitive pick for is Mia herself, and the build may be a bit more "boring" than most. In Mia's case, ideally she would be her Radiant Dawn trueblade self. This is the most standard pick to be certain, but seems at this point to be the only way that this variant will get into heroes, which means I have to give it absolute priority. She is more than capable of breaking the current speed threshold of the game, and a fully cranked up sword infantry is still scary and among the best units in the game, so a prf along the lines of say... Spurn 4 or an equivalent would keep her well on top.

The others could go in multiple directions, Lance Jill, Bow cavalry or axe Severa, perhaps colourless staff or a colour-filling tome on Marcia to reference what role pegasi would receive in later games.


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Instead of picking merely favorites or characters I want added in Heroes (e.g. I’d love to see Shura, Nyx and Charlotte added to Heroes, but there are far more deserving potential CYL winners) I’m going to pick characters who I like who are also theoretically popular enough to stand a chance at winning at some point in the future.


Nowi and Tharja

I like them, though they’re not personal favorites. Moreover, I would love to see the fandom’s reaction to them winning CYL in the same year. 😜 They’re both very popular, but also very polarizing. It would make the controversy the year Micaiah and Camilla won look like nothing.

As for less polarizing characters who I like even more who are relatively popular, I would be thrilled to see Caeda and Felicia win. 



My all-time favorite male Fire Emblem character. That aside, he’s a major character in Fates and relatively popular. He could be a Great Knight, referencing Gunter, who trained him, and also the results of Jakob’s desire to improve his battle prowess to protect Corrin. Also, Great Knight is a popular reclass option for him in Fates. Alternately, he could be some sort of master butler with a more opulent outfit. I have a weakness for good-looking men in extravagant and flashy formalwear, so I’d love this.


Another major character in Fates who is very popular. His outfit for his promoted class in Warriors is amazing, and how Ryoma dresses in general is a huge part of his appeal. I’d love to see him in even more extravagant samurai armor than he already wears. He could also wear a white outfit similar to his father Sumeragi.

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