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Fabulously Olivier

Year 1 Resplendent Skins Tier List

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How did 2020's Resplendent skins stack for you.


List them in the following tiers.


S - Stylish

The best of the best. Massively improve on the artwork of that character and are a must own if you are a fan of that character. Among the best artwork in the game.


A - Awesome

Very much worth using over the default art. A great idea, well executed.


B - Basically Good

Of comparable quality to that character's default art. May be slightly better, may be slightly worse. Good, but not amazing. Perhaps unambitious.


C - Change Attire

Now we start getting to the stinkers. You strongly consider changing back to the default. But these aren't offensively bad, yet.


D - Derp

A bad idea, executed badly.


F - Fairie- I mean Fail

The absolute worst of the worst. Donate these clothes to Goodwill.



So here's my list:




S - Stylish





Eliwood and Linde are among the best artworks in the game. Eliwood is impressively detailed, with the Askr gold trim perfectly complementing the trim on the Durandal. Linde is absolutely adorable. Sanaki, though not one of my favorite characters, stays absolutely in character with an outfit that builds on the default.


A - Awesome








Marth, Caeda, and Alm are bordering on S tier. Marth is pretty much exactly what one would expect. Caeda would be S tier if she was portrayed with her wing sword (which would have color complemented the art better). Alm has phenomenal armor but his babyface isn't ideal.


Hector is borderline C tier. But by definition, his default is so bad that he's locked into that most improved category along with Eliwood.


Sophia represents substantial improvement, while Olwen has two high quality arts to choose from.


B - Basically Good







Ike is almost ideal. It's a good idea and I appreciate the color match between the Muspell gold armor and Ragnell. I really just have one substantial complaint - that shoulder plate is atrocious.


Lyn is the definition of safe. And honestly, I can't decide if I prefer that or her default.


Azura is a very safe alt. It improves on her default, but not by much.


I have no idea if I like Julia's art or not. It's so different and expressive. It's almost creepy in a way that I can't define.


Cordelia's art would be A tier if she used her lance. As is, I think I somewhat prefer her elegant default.


C - Change Attire





Minerva is gaudy. That Muspell purple chestplate just doesn't work.


Delthea is one of the very few characters for whom a fairy alt works. And it does.


While I appreciate them fixing Niles skin tone, his default is so much more expressive, and the resplendent loses color synergy with his weapon.


D - Derp




Robin is too bloated and bulky, like a teletubby. He loses color synergy with his weapon. And his neck looks wrong.


Roy's color scheme just doesn't work for him. And taking a character who perfectly complements his weapon's color scheme and then removing that synergy is just wrong.


F - Fail




Both of these are gaudy, poorly done, and ill-conceived. Easily among the worst art in FEH.



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S-Tier: Niles, Sophia, Cordelia, Eliwood

A-Tier: Sanaki, Delthea, Linde, Marth, Caeda

B-Tier: Lyn, Olwen, Azura, Roy, Takumi, Hector

C-Tier: Julia, Ike, Alm, Eirika

D-Tier: Minerva, Lucina, Robin


My list. Characters are ordered by preference within tier.

S is a firm yes to using the new skins, A is a leaning yes, B is a 50/50, C is an occasional maybe and D is a no.

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S-Tier: Roy, Sophia, Julia, Cordelia, Eliwood, Niles

A-Tier: Hector, Marth, Shiida, Takumi, Robin, Olwen, Azura, Takumi

B-Tier: Alm, Minerva, Sanaki, Ike

C-Tier: Linde


F-Tier: Lucina, Eirika


I like most of them. I cant get warm with the fairy theme, and the fact that the artwork design basicly slaughtered Lucina and Eirika lulz. Those are really Fail. Delthea is the first fairy-themed one that looks decent.

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 S tier: Sophia, Olwen, Niles

Sophia's is probably my favourite Resp upgrade. Olwen's new art is just super pretty, especially the eyes. Niles is imo the first Muspell themed one to actually pull the cape off well.

A tier: Eliwood, Linde, Lyn, Cordy, Julia, Robin, Azura, Dethea, Eirika

Good art all around. Robin with the Hel theme was pretty good, Cordy and Eliwood needed the upgrades, cuboon Lyn is nice, and the dragon is very well drawn in Julia's. Azura and Linde are also pretty, but not as good as the ones in S. Delthea looks extremely cute, and I quite like fairy Eirika's dress. Don't quite get the general dislike of the fairy themes happening here.

B tier: Marth, Caeda, Minerva, Sanaki, Takumi, Lucina

Marth, Caeda and Sanaki's are mostly just average. Nothing bad about them, just not noteworthy in almost any way. Takumi's skin is a more conservative take on the Hel theme than Robin's. I like Minerva's armor, but the faces aren't amazing, and the damaged art is weird looking. I actually do like the design of Lucina's dress, and Himukai Yuji demonstrates great skill in colouring and shading. I don't have an issue with his style in particular; I just think IS could've picked someone else for the job here since Lucina isn't known to be a small bean.

C tier: Hector, Ike, Roy

Hector became kinda skinny, and doesn't pull off the cape well. I get what Kita Senri was going for with Ike's cape, but I find it to be too bright and odd, and the rest of the outfit is just Ike's normal getup with new black parts/highlights. Roy's outfit is literally just Fjorm's copy and pasted.

D tier: Alm

What the hell is this? Alm has a really weird face in the Resp that bothers me a lot. The outfit itself is okay. This is the only Resp I own that I have swapped back.

Edited by SatsumaFSoysoy

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Characters are ordered by release in each tier, not by preference:

S Tier: Cordelia, Eliwood, Sanaki, Eirika, Caeda, Delthea
A Tier: Lyn, Ike, Linde, Olwen, Takumi, Marth, Niles
B Tier: Sophia, Hector, Roy, Minerva
C Tier: Azura, M!Robin, Alm, Julia
D Tier: -
Triple F Minus Tier: Lucina

Lucina is the only one I outright hate and have disabled which is a shame because the new Alexis Tipton voice lines are really good. The hate has everything to do with her being turned into a midget and nothing to do with the actual outfit or the fairy theme (which should be evident since I have the other two magical girls at the top). I left D tier empty just to emphasize how much worse I think Lucina's art is even compared to the ones with questionable choices (like Azura's shit eating grin or Alm's baby face) but still at least actually resemble the character.

My personal top favorite is Cordelia mostly because of bias but, even though he has never been a particular favorite, I have to also give top marks to Eliwood's art to the point that I'd say his Resplendent art is the best so far.

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S- Cordelia, Eliwood, Olwen, Marth

A- Sophia, Linde, Caeda, Delthea

B- Lyn, Ike, Hector, Sanaki, Roy, Minerva, Takumi, Niles

C- Robin, Eirika, Julia

D- Azura, Alm

F- Lucina

I'm of the opinion that Askr attire looks the best with Eliwood, Marth and Cordelia have my top 3 favorite resplendent art.

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S: Alm, Eliwood, Sophia, Sanaki, Niles, Roy

Here, all of the characters got HUGE improvements. Like, complete 180s, so gorgeous! Alm is my favorite, those cheeks are SO CUTE!!! The other 5 are just so much better and I am genuinely so thrilled for them.

A: Cordelia, Marth, Delthea, Caeda, Hector, Ike

These are all SO GOOD!! The reason they are not S is because I didn’t think they’re art was bad to begin with, so there’s no improvement factor per say (Marth, Caeda, Delthea, Ike). But still, they got nice new outfits. Hector and Cordelia got glow ups, but they are not my favorite, at least when compared to those in S rank. Still great though!

B: Julia, Olwen, Eirika

These are all units i also thought had pretty good art, but a resplendent was just a much needed breath of fresh ajar for them. Eirika just needed a new artist, and Olwen was so dull compared to her green version. Julia was kinda cute in its style, but it was not aging the best. I overall like their new looks, but it’s just... as that. I like them, not love.

C: Lyn

Hmm... her OG wasn’t bad... but I don’t like cuboon. I hate how her face here especially. It’s okay though!

😧 Lucina, Robin

They’re... err... I don’t know... Robin I actually like his art, despite a lot of people not liking the artist. I was excited at first for the Hel look, but it’s not aged well in my eyes. It’s kinda.. ugly lol. Lucina... sigh the art is good but it’s not her, and she is TOO young looking... a waste...

F: Azura, Linde, Takumi, Minerva

Okay, the only 4 I reverted. Why??? Azura looks bad now, kaya8 remains unbothered. Linde.. why does she look sunburnt? She was so cute too... Takumi... yikes!! What is that style?! He looks like an alien...! Minerva is my least favorite. She needed the art upgrade the MOST of these 4, and they still somehow found a way to make it worse. Way too much red.

Edited by SockPuppet

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I'm removing tiers S and F, because no artwork is good/bad enough to warrant them.  I have enough issues with all of them to keep them out of S, but they're good enough on a technical level to avoid F.  Instead, I'll look at things like how much the art is improved over the original, how the colors/aesthetic work, etc.

A - Eliwood, Hector, Niles, Olwen, Roy, Sophia

Rather then go off on everything that's right with these guys, I'm going to point out what I didn't like, because it's shorter.  Eliwood doesn't look good in off-white - Elibe's artwork made a point of that!  I'm not sure what's up with Hector's right hand in his default pose.  The bottom of Niles' cape could either be a little darker, or the base uniform could be lighter - but as it is, it's jarring.  Olwen's clothes don't look like they offer much in terms of mobility.  Roy looks a bit washed-out, which is a pity, because he's my favorite Nifl design by far.  Sophia's neck is still odd, but nowhere near as bad as her default art.

B - Alm, Caeda, Cordelia, Lucina, Lyn, Sanaki, Takumi, Delthea

In Alm's case, I didn't feel like he was an alt, and I'm happy with his original artwork.  Caeda's clothes feel really heavy for a pegasus knight, which seems to be a running theme for most Nifl artworks.  Cordelia's here solely because her default artwork is That Bad - I'm not thrilled about her new look, but it's a marked improvement.  Lucina's style is jarring, given her depictions, but damn near everything else is spot-on (the butterfly motif, the colors, etc.).  If Lyn's clothes didn't feel so heavy, she'd be in A.  Much as I like Sanaki's new look, her hands in her robes is off-putting.  Takumi pulls off black nicely, but due to the angles/styles, his wrists looks way too skinny.  I'll tentatively put Delthea in here - her battle/damage poses will make or break her art, but it's promising so far!

C - Azura, Ike, Marth, Minerva, Robin

Azura's supposed to be a watery dancer, not a spellcaster (BTW those robes would fit one better).  Ike already has stellar artwork, and his alt doesn't really feel like one.  Marth also has stellar artwork, and his alt feels like a downgrade - not that it's a bad piece on its own!  Minerva's battle art focused more on her axe than her, but last I checked these skins aren't weapon skins.  Robin's only saving grace is that he rocks the dark look - otherwise, he'd be in D.

D - Eirika, Julia, Linde

Eirika's color scheme clashes - that shade of orange should not be mixed with that shade of teal/green.  If the colors weren't so offensive, she's be a lot higher, because I like the flower effect in her special art.  Julia's face says it all, which is also a pity, because she pulls of Nifl's heavier style off perfectly.  Linde's hair isn't vibrant enough to offset the pure white, and the outfit feels outright restrictive compared to her original art (Eliwood's off-white wouldn't help, either; I think she'd make a decent fairy, since her hair is relatively neutral).  Alas, it changes how she feels as a character, and IMO it's not for the better.  If Eirika and Linde swapped clothes, and Eirika's color scheme was reworked for Linde's hair, I think they'd both be gorgeous.

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Sounds like a fun diversion. I'm likewise going to leave off S, though the motivation for that is partly because I feel A should always represent the best, and never liked the concept of shoehorning in an S in front of A for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Besides, having an odd number of tiers is better because it means the middle tier is "yeah, it's the same". I started off with ranking units within each tier but rather quickly gave that up.

A -
- Sophia. To be perfectly honest, I'm not generally a fan of the "soft" sort of artstyle here, but it's well-executed and undeniably superior to the original in every respect. I might actually prefer Eliwood's art overall but the degree of improvement is bigger here.
- Eliwood. I mean, it's still like the 3rd best Eliwood art in the game, which makes this more a condemnation of the original than huge praise for the new. Still absolutely belongs here.

B -
- Cordelia. Originally had her towards the bottom of A, but that was based on my memory of what neo-Cordelia looked like when Resplendents first launched. Looking at it now, eh, it's better, sure, but far more room for improvement than those in the A tier. Like Eliwood, still only the third best version of herself, and whereas I think the top two Eliwoods are great, I think Mayo's Cordelias are simply good.
- Takumi. Good I think? The outfit is way too busy for my tastes, but if you can find his face behind all the frills, it's quite well done.
- Niles. The new art is decent, competent, fine, etc. The original looked undead. So he belongs here.

C -
- Sanaki. Put on fancier robes, which are neither better nor worse than her original outfit. But at least there's a clear difference, unlike...
- Ike. I can't actually tell at a glance which version I'm looking at.
- Lyn. The new art is very good. But so was the old art - though I prefer both variations by the same artist - and she had her more fashionable outfit there.
- Linde. Why is she cross-eyed? Would have thought this would be an easy improvement since I don't generally like Kippu's women (other than Ninian who I think I've simply gotten used to), but stumbled at the last hurdle.
- Minerva. What's with the fake costume eyebrows? They totally dominate the art.
- Robin. Execution is a marginal improvement. But what's with the outfit that makes him look obese like a Teletubbie, or Grimace from Maccas?
- Alm. Cheeks. Looking at this and the three units above, they all seem to be "would be good, but for this one major thing."
- Julia. The shading makes her look dirty, like Cinderella. Just odd all around, though odd isn't bad: after all the endearing thing about her is her oddness.
- Marth. No specific complaint, just mediocre, like the original, and like his statline.
- Delthea. Same vibe, but even younger. Not a fan of the style, but execution is fine on both.

D -
- Hector. He might be the most controversial placement I make. I get the argument that the original doesn't really fit in with the look of the game. But I like the bold lines personally, it's distinctive, and unlike the competent but generic Resplendent art, it actually looks like him.
- Azura. Not even a fan of the original, which I think is by far kaya's weakest piece in the game. The new art looks okay at a glance, but on any real inspection the problems appear, and outweigh the improvements.
- Roy. Not sure if controversial. I don't like the original much either, but this new one is a Sectoid in disguise with how far apart his eyes are. Which is a damn shame as the rest of the art is quite good, even if I generally don't like the Nifl outfits. They just kinda look like hospital scrubs to me.
- Olwen. The art is far from bad, but like Hector, it doesn't really look like her, with the admitted caveat that unlike Hector, I've never played her source game. But anyway, the point is that OG Olwen is great, one of my favourites, so the artist was kinda put in a no-win position here.
- Caeda. Like Olwen, not bad at all, though to me her neck looks kinda broken. But OG Caeda needs no replacement, she's great.

F -
- Eirika. If I'm feeling kind I'll say that the brunt of the rating comes from the neutral art. Unfortunately for her, the neutral art is the one most commonly seen. The rest, while not terrible, is still an unquestioned downgrade from the top-tier original.
- Lucina. Unlike Eirika, there are no mitigating factors whatsoever. And the original, while not as good as official Awakening art, is quite good.

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I'm not paying much attention to these, but there are a couple outstanding ones for me. Robin's is just plain excellent, and I remember liking Niles' too. I think I also remember thinking that Eliwood's turned out pretty good. Delthea's is also good. Even Lucina's not bad, except that she was made too young-looking, but that's not the outfit's fault.

There is one that I can't stand, though, and I absolutely hate it (except that it kept me from spending money on this game) because I love the character so much: Ike. I went into an entire spiel on why I hate it elsewhere, but it's just horrible in virtually every way. I get the concept, but yeesh -- pick a palette already! Way too saturated and disjointed. If you're going to have bright red, then leave bright blue out of it. Alternatively, if you're going to have bright blue, leave bright red out of it. (Note: again, this is the brief version of my complaints.)


Edit: Oh heck Eldigan's looks awesome. If I spent money on this game, I would buy his new look.

Edited by Mercakete

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My favorite is Julia. It's so pretty. I don't like Robin's. Something is just off.



Julia, Eirika, Minerva


Delthea, Niles, Lucina, Olwen, Sanaki, Lyn


Marth, Caeda, Roy, Azura, Sophia, Eliwood, Linde


Takumi, Cordelia


Alm, Hector, Ike



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Very cool! (much better than original art)

Eldigan, Cordelia, Sophia, Eliwood, Robin, Olwen, Takumi, Marth, 

Not bad (cant choose between Resp and OG art)

Lyn, Azura, Hector, Minerva, Eirika, Julia, Caeda, 

Meh... (not bad but original art is better for me)

Delthea, Ike, Sanaki, Linde, Alm, Niles

I don't like it, sorry (I dont like it at all)

Roy, Lucina, 


MY TOP 5: 

5. Takumi

4. Eliwood

3.  Sophia

2. Olwen


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"Year 1" Resplendent Skins... are these considered from the February 2020 to February 2021, or only until the end of 2020?

Because Eldigan can be considered Year 2 of Resplendents... right?

Edited by Diovani Bressan

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1 hour ago, Diovani Bressan said:

"Year 1" Resplendent Skins... are these considered from the February 2020 to February 2021, or only until the end of 2020?

Because Eldigan can be considered Year 2 of Resplendents... right?

It's every skin from resplendent Lyn to resplendent Delthea (Feb 10th to Dec 25). I decided to do it this way so that subsequent years could be even calendar years rather than cycling at February. For these purposes, Eldigan is indeed the start of a new year - and what a great start he is!

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35 minutes ago, Fabulously Olivier said:

For these purposes, Eldigan is indeed the start of a new year - and what a great start he is!

I couldn't agree more. His art is amazing! Probably my favorite Resplendent Art.

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1 minute ago, Diovani Bressan said:

I couldn't agree more. His art is amazing! Probably my favorite Resplendent Art.

Eliwood is a close 2nd, but Eldigan's art quality is just ridiculously high. It's a shame Eldigan is still outclassed by Ares even with the stat boost.

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It's for the best that Eldigan is going to be a different year, because he beats everyone in this year soundly!

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