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My paired ending (Silver Snow)

My paired ending (Silver Snow)  

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  1. 1. What your favorite on my list ? (Silver Snow)

    • Byleth and Lysithea
    • Ferdinand and Dorothea
    • Linhardt and Bernadetta
    • Caspar and Petra
    • Felix and Annette
    • Ashe and Mercedes
    • Sylvain and Ingrid
    • Lorenz and Hilda
    • Raphael and Leonie
    • Ignatz and Marianne
    • Seteth and Flayn
    • Hanneman and Manuela
    • Alois and Catherine
    • Shamir and Cyril
  2. 2. How do you think in my paired list ? (Silver Snow)

    • Excellent (No change)
    • Good (Change a little)
    • Not bad (Change someone)
    • Bad (Change all)

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I really don't agree with any of them, personally. But I don't want to call them bad either, I simply picked entirely different pairings. Though I also only did Verdant Wind and Azure Moon.

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