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Rate the Unit-Three Houses, Day 24: Leonie

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And with this we rate the last student, the one who really needs to shut up about Jeralt.


- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard or Maddening Mode. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available. (When rating a unit, please specify whether you are rating assuming Hard or Maddening.)

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper Justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

-The rating you give to a unit assumes a good build for said unit-nothing among the lines of, "Dedue is 2/10 because he's a bad mage."

-The ranking assumes no grinding of any form, no DLC and minor, (one or two stat boosters per month) use of the Greenhouse.

- Make votes easily visible, please! "[Explanation text]: So, overall, I think X unit is a 7.5/10, with a +1 bias included for being hawt/cute/funny/etc.."

- Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 PST. Do the math for your timezone, please!

-We will ask you to not use the "Not X unit" reason. Because it will be used a lot. I.E, do not say "Linhardt bad because not Lysithea."

-The Black Eagles may be assessed based on their performances in either Silver Snow or Crimson Flower, other than when not applicable.



Dimtri: 9.14

Edelgard: 9.00

Claude: 8.977

Felix: 8.625 

Lysithea: 8.472

Petra: 8.34

Ferdinand: 7.78

Sylvain: 7.66

Ingrid: 7.34

Hilda: 7.31

Bernadetta: 7.125

Linhardt: 7.11

Marianne: 6.9769

Mercedes: 6.756

Dorothea: 6.375

Dedue: 5.8571

Annette: 5.5375

Hubert: 5.525

Ignatz: 4.88

Caspar: 4.32

Lorenz: 3.8077

Raphael: 3.7273

Ashe: 3.69 (nice)



Underscore: Black Eagles

Bold: Blue Lions

Itallics: Golden deer

Purple: Faculty

Boldunderscoreditallics: DLC

Average score for Black Eagles: 6.94

Average score for Blue lions: 6.82

Average score for Golden Deer: 6.3072


Day 24: Leonie Pinelli

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9.5/10, apparently Jeralt did teach Leonie a thing or two. Leonie has a phenomenal speed growth with 60%, the highest non dlc in the game, and with a base of 9 she will be one of your fastest units for like... the whole game. Her 40% strength leaves just a bit to be desired but the occasional green house stat booster (which is absolutely worth the investment imo) should fix that right up. Leonie also has boons in lances, bows, and riding, not only giving her easy certification to bow knight, one of the two best classes in the game, but they also allow for her to pretty easily reach other master classes. At A rank lances she learns lance jab, a combat art that goes off her highest stat: speed. That’s phenomenal. Granted A rank takes a while to get, but that combat art would just be for boss monsters with tons of HP, which don’t start appearing with that much until a fair way into the game. She learns point blank volley at A bows as well which is pretty good, even if she doesn’t have too much trouble doubling, on maddening enemy speed is still super high so it’s nice to have, I mean it’s not like she can double eVeRyOnE on maddening. She is just a fantastic combat unit, she gets -0.5 for needing a bit of strength patching and taking a bit to unlock her god tier combat arts (except tempest  lance but that’s widely accessible), and normally that would take off more but she resist getting doubled and can do enough damage that it doesn’t matter that much, at least in my opinion.

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Leonie is a pretty solid unit. Her growth rates are pretty nice. Her personal skill is really good especially early on when your units are huddled together, deals +2 damage and receives -2 damage when adjacent to a male ally. Strength in Bows so she can get through Archer pretty quick, or just be one long term. No weakness in Axes or Flying so she can get into classes like Brigand, Pegasus Knight, and Wyvern with a little investment.

Her combat arts are really good. Break Shot hits from 3 spaces and lowers the foe’s defense. Lance Jab scales off of her speed so she can nuke lower defense enemies or cavaliers with a Horseslayer. And there is Point Blank Volley, it has higher might than Hunter’s Volley so you can more consistently kill things without relying on crit, and it can be used in any class. She has Battalion Desperation, which is good to safely attack and one round an enemy with her high speed.

For classes she does well in any melee class that she can get into. Her strength in Lances and Riding inclines her to be a cavalier. She’s one of the best Bow Knights because of Point Blank Volley, and her high speed. She makes a great Falcon Knight, again because of her speed, she can double a lot of those Maddening enemies with Darting Blow and a Speed Ring. 

Other miscellaneous details. She gets extra might from supporting with Alois so her can be a good back up for her as an adjutant. The stats from Sauin Militia isn’t the best, but it does have Poisoned Arrows, which is a great gambit. Her only real downside is her middling strength where she can get strength screws at times, but other than that she’s great.

My rating: 9.1/10. Can’t really go wrong with this girl.

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Leonie is a powerhouse on Maddening.  Arguably she is the best archer in the game on Maddening (yes, even better than Claude), and that isn't even her best class.  Her best class is the one that maximizes utility of her speed, Falcon Knight, and in that class she has the potential to be one of the one or two best units in your party.

Leonie has a decent set of boons and no banes, allowing her great flexibility in choosing her class.  She has a phenomenal speed growth (60%) and good all around stats otherwise.   Her speed is high enough that, with Darting Blow, she will have enough speed to occasionally get follow up attacks even as a Sniper or Bow Knight, which is something most other archers in the game can't claim.  She gets Point-Blank Volley at A bows, which provides an option for a Bow Knight build against faster units, though chipping from long range is a valid option with Leonie's high Dex.  But as a Falcon Knight, Leonie has the potential to keep pace with even the fastest enemy units throughout the game, even without Darting Blow.  Leonie's raw stats, in conjunction with things like Alert Stance+, make her an extremely effective dodgetank while also have more toughness and strength than Ingrid. 

Leonie's weaknesses are generally pretty small.  She has no crest, and so can't use Hero's Relics.  She has no Relic of her only, but does pick up the Inexhaustible in her Paralogue which is nearly as good.  Her personal ability is OK, but I've found its value tends to go down on Maddening as you are incentivized to lean heavily on female units (either for Darting Blow to use the best mages in the game).  Her resistance is perhaps a bit low for what you might expect from a class like Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight, but it will still be above the resistance of other powerhouse units like Petra.  And she will have to deal with the same issues as any other Falcon Knight unit has to deal with, namely what to do from levels 20 to 30.  Assassin or Wyvern Rider are both manageable, so there are options.

Leonie has been a mainstay for pretty much all of my Maddening runs, regardless of what class I stick her in.  She's an easy 9.5/10.


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Leonie may be the best unit in the game who's not a house leader or Byleth, and I don't think it would be weird to claim she's more impressive than Claude or Edelgard. I think I still give the edge to Felix's performance when we're looking at students within their specific route, but Leonie really picks up the slack in Golden Deer's ragtag team of misfits. Between being in the highest speed tier, her 40% defense and charm growths make her probably the sturdiest frontliner in this whole route outside of Alois and Seteth. And that's before we get to her stellar offense. Point Blank Volley is a monster of a combat art even when it's as late as A rank. It has one crucial difference with hunter's volley - it can only strike at 1 range. It provides a small avoid boost, but it's not a fair trade for the other move's added hit and crit. 2 more MT does translate into 4 more damage, however so it's not strictly worse. Put Leonie in a class with Canto, and she'll basically have the combat performance of a sniper but also superior movement and reposition utility. Most archers become snipers as a crutch, but you'd be doing Leonie a disservice in that class. Her res is very low, but as a mounted class and flier especially, she'll be picking and choosing her enemy phase engagements so it feels like a non issue until she's in Hubert's Meteor range. That guy will probably one shot her

Leonie's got no skill weaknesses to worry about, and works in any physical class line. While a flying or axe proficiency would have been nice to reach meta classes easier, she's got excellent starting ranks to fire off tempest lance and curved shot in most of the very early game while you work toward later game concerns in her other skills. Her personal skill further adds to her strength and defense. Death blow and Point Blank Volley are obvious priorities, but so is a single rank in flying so that she can passively boost her flying rank whenever she's not working on a class mastery. Paladin and Bow Knight do work very well on her however, because she provides so much innate combat potential through Point Blank Volley that those classes usually lack to the point that I don't consider them meta. The appeal of choosing those classes over flier is to make her even less dependent on tutoring throughout the playthrough to earn A and S+ ranks in bows sooner, as well as having a wider array of batallions that will provide her with better gambits and attack/crit boosts. Those classes also allow her to equip a guard adjutant - possibly Alois due to the special ally bonus boosting her engagements by a whole 6 points, but in my mind it's not necessary because her speed is so naturally high and Alois is such a good unit in his own right that he typically finds his way onto my team. Her C+ access to break shot also makes up for when the player decides they're just not willing to keep Ignatz around. Geez I kind of forgot about that for Ignatz' rating. It's truly rare for a character to have two noteworthy combat arts. 

Leonie is a character that starts out independently good and only gets better as the game goes on. Her theoretical weaknesses are incredibly minor. The greatest hindrance on her performance is just the possibility of being strength screwed like anybody else, and any strength boosters will go twice as far in getting her back up to those ORKOs where as other mounted units need much more help to come back from the brink. 8.5 out of 10

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7.5/10 -1 (I don't like her personality) = 6.5/10

Here comes my hot take: Leonie can do many things well, but whatever she can do, other units can do better, just like Ashe. (Obviously I'm trolling.) (Or am I?)

As starting combat unit, she's outclassed by Byleth & Lords in general (maybe not Claude), Felix, and on par with Petra (and Claude). As dual-blow doubler, she's about the same as Petra/Ingrid, and all of them not as good as Edelgard. Her bulk is also exaggerated as any unit has boon in Axe can reach C instead of D+ and cert for Armor Knight to reach 12 Def, for example, Ashe. Later into the game Def is not a reliable stat at all anyways.

As of around Ch 7, Swift-strikers emerge wielding Lance of Ruin and all kinds of powerful lances later on, and they outperforms Leonie in terms of doubling combat art. Unlike those, Leonie is probably too busy with training lance/bow/axe/flying at the same time so unlikely to reach A bow at the same time. All these because Swift-strikers can afford being content with Paladin and Lance Faire, while Leonie has this awkward choice between "better stat-modifier class" and "class with bow faire". I'm aware Paladin vs Wyvern is also a concern for Swift-strikers but much less so than Sniper/BowKnight vs wyvern/falcon (and A LOT less effort!). Moreover, thanks to abundance of powerful lances, Swift-strikers don't fall off in damage at all, while Leonie struggles to kill many enemies later on with PBV (same problem with Cyril), because there is only one powerful bow (unless fishing for Pathia?), and Leonie doesn't have a crest.

As just a standard doubler later into the game, Leonie is outclassed by Edelgard and F!Byleth due to enemies' min/max speed stat, and Edel/Byleth much higher STR.

As a crit-based attacker, Leonie is completely outclassed by War Masters and Grapplers with innate +20 crit or guaranteed x3 hits and +10 crit in FIF.

As a crit-based dodgetank, Leonie is completely outclassed by Petra and Claude, or even Hilda later into the game due to lack of BWrath, and no early access to AS+ unlike the former two.

As a regular dodgetank, Leonie is still outclassed by Ingrid and Ferdinand, due to either early access to AS+ or personal.

As a result, I always struggle to find a spot for Leonie on my team. She basically just barely missed my team slot almost every time. Luckily for her, she is definitely a self-sufficient unit unlike Ashe who relies on babysitting early and brave weapons later on.

In summary, she has so many (good) tools, but they don't really synergize well to a truly overpowered level. I can never see the prospect that "oh this unit is good now, and she will be so OP later on", while at the same time I can see it even in Hilda if I have just some slight favoritism.

(Yes I know I just frame all her "being outclassed" in a negative light, but I also know all our arguments here for all units are basically like this, just less blatant)

(Obviously I am trolling. Or am I?)

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Don't have much to say about Leonie apart from that she's pretty awesome 8/10. Her personal is really good early game. 
Point-Blank Volley is reliable, and she can use it whether as Bow or Falcon Knight (or both!). Her dex is high enough to get a lot out of Bow Knight, and she'll be fast af. Bows are just really good in general on Maddening. To top it off she has pretty decent def as well. I found her str a little lacking, and ended up keeping her in Bow Knight for Bowfaire over Falcon. 

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Aside from the Jerralt worshipping, I do like Leonie. Ernest, hard-working, and brutally honest. She proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Fodlan’s Commoners can be just as strong as Nobles.

     Skill Levels:      Boons: D+ Lances, E+ Bows and Riding. Custom built Bow Knight. She also has no Banes, which is always appreciated.

     Abilities:     Rivalry is a decent Personal, but like most others it falls off after a while. C Authority gives Battalion Desperation, which is meh at best.

     Arts:     Monster Piercer (C+) is bad. Lance Jab (A) can be pretty strong, as it scales off her high Speed. Break Shot (C+) is good for Bosses and Monsters as usual. Point-Blank Volley (A) is very good, basically the Bow form of Swift-Strikes. Also, the only other character who gets it is Cyril.

     Stats:     Like Claude, Leonie is like Ashe in stats, but better. 8+55% Skill and 9+60% Speed are some of the highest in the game. And a 40% growth in HP (26 base), Strength (9), Luck (6), Defense (7), and Charm (7). She’s clearly physical, so 5+20% Magic is, once again, irrelevant. 2+15% Resistance isn’t irrelevant, however.

Ok so, quick question. Why is Lorenz so bad, then? Leonie isn’t a Lord, nor is she a Lord’s wingman. If Leonie has such absurd stats, why does he have such bad stats? I’d guess it’s just another example of how IS didn’t try to balance the game. At all.

     Classes:     Beginner- Fighter or Soldier

Intermediate- Brigand for Death Blow, Archer for Hit +20, and Pegasus for Darting Blow

Advanced- Sniper for Bowfaire and Hunter’s Volley or Paladin for Lancefaire

Master- Bow Knight, Wyvern Lord, or Falcon

          The Verdict

Leonie is strong.  She lacks a crest, yes, but that is rarely an issue. She could get Rng screwed in Strength, if your unlucky. 8.5/10. Not the Best, but very close.

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I'll give her...a 7? Never got her to work as a PP unit because her crit rate wasn't that impressive. As an EP unit, she does her job and lures in enemies for the other units to kill, but she struggles to do any damage as a Falcon Knight and as a Wyvern Lord, her damage isn't that impressive. She lacks the stats and skills to reliably kill like other EP units such as Byleth or Dimitri and she doesn't have BW to at least do good chip damage or score a few kills like Petra or Claude.

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Now we have the best apprentice that was tutored by Captain Jeralt, Leonie. This tomboy inspired to be hunter enrolled in the officer's academy and want to prove herself. How well does Leonie do in battle? This is assuming hard and no dlc.

Leonie starts out with good stats actually. She has a strength and speed stat of 9. Her strength growth is at an okay 40% but her speed which is her best stat, is at a very high 60% growth. Like Ingrid and Petra, she is quite fast. But in a way, she is also rather bulky, 26 HP and 7 defense with a 40% growth allows her to not only endure a hit but at times not get doubles. This is especially great for her considering her personal ability Rivalry. Being next to a male ally and tanking/dealing 2 extra points of damage can go a long way. Especially when you get rally strength from Raphael activated for example. You can also pair her up with Seteth's rally defense and with his ability guardian ensuring that adjacent female allies take 3 less points of damage allows her to be incredibly bulky. Her dex growth is also solid. 55% growth with a starting stat of 8 is nice as well. So she won't have much issues hitting her target. Her charm stat isn't too bad either. 7 with a 40% growth is nothing to sneeze at. Her magic and res are her lowest but that's irrelevant considering that she is extremely well rounded as a front line attacker.

Leonie has a boon in lances, bows and riding. This obviously sets her up to be a Bow Knight. She has no banes so she can slip into any class she wants without much trouble. She starts with a lance rank of D+ so she can easily get her lance combat arts going. She gets bows at E+ rank so she can easily get Curved Shot by chapter 2. Her riding rank starts at E+ which is a bit odd but nothing too bad honestly. Her lance combat arts consist of Monster Piercer which is only occasionally good. She gets Lance Jab at lance A rank. Lance Jab can be really strong since it deals more damage based on her speed stat. For her bows, she gets Break Shot at bow rank C+, which is nice for lowering defense. By bow A rank she gets Point-Blank Volley. This is the best selling point as why you should use her or recruit her to another house. You do need to be up close but it is a double attack, not many enemies can survive that kind of attack.

Her class options can be either soldier for a higher dex growth with Defense +2 and Reposition which is nice for classes with Canto. She could also go fighter if you want her to hit harder with a better strength growth and Strength +2 along with Shove. She can go brigand for Death Blow. She can even go to the Pegasus Knight class to get Darting Blow. If you're not planning on using her combat arts often then Darting Blow is a great addition to her already impressive damage potential. Archer is also very good for her to gain Hit +20. She could go Cavalier then Paladin which is her canon class. Paladin is fine if you want to go for a low investment build. Though if you're willing to work on her flying despite being neutral with it, she can go from Pegasus Knight to Wyvern Rider (which means working on her axes a little more) then Falcon Knight. Falcon Knight will maximize her Lance Jab combat art due to her blistering speed. Sniper is another option for her to have two volley options. Though you would probably want Bow Knight for her since she can use Point Blank Volley then run away with Canto as opposed to using Hunter's Volley then having to stay put until it's your turn again. The difference between the Bow Knight and Falcon Knight classes are what battalions you can use. There aren't many flying battalions to chose from where as there are plenty of grounded battalions to offer similar if not better stat buffs. But regardless of what you choose for her, she can't go wrong. She gets Battalion Desperation which is only nice if you're going for a 4x attack uncontested with a Brave Lance as a Falcon Knight. Having Death Blow, Darting Blow and Hit +20 helps out as well.

She is a 8.5/10 for me. Definitely the strongest non-lord character for me and she is so versatile that can she pull off pretty much any physical class. You might have other sleeper candidates as best non lord characters like Ferdinand, Bernadetta, Felix and Petra. Leonie is and should be considered to be in that discussion as who is one of the better non lord characters to use in the game. 

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Leonie, considered on VW Maddening

The Bad

Like most physical units, Leonie's potential on the magical side is... limited, at best. Her Magic stat sits at a paltry 5+0.20x, so she won't deal much damage with spells. Her Reason list is rather basic, containing only the standard Fire sequence. And her Resistance is even worse, at 2+0.15x, so she's vulnerable to magical attacks. One more thing - she's a Commoner, so no Crest, meaning that she'll take a penalty with any Hero's Relic equipped.

The Good

Leonie has a couple standout stats - a Dexterity of 8+0.55x gives her high Crit and Hit rates, while her Speed stat, at 9+0.60x, lets her quietly sneak into the ranks of the game's fastest units. Her other stats are pretty mid-range - her Defense (7+0.40x) and HP (26+0.40x) combine to make her decent at taking physical hits. Her Strength (9+0.40x), Luck (6+0.40x), and Charm (7+0.40x) are all serviceable, too.

So I didn't mention her proficiencies earlier - did I forget? Nope, because like Ingrid, she's among the few units blessed with no bane areas. Her most prominent boon comes in Lances (D+), putting her in stabbing distance of Knightkneeler. And since she's neutral in Flight, going Pegasus Knight for Darting Blow will be a cakeflight. Her other weapon boon is in Bows (E+), so Archer (and Hit+20) comes naturally to her. And being Axe-neutral, the holy trinity of Intermediate mastery skills is within her grasp. Her last boon is in Riding (E+), so going Cavalier for the extra move is also simple. In the longer-term, she has the tools to make Paladin, Sniper, or Bow Knight work. But Falcon Knight is considerable, too - and even Dark Knight isn't totally out of the question.

Speaking of a magical class, while her Reason list is plain, she does get a very cool Faith offering, in Physic. Also Restore, but that's not as big a deal. Leonie obviously works more as a physical unit, but she can still do some interesting stuff in following the path of sorcery (like Ignatz, or Hilda). As combat arts go, she gets some good ones - Break Shot (C+) is like a Curved Shot that debuffs, while Lance Jab (A) synergizes with her stellar speed stat. But her crown jewel has to be Point-Blank Volley (A) - as a brave art, she can use it to player-phase obliterate foes with any less than the highest defense. This obviously works great as a Bow Knight, but even as a Falcon Knight, she'll enjoy turning any bow into a brave weapon.

One more cool tool to her name is her personal ability, Rivalry. It's basically a gender-swapped version of Sylvain's Philanderer, providing her a +2 offense and bulk with male allies adjacent. This helps her frontline with the likes of Raphael, M!Byleth, or even an out-of-house pickup like Sylvain. Having this boost from the earliest chapters is very much welcome.

The Verdict

There's not too much bad to say about Leonie - sure, she lacks a Crest, and her magical stats are poor. But she has a fairly easy route into nearly any physical class, including the highly-mobile ones. Her personal is a boon from day 1, and she gets some great combat arts (a brave one) to her name. While her non-Myrmidon stats aren't the greatest, they're all pretty solid, rendering her well-rounded otherwise. I may have been overusing this ranking lately, but I don't think Leonie deserves any less than an 8 out of 10.

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Leonie is the last student, and she's a good one. She might even be the best one who isn't a lord.

The good: Her stats are great in general. The highlight is 9+60% speed, a close second to Petra for fastest in the game. But there's also her defence (7+40%), which is just behind Raphael for the tankiest character not locked to Azure Moon, and her charm (also 7+40%) which is solidly above average. 9+40% strength isn't special (comparable to Ferdinand or Petra) but considering how good the rest of her stat build is, the fact that it's clearly above the likes of Ingrid or Ignatz is a win. Or to put it another way, the fastest unit to actually beat her on strength is Hilda, who trails her by a significant 1-5 points of speed depending on level while only winning str by 1-3. Leonie's personal also helps her out, being the mirror of Sylvain's. Give her an adjacent male ally and her base str/def are effectively 11 and 9, which is outstanding (but as always, be careful about adjacent allies being caught up in enemy gambit attacks).

Some of the other characters who come close to matching her on stats have a problematic talent list (particularly Hilda and Felix); no such issue hurts Leonie. While she might like a few more boons, there are no banes to hold her back, and her boons in riding, lances, and bows make it easy for her to pursue classes such as Bow Knight and Falcon Knight, and at least don't hold her back from going Wyvern if that's more your bag. It's also easy to get her Move+1, especially if you go Bow Knight.

Finally, she has one quite notable unique combat art, Point-Blank Volley, at A in bows. While this is less important for her than the other unit with it because she's so fast she'll often double without it, it's still a nice option against very fast enemies, and ensures there's no reason to leave her a low-mobility Sniper, getting a similar two-hit combat art but with 3 more points of move and canto (not to mention 3-5 more speed) at Master tier. You can go Bow Knight to max its power, or just have her be a flier who can nuke enemy fliers, according to taste.

The less good: There's not much bad you can say about her. She'd have liked an extra boon or two (any of axes or authority or flying would have been particularly nice), she'd have liked good strength instead of "good enough". Her res of 2+15% is pretty bad (only beating the likes of Dedue and Raphael), and her HP of 26+40% is only average, so her magic durability is a bit shaky (aside from the fact that mages have trouble doubling her compared to slower fighters). But it's worth noting that every complaint I have about Leonie boils down to "this is a way she's only average instead of great".

She's clearly shy of lord level, but one of the best otherwise. I think she has a definite edge on Felix and Hilda, as well as the Swift Strikes crew, and is comparable to Petra, who has a better talent list (matters for Alert Stance+ in particular) but worse def/charm and no Point-Blank Volley. As such, Leonie gets an 8/10 (Maddening).

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Alright, so I actually like Leonie in all but the overmentioning of Jeralt.

Leonie says she's a top-tier merc yet again:


Her statline's actually pretty good. 9+60% Spd is very good, definitely a strong stat to work with, while a good Dex at 8+55% should be pretty consistent for her accuracy. Her Str's not as good sadly, but 9+40% isn't all that bad, you just wish it were a bit higher. She's got a pretty decent Cha at 7+40%, while 6+40% Luk is alright enough. She also has pretty good Def at 7+40%, though with 26+40% HP she's not exactly a big tank and 2+15% Res tells you taking magic is not a good idea. Neither is casting it with 5+20% Mag.

Her Strengths and Weaknesses are alright I suppose. She has Strengths in Bows, Lances and Riding, which is pretty solid and gives her a route to Bow Knight, which is actually alright despite the Spd reduction partly because it's -5%. At least she has no weaknesses, though a Budding Talent would have been neat.

Her magic list's better than I expected. Reason gives her Fire, Bolganone and Ragnarok. Faith gives her H + N, Physic and Restore. All in all, I definitely expected worse.

Her personal ability is Rivalry, which gets her +2 damage dealt/-2 damage taken when next to a male ally, which is actually pretty good as she will probably be closer to the action than most other archers. She's crestless, let's move on.

Her Combat art list is actually pretty solid. Monster Piercer (Situational, but can be nice) and Lance Jab (Works off her Spd, I like it.) for lanes, Break Shot (My favourite debuff arrow) and Point-Blank Volley (A very nice option where she doubles at 1-range, can have its uses in a variety of scenarios and allows her to take part on the frontline as well) for Bows. She gets Battalion Desperation in authority skills.

How did I find her?


In WV, Leonie was a more than solid unit, with 40 Spd and 33 Str, allowing her to do plenty of damage. She had solid enough bulk at 26 Def + 52 HP, while everything else mmight have been in line except a somewhat low Luk I think. I ended up mastering Noble > Soldier > Archer (Also Cav access) > Paladin > Bow Knight, While she got A in all the items she'd be using, but nothing exceptional here.

In CF, she died. Never expect me to recruit on all routes.

In AM, I got an absolute zoomer with 41 Spd, alongside 34 Str and 36 Dex she was very reliable. She was also pretty reliable in Def with 29, 3 behind Dimitri and with 54 HP she was good on defence as a result. And this SOMEHOW despite being in Soldier > Cav (also using Archer) > Paladin > Bow Knight, this Leonie had to be blessed to do so well in Spd despite her classes. Only A+ Bows, A Lances + Riding and B Authority, but a more than capable unit (Also she got a graphical glitch at some point in the final map, I have to find that image, it's on here somewhere)

In SS. She was a little low on Spd compared to the others at 37, though she did alright Str wise at 35, with most of her other growths in line with the others I've mentioned. She had similar ranks in AM, while her classes were like VW only I also mastered Cav.

In Maddening, She was a . Essential early on with that bow access, she would see use throughout the playthrough and got mastery in Noble > Fighter > Brigand/Archer/Pegasus Knight > Sniper/Paladin > Bow Knight. She actually got screwed though, with 32 Str and Spd, while her Def was as low as in VW and her HP was even lower. That didn't stop her seeing good use though, not by a long shot, just it probably impacted my opinion of her in Maddening. This time she got S Bows and A+ Riding, though she only got to B Authority and A Lances.

Honestly, Leonie's my favourite archer in the game. Sadly I don't think she's so good to get 8/10 (considering I only gave 2 non-lords that, don't be so surprised) due to missing one other killer option, but 7.5/10 is well earned imo, probably the closest to 8 that I didn't give.

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9 / 10 on Hard

The good:

  • A good early game physical unit, thanks to her solid Str, excellent Spd & Def, and Tempest Lance at base.
  • Rivalry to further improve her offense and defence when adjacent to a male unit, especially handy in early game.
  • Solid Def and exceptional Spd growth for a physical unit. The later can also contribute to a good dodge tank potential if flying.
  • Proficiency in Lance, Bow & Riding, and no other bane: help with accessing Archer, Bow Knight, Peg/Falcon line and Mov+1, and not too difficult to go Wyvern.
  • Interesting personal Combat Arts:
    • Point-Blank Volley for automatic double, which allows her to use a Canto class as an archer. 
    • Lance Jab scaling off Spd, which sync with her Spd growth especially in a Falcon class progression.
    • Break Shot at C+ Bow, can debuff at distance when needed and can be accessed relatively early.
    • Monster Piercer, situationally useful to break monster barriers.
  • Up to +3Mt with Alois, useful on the field or as adjutant.

The mixed:

  • Only learns Battalion Desperation, which can mimic PBV to avoid eating a counter attack as long as she can double, but it's less relevant if she's primarily using a bow.

The not-so-good:

  • No crest, thus penalty when using relics, although she doesn't rely on them that much if her build focuses on Bow.
  • 40% Str growth. Not ideal for a physical unit, but on Hard it's not problematic.
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My rating for Leonie is based on GD Maddening:


- Good bases and excellent growth especially in Speed.

- She gets one of the best CAs in the game, Point Blank Volley, at A rank Bow.

- Has all the proficiencies for Bow Knight and has 0 weakness meaning that she’s really flexible in terms of class selection and picking up class skills.

- Has one of the better Personals in the game that makes her early game performance even better.


- Can get Strength screwed if you’re unlucky, doesn’t help that most classes she spends time in don’t have a good Str growth modifier.

- No crest means she takes damage when using Relics.

Overall Leonie gets a 8.5/10 - 0.5 bias because she can’t stop worshipping Jeralt so 8/10.

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