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The Perfect Run

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So... I was watching Mekkkah 50k subs superspecial stream and posting freely in the chat. While he was preparing his FE6 pseudo draft race I accidentally commented how you can theoretically do a perfect run of the game, which happened to gather a really warm reception by the crowd, and by warm I mean blizzard cold as most of the chat completely ignored my claim except a few who called me funny names other than liar... aaaaand one guy who knows me on discord that asked me what I meant by perfect run. Which is the first reason why I'm here today (the second I'll explain quite further into this thread). He heavily suggested me to post here as he deemed this stupid challenge somewhat entertaining, at least, so here I am posting my short bad guide on how to cap every stats of all your units... kinda. So without further ado, and hoping that the people not patient enough had already dropped this post thanks to the logorrhoic and overly long preamble, join me into this Merlinus infested madness as we theorycraft our slow descent into an Arena filled hell. 

First of all, there are 2 major and 3 minor caveats:

1) You can't max every single unit, simply because you can't recruit everyone. So I'm sorry Bartré and Dayan but you'll get maxxed out in another run. 

2) I don't consider CON to be a valuable stat to max out. As in, I won't neither plan for it nor really talk about it. I understand having a high constitution is beneficial for AS but I also consider rescuing to be a far more valuable tool that capping CON will actually severely impede. 

And those are the major ones, as for the minor ones:

1) Quite a few units won't reach level 20 in their promoted class

2) I don't consider full supports necessary to max one unit (though they will get grinded out naturally as the challenge progress) 

3) Quite a few units will only reach S-rank in only one weapon type*

And that's it, hope I don't get flamed for these. So with the disclaimers out of the way I can finally start talking about this challenge/theorycraft. First of all a few will be wondering "what does it mean, capping all stats/maxing a character?", and the answer is really easy: it just means raising every single stats up to their maximum possible value, the cap, through either level up bonuses or stat boosters. In particular as far as I know this challenge is possible only in this game and none other of the series (at least in the main campaign, I don't consider creature campaign and other post-game related content to be an actual challenge) as it does allow you to buy every single stat booster for every different stat. 

So, in short, in this challenge I plan how to promote and cap every single stat (HP, STR/MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES and MOV) of all the recruitable units in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

How? Good question. Why? Even a better question. But I can assure that not only it's possible but I also tried this run. I failed at the time due to a stupid mistake, but more than 5 years wiser and with quite a lot more experience I redid my old route to share it with you. I won't subject myself to the torture again tho, which is why this is only a theorycraft


But I'll begin tomorrow, as I exhausted the time I had for today.


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I don't understand, is this just raising everyone to max stats? that's going to take a lot of RNG abuse lol. Kind of arbitrary including MOV but not CON as well though, if you're going to do it, might as well go all the way with it.

and the JP version of FE8 sells stat boosters (no boots, body rings or talismans (talismen?) though) in the secret shop so, in addition to better growths and small cast, doing this kind of challenge there might actually be feasible. (although there's only 2 arenas per route so you might have to do skirmishes.)

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Seems tedious, but maybe you do enjoy grinding out perfect levels, RNG, and stat boosts.

That said, I'd hesitate to call this the "perfect" run. In order to do this, you would need to crawl forward at a snail's pace. Wouldn't it be much more impressive to kill enemies quickly with poor stats? I guess you and I have different definitions of "perfect". That said, you'll get a hell of a link arena team out of it XD.

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