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Three houses iron man runs


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Over the last few months, I have been doing some ironman runs of FE: Three houses.

I have seen a lot of people saying that it is one of the worst FE games to iron man. I can agree to some degree with the arguments people make, but this game gives you a lot of utilities that the previous games do not have. Gambits like Impregnable wall or Blessing makes it a lot easier and safer to iron man than I imagined. Dodge tanking is also a reliable way in this game if you are willing to sacrifice your dancer.

First, I needed a set of rules. Obviously resetting and Divine Pulse were not allowed.  I decided to ignore all the DLC content like DLC stat boosters, DLC missions, etc. and see how it goes.

In my first BL run, I used the following set of rules: 

  • Game over ends the run
  • No resetting
  • No Divine Pulse.
  • No DLC missions: E.g. Feeding animals tutorial, Teatime with Rhea etc...
  • No DLC items. E.g Vajra-Mushti, Chalice of Beginnings, DLC Stat boosters, Renown, etc...
  • No DLC classes.
  • No DLC Aux battles (yellow aux battles)
  • No NG+
  • No Anna or Ashen Wolfs recruitment (Anna's secret shop is allowed, main story mission)
  • Maddening difficulty
  • (In my later runs, I also turn off the online features which makes EXP distribution a bit more important in the early game.)

Here is a list of all my iron man runs so far. I have streamed everything, including monastery, tutoring, aux battles and paralogues. The following links are reddit posts where I describe my teams and listed every mission that I did in the runs.

Overall I'm having a lot of fun doing those runs but I still have some things that I want to improve. Using aux battles makes it easy to get abilities like Hit+20, Death blow, etc. in the early game which makes the whole run a lot easier. My final goal is an iron man run where I don't use aux battles at all. 

But currently, we're doing a PMU Golden deer iron man run on my channel.

Has anyone of you tried to ironman Three houses and what was your experience with it?







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Honestly I've just never tried an ironman at all, for any game in the series. I have a massive amount of respect for anybody who does it consistently. Especially for a game as brutal for it as 3H is (gambits and stuff like that aside). So props for finishing that many runs.

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Technically speaking, pretty much all my runs have been iron man runs, since I've hardly had any game overs or restarts in my 15+ runs. However, I do often use the divine pulse, but that's officially not an iron man rule? =P

I even did a normal mode, autoplay run that was technically iron man. (I was only allowed to move Byleth, rest of the team I could only give orders through autoplay.) But that was way too easy, I should try that again on hard mode. (Though I'll keep using Divine Pulse because I like the mechanic.)

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