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Rate the Unit-Three Houses, Day 16: Ingrid


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- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard or Maddening Mode. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available. (When rating a unit, please specify whether you are rating assuming Hard or Maddening.)

Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper Justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

-The rating you give to a unit assumes a good build for said unit-nothing among the lines of, "Dedue is 2/10 because he's a bad mage."

-The ranking assumes no grinding of any form, no DLC and minor, (one or two stat boosters per month) use of the Greenhouse.

- Make votes easily visible, please! "[Explanation text]: So, overall, I think X unit is a 7.5/10, with a +1 bias included for being hawt/cute/funny/etc.."

- Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 PST. Do the math for your timezone, please!

-We will ask you to not use the "Not X unit" reason. Because it will be used a lot. I.E, do not say "Linhardt bad because not Lysithea."

-The Black Eagles may be assessed based on their performances in either Silver Snow or Crimson Flower, other than when not applicable.



Dimtri: 9.14

Edelgard: 9.00

Felix: 8.625

Petra: 8.34

Ferdinand: 7.78

Sylvain: 7.66

Bernadetta: 7.125

Linhardt: 7.11

Mercedes: 6.756

Dorothea: 6.375

Dedue: 5.8571

Annette: 5.5375

Hubert: 5.525

Caspar: 4.32

Ashe: 3.69 (nice)


Underscore: Black Eagles

Bold: Blue Lions

Itallics: Golden deer

Purple: Faculty

Boldunderscoreditallics: DLC

Average score for Black Eagles: 6.94

Average score for Blue lions: 6.75


Day 16: Ingrid

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7.5 / 10 on Hard

The good:

  • Okay Str & Spd base for a melee unit and access to Tempest Lance to contribute to early game.
  • Exceptional Spd growth and access to Darting Blow: good dodge tank potential and easy double on Hard.
  • Good Res growth: less danger to bait enemy mages.
  • Personal ability with +Hit & + Mt to gambit: good candidate for offensive gambit.
  • Good Charm growth: sync well with her personal ability and less susceptible of enemy gambit as dodge tank.
  • Proficiency in Sword, Lance, Riding & Flying, with D at base for the later two: easier access to Peg & Falcon line which sync well with mage killer/dodge tank build, or Mov+1 & Sword Prowess for a dodgy Dancer. Easy access to Paladin too, but she doesn’t have any tool that makes her excel at it. 
  • Minor Daphnel crest to occasionally boost Mt for combat arts: a nice bonus, although arguably doesn’t sync that well dodge tank build. No penalty when using various relics is handy.
  • Battalion Desperation at Authority C : situationally useful to mimic brave combat arts as long as she’s capable of doubling.
  • Rally Magic at Authority D  situationally useful to help her mage teammates.
  • Up to +3 Mt with 2 in-house members, useful on the field or as adjutant.

The mixed:

  • Interesting Reason & Faith spell list, with high Crit Blizzard & Fimbulvetr, 3-range Thoron, as well as Physic and Seraphim. Neutral in Reason & Faith is not optimal, although she has other proficiencies required by Dark Knight. Low Mag growth is also not ideal, but on Hard she can double more often than other mages when I tried it a bit during mid-game. I don’t know how she fares for late game though, as I had already planned for the endgame team for story reasons during that run. 
  • Situationally useful personal Combat Arts:
    • Burning Quake has good bonus, is effective to Dragon and scales off her Spd, but is limited by relic durability.
    • Hit & Run with +Avo sync with her generally high Avo, although the repositioning is less relevant on a Canto class and it’s less powerful than Tempest Lance.
    • Hexblade and Frozen Lance can be useful on armoured enemies, but the damage is still limited by her low Mag growth. Even if she goes through a magic class progression, because these combat arts don’t allow double attack, they still work better on a high Mag unit than a low Mag & high SPD unit like Ingrid. 

The not-so-good:

  • Relatively low Str growth for a melee unit, might need some setup to improve her damage output. 
  • No brave combat art and no Battalion Wrath, thus more reliant on RNG than other units with similar growth like Leonie and Petra. 
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Okay, I have to say it: Ingrid might be a unit with a mixed reputation, but she was one of my first recruits to really impress me with the idea.

Ingrid tells us how she will become a great knight.


Her bases and growths kinda leave her acropper. 8+35% Str is troubling, no questions asked. She needs any chance to improve it and 35% growth is the same as the troubled Bernadetta and Ashe. 6+35% Mag is also pretty weak, but a magic based class might be able to make it decentish. These two stats being so worrisome is the biggest issue with her for sure. 6+40% Dex is fine enough that unless you're dealing with low accuracy weapons it will be solid to add hit on. 27+40% HP isn't as bad as I feared, 8+40% Res is alright actually and while 6+30% Def isn't exceptional for not being a dedicated tank it's not so bad. 6+45% Lck and 8+45% Cha aren't all that bad actually. But all of that aside, 8+60% Spd is good. The base should be higher, but it will rise so she will eventually get a good Spd stat for later on.

Her Strengths and weaknesses are alright enough. Having Swords and Lances is alright enough, considering several classes she wants are looking for them and Riding and Flying are also good, Riding because of Mov +1 and some classes and flying because it's really good in 3H. She has no weaknesses or budding talents, which makes it easier to work going into classes like Brigand or Archer if you wanted to.

Her magic list is surprisingly not five spells. Reason gives her Blizzard, Thoron and Fimbulvetr, which is nice due to high crit and having 1-3 range, though another spell would have been very good. Her faith has H+N, Physic and Seraphim, which is actually alright with Physic and Seraphim is good for monster fights for barrier breaking. I'd argue Ingrid is a plausible dancer candidate, or an out there mage if you wanted to.

Her personal skill is Lady Knight which gives her Mt+3 and Hit +5 for gambits which is pretty neat for bosses reducing gambit damage and every way to raise hit is good in Maddening. Her minor crest of Daphnel gives her a 40% chance of getting +5 attack when she uses a combat art, which might be irrelevant depending on how you use her..

Her combat arts are Hexblade (Being A rank's disappointing) for swords and Hit and Run (I like having this one actually, the move back with Canto's a nice combo.) and Frozen Lance (If she gets good magic levels....) for lances. She also gets Rally Mag and Battalion Desperation, the rally can be nice in places. The amount of magic combat arts does suggest looking at MagIngrid as an option, but again 35% growth isn't great.

Luin is a nice enough lance to get, even if it's not Lance of Ruin due to its better accuracy I could trust using it on dodgier foes.

How did I find her?


For my WV run, she was one of my best units, no questions asked. She was just in Pegasus Knight and Falcoknight, but that was all she ever needed. Beautiful Spd at 47 (Never had someone with more. :P), she hit 32 Str, she had flying movement for the whole time and not getting to use her in RaD disappointed me hard. Her 19 Mag wasn't much, but she was still good with the Levin Sword+, her Res was pretty good for a non-mage and while her Def and Lck wasn't exceptional and arguably low it didn't become an issue.

In CF mistakes were made. Fair is fair she's also 7 levels lower than for VW, but that doesn't excuse mastering Cav and Swordmaster. She ended up with 39 Spd and 20 Str, so her Spd was probably in line but her Str was such a disappointment. Aside from that her Cha, Def and HP was probably better by a bit, 21 Mag was nice if you're like me and used Levin Swords with her so she had something else to work with.

In AM, I ended up with a generally worse Ingrid than in VW. Worse in her stat except Cha, Lck, HP and Mag, with Mag not being much better, it made some difference. I could blame this partly on Paladin and Cav mastery, but it's not like she was useless at all. I feel I just didn't get an Ingrid as good overall.

In SS, I didn't recruit her. I kinda want to headcanon she survived Gronder, but it's doubtful.

I recruited her for her paralogue in maddening, this time I actually bothered to have her escape rather than rout.

There's a lot I liked about Ingrid the first time I recruited her. Ingrid's absolutely a solid flier choice and if you want to focus on her combat arts or her magic she has those as well, even if others are better for it. The biggest negative is her Str and Mag being less than would be liked. She has the Spd to compensate outside Maddening for sure and even in that I think there's enough tools where you could still make her work and she has combat art options as well.

Overall, I'm going to rate 7.5/10, bias up because once again I had a fantastic first impression.

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Now we finish off the Blue Lions house with the lady knight herself Ingrid. Now we all know that she gives off a vibe of chivalry. A trainee wanting to be a true knight like her then fiancee who unfortunately didn't survive the tragedy of Duscar. So today we'll see what Ingrid brings to the table and if she has what it takes to avenge her fallen lover. This is also assuming hard and no DLC options.

The first thing that sticks out is her being a speedy jack of all trades fighter. She starts with 27 HP with a 40% growth along with her Defense at 5 growing at a 30% rate. Now her defense might not be up to snuff at the moment but her Res being at 8 with a 40% growth means that she can take magic damage quite well. What helps her out is her very high speed growth of 60% despite the fact that her speed stat starts at 8, it will catch up in no time. Now granted her strength and magic are not exactly ideal for her. While her strength starts at 8 and her magic at 6, they both of have a 35% growth. This however can be salvageable pending on how you decide to train her. Her other best trait beside speed is her charm stat and growth. It starts with a 8 stat and a 50% growth. This compliments her personal ability Lady Knight. This ability gives Ingrid a +3 might and 5 hit with her offensive gambits is quite the boon. Enemies tend to have good avoid rate against battalions, but in Ingrid's case she has a reasonable chance to hit them starting out. So give her a battalion as soon as can. Having a dex growth of 40% and a starting stat of 6 is a little to be desired so hit rate issues might arise.

What makes her also stand out from other units that has 60% speed growths from other houses such as Petra and Leonie, is her crest of Daphnel. This allows her to gain an additional +5 might when using a combat art. So by chance she can easily make up for the initial lack of damage thanks to her crest. She has a boon in swords, lances, riding and flying. No banes so she is easily flexible among the rest of the Blue Lions. Ingrid starts with E+ in swords and the rest at D rank. That's actually not terrible because she could either easily slip into Myrmidon if you want her to have more speed or Soldier off the bat for her to gain a better dex growth. Ingrid has tempest lance to start her off for combat arts and it's a great asset for her. She also gains Hit and Run which effectively makes her an avoid bot for a turn when initiating combat and she can still retreat afterwards, assuming you're a class with canto. Frozen Lance may seem like a cool combat art for her as it gives her an option against heavy defensive enemies, but she learns it at A rank. That is a bit late considering that Hubert and Marianne unlocks with with their budding talent and Lorenz gets it at C+ rank. Flayn also gets the same combat art at lance A rank and she isn't exactly an ideal candidate for a Falcon Knight. Her sword combat arts consist of Hexblade is target's the enemies' res and deals more damage based on her magic. Now this does seem like a nice option for her if you were to go down that way but she learns it at rank A. Even Manuela who has a similar stat growth spread as her gets it immediately when she joins you. Her exclusive combat art comes from her Hero's Relic the Luin.  Burning Quake deals damage based on her speed stat. This combat art is an excellent offensive option for Ingrid as in addition to granting eight might, the art's damage output scales with her high speed stat, granting Ingrid a strong offensive option after clearing her paralogue.

Myrmidon gives her speed +2 and swap while Soldier gives her defense +2 and reposition. Comparatively Myrmidon may seem like a cool idea when you want to combine speed +2 and eventually Darting Blow from Pegasus Knight, though not a lot of people like swap. Soldier on the other hand gives her defense +2 along with reposition. Reposition on a unit with canto especially a flier is a very useful positioning combat art which allows you to get your allies out of harms way and fly towards safety yourself. Plus the added defense is nice for her to add some bulk. Of course if you're willing to work on her axes, you can have her go down to fighter to gain strength +2 to make up for her lack of damage.

Her best intermediate class no doubt is Pegasus Knight. It's great for any female unit in general actually. Darting Blow increasing your attack speed by 6 when initiating combat allows Ingrid to double attack units that are slower and gaining Triangle Attack may seem like a cute gimmick but have two other female fliers with her that knows the same attack and you can inflict a lot of damage. What Ingrid really needs though is Death Blow. Going from Fighter then Brigand to gain Strength +2 and Death Blow no doubt gives her the attack boost she needs. Her advance class unfortunately has no easy transition when mastering Pegasus Knight. So naturally speaking you normally skip an advance class and so straight to Falcon Knight. Not the best idea because you want her to get some bonus growths in strength which Pegasus Knight doesn't offer. Her boon in swords would be good for her to go to swordmaster but you're trading off flight and 1 move for swordfaire and a 10% strength growth. Sure gaining 17 strength when classified is nice, but you can do the same and be better off when you have her go to Wyvern Rider. Yes getting her Axe rank up will take some time but because of her neutrality in axes, she shouldn't have too much trouble. From there you can go either Wyvern Lord or Falcon Knight. Wyvern Lord would make her a bit slower but she gains a higher strength growth as well as a nice defense buff.

Falcon Knight while won't hit as hard as Wyvern Lord will make her insanely fast and give her a better res growth too. Also Falcon Knight gives a + 1 dex stat modifier to patch up her hit rate a bit. Something that Wyvern Lord doesn't do. Falcon Knight grants her Defiant Avoid which makes her the ultimate avoid tank if you want to lower your own HP is 25% or less. Wyvern Lord on the other hand grants her Defiant Crit which works on both player and enemy phase but needs to meet the same threshold. Though if you're going to do down that way, it would be a good idea for Ingrid to pick up on Vantage from the Mercenary class. This allows you in conjunction with Alert Stance+ to wallop enemies with your high crit offensive. Though you would be limited to flying battalions so be sure that equip something that will give you extra hit at least. If you don't have any hope of her improving her stats, then there is always Dancer. She like Marianne has a boon in swords and riding. So Sword Prowess, Sword Avoid +20, Axebreaker, Special Dance and Movement +1 and a march ring allows her to provide dancing support with a really high 8 move.

Cavalier and Paladin are also options for her because of her boon in riding. And while Paladin might have a higher strength modifier than Falcon Knight, Falcon Knight beats Paladin by a comfortable margin despite both having 8 move, canto and Lancefaire. Though movement +1 is a really nice ability to have especially when combining it with canto. If you want to go down the magic route, she gets Blizzard, Thoron and Fimbulvetr. Those spells are actually pretty nice since both of the ice spells have a high crit rate and Thoron is useful for the 3 range. Though unless she is a Warlock or Gremory, she won't get that many uses out of them. Though her magic can be built up if you want her to go down to the monk then mage classes. Magic +2 and Fiendish Blow will definitely improve her magic. Her faith spell list is also nice as well. Physic at rank C and then Seraphim at rank B. She can go down the Bishop route if you want her to be a healer instead. Warlock is fine for bowbreaker and Gremory if you want Ingrid to have higher move and 2x of all magic. Defiant Magic actually is handy for Ingrid as combining that with the Vantage ability will allow her to dish out potentially insane magical damage. Given that her reason spell list has a crit chance, you might be lucky. You can even increase her range with the Thyrsus Staff without taking residual damage since she bears a crest. Last thing to note is that ranking up her Authority is also good for her. Rally Magic at rank D is nice in case you want your mage to hit harder and then Battalion Desperation at rank C which works nicely with Darting Blow. You can even add Death Blow for more damage on the physical side using a Brave weapon. Attacking 4 times without the enemy attempting a counter attack is always helpful.

Overall I would say Ingrid is another lucky 7/10 unit like her childhood friend and fellow Blue Lion member Sylvain. She certainly comes with her disadvantages considering her growths but she still brings plenty to the table. She can also be a great adjutant for Sylvain or Felix as well considering that linked attacks also are great in this game. Maybe one day, she will be revered as a True Knight.

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Ah, Ingrid. Pegasus Knights are hands down my favorite class of the whole series (hence my name) despite being a gender-locked class in all games except Fates, and Ingrid has the privilege of being the only designated Pegasus Knight in Three Houses. She shares the same archetype with Leonie and Petra being high-speed units. I like to call these 3 the "speedy girls" HAHA. She is a great unit especially in the late game, but I feel she falls in comparison to Leonie and Petra mainly due to her strength.

The good:
As always, I'll start with her stats. Ingrid displays the stats of your traditional Pegasus Knight: low strength/low defense, but high-speed/high resistance. Majority of her stats are fairly well-rounded averaging to about ~7+40% in each stat--all pretty good and I would consider them to be pretty above average. She has a notable 8+45% charm growth, which compliments her personal that boosts her might with gambits by +5. However her biggest selling point is her lighting fast 8+60% speed stat--having the highest growth with Petra and Leonie (minus DLC and tied with Manuela if you wanna count her? LOL). Strangely, her base speed is 1 point lower than Ashe's but she will grow to be faster in the long run. She is one of the more reliable dodge tanks in the game and she is almost always guaranteed to double or resist getting doubled. In terms of her skill proficiencies, she along with Ferdinand and Leonie boast the lack of skill banes and has 4 boons to top that. Her skill proficiencies are Swords, Lances, Riding, and Flying--four of some of the most ideal boons to have. Being a canon Pegasus Knight, it's no question that she has boons in Lances and Flying, but Lances and Riding provide a smooth path to almost any master class available. She's neutral in Axes, so Wyvern Lord isn't really out of the question, but I find Falcon Knight to be slightly better (or maybe I'm biased HAHA). Despite being considered a "jack of all trades," I find her path to be more so focused on physical classes in flying and riding more than anything else. She also gets her own relic: the Luin. It's pretty similar to Sylvain's Lance of Ruin, but has lower might and higher hit. Her relic also gives her access to Burning Quake, which has +10 avoid--further accentuating Ingrid's ability to dodge tank.

EDIT: I had NO idea Burning Quake calculated damage based on her speed, but that is amazing considering speed is her best stat LOL

The bad:
While despite having the strengths of a typical Pegasus Knight, she also shares their glaring weaknesses. She is known to be a snowball character, having a really rough start compared to her other housemates and the other 2 speedy girls. Her biggest problem that many have complained about is her very low strength: 8+35%. This is literally on par with Ashe, and even Ashe might gain more strength than her as snipers get a +5% strength growth (not a lot, but it's something). She has a very hard time killing in the beginning and in my personal experience, she had to keep using Tempest Lance to reliably kill (which in turn kept draining the durability of her lances). Her strength problem can be relieved by putting her in Paladin for an advanced class after Pegasus Knight, but her speed will take a hit which is something you want to capitalize on. Also, despite having the highest speed growth, her base speed is at 8 and caps at 83, so she's technically slower than Petra and Leonie who have 10 and 9 at base respectively. I'm using "slow" very VERY lightly here, as she is still faster than every other character in the game LOL. But having 8 base speed means she won't be able to display her full potential until later in the game when her growths kick in. Strangely enough though, in my AM run, Felix always consistently had at least 2 more points of speed than her. Her survivability is also questionable. Despite having a great resistance stat, just like your usual Pegasus Knight, she suffers from low defense at 5+30%. Her superb ability to dodge makes this almost irrelevant, but the chance that an enemy lands a hit, she may take more damage than expected.  Also, aside from Burning Quake, she doesn't really have any special combat arts. Hit and Run stands out, but I found that it rarely ever killed but the extra avoid is nice. If anything, if you want some chip damage, use Ingrid's combat arts. 

I also want to point out that, if you're not playing Blue Lions, Ingrid strangely benefits the most from enemy growths. So the later you recruit her, the better. It's just in my opinion in terms of the story, she has the least reason to leave the Blue Lions, like I have a hard time justifying her to side with any other house.

... am I rating ingrid or am i rating pegasus knights in general LOL

Overall, I give her an 8/10. And this is me being unbiased HAHA. I do really like Pegasus Knights, but as a character, I'm not the biggest fan of Ingrid herself tbh. She has a rough start with her low strength and despite having an overall high speed stat, it's just above average at base. However, her great above-average growths means she will snowball into a great unit that excels at dodge-tanking and will almost always double or resist doubling, as well as be your best mage-killer. The pathways paved out for her are many with her skill proficiencies and a lack of any skill banes, and will do well in any physical mounted class.

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Each house gets a female fighter with 60% speed growth. Ingrid is the worst of the three, but that's kind of like being the worst paladin in Path of Radiance.

The good: The stat growths. As mentioned, she has 60% speed growth. The base is only 8, but this still leaves her the third fastest character in the game from Intermediate tier on (DLC changes nothing, Yuri can't get Darting Blow). Her other standout growths are 8+45% charm (rivals Hilda for best non-lord) and 8+40% res (the best outside the healers, whom she beats in HP/spd/def). This makes her good at doubling, good at dodging, good at tanking magic and gambits, and good at launching gambits of her own (her personal gives her a further boost here).

Second, she has a talent list which includes lances, flying, and riding. This gives her super-easy access to Falcon Knight as well as the Alert Stance line, as well as Move+1. It also gives her good access to Wyvern Lord, if you prefer that (and some axe training is a good idea for her anyway, for a potential +12 or even +24 damage from Death Blow). Alert Stance deserves particular note because it puts Ingrid on the short list for best dodgetanks in the game: with good speed, a flying boon, and a high charm (so gambits don't spoil her), she's built to excel in this role, just so long as you don't expect her to deal huge damage back (but even then, doubling can help; slap on Retribution and watch her punish archers and mages). She even has a sword boon if you really want to get the best avoid possible.

Her relic combat art, Burning Quake, is also a big help. Since it scales off her great speed, its effective might goes well into the 30's (surpassing Ruined Sky around the timeskip), so if Ingrid comes up against something she can't double, or just needs a critical avoid boost to chip a durable boss safely, she can still output solid damage.

And while it doesn't affect her score much, it should be emphasized that, like her Lion lancer buddy Sylvain, she's a great pickup on other routes. Grab her in chapter 6 onwards and you'll benefit from her excellent enemy-pegasus-knight growths, which almost makes up for missing out on the training and class mastery before then. Almost.

The less good: Ingrid's strength leaves plenty to be desired: at 8+35%, it's noticeably behind that of fellow speedsters Petra and Leonie, instead being equal to the likes of Ashe and Ignatz at the bottom tier of physical units. Her defence and HP are also on the shaky side for a frontliner, being comparable to Felix and Petra (although like them, her other stats go a long way to making this not a problem). And since her speed is growth-based, her overall start isn't great (it's very similar to Ferdinand's, slightly worse than Sylvain's).

Ingrid, along with Felix and Sylvain, form a trio of very solid non-lord physical units the Lions can rely on. Felix is the best of that trio, but the other two aren't that far behind. Ingrid, like Sylvain, gets a 7/10.

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Ingrid might be the most challenging unit to build in the game by default.  The game has a fairly straightforward class progression for most units in the game by default, which can then be expanded upon if the player wants.  But Ingrid is the only unit in the game that has a primary build of Falcon Knight, which means that she is the unit that most people will first run into the Advanced tier problem for Falcon Knights.  Assuming that these units spend their Intermediate tier time in Pegasus Knight, there is no clear cut Advanced tier class to go into to spend levels 20-30 in before moving the Falcon Knight.  This is a big challenge, as the Advanced tier classes are where the base stats for each class start to become really significant.  In general, units want to get into an Advanced tier class immediately at level 20 to take advantage of these potential stat boosts, and Ingrid might be the unit that needs those stat boosts the most due to her low strength growth.  The best options for her are either Assassin or Wyvern Rider, with roughly the same amount of weapon experience required for each class.  My preference is for Assassin, as I like using bows as a secondary weapon on my fliers (Curved Shot) and how Ingrid may be the best user of Lethality in the game (though it is still a fringe ability), but Wyvern Rider is totally justifiable.

That said, if you approach Ingrid while having a plan, by the endgame she can turn in a unit with a prominent role even into Maddening.  Her speed is off the charts, and she tends to spend time in classes that further enhance it.  There is a good chance that she will be the fastest unit on your team by the end of the game and can compete with even the fastest units that players face.  She also, in a very unusual case for a melee fighter, has extremely high resistance, and given her massive movement range she is the premier anti-mage unit in the game.  She has no banes, meaning that she can pick up Brigand easily as well as any other secondary weapon that you might want.  And due to her stats and class path, she is one of the premier dodgetanks in the game, which greatly mitigates her below average defense.  She even has a very early paralogue, which means you can pick up her Hero's Relic very early in the game.

There are very few downsides of significance as well.  Her combat arts are fine, but unremarkable.  Same with her crest.  She has low defense that is mitigated by high speed and high evasion (particularly if using Alert Stance+ and Swordbreaker).  The biggest issue is with strength.  But if you pick up Death Blow and plan her weapon proficiencies to get her into an Advanced class immediately at level 20, then she should be able to keep up with the rest of the units in the game.  She'll never be among the best on your team in terms of raw damage per turn, but she'll at least hold her own.

I think in terms of utility Ingrid's an 8.5, but I have to give her a bit of knock to the amount of planning and the commitment of teaching/tutoring resources you have to make for her in order to get the build she needs.  So overall, I'll give her an 8/10.

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Ah, the trouble of women in a feudal society. That’s her character. Well, except for her love of food. And Glen. And Knights. Anyways forget that, stats!

     Skill Levels:      Booned E+ Swords and D Lances helps to get to Falcon. D+ and a Boon in Riding and Flying allows easy access to their respective Classes. Combine with an utter lack of Banes, and Ingrid can get any Masteries you desire.

     Abilities:     Lady Knight helps with Gambits. Simple enough. Rally Magic at D is mostly useless outside the early game. Battalion Desperation is, once again, a thing.

     Arts:     Hexblade is her only Sword Art at A rank. Worse than Soulblade, but it can still deal passable damage. For Lances she gets Hit and Run (C) and Frozen Lance (A). Hit and Run can be of use with Canto, and Frozen Lance can deal decent Damage. But with her speed, she’ll probably double, so do you really want to use Arts?

     Magic:     Seeing as Ingrid’s Strength and Magic are the same, I’ll just add this to the mix. Reason yields up Blizzard at D, Thoron at C, and Fimbulvetr at A. Faith gets her Heal, Nosferatu, Physic (C), and Seraphim (B). Decent enough list.

     Stats:      27+40% Hp and 8+40% Resistance is good Magic Bulk. 6+40% Dexterity, 6+45% Luck, and 8+45% Charm are Ok. 8+35% Strength, 6+35% Magic, and 5+30% Defense are smidge low.

     Classes:     Beginner- Myrmidon for +2 Speed or Soldier for Repo.

Intermediate- Pegasus for Darting Blow and Brigand for Death Blow

Advanced- Either stay in Pegasus, Swordmaster for growths, or Paladin for Lancefaire

Master- Falcon or Wyvern. Or maybe Great Knight if you want to get her Axe and Armor to B+ and A respectively

          The Verdict

She’s fast. That’s it. Most of the time, she has quite piddly damage. If she gets lucky on the Strength growths, she could own the competition. If. Emphasis on IF. Luin is quite the good lance, and it’s Art – Flame Quake – scales off Ingrid’s Speed, which is good, but you shouldn’t go spamming it. I rate 7/10. She’s a fully serviceable unit in the end.

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6.5/10, she’s incredibly fast but lacking in strength, and as a physical unit she has one of lowest strengths in the game (maybe out of most units too, not sure). Her boons make it easy for her to certify in a flying class, the best classes in fe3h, and with her speed she should be hard to double then. Her relic and it’s combat art (which is very good on her because it damages based on speed) are very good but her damage output still won’t be that great unless you’re using said combat art, which you shouldn’t go around spamming because relics run out very quick. That’s really all there is too her, she is incredibly fast and is easy to get high move but has trouble damaging enemies that aren’t lacking in defense. She gets the additional point 5 because her strength issues are probably able to be mitigated with a lot of work, such as death blow.

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She has struggles with low str early game, then absolutely makes up for it once she gets going. Very easy to path into Falcon Knight. She does enjoy a dip into Wyvern Rider imho, to preserve str, if you're willing to invest a little into axes and scum for it. 
On hard she can pretty much no sell the mages with her res on the last few maps on AM. On Maddening, not so much, but still a very reliable dodgetank. 7.5/10

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Ingrid is a pretty speedy character. Her offense isn’t too great, but she’ll double most things. She gains extra might from supporting Felix and Sylvain, so there is a little boost from her strong friends. Her natural path is to get into Falcon Knight and fliers are really strong in this game, so you can’t go wrong with that. She doesn’t have any weaknesses, so she can get into whatever class without too much delay. 

For combat arts she has Hexblade, Frozen Lance, Hit and Run, and Burning Quake. The first two are magical, and while her magic growth is the same as her strength, they aren’t nuking anything, but they can do a decent chunk to most enemies. Hit and Run lets you chip and more than likely dodge because of her high speed, but there is a toss between doing this or just doubling. Burning Quake scales off of her speed so it will do great damage, and can one shot most low defense enemies on maddening.

I like to use battalion desperation on her in maddening, because it lets her safely one round most enemies, because of her high speed with darting blow.

In terms of classes she definitely wants to be a flier. She can pick up death blow to patch up her low strength. Dancer can be a decent option on her. She has an asset in riding so she can get Mov+1 in a timely quicker, then she has Thoron for linked attack bonuses, and physic for some long range healing. Sword Avoid let’s her be even dodger, but she can dodge tank in her flying classes with the help of Alert Stance just fine. 
Another thing is that she greatly benefits from auto levels from out of house recruitment. Since Pegasus Knight is an advance class for enemies, Ingrid gets a lot of stats from recruiting her later in the game compared to other characters.

My rating: 7/10.

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My hot take is that she is the single best Blue lion character. Yes I have her slightly over Dimtri and Felix.  Don't get me wrong I think Felix and Dimtri are good its just Ingrid has impressed me more. For one thing especially with the dlc dark flyer class or in the base game a dancer/Dark knight I think Ingrid is one of the better mixed magic/physical charcters as she has a really good spell list. Might be just me but I really like when units are able to make more things work.  Probably because I like to be able to react to stat screw on important stats in some shape or form.  I also really like the fact she is one of if not the best flyer outside of Claude (who has a unique flying class) and Edelgard (who does have to work towards it but is better once she is there) imo alot more than I value the slightly higher strength of Dimtri and Felix.  The perks of pegus knight access and easy access to flight are really highly rate in my opinion and help her in role of being able to succeed at avoiding damage.

Also doesn't hurt her that her personal relic is one of the best lances in the game for general use  with plenty of time to use it on all routes. I think Luin is just a hair above the lance of ruin with its reliably of hitting but it is really close.

I rate her 8.5/10

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Ingrid, rated on AM Maddening

The bad

For a unit who appears to be physically-oriented, her Strength (8+0.35x) is quite poor. This limits her damage output, when not doubling or using arts like Tempest Lance. Her Magic (6+0.35x) isn't all that great either, giving pause to magical builds. And on the point of magic, her Reason list is fairly short, with only 3 spells. Her Defense isn't very good either, at 5+0.30x. And one more thing - she only gets one personal combat art that deals physical damage, the dubious "Hit and Run".

The good

Ingrid's Speed, at 8+0.60x, is among the best in the game (once you overcome that she was cursed with no bases above 8), so she'll easily double a lot of foes past the earlygame. Her Charm (8+0.50x) and Resistance (8+0.40x) are quite convincing as well, making her great at Gambits and sponging magic. Also re: Gambits, her personal ability offers +3 Mt and +5 Hit to any gambit, so she's a great choice to give an offensive batallion.

Going back to magic, while she only gets three Reason spells, one of them is Thoron. And on the Faith side, she gets the solid pairing of Physic and Seraphim (huh, she and Sylvain aren't that different). While her magic stat is middling, she can make up for it by doubling where other mages can't. And her Riding and Lance proficiencies mean Dark Knight and Holy Knight are very much achievable for her.

Going back to proficiencies, you'll notice I forgot to mention any of her bane areas. Except that I didn't, as Ingrid is among the select few units who suffer from no banes. Instead, she has boons in Swords, Lances, Riding, and Flight. So going Pegasus Knight for Darting Blow is easy as pi, while Paladin and Falcon Knight are super attainable classes. Combined with her high Speed, she has an easy road to a dodgetsnk build (Alert Stance+, Avo+10, Defiant Avoid). And with no weaknesses, even oddball builds are little struggle. Sniper, Fortress Knight, Bishop? Be my guest!

While the proficiencies don't give many physical combat arts, Ingrid actually gets a couple magical arts, in Hexblade and Frozen Lance, each at their respective A-ranks. She can use these on hybrid-offense builds of classes like Assassin or Falcoknight, to secure extra damage on low-Res targets. And there is one more art she gets - Burning Quake, a high-crit art of the Luín. Its power increases with the user's Speed, which is perfect for a speedster like Ingrid. This is thanks to her minor Crest of Daphnel, which also proffers a 40% shot at boosting damage with a combat art (again, like Sylvain).

The verdict

With no skill type weaknesses, and passable offensive stats on either side, I view Ingrid as one of the most versatile units in the game. While options like Falcoknight and Paladin may be the most intuitive, nothing's holding her back from going into an Axe class, or a magic class. At the same time, her offenses are just passable - not better. And her physical bulk is quite poor, making her struggle as a frontliner. Still, she has a lot of room to grow in Speed and Charm especially. Ingrid will likely have a rougher start than some of her other classmates, and she'll never eclipse them (well, save Ashe) in raw power. But she has a lot of great options to fill whatever hole you might find in your team. All in all, I'm rating her a 7 out of 10.

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I had no complaints using Ingrid on Maddening, but then again I was using the recruited version with much better base stats. In those routes her ease of recruitment gives her a crucial role as a second flier to accompany your first on those pre-time skip paralogues with difficult objectives to meet. In AM, I can definitely see her becoming a sink hole for your excess strength boosters. But then again the beauty of a flier is how much they can do outside of their combat performance. My Petra and Ingrid both failed to secure ORKOs on enemies throughout the playthrough despite being able to double with light weapons, but they could always cheese their way past terrain and enemy formations to pick advantageous positions on enemy phase and were never in need of being rescued. Or just repo somebody that's having too much fun. 

Skill proficiencies are the real winner. 4 strengths, no weaknesses, three skills starting in D rank. She can be so many meta builds without high investment. And if you have investment to spare, Alert Stance+ is worth pushing for. Have her dismount on a forest and she becomes almost untouchable with that on. Frozen lance combined with a weapon that's too heavy to double with can sometimes outpace her usual damage, and it's not like you're lacking in excuses to raise lances anyway when falcoknight exists. She also has unique access to Luin's combat art, which is useful to the same degree. I honestly did not know that your speed adds to that combat art's damage, which probably communicates how small the scaling formula presumably is.

I rate her a 7.0 out of 10. Yes she can fall behind in stats, but I think what people are noticing is just a slightly exaggerated problem all fliers in the game have to deal with to some degree. There is no flier in this game with 100% stellar combat potential outside of the easiest sections of the game (Chapter 9-11). Maybe Point-blank Vo-I mean, Leonie.

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My two minor contributions in addition to what was already said - SumG & others brought up the possibility of going Assassin or Wyvern Rider on Ingrid in the Advanced Tier.  And to be sure, that's entirely a valid build if you want to make sure Ingrid has a -Faire during this period.  I just want to add that this is not even required, and sitting in Pegasus Knight through Advanced Tier is *just fine* as well, as Pegasus Knight is still a really solid class.  You won't miss much, and it makes Ingrid's skill training super simple - she'll take Lance, Flying, and Authority, and can let everything else hang.  (Well, aside from eventually hitting D+ Swords for Falcon Knight later, but no hurry, and that training is nearly instant).  You can either call it "low investment" and free up more training time for others, but she makes use of this build path even with "high investment" - give her a Knowledge Gem while a Pegasus and maybe some extra training, and she'll hit Alert Stance+ much faster than if she was spreading out her training to grab more Axes, Swords, or non-flying classes, potentially having AS+ in the middle of White Clouds.  And Alert Stance+ is pretty busted on Ingrid.

The second thing to mention about Ingrid that's related a bit to the above - so the problem with both Ingrid and staying in a non-Faire class like Peg Knight is that her damage is gonna suffer.  Luckily, Luin is one of the absolute best Relic Weapons in the game IMO, and certainly one of the most used ones.  Getting it in Part 1, and getting a free repair for Luin during the Timeskip, means that Ingrid can partially fix her questionable damage by using Luin a lot.  It's not even THAT heavy; Ingrid can still double with her exceptional speed, especially with the help of Darting Blow.  As has already been noted, the bonus to Crit Avoid is particularly handy on Burning Quake: it's great for initiating vs high-crit opponents like the Death Knight.  It's not a coincidence that some of the best Relics are the most accessible - Sword of the Creator, Lance of Ruin, and Luin come to mind, since they're collected in the first half of the game and are competing against Forged Iron and the like.

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