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Rate the Unit-Three Houses, Day 30: Flayn

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- Ratings are assumed to be on Hard or Maddening Mode. Also, they should be based on when the unit is first available. (When rating a unit, please specify whether you are rating assuming Hard or Maddening.)

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper Justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

-The rating you give to a unit assumes a good build for said unit-nothing among the lines of, "Dedue is 2/10 because he's a bad mage."

-The ranking assumes no grinding of any form, no DLC and minor, (one or two stat boosters per month) use of the Greenhouse.

- Make votes easily visible, please! "[Explanation text]: So, overall, I think X unit is a 7.5/10, with a +1 bias included for being hawt/cute/funny/etc.."

- Every ranking phase ends approximately at 20:00 PST. Do the math for your timezone, please!

-We will ask you to not use the "Not X unit" reason. Because it will be used a lot. I.E, do not say "Linhardt bad because not Lysithea."

-The Black Eagles may be assessed based on their performances in either Silver Snow or Crimson Flower, other than when not applicable.



Dimtri: 9.14

Byleth: 9.05

Edelgard: 9.00

Claude: 8.977

Felix: 8.625 

Lysithea: 8.472

Petra: 8.34

Leonie: 8.2

Ferdinand: 7.78

Catherine: 7.7556

Sylvain: 7.66

Ingrid: 7.34

Hilda: 7.31

Seteth: 7.2273

Bernadetta: 7.125

Linhardt: 7.11

Marianne: 6.9769

Mercedes: 6.756

Shamir: 6.65

Dorothea: 6.375

Cyril: 6.0454

Dedue: 5.8571

Annette: 5.5375

Hubert: 5.525

Ignatz: 4.88

Caspar: 4.32

Lorenz: 3.8077

Raphael: 3.7273

Ashe: 3.69 (nice)



Underscore: Black Eagles

Bold: Blue Lions

Itallics: Golden deer

Purple: Faculty

Boldunderscoreditallics: DLC

Average score for Black Eagles: 6.94

Average score for Blue lions: 6.82

Average score for Golden Deer: 6.543

Average score for Faculty: 6.9196


Day 30: Flayn

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So now we get to Seteth's little girl Flayn. This sweet innocent girl regularly frequents the monastery until being abducted by the Death Knight. Then the mercenary turned professor comes to her rescue so she decides to join the professor's class. Ain't she so grateful? Of course we're really here to talk about what Flayn brings to the table. She is available on Azure Moon, Verdant Wind and Silver Snow. She is an enemy on Crimson Flower so we won't get into that. This is assuming hard and no dlc. Though I will mention that she makes a very good Dark Flier. With Fiendish Blow, Darting Blow and Bowbreaker along with Alert Stance+ and Reason Prowess equipped, she can effectively attack and heal while flying. This will not have an impact on my final score.

Flayn joins you at the start of chapter 7 after you defeat the Death Knight for the second time as a priest. Thanks to the class bonus, she starts with a magic stat of 15 that also has a 60% growth. Her dex isn't that bad either, 12 dex with a 50% so she would be quite accurate with her offensive magic. Her resistance is naturally quite high. 19 res with a 60% and her charm growth is very good too. 16 charm with a 55% growth suggest that she can be a good battalion user. The rest of her stats are unsurprisingly low. 28 HP with a 30% growth, 7 defense with a 20% growth, 8 strength with a 20% and 9 speed with a 35% growth. So she'll get doubled quite frequently. Her personal ability Lily's Poise, grants adjacent allies to take 3 less points of damage. This ability is rather interesting since this would work on any ally and is not gender based. So there is something there. The only thing about it is that she is not bulky enough to take damage herself so you would have to position her carefully so she won't be in harms way. Seteth will be pissed if that were to happen.

She has a boon in lances, faith as well as a budding talent in reason magic. Heavy armor and riding are her banes. She also comes with a intermediate seal which is nice. This would suggest that she can immediately become a Pegasus Knight. She comes with a lance rank of C and a flying rank of D from the get go. Her faith rank is at C+ so she can easily get it to A rank. Her lance combat arts consist of Hit and Run at rank C+ then Frozen Lance at rank A. Hit and Run is fine but her speed isn't high enough to make the most of it. Plus her strength is quite low. Frozen Lance at least capitalizes on her magic stat but that's ways off for her. Her faith spell list consist of Restore which she already has access to, Rescue at rank B then Fortify at rank A. She is the only other unit in the game aside from Mercedes that gets this spell. When unlocking her budding talent in reason she gets seal magic. This skill pales in comparison to the silence spell since that outright prevents enemy mages from acting. Her reason spell list consist of Wind at rank D, Fire at rank D+, Cutting Gale at rank C, and Excalibur at rank A. Her tomes are pretty light so that would compensate her low strength.

If she goes to pegasus knight from the start, she can get Darting Blow. If you work on her reason magic, she can go to mage to get Fiendish Blow. With the two blows equipped together this may help Flayn double at times since she would benefit from the Pegasus Knight's speed growth. From there she could simply be a Bishop if you want her to be a pure healer. Flayn can also go Gremory if you want double uses of all magic and get 5 move as opposed to Bishop's 4 move. Flayn does lack Physic unlike Mercedes, but Flayn has Rescue unlike Mercedes so it's to you on who you think is the best healer in the game. Flayn can also go Falcon Knight if you want to use Frozen Lance a lot more. But you won't have access to her magic which is pretty good. Plus her strength which is already lacking won't be that much better. Her speed might be better but you can only see results with Frozen Lance spamming. Flayn can also be a dancer for you. A very easy choice if you feel that you're initial team on Blue Loins or Golden Deer shouldn't be a dancer. I wouldn't recommend that on Black Eagles because if you choose to side with Edelgard you would lose a dancer, unless you're certain you're going to side with the church instead.

Overall, I think Flayn is a 6/10 unit. She has a nice qualities as a healer and be a dancer if you got nothing else going on for her. But honestly you don't necessarily need her to win the game. There are other healers out there that can get the job done as well. But if you need a Fortify user that isn't Mercedes, then Flayn is your girl. Plus bringing the two of them together would mean that if they were both bishops they you have 8 combined used of fortify. Think about that.

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Flayn's another character who would be way better if she joined earlier. ... but honestly, she'd probably still be below average for a mage if she joined at the start, and that's a bad sign for her rating.

The good: Flayn has access to Fortify and Rescue, which are both neat spells to have. Fortify is extremely good action economy when multiple people need healing. Rescue is a nice tactical option to have too in a pinch, although a bit devalued in this game compared to e.g. Fates due to its reduced range and the fact that everyone has a access to a weaker 2-range version called Reposition.

She has good magic growth (55%, though having only 9 base holds this back) and charm (9+45%, ahead of any of the student mages).

The less good: Hoo boy, there's a lot. Flayn joins at Chapter 7 with an E in Reason, and needs three tutoring sessions to turn it into a boon. This puts her way behind other mages. She'll get important mage skills like Mag+2, Draw Back, and Fiendish Blow (especially this one, since she needs to get to D+ Reason first), later than her competition, leaving her woefully inept on offence compared to other mages. Her speed is also horrid (5+35%) so she's gonna have a hard time doubling even armour knights, and will get doubled herself. And her 55% magic growth is held back by her spell list (no spell above 11 power, and even that comes super-later) and while she does get a magical combat art, she has to wait for A in lances, way later than the other mages. An E in Authority means she'll need training there too to use some of the better mage battalions and actually make use of her charm stat.

That leaves her as a character only worth using for her Faith list, like Linhardt. But unlike Linhardt, she misses out on a crucial spell for a healer: Physic! Until she reaches Bishop, she'll have at most 2 uses of any healing move better than Heal, simply not acceptable for a pure healer. 4 is certainly better, but I'd still like more.

Overall, Flayn just does not compare well to mages who have joined earlier. Being behind on a variety of skills and having little offensive upside means she's only really good for a filler role. You can throw her in in fights where deployment slots are high or you really want Rescue, but she's clearly worse than the student mages overall. Flayn gets a 3/10 (Maddening).

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3/10, Flayn is... really hard to describe in one sentence, actually. Flayn joins at the start of chapter 7 as a priest, despite not being a very good period support unit. Her bases are fairly low for chapter 7, she’ll definitely be a liability in gronder without some training or at least reclassing. I would recommend training her in reason since she can actually fairly competently do stuff that way. She has phenomenal base magic and res growths of 55 and 50, and her charm growth is 45, which is very high for a not-lord charm growth. Her speed growth is 35 however, which, to put in to context, is the same speed growth as Annette and Constance. So she must actually be a good slow mage, getting nuke spells to capitalize off of her one hit per round instead of wind magic like Annette, right? Nope! Her heavy hitting damage spell is... excalibur. Oof. She also has wind and cutting gale, with fire being her only not wind magic spell. Her faith spell list isn’t looking too great either, when she joins she knows heal, nosferatu (lol), and restore, and she will learn rescue and fortify, which are great spells, especially rescue, but she’s held back from being a truly great support unit by lack of physic. She has boons in lances and faith and banes in armor and riding and a budding talent in reason. Faith is nice to get rescue quicker, lances are kinda useless until A RANK where she learns frozen lance, which scales off of her 45% dexterity, and I guess she can do damage then? I guess Flayn’s C rank in lances is workable, but her base still is pretty bad- unable to do damage or heal properly really, starting as a priest with her only forms of offense being iron weapons with her terrible strength or nosferatu (lol). She should be thrown on the bench immediately, you will have to baby her for quite a while before she can actually contribute. But she can do SOMETHING when trained, so for that she gets a 3/10.

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Kind of a controversial rating since I rated Mercie a 5. But I truly prefer Flayn. Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion because a lot of the stuff that I’ll say will probably sound incredibly stupid to a lot of other people.

Anyway, Flayn comes with some ok stats from the get go, the get go being chapter 7. 15 + 55% magic is decent for her level, though said level is perhaps a little low for chapter 7. Her res is also very nice, at 19 + 50%. Unfortunately those are her only real standout stats, her others are decent or just bad. Her personal skill is actually pretty damn good, except for the small issue that she comes too late to use it in the part of the game where it makes the biggest difference. Still, I’ve used it a fair amount, which is more than I can say for a lot of other personals in the game.

Her proficiencies are few. Literally, few, she has 3 boons including her budding talent: faith, lance, and reason as her BT. She has armour and riding banes- the latter hurts since it makes classes like holy or dark Knight harder for her, but her armour bane is basically par for the course and it will almost never matter for her. By training authority she learns rally luck (which is situational at best) and battalion renewal (day 30: I have not encountered a single soul who uses this skill. send help.). And her learned combat arts come from training lances- she gets Hit and Run (I have legit never touched this art in my life) and Frozen Lance (which is great but A lances is way too late for it). Lastly for this section dedicated to Flayn’s mediocrities we have her crest, which occasionally lets her heal for an extra amount. Helpful but nothing game breaking.

Flayn’s best asset is her faith spell list, which packs Restore, Rescue and Fortify. Physic is the notable missing link here, but (and here’s the controversial bit) I actually prefer her having Rescue. The way I play, at least, particularly on Maddening, involves my army moving as one ball of death together. In such an environment Physic finds less use since any healing I need can be done up close with heal. So I’d rather Flayn have utility of her own besides just healing, which is where rescue comes in. It’s the main thing she has over, say, Mercedes, and I legitimately value Rescue for hit and run strategies. Anyway, her reason list is ok. It has Excalibur at least, which can help Flayn contribute offensively against fliers.

So those are my thoughts overall. She’s comparable to Mercedes in that they are healers who do little else. Their stats are largely similar (at least in terms of magic and res, which are probably the stats they’ll make use of the most), so the main difference is in spell list and availability, and I think Flayn’s advantage in spell lists puts her slightly ahead. So 5.5 is my rating.

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Flayn is a very weird mage for Three Houses.  From a story perspective, the game seems to be strongly pushing the idea that Flayn is a stereotypical white mage/healer type.  However, he spell lists do not support this as well the game narrative would suggest.  And ultimately leaves her in limbo for Maddening play.

Let's start with the good.  Flayn's raw stats are actually fairly strong.  She has a 55% magic growth (tied for second best after Lysithea, tied only with Hubert), a 50% resistance growth (best in the game), and a 45% charm growth.  Considering these are really the only stats that matter for mages in Maddening, this is a pretty strong start.  She starts with a boon in Faith and has a budding talent in reason, which means she should be able to quickly fill out her spell list and has a shot at S/S+ Reason.  She's a female unit, and so will have access to all the relevant mage classes that might be used in the endgame.  Her crest is useful, saving uses of healing spells, and synergizes well with her common usage.  And she has some very useful white magic spells in Rescue and Fortify.

Unfortunately, Flayn has a bunch of problems.  The biggest problem being she does not get Physic, which is the default healing spell in the game.  Without Physic, she simply cannot function as the primary healer of your party in the game.  It's too hard to manage give that so many endgame classes will have vastly superior mobility and be moving all over the map.  Her Reason list is much like Annette's, which is to say that it's fine, but unremarkable.  Every spell is a generic 1-2 range attack spell, and the only spell that's at all noteworthy (Excalibur) only gives the same advantage equipping a generic bow does.  Further, her recruitment poses a bit of a challenge.  Since she is an story-based recruit, she cannot be recruited before Chapter 7.  This would ordinarily be fine, but unfortunately she starts without a boon in Reason and with zero weapon experience there.  This combination will put her well behind the curve in terms of training if you intend to use her to attack at all, let alone catch up to other units in your party.  Flayn could be an acceptable Dancer, since the Rescue spell would be nice utility for a Dancer to have, but the Riding bane all but prevents her from getting Movement + 1.  The riding bane also all but prevents her from getting into Dark or Holy Knight, and while these are minor considerations, they are notable.

Overall, it's hard for mages to be too bad on Maddening, given their ability to land hits that circumvent the crazy high defenses of enemies, but unfortunately Flayn gets outperformed by just about every other mage in the game except for Annette.  There just isn't a clearly defined role for her, and so it's really hard to justify using her.  She gets a 5/10.

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My first rating on a character so here goes:

Flayn! Seteth’s little sister. Hmmm..I like Flayn, but you have to have a required taste to use her. Let’s talk about her good traits.

Good Traits

Comes to your class with access to Pegasus Knight which is an easy Darting Blow.

Tied with Hubert and Hanneman with the second highest Magic Growth granting her oomph to her magic.

Good Charm growth and comes into the group with high Charm meaning the best candidate for Dancer if need one.

Rescue and Fortify are great White utility spells, with Rescue saving your units from tight situations and Fortify healing all your allies.

Seal Magic is good, not amazing really.

Bad Traits

E rank in reason despite being a mid-late recruit and having a budding talent in it is terrible.

Paper thin in terms of defenses. 25% in HP, and Def, mediocre 35% in Spd, and a terrible 15% in Luck. Big oof.

Having to drop to lower classes to grab important abilities such as mage or Monk is... well it’s technically a bane for every Church/Knights of Seiros, but it’s still bad.

Despite easy access to Pegasus Knight, she has nothing to help her excel in this class. She gets Frozen Lance way late into the game where she should be a strictly magical unit. There’s only one Magical lance in the game and she’s either locked out of it completely or gets it at the literal END of the route. Why???

Just outclassed in general. Your token healers (Mari, Lin, and Mercie) are way better due to having a reliable long range healing spell in Physic, which Flayn  doesn’t have. Gremories such as Lysithea, Constance and Dorothea can excel very well in this class. Flayn has the right talents, but when she gets there she’s just a Rescue bot. Holy Knight, Dark Knight, and Dark Flier is good, but Mari pulls all three off incredibly. Dancer is your best option, but every units outclassed when it comes down to that class.

Overall score: 4.5/10 Love her to bits, but alas she is gonna need a LOT of babysitting for her to pull her weight.

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Flayn is alright. Kind of a mix between Marianne and Mercedes. She has strengths in Faith, Lance, and a budding talent in Reason. I think when you just get her you want to focus on Faith so she can get Rescue, which is pretty clutch on that chapter’s map in Maddening. She provides extra might to both Seteth and Byleth from support, which is pretty nice. And her personal skill lets your unit take hits better.

She has Frozen Lance, but she learns it at A rank Lance. I don’t think it is worth wait that long to get, but it can be a decent nuke, especially with horseslayer for those Paladins.She gets Rescue and Fortify which are great Faith spells. Excalibur can nuke those enemy Wyvern Riders. You get Caduceus Staff from her paralogue, which is a nice Thyrsus lite. Cethleann Monks, kind of sucks for an A rank battalion, another case of waiting too long to be worth using.

For classes she does fine as a Bishop, Warlock, or Gremory. Not too strong of a unit but she can take some magical hits, and do decent chip. DLC Dark Flier can give you some flexibility. 

My Rating: 4.5/10. Nothing too ground breaking, but she provides decent support.

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Flayn, assessed on SS/VW/AM Maddening.

The Bad

Flayn loves to hang around the Monastery or the Fishing spot, but it's a while before she becomes playable, joining automatically at the start of chapter 7. This means she'll be no help at all during the first half of the pre-skip. And she'll take a while to get Beginner or Intermediate masteries, if so desired. On the flip side, she is playable for first Gronder, so she can help there.

Flayn's stats are quite variable, too, with some serious weak points (based on joining as a level 11 Priest). Given her HP (28+0.30x) and Defense (7+0.20x), her physical bulk is paper-thin. Her low Strength (8+0.20x) undermimes her physical offense and weight offset. And it's not like her Speed (9+0.35x) will be turning any heads. Finally, her Luck (8+0.15x) sits bizarrely low.

As proficiencies go, Flayn's are low across the board - only one area above D, and none above B. Coming in with E Authority, at this point in the game... sucks. It's awful. Almost as terrible as joining with E Reason, as a magic specialists. She only has two bane areas, though. An Armor bane means she'd struggle to get 12 Defense or Weight-3. The Riding bane is worse, though, as it makes Dark/Holy Knight practically unattainable for her. Plus Dex+4 and Mv+1.

Considering her spells for a moment, she gets no 3+ range offense. And while her Faith list is dense, the lack of Physic is notable. Regarding combat arts, she only gets a couple unique ones, with Hit and Run (C+) not combining well with her low Strength. What can save this lover of the life aquatic?

The Good

Flayn has a few good stats to her credit, of course. Her Magic (15+0.60x) is very formidable, giving her some solid offense with a little training. Her Dexterity (12+0.50x) is quite good, and her Charm (16+0.55x) is honestly great for offensive gambits. And her Resistance (19+0.60x) is among the best in the game, letting her sponge magical enemies.

As proficiencies go, Flayn has a couple good ones. Her premier boon is in Faith (C+), so she has a fairly easy road to Bishop, and to more support spells. She's also strong in Lances (C), giving her another offensive option. And starting with D in Flight, even though she's neutral, makes Pegasus Knight a considerable option. Trained in Flight and Lances, she can end the game as a Falcoknight, although she'll also want C Swords ASAP, for the Levin Sword. Finally, she has a budding talent in Reason. This is vital for a magical build, opening up her offensive spells. With tutoring, she can go Mage for Fiendish Blow, and Gremory is an endgame option.

Getting back to spells, she has a lot of them. Rescue and Fortify can be pretty neat support tools. On the Reason side, Wind is nice for its count, low weight, and accuracy, while Excalibur gives her a good option to take down enemy fliers. As for combat arts, she gets a crucial one in Frozen Lance (A). If you choose to make her a flier, this is a must-have for the damage.

Flayn has a few more unique things going for her. Her Budding Talent unlocks Seal Magic, which... may be the worst "Seal" Skill in the game, but hey, it's something. Despite her low Luck, she gets Rally Luck (D), which... again, one of the weaker Rallies, but it's nice to have. Her Personal ability is a great support one, providing +3 defenses to all adjacent allies. And her Major Crest of Cethleann has a 50% chance to grant 5 extra healing. Moreover, it gives extra healing with Caduceus, while letting her use relics like Thyrsus or Luín unpenalized. 

The Verdict

Flayn joins fairly late, and without many of the clear benefits afforded by other latecomers. Her physical stats are nothing, and her Luck is a tragedy in slow motion. Her spell list is dense, but doesn't really have any standouts. Her starting ranks are trash, and she takes a lot of work to get anywhere interesting, and she has to pick between spells and mobility. To her credit, her magical stats are solid, and she has high Dexterity and Charm, too. Her Crest of Cethleann is nice, too, as is her personal ability. She gets a couple other tools, too, but they're underwhelming. All things considered, I'm rating Flayn a 3 out of 10.

EDIT: The wiki I was using gave inaccurate information. No score change, though.

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Corrected a mistake.
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Flayn is another victim of the game's lack of hybrid or mounted mage classes. She joins with the pegasus knight certification despite only having an E+ in lances. That's a long way from Frozen Lance at A. Her personal skill would have been game changing in the very early game, but it's going to see less and less value as her fellow students get into classes with more than 4 movement. Her budding talent reward is not notable, but if you raise her as a mage, you're getting it anyway. Nosferatu isn't a good enough attack. I forgot to mention it during Cyril's day but he and Flayn both benefit from the "student bonus", meaning they will raise two stats minimum on any level up. Whereas all other faculty/knights of seiros can potentially have levels ups of 1 or 0 stats. Of all healer type characters, she's got the one crest you'd actually care about, with 50% activation rate compared to Linhardt's 30. However, her only healing spells are Heal and the later Fortify. She also starts with Restore which is definitely a point in her favor when playing GD, since none of those three mage units have that spell. So I guess her first priorities are going back to Monk for draw back and Mag +2, and then hopefully can certify as a mage by the time that's finished. Learning cutting Gale can be worth the investment since it's a full 4 MT above Fire. But don't forget Rescue at B since that's what her real niche is. She wants Frozen lance but it's so freaking far. Ditto for higher authority batallions because her charm is some of the most naturally high in the game that you want a big gambit on her. Fortify feels like a poor replacement for Physic due to its lack of range and much fewer uses, but I always saw it as a combination of recover and physic that will encourage you to get multiple frontliners hurt as you progress in a map faster. If your roster depends only on physic users than that's the maximum amount of units that can get hurt at a time unless they can rescue themselves from a bad situation like fliers can.

Arguing for Flayn is really an argument for Rescue. Yes, its range is low, but its value should be unmistakeable. A 4 range rescue is equivalent to having a 4 move unit with access to a version of Draw Back that pulls you both back four spaces. Or put another way, a 9 move cavalier who can unnaturally smite twice in one turn. And that's rescue at its worst range in Flayn's case. Any time her magic is 1 or 2 points short of another space of range, you should double check Mag +2 is on her. It's true that rescue is never necessary to complete a map, but it's like pointing out reposition is never necessary "because the player shouldn't ever be out of position". Sure, you can get by without them, but you have to turtle way longer as your units can't overextend to pick up a kill. Rescue is another tool in your toolbelt for making plays that would normally be impossible, and for the latter half of the game she gets to use it six times once she's a bishop. It's the perfect complement to player phase delete buttons like Sniper or Grappler.

People say Flayn's join time is late, I say it's just in time since Chapter 7 is when pre-time skip paralogues begin to show up and you should be assembling your roster so they can take advantage of the huge dump of experience and fun weapons. Her ranks may not be as high as some faculty units or your own house students, but certainly as high as other recruitable students who often only trained in one skill rank that they care about. Any later than Chapter 7 and I'd say her join time starts to become an issue. 5.0 out of 10. Even if you don't use her, her natural access to pegasus knight can help Seteth's performance later in the game since he could use the extra 6 damage on Swift Strikes. She can do the same as Byleth's adjutant whether they're a flier or war master. Her almost natural access to 3 charges of Rescue will also justify her deployment slot in those first paralogues even if you have no intention of giving her combat exp. The way I see it, she should be contributing at least a little in any playthrough that other units cannot, and her recruitment was free. You have to admit that's a decent unit. 

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5/10. Good support capabilities, but missing the first half of pre-skip sucks, and while her faith list is comparable to Mercedes, she exchanges Physic for Rescue, which is a losing trade because Rescue's usability got gutted. Case in point: Rescue in Fates has a fixed range of 10. To get that in this game you need 40 magic... yeah. 

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5.5 / 10 on Hard

The good:

  • Good Mag, Res & Chm growth for a magic-oriented unit.
  • An accurate, although somewhat unexceptional 2-range Reason spell list including Excalibur for Flying effective damage.
  • An interesting Faith list with utility spells like Restore, Rescue and Fortify, although sadly no Physic.
  • Proficiency in Faith, budding talent in Reason, and joins with C+ Faith, which help with certifying Bishop and Gremory.
  • Major crest of Cethleann to occasionally raise Mt when healing, and no penalty using Thyrsus or other relics.
  • Personal ability that “grants” more bulk to all adjacent units, which is situationally useful entering mid-game.
  • Up to +3 Mt with Byleth and Seteth. Therefore she can at least always be useful as adjutant and can immediately fly thanks to her joining with Pegasus Knight effectively unlocked.

The mixed:

  • Learns Frozen Lance which sync well with her good Mag growth and mitigates her unimpressive Spd. Peg Knight unlocked at base also helps with accessing Falcon. However, she learns it at A Lance and joins with C+ rank, which will still take some time even with her proficiency in Lance. Moreover, since there’s no flying mage class in base game, she can’t contribute much on the field as a Peg Knight before learning Frozen Lance, and her damage output is limited by the lack of flying +Mag battalion in base game.

The not-so-good:

  • Riding bane and joins with E rank, which makes it more difficult for her to access Dark Knight if one wants to take full advantage of Rescue and mitigate her lack of Physic, or Paladin if one wants to maximise her Frozen Lance damage with grounded +Mag battalions (RIP no Dark Flier or Nuvelle Flier co in base game).
  • Effectively joins at Ch7 with an unimpressive base and E rank Authority, thus needs to catch up with in-house members.
  • Also needs to grind Monk and Mage.
  • Unimpressive Spd growth, although it can be partially mitigated by grinding Peg Knight as an adjutant.
  • Only learns Battalion Renewal and Rally Luck. The latter can be used to manipulate Crit Avo, but personally I still think it’s too niche compared to some of the other Rally abilities.
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Fish girl is here. This is what, like the fifth little-girl-who’s-far-older-than-she-looks character? 1. Tiki, 2. Nowi, 3. Nah, 4. Nyx, 5. Is Flayn. Huh. She’s not only the first without a N name, she’s also the first that’s properly dressed for her appearance (Maybe Tiki?). That’s done. Stats.

     Skill Levels:      Boons: Lance C, Faith C+. Budding Talent in Reason. For whatever reason, she starts with D Flying. Banes: Armor and Riding. Odd boon-Bane set here.

     Abilities:     Lily’s Poise takes the edge off of damage dealth to adjacent allies. Rally Luck (D) and Battalion Renewal (C). Whoop de flippin’ do.

     Arts:     Hit and Run (C+) is only useful for the fall-back effect. Frozen Lance (A), however, is useful. If you want to get her to A Lances, that is.

     Spells:     Wind (D), Fire (D+), Cutting Gale (C), Excalibur (A). Same problem as Annette, strong but slow mage using weak but light spells. Eh, Excalibur is still good. Flayn starts with Heal, Nosferatu, and Restore. She also gets Rescue (B) and Fortify (A). decent list here.

     Stats:     15+55% Magic, 19+50% Res, 16+45% Charm. These are the highlights of her growths. Also, 15% Luck?

     Classes:     Mage for Fiendish Blow, then onto Priest and Bishop. Forget Master Classes.

          The Verdict

She has Fortify and Rescue, a passable Reason list, and Frozen lance. She has a Strengthened (IDK what else to call it) Support with Byleth, so you could just stick her to Byleth as an adjutant. She also doesn’t have a very good class path. Not much else to say. 5/10

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10 hours ago, Sooks said:

She only has an E+ in lances when she joins, it’s really not worth it considering her horrible base- unable to do damage or heal properly really, starting as a priest with her only forms of offense being iron weapons with her terrible strength or nosferatu (lol). 

Actually her starting lance rank is at C and her flying is at D so she would be a pegasus knight if you wanted to turn her into one

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15 minutes ago, Barren said:

Actually her starting lance rank is at C and her flying is at D so she would be a pegasus knight if you wanted to turn her into one

Oh nooo! I fixed it.

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