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Adding a new vendor in Eirika Ch. 10

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I’m currently using FEBuilderGBA to edit The Sacred Stones, and my main goal is to add a vendor on the tile to the left of the arena in Eirika Chapter 10. I’ve currently been able to make the shop and use a hex value for another shop’s contents to give it a valid event and shop, but I’m not sure how to give it its own contents log. Shop Editor only shows the contents of existing shops, and when I enter my new shop’s hex address, I’m unable to change it from being one slot with a steel axe. When I try to extend it, it gives me the error “enter a pointer”, and I’m not sure what that means. How would I assign this shop its own contents list (with more than one item)?

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You need to add the shop in the event tab as well. As in, the X/Y coordinates of where you can enter.

Edit: at the bottom you need to use the extend list button to increase how many items there are.

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