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Wifi fun

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If somehow i was able to hack these weapons into Shadow Dragon's wifi mode to my team (assuming i had elite programming, hacking skills) how would these weapons do against the best clean players and against hackers:

Holsety (stat increases from this can go over cap for skl and spd), forged Master Lances (1-2 range, brave effect), Master Axes (1-2 range, brave effect), Dime thunder (with vantage skill on user),  Eclipse, Purge, Grafcalibur (20 percent more crit chance than Excalibur), Berserk tome, Berserk Swords, Sleep Swords, Sleep tome, Silence tome, 

skills like Vantage + Wrath (non nerfed version), Wrath + resolve (stats can go over cap), 

let's see  my hack team which can dominate:

Merric (Sage):  Dime thunder,Berserk tome, Recover, Fortify, Physic  + vantage skill

Abel (Paladin): forged Master Lance, forged Brave Sword, forged Ridersbane, forged Rapier  resistance in 20s due to clock abuse when I grinded him as a Sage in Chapter 16 arena

Roger (Berserker):  forged Master Axe, forged Hauteclere, forged Poleax, forged Hammer   + wrath and resolve  skills

Wendell (Sage): Holsety, Sleep tome, Recover, Fortify, Physic ,  defense in lower 20s since I clock abused him while grinding him in arena in Ch 16 as a Paladin

Cain (Paladin): Forged Master Lance, forged Gravius, forged Ridersbane, forged Fire Emblem 1 type Falchion (makes Cain immune to all melee attacks except by Earth Dragons)  + sol skill

Do you think with some or most of the above hacks on my team I would dominate ?

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