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[FE5] Thracia 776 Overclocked

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What if Thracia but more

This is the first non-translation project I'm posting here, and it's a little romhack whose key premise is: what if every unit always got the ?
Almost everything in Overclocked is a direct result of that premise.

For those unaware, there's this stat called Vigor (formerly known as “Movement stars”), which gives certain units a chance to get a second turn during their phase (with a little music note showing up above their head). Well, if a unit has 20 Vigor, they get a second turn every single time. All units in this hack have 20 Vigor, so everyone gets two turns per phase.

Overclocked plays surprisingly differently from vanilla Thracia. Player phases are stronger, enemy phases are more painful, and it all requires a lot more forward-thinking than usual FE fare!

What else is changed, then?



Since the game goes by quite faster, all turn-based events now happen twice as early as they usually would. Sometimes, even earlier than that, since it turns out that s help you go faster than just double-speed.

Favoritism! Units!

Moreover, since all units who used to have any amounts of Vigor have lost that one small advantage, they were given something to compensate, on a case-by-case basis, ranging from small stat increases to Prf weapons or even different classes!


To keep with the fast-flowy nature of the gameplay, a few maps have been edited, to prevent needless backtracking, encourage a more aggressive playstyle, or simply for increased quality-of-life. And speaking of that, several of the hidden skills in the game, like plot armor and such are now visible, so the player is able to have as much information as possible when making their decisions.


As for the dialogue, it's been considerably abridged, with a few jokes peppered in, as well. Even the narrator is in a hurry!

idk, other stuff!

And then there's a few edits that aren't related to Vigor changes, like how some of your captured units will show up in different chapters? I just thought it was neat and under-utilized.

Download here

Patching instructions

Player Infosheet

Screenshot gallery

Our Discord server for updates, help, FE5 hacking, and FE5 talk


Known issues:

- Abridged text is still a work in progress, and is only complete up til chapter 8x. The remaining text is still the base Lil' Manster script.

- Starting from ch7, if a unit ends the chapter on their second action, that second action will not be refreshed on the first turn of the next chapter. This will be fixed in the next version of the patch.

- Map animations get a bit funky when using the Radiant Bow and with Bow Eyvel. Combat animations for new spells are also kinda-placeholder for now.

- While most of the soft-lock situations should be fixed, due to a lack of full playtesting, some late game situations might still be too difficult to handle. If you get into such a situation while playing and feel you've hit a wall, do tell. Your feedback is very valuable.

Thanks and Acknowledgments:

All Overclocked edits made by Miacis, unless specified otherwise below.

All Graphics made by Tchu. Fonts by Flasuban. Playtesters: Advent & Yuiz

Special Thanks:
Zane Avernathy for his FE5 hacking tools and his QOL additions.
Ultimage for his expanded textboxes, WEXP display and Red Fatigue.
542◆ruo0tlxqPQ for the unused spell animations fixes.
Min, for the Crt% display in battle and the Unit Rearrange Patch.
Flamesiegmund, dondon151 and Tchu for their precious suggestions on Veld's overhaul.
Everyone credited in the Lil' Manster patch OP for their more indirect contributions to this patch.


Well, there you go. It's pretty simple as far as hacks go, but it's my dear FE5, and it's my little starter baby before I move on to grander projects. I hope you'll like it~



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As someone who loves FE5 to bits, I tried out this hack in a heartbeat and hoo boy, this was a ride, alright.

Having officially completed it, I really want to say that this is an amazing hack. Making everyone and their mother have 20 Vigor Stats makes the game play completely different. Not only that, but this alongside the many map shortcuts which have been added just make this game play SUPER quick. You can literally beat the entire hack in a single day if you really want to.

Second, the fact that everyone who had Vigor Stars in vanilla got varying degrees of compensation depending on the amount of Stars they had in vanilla is superb. The new Prf weapons are a sight to behold. The Thiefblade gave Munster inventory management a pretty unique spin, the Shining Bow makes Ronan even more epic, and the very few enemies who also got new Prfs were also extremely fun to face. I don't really want to spoil a lot, but let me say that Veld is an actual challenge now and I absolutely LOVED it.

And lastly, there's the abridged dialogue. Even if it only lasts until Chapter 8x, my god, its legitimately hilarious. Here's to hoping you find time to actually finish this script, because the saga of Sir Loaf of Loanster is one that definitely deserves a conclusion 😛

Overall, this hack is an amazingly solid first-entry into western Thracia ROM Hacks, of which I hope there will be more in the future. If you've played FE5 at least twice then I absolutely recommend this hack. It's good fun. The game is a breeze with its only "bad" moment being Chapter 14x (which is entirely skippable since it still doesn't have any valuable items nor recruitable characters), the new Prf weapons are definitely worth experiencing, and the abridged dialogue is sure to get at least a chuckle out of you.

Tl;dr Amazing work, Mia. 


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