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The Best Power Competition

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People debating characters and games and all and that's cool, but I personally find few things more fascinating than interesting ability sets, powers than can be used in cool ways for extra cool that your average fighting fiend can't do.

The rules are simple.

  • You can nominate up to two powers.
  • They can be pretty much anything, as long as you just think its thematically cool or makes for interesting scenes.
  • You don't have to be super specific, "packages" of abilities are allowed so long as they're intuitive, just give them a convenient label.
    • They don't even have to be powers for humans
  • Voting will happen when I feel like updating the poll (probably about 24 hours a section)
  • 32 entries max, first come first serve.

I nominate [Sand Manipulation] and [Perfect Disguises]


  1. Sand Manipulation
  2. Perfect Disguises
  3. Gravity Manipulation
  4. Invisibility
  5. Phasing Through Matter
  6. Air Bending
  7. Time Travel
  8. Eating w/o Getting Fat
  9. Clairvoyance
  10. Fire Bending
  11. Mind Reading
  12. Telekinesis
  13. Changing the Past
  14. Perfect Sickness Imitation
  15. Sleeping at Will
  16. Teleportation
  17. Love
  18. Showing All Steps of a Math Equation
  19. Luck
  20. Immortality


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[Changing the past] (ala Life Is Strange, if I’m not the only one who’s heard of it)

[Perfect sickness imitation] (you can pretend to be a sick perfectly whenever needed)

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The power of love!

Uh, and the power to be able to show all the steps when answering a math question.

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