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Tactile - SRPG Game Engine (and FEXNA)

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(old topic link)

It’s the engine FE7x uses. This is the public beta. Have fun.

The core engine and more information are available at http://bwdyeti.com/tactile/.
However, I expect that what you actually want is

FEXNA is now a content pack for Tactile, a collection of GBAFE assets that have been ported into the engine, for use when generating a new project. While Tactile is an original engine I have the rights to, FEXNA has been split off to play it safe. Use at your own risk of course, like with hacking.

The FEXNA links are available in this Google doc. If you just want one simple download, you can get FEXNA and Tactile in one package. Otherwise if you’re interested in trying Tactile on its own, you can get just the FEXNA Content Pack separately. Copy it into Tactile Editor/srccontent/ so the editor can find it.

Source Control
The engine and content are all on GitHub, if that is a thing that interests you. FEXNA can be found separately on GitLab.

Installation instructions can be found at bwdyeti.com/tactile/install/, while a more detailed guide explaining creating a new project and getting started with Git can be found in the FEXNA download.

There are detailed license files in the download and on GitHub. The tldr is you can do whatever you want with Tactile other than sell it, and for now you can use the FE7x content that’s in FEXNA for educational purposes, but don’t distribute it as part of your own game. We’ll sort out making much of the 7x content available at some point.

If you read all that and thought “wow that guy made a whole game engine for free, I sure wish I could support him somehow”, I made a Patreon I guess. Tactile will always be free to use, as well as all kinds of other stuff I made, but I appreciate the consideration.

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Beautiful! I am sure that this is the future for FE-like fangames! 
Thanks to BwdYeti and his team we now have the opportunity to develop 100% legal games.

For anyone who is interested in receiving and sharing free and legal high quality assets for Tactile:
Have a look at the "ANB Toolbox"

(this image shows a 32x32 tileset from CMagister and two map sprites from FE7x,)

Link: Download and discussion at FE Universe

I also included an actual project to keep this goal alive. In the end it should contain every important asset for the creation of a great FE-like fangame. But: 100% legal.

Why you should use Tactile:

  • Gorgeous graphics and beautiful format (320x192) - It really does make a difference!
  • Detailed implementation and continuation of FE8 mechanisms.
  • No technical limits: Basically, almost anything can be programmed (C#; XNA).
  • No graphical limits: Sprites, animations etc.- take your freedom!
  • Responsive mobile version technically possible.
  • If many use it, we can better help each other.
  • Most importantly: Game development without infringement of intellectual property is possible! While this can be said for some GBA patches, at least Nintendo’s EULA is “violated” there.

Get Tactile today, let's develop together!!


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New version up. Download pages linked in the first post will always have the most recent version.


v0.7.0.2 - Jan 24, 2021
-Improved support for changing actor inventory size
-Fixed an error with release builds
-Fix build success check in the editor to handle non-English dev environments
-Fix crash in the recolor editor
-Fix editor not using the active project's TactileLibrary.dll
-Handle loading weapon data with weapon ranks that no longer exist
-Fix animation association preview visual bugs when computer display scale is larger than 100%

The first two of those updates are part of the engine code, so to update an existing project the easiest way is to use git. The guides included with FEXNA explain the basics if you need help.

re: assets above, at some point I would like to put together an open source and free to use pack to include with the base engine. Something to work toward in the future.

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A little update


v0.7.0.3 - Mar 24, 2021
-Report any crashes encountered by the unit placer from the main Tactile Editor, for easier debugging
-Refresh move ranges whenever status effects wear off, which fixes a crash involving El’s Passage
-Fixed centering of “Last Turn” in the objective window
-Bugfix for inventory size config edits for generics from the last release


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v0.7.1.0 - Aug 25, 2021
-Add Android project and solution files, allowing building for Android
-Add in-progress MonoGame project and solution files that do not require XNA, for future use
-Move game bin/ output folder up to the solution folder
-Change MonoGame include path to the pre-compiled dll
-Update audio handling to function with the updates to MonoGame

New update without too much new functionality at the moment for casual users, but Tactile now includes all the project files necessary to compile for Android. It's not explicitly supported yet/there's no how-to guide because there are many in-game menus that don't yet support touch controls, making it somewhat unplayable. However, if you're willing to poke around with the Android project files you could figure it out. The work on the next update will be focused on adding touch and mouse support to every menu and providing support on how to build for Android.

If you have trouble building a new project with the new version after using older versions, you may need to delete your TactileSharedLibraries folder and let the editor regenerate it on new project creation.

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v0.7.1.1 - Oct 3, 2021
-Added missing shared libraries from
-Editor checks for new releases on startup
-Added a tab to the debug monitor for Battalions

Fixes to the last release missing some files in TactileSharedLibraries and some small additions. Also, the editor will inform you if there is a new release now ~'3'~




v0.7.1.2 - Oct 4, 2021
-Added missing shared libraries that were still missing from, whoooops
-Added an option to the Tactile editor launcher to regenerate a project's libraries
-Added a config value for the vertical position of the conversation text window

Somehow messed up fixing the one main thing the last version was supposed to fix. All good now, and easier to update from older versions.

Edited by BwdYeti
new release the next day

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