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Rate the Unit-Three Houses, Day 21: Ignatz

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Here we go again with another topic from me.


- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard or Maddening Mode. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available. (When rating a unit, please specify whether you are rating assuming Hard or Maddening.)

Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper Justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

-The rating you give to a unit assumes a good build for said unit-nothing among the lines of, "Dedue is 2/10 because he's a bad mage."

-The ranking assumes no grinding of any form, no DLC and minor, (one or two stat boosters per month) use of the Greenhouse.

- Make votes easily visible, please! "[Explanation text]: So, overall, I think X unit is a 7.5/10, with a +1 bias included for being hawt/cute/funny/etc.."

- Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 PST. Do the math for your timezone, please!

-We will ask you to not use the "Not X unit" reason. Because it will be used a lot. I.E, do not say "Linhardt bad because not Lysithea."

-The Black Eagles may be assessed based on their performances in either Silver Snow or Crimson Flower, other than when not applicable.



Dimtri: 9.14

Edelgard: 9.00

Claude: 8.977

Felix: 8.625

Petra: 8.34

Ferdinand: 7.78

Sylvain: 7.66

Ingrid: 7.34

Hilda: 7.31

Bernadetta: 7.125

Linhardt: 7.11

Mercedes: 6.756

Dorothea: 6.375

Dedue: 5.8571

Annette: 5.5375

Hubert: 5.525

Caspar: 4.32

Lorenz: 3.8077

Raphael: 3.7273

Ashe: 3.69 (nice)



Underscore: Black Eagles

Bold: Blue Lions

Itallics: Golden deer

Purple: Faculty

Boldunderscoreditallics: DLC

Average score for Black Eagles: 6.94

Average score for Blue lions: 6.82

Average score for Golden Deer: 5.9555



Day 21: Ignatz Victor

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Ignatz, considered on VW Maddening

The Bad

With his low HP (25+0.35x) and Defense (4+0.25x), Ignatz is a frail duck on the physical side. And his low Charm, at 4+0.25x, leaves him vulnerable to offensive gambits. As offenses go, neither of his are especially high - his Strength (8+0.35x) is low for a physical unit, and his Magic (5+0.30x) is low for a magical attacker. So his offensive output will be somewhat stunted on either side.

Looking at his proficiencies, his sole weakness is in Flight. This isn't hugely negative for a male unit, but it does take the wyvern classes off the table. His Reason list isn't especially long or interesting. And his combat arts, while not terrible, don't include any especially strong ones. Finally, he has no Crest, so if you want him wielding Failnaught or Thyrsus, he's gonna take a penalty.

The Good

Ignatz has a few good stats to his name, too. His Dex (7+0.50x) and Luck (8+0.55x) are both great, so he won't have trouble hitting. And his Speed (8+0.50x) is solid as well, letting him double a decent bunch of foes. Finally, his Resistance, at 6+0.35x, isn't too shabby, letting him sponge magical hits.

Back to proficiencies: Ignatz's boons are in Swords, Bows, and Authority. An Authority boon is welcome on anyone - with proper investment, he can be among your first units to get into the B and A-rank batallions. And Bows mean that Archer, and thereby Hit+20, is easily achievable. Swords don't do a ton for him, unless you want him to go Assassin or Mortal Savant. Oh, that's right - his budding talent is in Reason. So with a little investment, he can comfortably get Fiendish Blow or Poison Strike.

Speaking of a budding talent, Ignatz's nets him Seal Strength, which can be useful in weakening stronger foes (say, monsters) who present an offensive threat, whether he goes into magic or stays physical. In fact, he can combine it with the Break Shot combat art, to debuff Str and Def in a single hit. His other combat arts, I should mention, are Haze Slice and Ward Arrow - not the greatest, but they could have a use.

But once Ignatz unlocks Reason, will he make use of it? His Reason list may be plain, but his Faith list includes a gem in Physic, letting him provide extra utility in classes with spell access. Even if you don't want to use him in a magical class, he can still use Fiendish Vlow on a hybrid build - say, as a Magic Bow Sniper with Hunter's Volley, or a Levin Sword Assassin.

Another big tool to Ignatz's name is his personal ability - a free Hit+20. It may be boring, but the reliability is always welcome. In a bow-oriented build, the hit boost can make up for the hit loss at longer ranges. It can also stack with Hit+20 from Archer mastery, to make for maximal accuracy. And in a magic build, it compensates for the lower Hit rate of spells like Blizzard and Fimbulvetr. What do you know, we've gone from talking one of the worst personals in the game, to one of the best.

Finally, there's one more tool Ignatz has to his name - or is it 3? He learns Rally Speed at D Authority, Rally Dex at C+, and Rally Strength at S. The last of these won't come up much in normal play, but having Rally Speed through nearly the whole game, and Rally Dex beyond a few chapters in, lets him provide a serious buff. Allies like Claude, Hilda, or Leonie will greatly appreciate the boost, even for just a turn.

The Verdict

Ignatz's offensive abilities are somewhat limited by his low growth rates, and he'll always be frail defensively. He has no Crest, and his offensive spells and combat arts aren't the best. But there's a lot this artistic boy has to offer - he can Debuff, Rally, or heal with Physic. And while he doesn't hit the hardest, a combination of high Dex and Hit+20 means he hits the reliable-est. All things considered, I think it's fair to rate Ignatz a 6 out of 10.

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Now we're going to talk about our inspiring artist Ignatz. He has a passion for painting more than battling but he has always had a keen eye on anything and everything especially the environment. But that's not what this post is about. How good is Ignatz in Three Houses. This is assuming hard and no dlc.

Ignatz is another one of your typical archers like Bernie and Ashe from their respective houses. His growths are not that impressive from first glance. His bulk is poor. 25 HP with a 35% growth along with a 4 defense and a 25% growth. He would go down pretty quickly if left wide open. His attacking prowess isn't that great starting off either. He has a strength stat of 8 with a 35% growth along with a starting magic stat of 5 with a 30% growth. Also his charm has a pretty low growth and stat as well. 4 with a 25% growth. What he has going for him is dex and speed starting with a stat of 7 and 8 respectively along with 50% growth. Ignatz also has naturally high luck with a stat of 8 with a 55% growth. So he could score crits for you as well as maybe avoid critical hits too. He has arguably one of the more useful abilities in the game Watchful Eye. Granting him Hit +20 is very useful and can stack with the archer's Hit +20 too. So he can get a hit +40 stat buff which is awesome. 

He has a boon in swords, bows, and authority. Having swords is okay for him, but having a bow and authority boon like Claude is huge for him. His only bane is flying so he would have a tough time accessing a flying class. He gets Swords and Authority E+ rank, and Bows at D rank starting out. Having Curved Shot is always useful, but for Ignatz he gets added accuracy thanks to Watchful Eye. His only sword combat art that is new for him to learn is Haze Slice at rank C+. This works fine if he is an Assassin with high avoid but that's really about it. For bows, he gets Break Shot at Bow Rank C+. Lowering defense can be good at times. Then Ward Shot at Bow A rank. This is only fine when silencing mages. Ignatz has a budding talent in reason magic, with that he unlocks Seal Strength. This is another one of those skills which is occasionally useful. It combos well with Break Shot too. 

Class options may vary for you but his most optimal path would be fighter, then brigand if you work on his axe rank for Death Blow. Then archer for Hit +20 then finally Sniper. He may look like a generic Hunter's Volley bot at first. But combine that with Watchful Eye, Death Blow, and Hit +20 in addition to a battalion that increases his attacks and critical hit, he can delete enemies with low defense. His boon in authority makes this possible for Ignatz to perform better and better. He also has access to Rally Speed at Authority Rank D, Rally Dex at Authority Rank C+, then Rally Strength at Authority Rank S. You'll likely get the first two, not so much the last one. His other class options could be Assassin or Swordmaster pending on if you like him using swords. Ignatz surprisingly also has a good spell list that contains spells such as the high crit rate Blizzard and Fimbulvetr, which enjoy a boosted hit rate with Ignatz; Cutting Gale, which will hardly ever miss with Ignatz; and Physic for supporting allies from a distance, all of which make him a viable magic-user. His best paths as a magic user are as follows: Monk, then Mage—master the class for Fiendish Blow—after which you can choose between the offensively-oriented Warlock or the support-oriented Bishop, then end in Dark Knight for Black Tomefaire and mounted movement or stay as a Bishop. It is also worth noting that Ignatz can become a magic-oriented Dancer with Physic if following a magical path, giving Ignatz another way to play support. He can also go Bow Knight if you have him be a utility player with canto.

Overall, I think Ignatz is at a comfortable 6.5/10. This is a unit that has a pretty weak early game starting off and pending on what direction you take him, he can make up for the lack of damage output later on. Definitely some worth training if you have a clear idea for him.

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Hm... I’ve only used Ignatz as Bow Knight on Maddening. It works pretty well as his personal (+20 hit) cancels out a some of the range hit penalties, making him capable of taking full advantage of a bow knight’s full range with accuracy. He had good enough dex and luck growth to be reliable at crits. And if using Raphael as an adjunct gets a free small boost to his attack, accuracy and avoid.

Early game he can chip damage as an archer. I don’t value him for rallying, because while Rally Speed and Dex is nice, he doesn’t get Rally Str until much later with S authority. By that point in game, rallying isn’t all that great. 

5.5/10 for me

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Ignatz is another Golden Deer who is unfortunately very bad on Maddening.  However, unlike Raphael and Lorenz, at least it appears there would a niche for him, even on Maddening, but unfortunately his stats just aren't good enough.

Ignatz has two specific roles that he can fall into.  First, like Annette he has access to three Rally abilties and can gain access to them fairly quickly, including Rally Speed at D authority.  This can let Ignatz play a role in the early few chapters of Maddening when the player units are far behind in terms of raw stats.  Unfortunately, like with Annette this utility disappears as characters start getting into better classes and (good) units can fight on equal footing as enemies.  This happens usually around Chapter 6-7 on Maddening, which means that if you are not playing VW, you don't really get this utility.  The second niche leans into Ignatz's personal ability, a free +20 Hit.  An Ignatz archer should have among the highest accuracy in the game, which can be paired with the Bow Knight class to snipe units from far away.  The problem here is that Ignatz's strength and speed are both below average, leaving him doing 1 hit of poor damage, which just isn't good enough.  He doesn't even have a Combat Art like Deadeye to take advantage of his accuracy for extra long range sniping.

Pretty much everything else about Ignatz isn't up to snuff.  Below average strength and speed.  Poor Combat Arts, no crest, and no Hero's Relic.  An extremely narrow set of boons that doesn't allow him to escape a class progression that is ultimately extremely mediocre.  And even on that narrow class path, he is grossly outclassed by a half dozen other characters in the game.

Overall, I'll give Ignatz a 3/10, but that is buoyed by the fact he has some utility on the VW early game.  But he might be my least favorite unit in the game.

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Ignatz feels like a trainee unit. He takes way longer than the rest of his class to start killing things and the earliest he can start putting out meaningful damage is doubling axe users in the early-mid game for probably half their health. But once he masters sniper around level 23, he pretty much has already met his full potential. Snipers have the amazing player phase of a gauntlet wielder deleting an enemy consistently, but they can do so many spaces away, often needing just a single reposition if they're in trouble. Ignatz's natural speed is so high and the mini bow so broken that his AS is high enough he'll probably only be obliterated by an enemy grappler when at full health. His charm is as low as Raphael's, but since Ignatz is never a frontliner, it's a luxury stat in his case. His luck stat is I think the highest in the game, and coupled with a 30 Mag growth, he should wield a magic bow fairly well, and that bow is trash. Ignatz' passive is among the best in the game for Maddening. You don't even need to think before taking those maximum range shots, and late game his dex stat is so incredibly high I think by the end of my playthrough I ended up removing both the equipable Hit +20 and Bow Prowess to maximize the damage and crit rate of hunter's volley. A double crit on Hunter's volley can put out somewhere between 150-200 damage, and I had Ignatz's crit rate between 80 and 100 with the Raphael guard adjutant, crit ring, Bow Crit ability, and Killer Bow+

Ignatz's core issue, especially within his own route, is that strength stat. Though the mini bow's low weight mitigates the issue, only stat boosters can fix a stat screwed little boy. Curved shots on those earliest maps typically come in at around 4 damage on maddening, meaning you need to be meticulously counting damage in feeding kills to him on the way to that crucial Strength +2. Hilda's passive can of course help as can your three mages wittling them down, and Ignatz' own passive will at least ensure the attempt connects even when he's forced to shoot an extra space away with curved shot. The seal strength budding talent is a worthy diversion to grab early on. That and break shot really helps with monster battles and Sothis paralogue especially. I don't ever consider Ignatz a rally bot, but rally speed as early as D Authority usually gets me to spare one ability slot, especially when he starts halfway to rank D. Like much of the Golden Deer, he's a low skill exp investment unit, only needing axes at D+, bows, and authority to try and get in on those better batallions that Byleth and Claude are playing with in the early mid game.

I rate Ignatz a 4.5. That early game is rough, and it won't be until the game is half over when he no longer needs babying. Sure he tears up the late game as well as any sniper (maybe better than any other sniper? Shamir has scaling issues, but so does this version of Ignatz), but VW's late game is the easiest by far so it's hard to care unless you like the spectacle of this wallflower finally carrying himself. I think he's more impressive when recruited since his requirement is free, he's strength blessed in other routes, and shouldn't fall far behind on tutoring or class masteries.

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Yeah, yeah, art, knights, merchants, chatter, chatter, chatter… That’s great. You’re a near useless sod. Have fun, you rally bot.

     Skill Levels:      Boons: E+ Sword and Authority, D Bow. Budding Talent in Reason. Bane in Flying. These do not synergize with his stats! At all.

     Abilities:     Watchful Eye is one of the best Personals in the game. Not saying much, but still. Combine with Hit +20 and an Accuracy Ring and he will not be missing anytime soon. His Talent gives Seal Strength to take the edge off of a particularly nasty boss. Battalion Desperation (C) and Vantage (A) are useless. Rallies Speed (D), Dexterity (C+), and Strength (S) makes him a viable Rally bot. I actually didn’t know he had three Rallies! I actually learned something today!

     Arts:     Ignatz’s Sword Art is Haze Slice (C+) which is basically a nerfed Windsweep. Decent. His Bow Arts are Break Shot (C+) and Ward Arrow (A). Break Shot is useful against Monsters and Bosses, while Ward Arrow is Silence that trades range for a bit of damage.

     Stats:     Take Ashe. Remove some of his Skill and Speed. Transfer that to his Luck. You now have Ignatz. 7+50% Dexterity, 8+50% Speed, and 8+55% Luck. Passable. 25+35% HP, 4+25% Defense, and 6+35% Resistance. So, like the other House’s shitty archers, Ignatz faints anytime someone swings or shoots in his general direction. 8+35% Strength. Look out, he has a toothpick! He might poke you! And then he gets mowed down by a troop of football players, cause his Charm is 4+35%.

     Classes:     Beginner- Fighter or Soldier

Intermediate- Brigand or Archer

Advanced- Swordmaster, Assassin, or Sniper

Master- Bow Knight

          The Verdict

Why are the ‘skillful, speedy’ Archers so horrendously bad! Bernie has her Personal and Vengeance to make her slightly not shit, Ashe is garbage, and Ignatz Rallies, hits stuff, and debuffs. That’s it. That’s all that defines them. 4/10, would not Ignatz again.

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Good ol Iggy. Ignatz is a pretty decent unit, my favorite out of the Archer gang. His personal skill is Hit+20, so he will land his attack. As a natural Archer he has a strength in Bows so you can double up on Hit+20 and mitigate most of the Bow range penalty. No weakness in Axes so getting Death Blow isn’t too much of a hassle. He has a strength in Authority so that lets him get access to strong battalions early on like Leicester Mercenaries from his paralogue, and Indech Sword Fighters.

He gets some nice combat arts. There is Break shot that hits from 3 spaces and lowers foe’s defense, so this is good for chipping and helping another unit to finish off a foe. Ward Arrow inflicts silence, but you have to get so close to the enemy compared to the Silence spell, so this will rarely be useful imo. Haze Slice is whatever, his strength is kind of low and you’re better off using Break Shot. He also learns a bunch of Rallies so he can support his allies pretty well. Raphael and him give each other extra might from supports, so they help with each other’s damage output. 

For classes he is great as a Sniper. Hunter’s Volley lets him delete things. And he can use support gambits like Impregnable Wall and Retribution to help out his allies. Other classes that are decent are Assassin and Bow Knight, but in Maddening he’ll have a hard time being anything but a Rally bot in those classes. 

My Rating: 6/10. He provides great support to the team and Sniper does what it does.


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Ignatz is yet another archer with 35/50 growths for the key offensive stats. Every house has one, and none of them are great.

The good: Ignatz has a boon in both bows and authority, which are the two most important talents if your gameplan is Sniper. (His only other boon is swords, in case you'd rather go Assassin.) And he has a nifty personal, which grants him +20 hit. This both allows him to strike from extreme range more reliably, as an archer, and also grants him a bonus accuracy to gambits. On offence, you can think of his base charm as being 8 instead of 4, which is on par with the likes of Claude and Ingrid. And his 8+55% luck is tied for the best in the game with Shamir, so there may occasionally be some higher-crit enemies he is particularly good at baiting, although usually an art which prevents counters or boosts evade and crit-evade is more useful for nullifying crits in this game.

The less good: Ignatz doesn't have much else going for him, with his stats being a particular problem. 8+35% str and 8+50% speed are just not good, 4+25% def and 25+35% HP is mage-level, and 4+25% charm is a problem too... despite my comments above about his base charm (adding +4 from his personal) being relatively good for offence, it doesn't grow well so it will be below average by midgame, and is always terrible for facing enemy gambits. In other words, Ignatz is bad at dealing damage and bad at taking damage, limiting the roles he can play effectively.

His combat arts are also bleh, especially compared to his fellow archers with the same stats. Bernadetta and Ashe both get Deadeye; Ignatz really wishes he had that too, since he'd be great at using it with his accuracy. Instead he gets Break Shot, a defence debuff which isn't very good since two-rounding enemies is easy in this game, though it has some niche use against bulky monsters. He's also weak in flying, making him one of the single worst wyvern candidates in the game.

Other: Like Raphael he gets a single useful rally skill (Rally Speed, in his case); like Raphael I will mainly mention it as mostly useful if you're using him as total filler and aren't concerned about him not getting experience.

His magic build is mildly interesting, with a reason budding talent and access to Physic. But it compares poorly with that of Sylvain (same magic growth), for instance, who has a much better reason list, better bulk/evade/charm, and talents for Dark Knight. Of course Ignatz's physical build is worse than Sylvain's too, so the magic build may be worth considering anyway. Generally though, Sniper is probably the way to go for him.

Overall, Ignatz has a lot of problems. He's a low-reward character... but on the other hand, he's a low-effort one. Aim him at Sniper, which he gets too with relatively little effort, and use Hunter's Volley with a Killer Bow and hope for the best. Literally anyone can do this, but Ignatz can do it while taking less training away from the rest of the team getting there, and needs less help from linked attacks. Overall I find him about equal to Ashe, trading the latter's Deadeye, +1 speed, and far superior performance as a wyvern for an authority boon and slightly better personal. I'd say that balances. Completing the trio of underwhelming Deer boys, Ignatz gets a 3.5/10 (Maddening).

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5/10, Ignatz is really you’re stereotypical archer. He has 35/50 for offensive growths (strength and speed), the same as every “dedicated archer” of each house (other than Claude), and fantastic dexterity and luck, combined with his personal ability of hit plus 20, he should never have trouble hitting things. He also has an authority boon which is welcome on any unit, on top of his boons in swords and bows. Swords don’t really do much for him other than get him into assassin if you want, since more speed means more AS which means more avoid, and he will definitely get a lot of AS, making him a fairly competent dodge tank. He even learns the combat art Haze Slice from swords, which increases his avoid for that round of combat. And he can get sword avoid from dancer certification as well... I should really try dodgetank Igantz sometime. Anyway, he’ll really want to become a range combatant usually however, as he is very squishy. His defense is horrendous and his HP and Res are mediocre, so that bow boon helps considering that bows can have insane range in this game. The problem is that his strength isn’t very high, and while that can be amended that’s with grinding so that isn’t really counted. It is worth noting that from bows he learns the combat arts ward arrow and break shot, which reduce enemy defense and silence the enemy respectively, making him great for chipping from afar as well. With his incredible speed and ease of access in to fighting from range however, Ignatz’s lower strength and lack of strong combat arts holds him back from being a killing machine, he certainly has a niche as a mage killer, sniping the enemy squishies (or as squishy as one can be on maddening) while avoiding counters all together, and break shot and ward arrow also make him good for chipping tough enemies. Of course, a good unit can reliably kill all or most enemies without being at risk of dying, but Ignatz certainly has a role, and for that he gets a 5/10.

Dang I really should have rated Ashe higher...

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It's time for the one, the only, BIgnatz.

Ignatz paints yet another picture with blood:


Ignatz's growths and bases certainly could be better. 8+35% Str and 5+30% Mag are quite troubling because it means he never gets to master either. On the other hand, 7+50% Dex and 8+50% Spd are pretty good and are at least something he has going for him. Meanwhile, his defences aren't so hot either with 25+35% HP, 4+25% Def and 6+35% Res being pretty dang bad. Luk of 8+55% is very strong, which doesn't matter much and his 4+25% Cha is atrocious, I would recommend against using offensive gambits.

His Strengths and Weaknesses are mostly alright. Strength in Bows and Authority are both very nice, while Swords could be better. Weakness in Flying is unfortunate, but I argue he could be doing worse unless you really want flying rallying. A budding Talent in Reason isn't exactly the strongest, but it gives him Seal Strength, which is nice on top of a later combat art and in its own right around the middle of Part 1.

Ignatz's magic is both better and worse than expected: Reason gives Blizzard, Gutting Gale and Fimbulvetr. It's not the best and nothing between C and A is a problem, but at leats the ice spells are compensated by the skills he has access to and you can focus on high crit magic builds if you want. Meanwhile, his faith list gives H + N, Physic and Ward. which at least has Physic and Ward can have its use.

His personal skill, Watchful Eye gives him Hit +20. Not gonna lie, I appreciate this a ton more after Maddening where it makes for much more consistent hit, including with 3 range arts. I am more than happy with it now, but it's no on Felix's level. No crest, we move on.

Ignatz has a big list here. He has Haze Slice (situational, but maximising chances to avoid Edelgard's nice) in Swords and Break Shot (I really like using this, because defence reduction and 2-3 range is good imo) and Ward Arrow (Silencing isn't as good as Encloser). His Authority skills give Rally Spd, Battalion Desperation, Rally Dex, Battalion Vantage and Rally Str. Being another Rallyman option and I would argue the easiest to work to recruiting and the battalion skills could be worse.

How did I find him?


In VW, I went with a Myrm >Thief > Assassin > MS (Not mastered), which definitely isn't all that good, though he got 37 Spd and 29 Str for his troubles. Because I actually tried MS and magic, getting 24 Mag wasn't amazing, but in Hard it wasn't much of an issue. Middling defences and HP didn't make him a tank, while low Cha made him a poor choice for gambits. Hitting A Swords, Bows and Authority was nice, alongside B+ Reason. He also had pretty good Def actually.

In CF, he died in Myrrdin.

In AM, he died at Gronder

In SS, he saw use in Part 1. He mastered Archer, went into Assassin and was victim to my staff focus in that run.His most notable stats ended up being 27 Spd and 20 Str, so not impressive or anything.

In my Maddening run, I was able to keep him throughout, reaching A in Swords and Bows, B in Axe and Reason and S in Authority. He ended up mastering a lot: Noble > Fighter > Brigand/Archer (Later Merc/Mage) > Sniper (Later Warrior) > MS (Not mastered). Considering I actually used Hunter's Volley (Even in endgame), it was nice having him with it and it had its impact. Rallying had its uses early on but I usually didn't need it beyond there. That aside, being a mixed martial artist would be better if he had a bit more in both stats, 29 Str and 21 Mag are not an impressive combo. 33 Spd in MS could have been improved by not being in that class, Dex was also better in Sniper and aside from Luk Ignatz was not an impressive unit, but he still did a good enough job at I usually didn't have issues from him.

I wish Ignatz had some better class options, but even still he could be better for sure. Still, Bows, rallying and better than I expected combat mean I'm going to give him a 6/10.

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I know I'm late but Ignatz is my faaaaaaaaaaaaave ㅠㅠ

Honestly, I really REALLY struggled with Ignatz in the beginning of my very first playthrough to the point where I wanted to bench him. But this boy GLOWED TF UP. He was my speediest crit-machine, and his debuffs and personal were a godsend. To this day, he has become one of my top favorite characters right behind Claude. I have a thing for high-speed, high-crit characters if you can tell LOL.

and he is so SMOL, goodest boi behind Ashe

Out of the 3 baby archers (Ignatz, Ashe, and Bernie), I found Ignatz to be the best and most reliable.

The good:
Ignatz at first glance may not have an array of impressive stats, but his standout stats are in dex, speed, and luck--at 7+50%, 8+50%, and 8+55% respectively. He most notably has the highest luck stat in the game, tied with Shamir. This makes him one of the top crit machines with a 105% crit growth (dex+luck) which is tied with Claude. I think his crit rate is highly unacknowledged and definitely deserves recognition. "Let me paint you a picture!" was something I heard with every other hit. Killer weapons with Ignatz are *chef's kiss* worthy. His speed isn't too bad either. It's not the best, but his growth is in the top 3.

His personal is also one of his assets. While a simple Hit +20 may seem boring, it's actually one of the most useful personals in the game. There's no prerequisite for it, no HP threshold, no need for proper positioning, nothing. Ignatz will ALWAYS have an extra Hit +20 that stacks with archer's mastery Hit +20. That's an extra 40% hit for free with Ignatz, and it even works for gambits. Despite only having played hard mode, I know that speedy enemies are really slippery in maddening and his personal proves Ignatz to be one of the most reliable characters on your team. You can trust Ignatz to land a hit even from 3-5 spaces away. Hell, you can trust Ignatz to CRIT from 3-5 spaces away.

Even better, Ignatz is loaded with debuffers. He gets Seal Strength when his budding talent in Reason is unlocked and Break Shot at C+ Bows--meaning he can debuff both strength and speed at the same time and ensure he can land the hit. He even gets Ward Arrow, which is great to turn off a mage than can potentially spell danger for a nearby ally.

In terms of his boons, he is blessed with an Authority boon and 3 different rallies--speed, dex, and strength. Rally Speed comes at /D/ Authority--even sooner than Annette. Rally Speed is one of the most useful rallies early game, and he gets it pretty much instantly. His other boons are in Swords and Bows. His canon class is Archer>Sniper, but I feel he's more inclined to be an Assassin. Either way, he'll end up a crit machine, but Assassin will capitalize on his speed more. He also has a budding talent in Reason and a pretty decent spell list. His ice spells have high crit, which complement Ignatz's natural crit capabilities. He also has access to Physic and can be your secondary healer (however his magic growth is worse than his strength growth).

The bad:
Unfortunately, aside from his good speed, dex, and luck, every other stat is pretty bad. There's a lot to name, but he suffers from bad strength like Ashe and Bernie and his survivability is just as bad (but he technically has the "highest" defense growth out of the 3 ... at only 5% more than Ashe LOL). He may prove to be a liability on the battlefield if he were ever to get attacked, but his speed is high enough that this can be POTENTIALLY salvaged. His speed isn't high enough to be reliable dodge tank, but it's up there and can dodge just fine. His magic is pretty low, too, despite having a good spell list. So either way, his offensive capabilities fall very short.

Also, despite being blessed with an Authority boon, Rally Strength comes at S Authority for Ignatz and that's probably not gonna happen unless you only train him in authority and bows. On top of that, his charm growth is low (4+25%), so although he can guarantee a hit with a gambit, he's not gonna deal a lot of damage (Personally, I never use gambits for damage anyway, I just use them to stun monsters and break their armor). And he even has one of the worst banes--a bane in flying. I'm not a fan of the whole make-everyone-a-Wyvern-lord-to-slay kinda thing, so I wouldn't even consider putting him down the Wyvern path even if it would patch up his worst stats (he doesn't even have boons in lances or axes). But, Ignatz would really appreciate Alert Stance and he can't really get that easily.

I also kinda hate saying he'd "make a good dancer" cause that's kinda the same as saying "he's a bad unit so just make him dance," but considering his boons, he's probably second in line to be a canon dancer next to Dorothea (if he's not second in line to be an Assassin).

Overall, with a +1 bias, I give Ignatz a 7/10. He is a supportive bow unit who's loaded with debuffers and rallies as well as having a great crit potential. He boasts the title of being the most accurate character in the game with his personal and can guarantee a hit with any weapon from any distance. However, he suffers from abysmal stats and lacks offensive capabilities as well as having low survivability. He can be a very reliable and useful unit if invested in.

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