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I did a Pulseless Maddening Mode on Stream. Doing Finale Now!!

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On July 17th of this year, I started my first time Maddening Mode run of Golden Deer with no new game + and with a twist..... NO DIVINE PULSE!! What a journey it has been. I always been quite casual when it came to playing Fire Emblem. but I have learned a lot on this journey. The struggles, to the restarts, to the hard as heck paralogues, to our blessed Ignatz!! All of it was quite the experience and has made me an even better Fire Emblem player. Join me today as I take on the final map of Golden Deer in the FINALE of my Maddening Mode run!! My hardest experience and greatest challenge with Fire Emblem thus far!! Ending it with a grand finale to remember.... Let's do this!! Live right now!!



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2 minutes ago, This boi uses Nino said:


Come out to the stream if you wanna see the epic finale!! In the words of that one merchant in the game, "Tell your friends"!!

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3 minutes ago, LoneStar said:

Damn RIP on the stream. You should bring the Alliance Sages battalion next time for Blessing, so that Raph and Byleth can guarantee survive a round of combat from Nemesis.

Thank u for the advice. See u tommorrow!! Thanks for coming out to the stream!! It means a lot!! ❤

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