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Your Opinion of the Above Posted Video

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I've got the pick up duck videos recommended to me this past week as well. They're strangely addicting and captivating, even though they're pretty tame for "the weird side of youtube" type videos.

Well, I might as well keep the duck video streak going:


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Music video/10.

3 hours ago, Emperor_Siegfried said:

Pretty sure if I met my mom in heaven or whatever and I was younger than her, there'd be nothing holding back her fury.

They aren't meeting in the afterlife; it's tricky to explain the context, but Naruto is very much alive at that point in the story; it's more like he's meeting a remnant of his mother. Basically, both of his parents knew they were about to die and left behind a bit of themselves so that each of them would be able to speak with Naruto just once. It's kind-of like Superman meeting the Jor-el program in every Superman movie.



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Old western movie trailer. Surprisingly long for a movie trailer.

38 minutes ago, WraithReborn said:

The game we ultimately got was very different/10

Indeed it was. Part of me does hope that, one day, Nomura will be able to make the game that was originally supposed to be made. If a bunch of angry DCEU fans were able to get a Snyder Cut of Justice League, why can't we get something that, unlike the Snyder Cut, actually had a chance of being good?



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