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James Marshall

How heavily RNG-Blessed was my best ever Rolf?

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My last post was about The Rolf in my current playthrough, in this playthrough he is the 2nd best Strongest he's ever been, here is my strongest ever Rolf and his stats include transfer bonuses that netted him +5 Hp and +2 to all other stats. So heavily RNG-Blessed was my best ever Rolf?

He was A Level 18 Sniper and he was A  Level 12 Marksmen, not including The Stat Boosts you get from Yune's Blessnig his stats were 60Hp, Str 36, Mag 13, Skill 40, Spd 34, Lck 30,  Def 31 and Res 25 and he had A  SS with Bows

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