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If you could pick the roster for this game...

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...Who would you choose?

I know that's the biggest point of contention with this game, be it the emphasis on Fateswakening or the overabundance of swords, but I've always been willing to defend some of the roster choices as concessions of game design. Now, I'd like to see just what everybody dissatisfied with the roster would have done if given the opportunity to design it themselves.

However, there's a few rules, to keep things fair:

  • You may use any character from any game from Shadow Dragon up through Fates. Three Houses in its entirety and any remake-exclusive Gaiden/SoV characters are excluded for release-order reasons.
  • The final roster cannot exceed the same size and distribution as what we actually got:
    • Base game features a maximum of 23 playable characters and a maximum of 15 class movesets between them. If you have more than 15 characters you'll have to feature moveset clones like the real game did.
    • DLC adds a maximum of 9 more characters and 4 more movesets.
  • You do not have to feature any OC characters, but do keep in mind the story mode does need to start somewhere. If you choose to exclude Rowan and Lianna, please specify how it'll work without them, be it a different main protagonist or a different story structure.

For reference, here's the game's current roster. Movesets are in (parentheses), DLC characters are in bold:

  • Rowan (Aytolis Lord)
  • Lianna (Aytolis Lord)
  • Marth (Lodestar)
  • Caeda (Pegasus Knight)
  • Tiki (Manakete)
  • Navarre (Myrmidon)
  • Minerva (Wyvern Rider)
  • Linde (Light Mage)
  • Chrom (Ylisse Lord)
  • Lissa (War Cleric)
  • Frederick (Great Knight)
  • Robin (Mage)
  • Cordelia (Pegasus Knight)
  • Lucina (Ylisse Lord)
  • Owain (Samurai)
  • Tharja (Mage)
  • Olivia (Dancer)
  • Corrin (Nohr Princess)
  • Ryoma (Samurai)
  • Hinoka (Pegasus Knight)
  • Takumi (Archer)
  • Sakura (Archer)
  • Xander (Cavalry)
  • Camilla (Wyvern Rider)
  • Leo (Mage Knight)
  • Elise (Mage Knight)
  • Azura (Songstress)
  • Oboro (Soldier)
  • Niles (Archer)
  • Lyn (Myrmidon)
  • Celica (Lodestar)
  • Anna (Archer)
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Okay, so, I'd start by cutting both of the OCs. No more Aytolis and Gristonne. This story now follows Marth and co. as the primary protagonists. Gharnef's spell has caused havoc on the universe, bringing in heroes from around the realms and temporarily distorting parts of Archanea into iconic stages from other FE worlds.


Moveset 1 of 19 - Lord (Combines aspects of Marth and Chrom's movesets)

1. Marth - Prf = Exalted Falchion

2. Lucina - Prf = Parallel Falchion

3. Chrom - Falchion


Moveset 2 of 19 - Beam Sword (the Aytolis moveset, but with more shockwave projectiles, and attack animations like Ike's sword style, complete with Aether)

4. Ike - Prf = Ragnell

5. Roy - Prf = Binding Blade

6. Leif - Prf = Light Brand


Moveset 3 of 19 - Flying Sword

7. Caeda - Prf = Wing Sword

8. Elincia (Staff Usage) - Prf = Amiti


Moveset 4 of 19 - Knight Lord

9. Eirika - Prf = Sieglinde

10. Eldigan - Prf = Mystletainn


Moveset 5 of 19 - Lancer

11. Ephraim - Prf = Siegfried

12. Nephenee - Prf = Wishblade


Moveset 6 of 19 - Singer

13. Azura - Prf = Holy Lance


Moveset 7 of 19 - Lance Flier

14. Jill - Prf = Jill's Lance

15. Tana (Staff Usage) - Prf = Vidofnir


Moveset 8 of 19 - Paladin

16. Camus - Prf = Gradivus


Moveset 9 of 19 - Axe Lord

17. Hector - Prf = Armads


Moveset 10 of 19 - Wyvern Lord

18. Minerva - Prf = Hauteclaire


Moveset 11 of 19 - Great Knight

19. Titania - Prf = Urvan


Moveset 12 of 19 - Bow Lord (Combines Bow and Sword Attacks - Counts as a Bow)

20. Lyn - Prf = Mulagir & Sol Katti

21. Alm - Prf = Royal Sword and Bow


Moveset 13 of 19 - Archer

22. Takumi - Prf = Fujin Yumi

23. Anna (Staff Usage) - Prf = Spendthrift Bow


Moveset 14 of 19 - Light Mage (Combines Fire/Light)

24. Linde (Staff Usage) - Prf = Aura

25. Celica (Staff Usage) - Prf = Ragnarok


Moveset 15 of 19 - Dark Mage (Combines Thunder/Dark)

26. Robin - Prf = Thoron


Moveset 16 of 19 - Mage Knight

27. Leo - Prf = Brynhildr

28. L'Arachel (Staff Usage) - Prf = Ivaldi


Moveset 17 of 19 - Bird

29. Tibarn - Prf = Hawk Stone

30. Naesala - Prf = Raven Stone


Moveset 18 of 19 - Beast

31. Ranulf - Prf = Cat's Eye Stone


Moveset 19 of 19 - Manakete

32. Tiki (both young and adult costumes) - Prf = Divine Dragonstone



Weapon Type Breakdown:

Swords - 10 of 32

Lances - 6 of 32

Axes - 3 of 32

Bows - 4 of 32

Tomes - 5 of 32

Stones - 4 of 32


Game Breakdown

Shadow Dragon - 5.5 of 32 (Marth, Caeda, Linde, Camus, Minerva, and Young Tiki)

Valentia - 2 of 32 (Alm and Celica)

Jugdral - 2 of 32 (Eldigan and Leif)

Elibe - 3 of 32 (Roy, Hector, and Lyn)

Magvel - 4 of 32 (Ephraim, Eirika, Tana, and L'Arachel)

Tellius - 8 of 32 (Ike, Titania, Ranulf, Tibarn, Naesala, Nephenee, Elincia, and Jill)

Awakening - 4.5 of 32 (Chrom, Lucina, Robin, Anna, and Adult Tiki)

Fates - 3 of 32 (Azura, Leo, and Takumi)


DLC 1 - The Birds and the Beast

Tibarn, Naesala, and Ranulf


DLC 2 - Wielders of Light

Leif, L'Arachel, and Celica


DLC 3 - Misunderstood Motives

Eldigan, Camus, Anna

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6 hours ago, Anomalocaris said:

Now, I'd like to see just what everybody dissatisfied with the roster would have done if given the opportunity to design it themselves.

+ Ike, - Lianna. There's no need for more than one OC protagonist. Also, since Lyn's in the game, I can have Ike.

42 minutes ago, Fabulously Olivier said:

Tellius - 8 of 32 (Ike, Titania, Ranulf, Tibarn, Naesala, Nephenee, Elincia, and Jill)

Even though I hate her, I would have put Micaiah in there instead of a bunch of relative nobodies.

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I don't wanna go too in-depth about it but I'd probably make it so that Rowan and Lianna had their planned weapons of an Axe and Lance respectively and either made it so that you play as Darios leading them out (so as to give the player the Sword tutorial that they wanted to give at the start) while diversifying the weapons a bit more OR, I'd have it so that the story starts with how Chrom and the others found them and have their escape from the Castle as an extra chapter in the vain of a Paralogue that could be used to give the player access to their costumes with the Fire Emblem attached to their arms.

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Characters (Moveset, Weapons, Prf.)





1) Marth (Speedy Lord, Swords, Exalted Falchion)
2) Camus (Lance Paladin, Lances, Gradivus)
3) Minerva (WvrKnt, Axes, Minerva's Axe, DLC Pack 1)
4) Tiki (Manakete, Dragonstones, Divine Stone)



5) Alm (Heavy Lord, Great Swords, Valentian Falchion)
6) Celica (Mage, Tomes, Ragnarok, DLC Pack 2)



7) Sigurd (Sword Paladin, Swords, Tyrfing)
8 ) Ayra (Myrmidon, Swords, Ayra's Blade, DLC Pack 1)
9) Levin (Wind Mage, Wind Tomes, Forseti)
10) Julia (Light Mage, Light Tomes, Book of Naga, DLC Pack 3)
11) Leif (Speedy Lord, Swords, Light Brand)
12) Finn (Lance Paladin, Lances, Loyal Lance, DLC Pack 2)



13) Roy (Speedy Lord, Swords, Sword of Seals)
14) Zephiel (Armor Knight, Great Swords, Eckesachs, DLC Pack 2)
15) Lyn (Myrmidon, Swords, Sol Katti)
16) Hector (Infantry Axe, Axes, Armads)
17) Eliwood (Sword Paladin, Swords, Durandal)



18) Eirika (Sword Paladin, Swords, Sieglinde)
19) Ephraim (Lance Paladin, Lances, Siegmund)
20) Lyon (Dark Mage, Dark Tomes, Naglfar, DLC Pack 3)



21) Ike (Heavy Lord, Great Swords, Ragnell)
22) Soren (Wind Mage, Wind Tomes, Wind's Brand)
23) Shinon (Archer, Bows, Silencer, DLC Pack 1)
24) Micaiah (Light Mage, Light Tomes and Staves, Thani)
25) Zelgius (Armored Knight, Great Swords, Alondite)
26) Tibarn (Hawk Beast, Talons, Great Talon, DLC Pack 3)



27) Chrom (Heavy Lord, Great Swords, Falchion)
28) Robin (Mage, Tomes, Thoron)
29) Tharja (Dark Mage, Dark Tomes, Tharja's Hex)



30) Corrin (Heavy Lord, Great Swords, Omega Yato)
31) Camilla (WvrKnt, Axes, Camilla's Axe)
32) Takumi (Archer, Bows, Fujin Yumi)





Movesets and Weapons: 


1) Speedy Lord (Swords): 3 (Marth, Leif, Roy)

2) Heavy Lord (Great Swords): 4 (Alm, Ike, Chrom, Corrin)

3) Mage (Tomes): 2 (Celica DLC, Robin)

4) Wind Mage (Wind Tomes): 2 (Levin, Soren)

5) Light Mage (Light Tomes): 2 (Julia DLC, Micaiah)

6) Dark Mage (Dark Tomes): 2 (Lyon DLC, Tharja)

7) Sword Paladin (Swords): 3 (Sigurd, Eliwood, Eirika)

8 ) Lance Paladin (Lances): 3 (Camus, Finn DLC, Ephraim)

9) Wyvern Knight (Axes): 2 (Minerva, Camilla)

10) Myrmidon (Swords): 2 (Ayra DLC, Lyn)

11) Armored Knight (Great Swords): 2 (Zephiel DLC, Zelgius)

12) Archer (Bows): 2 (Shinon DLC, Takumi)

13) Manakete (Dragon Stones): 1 (Tiki)

14) Infantry Axe (Axes): 1 (Hector)

15) Hawk Beast: 1 (Tibarn, DLC)


Weapon Type Breakdown:



1) Swords: 8/32 (Speedy Lords, Sword Paladins, Myrmidons)

2) Great Swords: 6/32 (Heavy Lords, Armored Knights)

3) Lances: 3/32 (Lance Paladins)

4) Axes: 3/32 (Wyver Knights, Infantry Axe)

5) Tomes/Wind Tomes/Light Tomes/Dark Tomes: 2/2/2/2 (Mages/Wind Mages/Light Mages/Dark Mages)

6) Bows: 2 (Archers)

7) Dragonstones: 1 (Manakete)

8 ) Talons: 1 (Hawk Beast)



tbh i never really cared about weapon representation, i just wanted to play as some of my favorite characters, or at least., i wanted that Fire Emblem Warriors could really feel like FIRE EMBLEM Warriors

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Lets keep this kinda realistic. 

Characters I would cut

Hinoka: Easily the most minor of the Fates royals. She can but cut to make room for other characters.
Elise: We already have a cheerful, bratty and blonde little sister with a staff. For an efficient and limited roster Lissa can take your spot easily 
Cordelia: She's a bit too minor. She's not part of Chrom's inner circle nor important in her own right. She's merely a safe and popular character to add and therefore not all that interesting
Lame dark mage brigade: I'd scrap them all. Choosing only games with bad villains was always going to create problems but Koei going out of their way to only pick the worst villains of those games really wasn't helping. Add additional costumes for Robin and Takumi, and you already have Grima and Anankos as playable villains without even needing to implement new characters. 
Niles: Nothing against Niles but there are more interesting options. 

Characters I would add
Ike and Roy: With the fat in the roster trimmed down the resources can be used to implement Ike and Roy to make it clear that older fans are welcome at the party too. They got Smash appeal too.
The Black Knight: We don't have good villains nor do we have armor knights. The Black Knight would instantly fill both niches. He's iconic enough to get added if Tellius gets shafted and he's perfect to play the equally iconic role of the Lu Bu. 
Camus: We don't have lance cavalry's and we don't have decent villains. Camus can fill both niches while also giving the villains a representative of the general Camus archetype. 
Garon: Now hear me out! Yes I know Garon is just terrible, but he'd make for a good moveset. Striking with his axe, shooting fire, dragon transformations and swinging around water limbs would make for a very dynamic moveset. 


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I'd keep Rowan and Lianna for story purposes, but I'd definitely rework the story so it has...more? More world building? Just, more? As it is now, we don't know much about their world. But, then again, it's difficult to focus on that when you're making a big crossover Fire Emblem game, so, I suppose it's understandable. Still, Rowan and Lianna are kept for story purposes. Beyond that and going into the roster picked from the mainline FE games, I'd have tried balancing it out with at least five different sets of games, and I'd have tried to somewhat balance how many appear from each set. So, I think I'd have picked the roster as follows:

  • Archanea: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Minerva, Linde
  • Elibe: Roy, Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, Ninian, Nino, Jaffar
  • Tellius: Ike, Mist, Elincia, Micaiah, Sothe, Nephenee, Brom
  • Ylisse: Chrom, Robin, Lucina, Lissa, Frederick
  • Fates: Corrin, Azura, Ryoma, Xander, Takumi, Camilla

With Rowan and Lianna, that's 32 characters in total. 23 for the base game, 9 for DLC.

Breaking it down by class, it'd go:

  • Aytolis Lord: Rowan, Lianna
  • Lodestar: Marth
  • Great Lord: Roy, Ike, Chrom, Lucina
  • Blade Lord: Lyn, Ryoma
  • Cavalry: Eliwood, Xander, Frederick
  • Lancer: Nephenee, Azura
  • Armored: Hector, Brom
  • Manakete: Tiki, Ninian
  • Pegasus Knight: Caeda (lance), Elincia (sword)
  • Wyvern Rider: Minerva, Camilla
  • Archer: Takumi
  • Mage: Linde, Nino, Micaiah, Robin
  • Thief: Jaffar, Sothe
  • Healer: Mist (with sword), Lissa (with axe)
  • Prince/Princess: Corrin

The 9 DLC characters would be:

  • Minerva
  • Linde
  • Ninian
  • Roy
  • Mist
  • Micaiah
  • Sothe
  • Frederick
  • Azura
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I honestly can't come up with any ideas to improve the story while adding more and more characters, so I'll probably keep the roster as-is and add a few bonus post-game characters like Micaiah, Ike, Sigurd, Roy and Eirika with extra maps like Lyn and Celica.

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Not entirely too sure of who to add, since when I want to add representation from a game, I'd general end up adding a bunch of supporting characters from the same game and the ending roster would end up bloated af.


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Lords: Rowan & Liana

Mercenary: Ogma

Myrmidon: Navarre

Dancer: Silvia

Soldier: Nephenee

Fighter/Brigand: Hilda

Archer: Takumi

Fire Mage: Lilina

Wind Mage: Lewyn

Thunder Mage: Ishtar

Dark Mage: Lyon

Cleric/Priest: Lissa

Thief(Knives): Jaffar

Brawler: Caspar

Beast: Ranulf

Bird: Tibarn

Dragon: Tiki

Sword Cav: Xander

Lance Cav: Camus Zeke

Axe Cav: Frederick

Bow Cav: Rath

Mage Cav: Leo

Staff Cav: L'arachel

Sword Flier: Caeda

Axe Flier: Cherche

Lance Flier: Jill



NOTE: ooops forgot about SoV characters. Fixed it sorta.

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Personally I never really had a problem with the current roster of the game other than I wished there were less sword units. I would at least kept Rowan and Lianna as an axe and lance user like they originially planned and then give Darios the sword moveset. Though if I got to pick the roster I suppose I would go with something like this...

Roster (Bold means DLC character):

  • Rowan- Axe/Staff
  • Lianna-Lance/Staff
  • Darios- Sword/Staff
  • Anna- Bow/Staff
  • Corrin- Sword/Staff
  • Azura- Lance
  • Xander- Sword
  • Ryoma- Sword
  • Camilla- Axe
  • Hinoka- Lance/Staff
  • Leo- Tome
  • Takumi- Bow
  • Chrom- Sword
  • Lucina- Sword
  • Robin- Tome
  • Lissa- Axe/Staff
  • Frederick- Axe
  • Cordelia- Lance/Staff
  • Owain- Sword
  • Marth- Sword
  • Caeda- Lance/Staff
  • Tiki- Stone
  • Minerva- Axe
  • Merric- Tome/Staff
  • Linde- Tome/Staff
  • Camus- Lance
  • Eliwood- Sword
  • Hector- Axe
  • Lyn- Sword
  • Ninian- Stone
  • Alm- Sword
  • Celica- Tome/Staff

Reps per games

  • Warriors (4)- Rowan, Lianna, Darios, Anna
  • Fates (8)- Corrin, Azura, Xander, Ryoma, Camilla, Hinoka, Leo, Takumi
  • Awakening (7)- Chrom, Lucina, Robin, Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Owain
  • Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem (7)- Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Linde, Minerva, Camus, Merric
  • Blazing Sword (4)- Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, Ninian
  • Gaiden (2)- Alm, Celica

Movesets (Again bold means moveset was introduced via DLC):

  • Axe Lord- Rowan, Hector
  • Lance Lord- Lianna
  • Aytolis Lord- Darios
  • Altean Lord- Marth
  • Ylissian Lord- Chrom, Lucina, Alm
  • Nohrian Prince/ss- Corrin
  • Myrmidon- Lyn
  • Samurai- Ryoma, Owain
  • Sword Cavalier- Xander, Eliwood
  • Lance Cavalier- Camus
  • Axe Cavalier- Frederick
  • Pegasus Knight- Caeda, Cordelia, Hinoka
  • Wyvern Rider- Camilla, Hinoka
  • Songstress- Azura
  • War Cleric- Lissa
  • Archer- Takumi, Anna
  • Ylissian Mage- Robin, Celica (moveset is considered to be magic but the moveset itself consists of using tomes and swords so Celica can be a moveset clone of Robin)
  • Archanean Mage- Linde, Merric
  • Mage Knight- Leo
  • Manakete- Tiki, Ninian


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