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Rate the Unit-Three Houses, Day 29: Shamir

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- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard or Maddening Mode. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available. (When rating a unit, please specify whether you are rating assuming Hard or Maddening.)

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper Justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

-The rating you give to a unit assumes a good build for said unit-nothing among the lines of, "Dedue is 2/10 because he's a bad mage."

-The ranking assumes no grinding of any form, no DLC and minor, (one or two stat boosters per month) use of the Greenhouse.

- Make votes easily visible, please! "[Explanation text]: So, overall, I think X unit is a 7.5/10, with a +1 bias included for being hawt/cute/funny/etc.."

- Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 PST. Do the math for your timezone, please!

-We will ask you to not use the "Not X unit" reason. Because it will be used a lot. I.E, do not say "Linhardt bad because not Lysithea."

-The Black Eagles may be assessed based on their performances in either Silver Snow or Crimson Flower, other than when not applicable.



Dimtri: 9.14

Byleth: 9.05

Edelgard: 9.00

Claude: 8.977

Felix: 8.625 

Lysithea: 8.472

Petra: 8.34

Leonie: 8.2

Ferdinand: 7.78

Catherine: 7.7556

Sylvain: 7.66

Ingrid: 7.34

Hilda: 7.31

Seteth: 7.2273

Bernadetta: 7.125

Linhardt: 7.11

Marianne: 6.9769

Mercedes: 6.756

Dorothea: 6.375

Cyril: 6.0454

Dedue: 5.8571

Annette: 5.5375

Hubert: 5.525

Ignatz: 4.88

Caspar: 4.32

Lorenz: 3.8077

Raphael: 3.7273

Ashe: 3.69 (nice)



Underscore: Black Eagles

Bold: Blue Lions

Itallics: Golden deer

Purple: Faculty

Boldunderscoreditallics: DLC

Average score for Black Eagles: 6.94

Average score for Blue lions: 6.82

Average score for Golden Deer: 6.543

Average score for Faculty: 7.0094


Day 29: Shamir Nevrand

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7.5/10, on maddening for almost one reason. Shamir starts as a sniper. You know what that means for maddening? Chipping as much as possible with bows to get early hunter’s volley. And that’s even more possible when you realize she joins with bow range +1 as one of her abilities, since she’s a sniper, and close counter (if you can somehow enemy phase with her). I wouldn’t say that counts as grinding, right? That’s her use as the other Jagen... her her in battles fighting as much as possible, especially with that 2 class exp statue, it only takes 50 battles to get her there. Although if you recruit her in chapter 5, you want have that unlocked yet, but it’s still feasible imo. Looking at her growths, her only good ones are dexterity and luck, which doesn’t exactly make for a good into, and her boons and banes list, like Catherine, sucks. She only gets lances and bows, with a weakness in faith. Her strength and speed, both base 40, are okay, but they won’t really be being capitalized on as a sniper, although that class bumps her strength up to 45. There’s really not much else to say about her I’m afraid, she definitely falls off without switching class paths, good luck with lances and bows as the only boons, but early hunter’s volley is very very nice, and her bowfaire will add plus 10 damage to each round of combat to boost her strength that falls off.

Edit: her personal ability gives her +4 to strength, magic (lol), dexterity, and speed if she initiates combat and kills the enemy. That’s a nice, niche boost so she can have +0.5

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Shamir is a pretty nice archer. Because she joins in an advanced class, she will be stronger than your other natural archers. You can even get Hunter’s Volley sooner than the students, so she’ll be able to one round stuff sooner than most. Her speed growth isn’t as good as the other Archers, but she can get Darting Blow from Pegasus Knight. 

Her combat arts are good for heavy chip on enemies. Most of them aren’t anything crazy. She has Lance Jab, but her speed growth isn’t that high. Of course she’ll have Curve Shot to hit from 3 spaces. 

She works great as a Sniper, plus for having a good looking outfit. Bow Knight can work in Hard mode. Her personal skill isn’t too practical most of the time especially as an Archer, but as a Flier she can definitely make good use of it. She can finish of a weakened enemy then be able to handle a few enemies on enemy phase afterwards.

Starting out in an advanced class gives her good stats, but you will have to retroactively train her in lower tier classes to get their mastered skills. She and Catherine give each other extra might from support, so they make good partners.

My Rating: 6.5/10. Good chipping unit, and also a crit machine.


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Now we get to Shamir. She is anomaly among the Knights of Serios and perhaps she doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the pack considering she's not really a religious person. But today we're here to talk about her potential on the battlefield. How good is Shamir actually? This is assuming hard mode and no dlc.

Shamir can be recruited on all routes and can even stay with you during Crimson Flower so that is a nice boon off the bat. The earliest she cane be recruited is in chapter 6. Similar to Catherine, you can lower the level requirement by sharing meals with her as well as getting her gifts. If you happen to reach level 12 by chapter 6 then you just need to get her support rank to C. If under 12 then it needs to be C+. She joins as a Sniper which is a big deal since she comes with all of her bow combat arts and a bow rank of A. This means that you can gain very early access to Hunter's Volley before part 2 if you choose to go down that way. Her personal ability Survival Instinct grants Str/Mag/Dex/Spd +4 for one turn if she defeats an enemy. Now at first this is not a factor since her bulk isn't the best for enemy phase but later on when you get a dancer and use dance on her after she defeats an enemy, she can get the benefit of those boosts and go again. Thanks to her starting out as a Sniper, she gets a strength growth of 45% with starting stat of 18, luck growth of 65% with a starting stat of 17 and a dex growth of 75% with a starting stat of 21. Those are actually pretty good stats to start off since she'll be likely to land critical hits. Especially when you get her forged Killer Bows later on. Her speed growth isn't that high however. It has a 40% growth with a starting stat of 14. Her speed isn't going to hold up without a class like Thief or Assassin patching it up. Her bulk is rather poor. 33 HP with a 45% growth, 12 defense with a 20% growth and 8 resistance with a growth of 15% means she'll want to stay away from those that will attack her.

She has a boon in bows and lances and has a bane in faith. This makes sense as she is not a devoted believer in the goddess and all she gets is Physic at rank C. Her reason magic is more plentiful by comparison. Shamir gets Blizzard at rank D, Wind at D+, Sagittae at rank C, and Fimbulvetr at rank A. But her magic growth being at 20% with a starting stat of 8 isn't really that great for her at all. Which is a shame because having Physic and Fimbulvetr could have lead to a more interesting mage build for her.  As mentioned she already comes with bow rank A which makes it very easy for her to to get S+ rank in bows. Her lance rank is at C+ which is nice considering that if you work on her flying to D rank she can get Pegasus Knight and get Darting Blow if you want to improve her attack speed. Her bow combat arts consist of Heavy Draw which is a close up but strong single hit attack. +8 might is nothing to scoff at though Curved Shot is more useful for reliable chip damage and you can hit from further away. Monster Blast is only useful against monsters and that's it. Her lance combat arts consist of Hit and Run which is okay if you're looking for a way to safely engage the enemy. At rank A she get's Lance Jab which deals more damage based on her speed. She's not the fastest unit on the field but if training her as a Falcon Knight, this can work. She gets Battalion Desperation at rank C which only really when you are fast enough to double attack and you'll especially benefit from it when using a brave weapon. However if you're using a bow and you're not going to fear a counter attack anyways, it's not that useful. You can immediately reclass her as an archer so you can get Hit +20. If you want her to hit harder, work on her axe rank and get Brigand to learn Death Blow. She obviously fits as a Sniper as once you gather the abilities like mentioned before, she can contribute to the team quite nicely. She could go Bow Knight as well but you trade off Hunter's Volley in exchange for high move and canto and bow range +2. Though it's feasible if you decide to give her Hit +20 as well as a battalion that gives her a high hit rate as well.

Overall, I feel Shamir is a 7.5/10 unit for me. The one thing I felt that holds her back a bit for me is that her bow combat arts. Monster Blast isn't always going to shine and Heavy Draw while the damage is nice it pales in comparison to Hunter's Volley which is a double attack from range and Heavy Draw you need to be close which isn't really what a Sniper really wants. Lance Jab is nice if you're going for Falcon Knight but it will take a while to work on her flying. Yes you can mix and match lance and bow offensive with her but bowfaire for her is more useful for her than lancefaire since she isn't really the fastest candidate to be a Falcon Knight. Even Leonie who is also neutral in flying as a higher speed growth and stat than Shamir and can deal more damage than her using Lance Jab. This is not to say she is inferior in anyway, Leonie is just a better fir as a Falcon Knight than Shamir. But Sniper Shamir won't disappoint whatsoever.

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Shamir is a good, but not great, unit on Maddening.  She's recruitable early as a Sniper, which gives her the same benefits as Catherine in supporting the team early when other units don't have their builds online.  However, unlike Catherine, Shamir can be recruited on any path, giving her extra versatility.  Also similarly to Catherine, Shamir is a very solid example of her class, but does not have much flexibility to go into other classes.

Shamir's stat growths are unspectacular, but compare favorably to those of the other archers in the game (Bernie, Ashe, Ignatz), and are even better when taking into account the likelihood that she will have Sniper base stats at level 13-15, depending when she is recruited.  From a raw stats perspective, Shamir is likely the best archer in the game of the default archers.  Aside from that, there isn't a ton that stands out for Shamir.

Shamir does not have any noteworthy Combat Arts of her own.  She does not have a crest, nor a Hero's Relic.  Her only other boon (Lances) can help get her in to Bow Knight if that is desired, but unfortunately the class is not particularly good on Maddening.  But aside from Bow Knight and Sniper, she doesn't have any other particularly viable end game classes.  Her personal ability is not particularly useful (she should be getting kills, but shouldn't be getting into combat on enemy phase on Maddening).  Her paralogue does not get any particularly interest rewards.

Of all the Hunter's Volley bots in the game, Shamir is the most useful, both due to her raw stats and likely overpowered base stats early in the game.  That alone will get her a respectable grade, though she is often a fringe unit that it can be hard to find room in the party for in the endgame.  She often ends up as the 13th or 14th unit I regularly use.  Overall, I'll give Shamir a 7.5/10.

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I have nothing to say about Shamir. She’s there, character wise.

     Skill Levels:      Boons: Lance C+ and Bow A. Bane is Faith. She would’ve liked a Riding boon, or at the least a non-zero base in the Skill.

     Abilities:     Survival Instinct is pretty good, but why does it give Magic? Def, or even Luck, would’ve been better. Why does she get Battalion Desperation? She’s a Sniper, or maybe a Bow Knight, she’ll outrange anything!

     Arts:     She starts with Hit and Run (Lance), Heavy Draw (Bow), and Monster Blast (Bow). And Lance Jab at A Lances. That last one is decent.

     Stats:     21+55% Dex and 17+55% Luck are good for Crits. 18+40% Strength and 14+40% Speed isn’t good. She shouldn’t be in enemy range, so her bad HP, Defense, Res, and Charm are a non-issue.

     Classes:     Drop down to Archer for the Hit +20, maybe Brigand for DB. After that stay Sniper unless you don’t want Hunter’s Volley and/or don’t want to get her Riding to B+.

          The Verdict

Shamir’s OK. I don’t have much of an opinion on her. She’s still better than Ashe and Ignatz, and maybe Bernadetta. Like most of the other Church units, she makes for good filler if you need her. 6/10.

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Shamir's a lot like Catherine, joining with an Advanced class's bases at a low level. She's not as good for a few reasons, but still solid.

The good: Like Catherine, Shamir's bases are very good for her level because of her class minimums. In her case, the earliest you can get her is Chapter 6 (it's easy to do so, C support and Level 12 will do). Thus she'll join at Level 11 with bases of 17 str, 14 spd, and 12 def (hey, that's a familiar set of numbers). This matches Dedue for strength, Ashe for speed, and Raphael for def... not quite as impressive as Catherine, but still good. And of course, she joins with the option of sticking in Sniper for Bowfaire, which ramps her raw Atk up to "only trails Catherine", at least temporarily.

Unlike Catherine, she also starts in a good class! And it's a nice one to get a head start in: 75 actions in Sniper are needed for Hunter's Volley, and Shamir can get started on those right away. You can throw her back into earlier classes too if you want (e.g. for Death Blow, positioning arts, though she'll need to build axe rank first for the former), but even then that may not completely nullify her head start on Sniper mastery; she'll probably finish mastering one other class before other PCs can hit Level 20 and qualify for Sniper. Finally, starting with A in bows is very good for that point in the game, which means she'll get Bow Crit +10 well before other units, and potentially even Bowfaire2 on the longer routes, something that no other unit is likely to get. Her personal skill also has great synergy with your Dancer, meaning that if you dance for her, her offence will be extra scary on her second action. (It also helps her enemy phase, but Shamir is a difficult unit to build for enemy phase.)

If you want to build a unit who gets reliable critical hits, Shamir is probably the best in the game. Earlier Weapon Crit+10 coupled with game-best dex+luck and the +10 from Hunter's Volley can give her the best chance possible of getting at least one crit out of two, which ups her killing power. (And I'm definitely fonder of critical-based builds with long range, as they have more flexibility and there's less punishment if you fail to kill.)

The less good: Unfortunately, unlike Catherine, Shamir's growths leave a lot to be desired. The combination of 40% str and 40% spd is matched only by Lorenz for mediocrity. 20% def and 15% res ensure she'll end up rather squishy. And 6+30% charm is a bit underwhelming, too. So even though Shamir starts ahead of Felix for strength, don't expect that to last; he'll be 3 points ahead by the end of the game given equal classes. And her speed growth only barely keeps her ahead of wyvern bases long-term. She often doesn't have the raw stats to perform in Bow Knight, so ends up outclassed by archers who can cut it there, like Felix and Leonie, and instead is reliant on tossing out lower-move Hunter's Volleys and needing to rely on crits (which, to be fair, she's relatively good at, with her high dex and luck).

Joining in Chapter 6 (as opposed to even 5) is also quite annoying because chapter 5 has a lot of combat (a merchant quest followed by the longest map in the game). While Catherine or Cyril can pick up a beginner mastery with only a slight delay, Shamir really can't, and if you want her to master both a beginner and intermediate class, she'll likely lose her advantage of having a head start on Sniper. And of course, she'll be behind on ranks that aren't bow (although at least lance helps her get to Bow Knight if you decide to go for it).

Other: Shamir is the first character we've rated, besides Byleth and (almost) FByleth!Sylvain who is equally available on all routes, which is neat. Since I'm only rating characters on their highest-availability route, that won't affect her score, but is still worth noting.

Comments: It's easy to compare her to the 35/50 class of archers and see that she comes out ahead: her stats certainly look clearly better than those of Ignatz, for instance. But she doesn't really have the ability to dominate throughout the game the way Catherine does; the former is just too much better offensively between her advantages in both bases and growths. Still a solid unit out of the gate who is a low-effort at worst, and has some definite potential at filling the Hunter's Volley niche better than most of her competition. Shamir gets a 6/10 (Maddening), the second highest of the units who join past Chapter 2.

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Shamir compares very well to the likes of Bernadetta/Ashe/Ignatz in their respective routes. She can get hunter's volley sooner than any of them on top of having way more strength at base to make up for that initial lack of death blow. I think Hunter's volley is first priority, especially if it means using Shamir in a map where she'll gain some level ups, since the sniper class patches her growths a bit (but it's still a class with notably low growths compared to other level 20s). Picking up Str +2 is a worthy diversion on any maps you deem easy enough that you don't need a sniper, and it'll take time to raise her axes to D+. But overall I expect she'll have a much faster combination of hunter's volley, Str +2, and Death Blow than any other unit in the game by several chapters if you recruit her at the earliest opportunity. Faster access to S+ bows too. The recruited versions of Bernadetta/Ashe/Ignatz compare much better in stats, however. Ignatz is pretty much a free recruit, since Byleth's authority gets naturally very high. Compared to Recruit!Bernadetta and Recruit!Ignatz, I figure it's their better personal skills and more well rounded stats versus her faster access to hunter's volley and Bowfaire. I suppose there's no rule saying you're allowed just one sniper though. They're a good class, with only one stat they'll ever need to worry about. The high speed on similar units really just helps you survive high AS enemies on enemy phase, and they get so fast there's never guarantees on that front.

I wish Shamir had more bells and whistles. She's kind of like Linhardt in that she gets to where she wants to be very quickly and stays there for half the game. It's boring, but no less efficient. That personal is pretty great when a dancer is in the equation, but Bernadetta and Ignatz have better personals overall. Her combat arts are not noteworthy to start and become even less so once she's mastered Sniper. The Catherine special ally bonus will help with her hunter's volleys and that's great because I think Catherine scales even worse into late game. The starting rank of C+ in lances feels useless since she doesn't need or particularly want to be on a mount unless you're playing on easier difficulties where the mounted classes can keep up on offense. I rate her a 6.0 out of 10. A good unit to get an edge on those pre-time skip paralogues.

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7 / 10 on Hard

The good:

  • Solid stats, especially good Str as a Ch6 recruited canon archer, also joins with Archer and Sniper unlocked, the latter of which is a pretty good end game class.
  • Proficiency in Bow and joins with A rank, can get Bow Crit and Bowfaire relatively early if staying in Sniper for end game class and mostly focusing on training Bow. 
  • Up to +3 Mt with Catherine on non-CF routes
  • Joins with at least Lance C+ rank and proficiency in Lance, can help with Bow Knight or Falcon certification if desired. Bow Knight works pretty well on Hard; Falcon is OK but doesn’t stand out among other candidates because of her unexceptional Spd growth and no noteworthy niche.

The mixed:

  • Personal ability that grants +4 bonus on Str, Mag, Spd & Dex if she secures a kill during player phase. Her enemy phase is not outstanding because of her just ok Spd growth especially if not in Falcon, and no Battalion Vantage or Wrath skill to help either, but with a Dancer support it’s still exploitable during PP as Bow Knight or Sniper.
  • Situationally useful Combat Arts:
    • Monster Blaster can break barriers when needed and is available at base.
    • Heavy Draw is situationally useful to do more damage when unable to double and before mastering Sniper.
    • Hit & Run and Lance Jab generally sync better with a higher Spd growth than her.
  • D rank Authority at Ch6, still needs to catch up compared to some of the in-house members, but not too far behind and the burden of investment can be partially mitigated if staying in Sniper for end game class.

The not-so-good:

  • No Axe rank when joining, thus needs to catch up to certify Brigand compared to in-house members.
  • Unexceptional Str & Spd growth for a physical unit, but not particularly problematic on Hard, especially after mastering Sniper.
  • Needs to go back to master Fighter and Archer if one wants to improve her flexibility and reliability.
  • No crest, thus penalty when using relic, although it’s not that relevant if she primarily uses a bow.
  • Only learns Battalion Desperation which doesn’t sync particularly well with her Spd growth.
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Shamir, assessed on Maddening.

The Bad

Like Catherine, Shamir takes a little while to come around. She won't become recruitable until chapter 6, assuming Byleth has reached level 15. So like other church units, she won't be there to help during the hard earlygame maps. Plus, she's AWOL for the Battle at Gronder Field. And if memory serves, the Knights of Seiros aren't playable in chapter 10.

As stats go, she's lacking in a few areas. Note that her bases and growths are presented based on joining as a level 11 Sniper. Her bulk is middling, with okay HP (33+0.45x), but a Defense (12+0.20x) and Resistance (8+0.15x) that will not keep up. Her Magic (8+0.20x) is very poor as well, limiting her potential in magic builds. And her Charm (10+0.40x) starts on the low side, so she may be better with support gambits.

As personal traits go, she has just one bane, in Faith. And in conjunction with her short Faith list, and joining at E-Reason, she'll have a bad time slinging spells. She's also at E in most other ranks. Riding and Flight means that she'll take a little effort to go Cavalier or Pegasus Knights. And as for weapons, E-Axes is most notable for making it hard to get into Brigand. Like Catherine, it's a trade-off between keeping her in her Advanced class (for short-term greatness), or reverting to Beginner and Intermediate classes (for valuable masteries). Unlike Catherine, however, she lacks a Crest - so she'll lose health with any Hero's Relics.

The Good

Much as she has her stat weaknesses, Shamir offers her strengths as well. Her Strength (18+0.45x) is formidable at joining, and likely to keep up for good damage. Her Luck (17+0.65) is solid, and her Speed (14+0.40x) is, well, workable. But her true standout stat, at 21+0.75x, is her Dexterity, so she'll keep up the hits and crits.

Unfortunately, Shamir joins with just two boon areas - but her base ranks in them are excellent. Most notably, she comes with A Bows, letting her wield any bow (say Parthia, or Bow of Zoltan, or the Inexhaustible) without really trying. Her C+ Lances also give her a solid melee weapon to use. In the short-term, she can fairly easily get Hit+20 or Darting Blow. In combination, Bow Knight is a natural endpoint for her, even starting neutral in Riding. But Falcon Knight can be a sleeper pick for her, as can Paladin. Or, she can simply choose to stay in Sniper. One more thing - she joins with D Authority, which is low, but at least gives her a few batallions to pick from.

Shamir may be missing a Crest, but she has a few cool things going for her. Her personal skill grants +4 to all her offensive stats (Str/Mag/Dex/Spd) after defeating a foe. This can help her performance on enemy phase; or, with Dancer support, she can score a second player-phase kill in the same turn. While her Reason list includes no 3+ range spells, it's surprisingly deep, at 4 total. And her Faith list may be short, but she at least gets Physic. Looking to combat arts, Shamir gets... wait, these actually aren't that good. Hit & Run is niche, Lance Jab is compromised by her iffy Speed, and her bow arts don't boost her range or have neat effects. But, to her credit, she can get Hunter's Volley sooner than anyone else.

The Verdict

Shamir isn't around for the first half of the skip, so you can't guide her weapon ranks in that time. But when she shows up, it's with high marks in Bows and Lances, which she can build off of into numerous class options, like Bow Knight and Falcon Knight. Her Dexterity and Luck are both great, while her Speed and Strength are solid - and these can be bolstered when her personal ability activates. On the flip side, her bulk stats and Charm are lacking. Her combat arts aren't the greatest, and her interesting spell lists are undermined by low Magic and ranks. Like Catherine, she can perform well from the moment she joins, but Shamir seems to lag a step behind. All things considered, I'm rating her a 6 out of 10.

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It's time for the most chill member of the cast. Moreso ice cold.

Shamir goes in for the skills


Her bases and growths are disappointing compared to Catherine. Sure, she's got better Dex at 21+55%, but 18+40% Str and 14+40% Spd are a definite problem for her viability compared to others. Her bulk is definitely not all that at 33+35% HP and 12+20% Def, while 8+20% Mag and 8+15% Res makes magic pretty much irrelevant. 10+30% Cha isn't great which is an issue when you want someone like her to be using ranged gambits at times, but hey 17+55% Luk is weirdly good.

Her Strengths and Weaknesses are also quite limited. Strengths in Bows and Lances are very nice though, giving her easier access to some of the better classes if you're like me and break out in hives at physical units being limited to 5 move in the late game. Her Weakness in Faith is utterly irrelevant to her in practice lol.

Her magic is surprisingly larger than I expected. Reason gives her Blizzard, Wind, Sagittae and Fimbulvetr, which is nice in the sense it gives a bunch of crit. Her Faith is bad though with H + N and Recover, moving on.

Her personal skill, Survival Instinct, gives her +4 Str/Mag/Dex/Spd when she kills an opponent, which on paper isn't the best, but it does give her a nice boost with dancers and EP builds if you can sort it out. She's obviously crestless, we're done here.

Her combat arts are actually pretty good imo. Lances gives Hit and Run (imo underappreciated, especially if you want her moving in a certain direction afterwards) and Lance Jab (A bit disappointing because Leonie does it better), while Bows get Heavy Draw (I like it, okay?) and Monster Blast (Situation and one of the weird few units who has to wait for A Rank. Her Authority skill is Battalion Desperation, which isn't so hot considering her Spd

One advantage she has over most of the knights is her lack of being route locked. While she isn't available until Chapter 6, that's still better for BE than any of the knights and all the faculty except the teachers and Flayn on SS (All three are still later on). Also, Sniper does happen to be a better class to have unlocked early than Swordmaster, mainly because Sniper has that nice access to Hunter's Volley to look forward to. While I'm not as hyped for it as others, it does make Shamir quite easy to use with little investment.

How did I find her?


In VW, I ended up only using Sniper and Bow Knight on her, but she was alright. 30 Str and 31 Spd aren't amongst the greats and her 33 Dex and 32 Luc isn't amazing either. She didn't have the best bulk either, but I didn't do all that well with her in hindsight either (Only A+ Bows and focusing on A lances was awkward with the lower Spd).

In CF, she arguably was turning out better and she also killed Catherine. Better Dex at 37, similar Str, might have gotten better Spd considering she was at 27, I do think this Shamir was pretty solid especially for being three level below. I also took the time to get PK mastered which helped a ton, though I didn't master Archer like an idiot. The other ranks were similar barring lower lance rank.

In AM, I dropped her after Part 1, She was fine to use at least.

In SS, I made the mistake of waiting until Chapter 12, a result that could have bitten me for sure. She was much slower at 25 Spd despite mastering PK, defensively she hit below 20 Def though also 52 HP, while her Str was also a bit low at 29. I did get round to mastering Archer as well, which helped her out, but she really couldn't use Lance Jab so going for A rank was pointless and she was mainly using her bow the whole time.

On Maddening, I only used her in her paralogue, being real it was tricky to pull it off.

I feel like I found use for her, but I'm not going to pretend she's stellar. 6.5/10 for being a unit who can be in an advanced class at level 11 in Chapter 6 regardless of route and guaranteed access to Hunter's volley can certainly be nice to have.

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