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Hello, denizens and lurkers of Serenes Forest. As the previous year died, inspiration came to me with a story idea. While I usually write a lot, it's mostly not stuff I'm confortable to share, at least for the time being. This, however, was something I felt I could. Therefore, I'm putting it here, since it is Fire Emblem related. I don't intend for this to be an overly long story, but for the sake of keeping things orderly here I'll put up a corresponding feedback thread. Where any comments, critiques, or discussions can be sent there. Thread here:

As for the story itself, it takes place in the setting of Fire Emblem Heroes. Naturally, however, don't expect for everything to abide by what its presented in there, as the necessary creative liberties are taken in order for the story to function. Now, for all my experience in writing, it's bound I might still commit mistakes. Though well, that's what the feedback thread can be for. So enough ramblings, it's time for:

A Tempest of Size

I'll post what I've written so far shortly, which amounts to a prologue and the first chapter. After that, I can't promise a schedule for future updates. Though I will try to work on this often enough so updates aren't too scarce.

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Prologue - Into the Vortex

The Tempest. A strange phenomenon that forms at random intervals. Where it strikes, space and time began to distort. It entangles multiples worlds in its wake, and forces them to merge. But such disruption on the order of things brings forth peril. Left alone, the Tempest will unleash the destruction of the worlds connected within. But hope is not lost. It is possible to disrupt the Tempest, restoring the worlds to normal and ensuring their safety. By fighting and defeating the manifestations within, only can the Tempest be quelled and dissipate. As such, the Askrian Order of Heroes have made it their duty to venture forth into the vortexes whenever they manifest, and put a stop to them before it’s too late. The random nature of the Tempest, however, means that even the denizens of the entangled worlds can stumble across the affected areas. Some end up aiding the Order of Heroes, while others stand in opposition. Sometimes even unaffiliated otherworldly travelers can end up within the vortex as well.

Such was the case for Sanaki Kirsch Altina, the ten-year-old 37th Empress of the Theocracy of Begnion. She had currently been in attendance to a bridal festival held annually in a world other than her own. But whether by fate or chance, she found herself wandering off from the main area of the festivities… and into the vortex that served as the entryway of the Tempest. Another had come forth, and she alone now found herself by its threshold. That wouldn’t be to last, though. After the first time Sanaki attended the bridal festival, which had been on her lonesome, her Holy Guard deemed it improper for this to repeat itself. As such, Commander Sigrun and Deputy Commander Tanith decided to come forth with her for the next. Though they each had different opinions on the prospect of participating in such a festival, both held in concord to upheld their duties as Sanaki’s stalwart protectors. As such, they both quickly were at their liege’s side.

Aware of the dangers of the Tempest, it was quickly decided that it befell on them to deal with it. With time being of the essence, there was no time to turn back and warn others. As such, they ventured forth still in the bridal dresses of the festival. This was even reflected in their choice of ‘weaponry’, being practically what they had at hand at the time. Sigrun with a cake cutter she intended to wield as a sword, and Tanith with a bouquet stand (still bearing the bouquet itself) for a lance. They at least still had their pegasi to ride. Even young Sanaki had decided to fight, in spite of her age. She had already found herself forced to in the previous festival, wielding a magic-infused bouquet and riding a pegasus. Both which she still had with her at this moment. Despite the unorthodox getup, they would brave the trials of the Tempest. Thus, after finding themselves in a new world after crossing the vortex, the first ‘trial’ began: A collection of heroes from various worlds ready to oppose them. The fight began. Fulfilling their role of Sanaki’s escort, Sigrun and Tanith quickly took charge. Which suited Sanaki fine, as she was meant to fight from afar.

Sanaki was flying low, behind Sigrun, who was trading blows with one of their opponents, determined on not letting them reach her liege. The young Empress intended to aid her guard. Thus, she ordered her pegasus to ascend slightly, to get a clearer view. Clutching the handle of her bouquet with both hands, she focused on the magic within, as she extended the bouquet in the direction of her intended target. Magic swirled around her, and shortly after, her target was enveloped in an icy mist emerging from the ground, accompanied by large snowflakes. In addition of inflicting damage, the sudden burst of magic was enough to leave them open for Sigrun to strike again. Sanaki looked on with satisfaction at seeing their opponent fall down, defeated.

Unfortunately, the relatively open area of the battlefield, in combination to having ascended in altitude, meant she was in clear view of practically everyone still standing. Combined with her focus on the opponent Sigrun was fighting, she hadn’t paid close attention to what the rest, or even Tanith, were doing. Thus, all of a sudden, she felt magic beginning to manifest all around her.


Taking her by surprise, she saw now the magic taking visible form. At this point it would be too late to move away. She frowned.

How careless of me.

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Chapter 1 - An Unexpected Ally

The young Empress quickly looked around, trying to find the magic’s source. She wasn’t able to in time before its effect kicked in. To her fortune, though, it turned out to not be malign. On the contrary, she felt herself being revitalized, recovering her previously spent energy. Unleashing that previous spell had left her very exhausted. While casting magic while riding atop a mount meant she didn’t have to move much physically, it didn’t mean it was any less exhausting. Combined that she was still a child, even just one incantation proved to be quite taxing. She would need to wait to rest and recover before casting another spell. However, with this sudden burst of energy there’d be no need for it. Though the question remained: Who did this?

“Y-your Highness!”

The sudden call snapped Sanaki back into attention. The voice came neither from Sigrun nor Tanith, but the young Empress still recognized it. Looking up, the direction where it had come from, she saw a figure approaching. It was another pegasus rider, descending and stopping just before her. The rider was a young woman, of long aquamarine hair and blood red yet kind eyes. She was also dressed as a bride, a bouquet in her hands. After the initial surprise, Sanaki mustered a small smile.

“Well met, Ninian,” she said.

“Empress Sanaki!”

Both Sanaki and the newcomer turned, to see Sigrun and Tanith coming near them. They both turned over at the new girl.

“Who are you?” Tanith said, her gaze narrowing.

Sigrun, meanwhile, widened her eyes in surprise.

“Wait, I know you,” she said, “you were at the festival.”

“It’s alright,” Sanaki began, “she is an acquaintance of mine.”

“Um, hello,” Ninian said, feeling a bit nervous under Tanith’s stern gaze.

“Now it’s not the time for greetings, however,” Sanaki spoke seriously. “We must finish this battle posthaste.”

“Understood,” Tanith replied.

“Very well, Empress,” Sagrun nodded, “we’ll leave the pleasantries for later.”

With that, the now group of four proceeded to resume the skirmish against the remaining enemies. With Ninian’s addition, capable of reinvigorating the other three, as well as her own bouquet also being magic-infused, they soon emerged victorious. Now out of danger, the four ordered their pegasi to land, before dismounting and gathering around.

“Well done everyone,” Sanaki said, “we passed this first trial; and most importantly, you kept me safe.”

“It was nothing, Empress Sanaki, we live to serve,” Sigrun replied with a small curtsy.

“Guarding you is our sacred duty,” Tanith nodded.

“Now then, I believe introductions are in order,” the young Empress said.

She then gestured at the remaining girl.

“Sigrun, Tanith, this is Ninian, a dancer from the land of Elibe. We became acquainted during the previous festival.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Ninian politely bowed.

“The pleasure is ours,” Sigrun replied with a warm smile.

Tanith remained stern-looking, but still nodded in acknowledgment.

“So, how is it that you two came to meet?” She asked instead. “For our Empress to behave with such familiarity with you, something must’ve happened.”

“Indeed, that is the case,” Sanaki nodded. “When the fighting broke out, naturally, I was in need of an escort. In light of your absence, I had to recruit from among the other attendees.”

“I see, and it happened to be you,” Sigrun said, looking at the dancer.

“Yes,” Ninian nodded, “it was so sudden, but we had already engaged in small talk prior. So it ended up being me.”

The girl then got a look of realization.

“Wait, then does that mean you two are…”

“That’s correct. Sigrun and Tanith here are members of my Holy Guard,” Sanaki then said, now turned at the dancer. “They’re keeping me company for the festival.”

“I see.”

“After we heard what happened at the prior one, it was imperative we accompany our Empress from here on out,” Sigrun explained.

“Which we should’ve done since the start,” Tanith added.

“That’s true. Alas, that can’t be helped now,” Sigrun sighed.

At this Sanaki felt a small pang of guilt. Not that she would speak it up, at least in the current circumstances, but she had to admit that had been a mistake of her part to leave unattended. That said, the idea of a bridal festival of all things could become the stage of battle was ludicrous even if it had been forewarned.

“So here we are now,” Sigrun continued. “Though I won’t deny it, the idea of traveling to another world did had its appeal; and the festival… Fighting aside, it sounded so lovely from what we heard from the Empress.”

“Oh yes, it was wonderful,” Ninian said happily. “That’s why I returned to attend the next. I had also hoped I could meet up with Empress Sanaki again.”

“The customs of these foreign worlds are so interesting. Specially one such as that one. I am glad to have come in attendance.”

“Me too.”

At this the two exchanged quick giggles.

“Humph! We’re here to guard the Empress, Commander, not partake in such frivolities,” Tanith said, unamused.

“Yet you decided to dress up as well,” Sigrun pointed out.

Tanith flushed.

“T-that’s… it was in order to blend in,” she quickly replied. “D-don’t think I enjoy wearing this cumbersome dress!”

Another bout of laughter followed at the falcon knight’s expense. Even Sanaki couldn’t help but smirk at her guard’s expense.

“W-well, that’s enough,” Tanith spoke out, still flustered.

She then turned back to Ninian.

“In any case, how is it that you found yourself here?”

“I’d like to know as well, if you don’t mind,” Sigrun said.

“Well, when I heard that Empress Sanaki had wandered off, I got worried,” Ninian replied.

“Ah, I’m ashamed we caused quite the ruckus in our fretting over the Empress’ disappearance,” Sigrun said.

“Such a shameful display, panicking like headless chickens,” Tanith closed her eyes, as if pained with the admission.

“So when I saw you leave, I thought to follow,” Ninian continued. “Even if it meant heading into a Tempest, I knew you had likely gone inside to put an end to it, so I had to follow.”

Here she turned to face Sanaki.

“So while not in the best of circumstances, I’m glad our reunion did come to pass.”

“I, too, am pleased we got to meet again,” Sanaki said. “Though I wished it had been back at the festival. Nevertheless, I’m grateful that you came to our aid, and I’d ask no less for you to be my bodyguard once again for this ordeal.”

“Yes, I’d be honored to,” Ninian nodded.

“As joyful this reunion is,” Tanith interjected, “we must get moving.”

“Tanith is right,” Sanaki replied, serious once again, “we’ve idled here long enough. We still must put an end to the Tempest.”

“Very well, Empress,” Sigrun nodded. “We depart right away.”

“Oh, I can see the boundary of the next world just ahead,” Ninian pointed out in said direction.

“Then that shall be our destination,” Tanith declared

With that, the four returned to their pegasi, who had taken this respite in order to graze nearby. Once mounted, the four took to the air once again, and proceeded to fly towards the world boundary. Depending on the state of the Tempest the border between the interconnected areas could range from fully seamless, with only the jarring transition indicating something was out of the ordinary (and sometimes not even that), to being fully visible as a translucent wall whose surface warped and distorted, depicting the other side with varying degrees of blurriness and opaqueness. Right now it was in the latter state, hence Ninian’s ease of spotting it. They stopped just short of the boundary.

“Allow us, Empress,” Sigrun said.

With that, she and Tanith ventured forth to the other side first. Ninian followed suit right after. Sanaki lingered, staring at where they had disappeared through.

Well, here goes nothing.

And promptly crossed the barrier.


And that's it for now. As you can see, this is going to be an alternate take of The Holy Guard Tempest Trial event. What will our heroines encounter on the other side of the trans dimensional barrier? Well, that will be for next time! As always, the feedback thread is available for any comment, criticism, etc.

Until next time.

Edited by Acacia Sgt

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Hello again. Time for the next chapter... and the real highlight of the story.


Chapter 2 - Downscaled

Crossing the trans-dimensional boundary was a curious experience for the young Empress. Perhaps it had to do with the fact the barrier could be seen and looked solid, for it indeed felt partially tangible. Flying at a slow-leaning moderate speed, it was still brief, but noticeable. Certainly not like any other time she had to cross into another world, the Tempest vortex itself included.

How curious, Sanaki thought.

But her thoughts didn’t linger on it, for they were quickly shoved aside for what came next. Emerging on the other side, she was quickly greeted by the sight of her three bodyguards, who had stopped barely further from the barrier. They still faced forward, but were slightly skewed to the sides, allowing the young Empress to see their stunned expressions. An expression that soon showed upon her face as well, eyes widening, as she too looked at their new surroundings.

In contrast to the world they just left behind, this one was more forestry. They had transitioned from a grassland to a forest. Aware of how the Tempest worked, this wasn’t the surprising part. The real surprise lied in that their surroundings were… much larger than usual. The trees towered above them, as high as a castle tower and as thick too. They were quite far apart from each other, but even then they were large enough to not let much sunlight through. It was quite the sight.

“W-where are we?” Sanaki blurted out, uncharacteristically of the young ruler.

“We don’t know, Empress,” Sigrun replied.

Tanith frowned.

“No world we’ve heard of before, that’s for sure,” she said.

“Certainly,” Sigrun nodded, “it’d be hard to forget hearing about trees as grand as these.”

“It’s not just the trees…” Ninian suddenly spoke.

They all glanced towards the dancer, who was looking downwards now. They followed suit, and to their further surprise found the grass below them was also much larger than usual.

“Even the grass?” Sigrun was astonished.

However, that wasn’t all. Not that far from them they could see an equally enlarged flower, and the butterfly that was standing atop. A butterfly that could rival their pegasi in size, after taking in consideration its wingspan. Things were turning more surreal by the second. They quickly had their pegasi reconvene in a circle.

“What kind of world is this?” Sanaki questioned out loud.

“Evidently, a world of giants, Empress,” Sigrun replied.

“Giants? I find that hard to believe, Commander,” Tanith said.

“I’m afraid that is most likely the case, Tanith,” Sigrun said. “How else can you explain everything being much larger in this world?”

“Um, perhaps,” Ninian began, looking back at the world boundary.

“Perhaps?” Sanaki repeated.

“Perhaps we became smaller,” the dancer finished.

The others looked at her, as her words sunk in.

“Smaller, you say?” Sanaki asked.

“Now that’s definitely ridiculous!” Tanith called out, incredulous.

However, she was alone in her reaction. The young Empress looked intrigued, while Sigrun was pensive.

“She might not be wrong,” she began, causing her deputy to turn to her.

“What? Are you willing to entertain this nonsense, Commander?” Tanith asked.

“Tanith, let us hear her out,” Sanaki ordered.

The falcon knight turned to her liege. She looked like she was about to say something, but instead simply nodded.

“So, as you were saying Ninian,” Sanaki turned to the dancer, “you believe we became somehow smaller?”

“Y-yes, Your Highness,” Ninian nodded.

“In the absence of any other possible way, it had to be when we crossed the boundary, am I correct?”

Another nod.

“But that’s impossible,” Tanith protested, “if it was because of the barrier, we would’ve felt it afflicting it on us.”

“That is true,” Ninian conceded.

“Wait,” Sigrun spoke up, “there may be another way it could’ve happened.”

At this now the focus was on her.

“Really? Do tell, Commander,” Tanith said.

“Have you forgotten just where we are?” Sigrun said. “We are in the Tempest. The fabric of reality threatens to unravel all around us. That’s how we can end up traveling from world to world within.”

“Yes, we know that already,” Tanith said, a bit annoyed. “How does it partake to a change in size, then?”

“Well, it hasn’t happened before, from what we’ve heard,” the older falcon knight continued. “But what if any such world boundary was… mismatched on both sides.”

Tanith frowned.


“I see what you mean, Sigrun,” Sanaki suddenly said. “You believe the boundary is smaller on this side.”

“That’s correct, Empress,” Sigrun nodded.

Ninian looked surprised.

“Is that possible?” She asked.

“This being the Tempest, it certainly could be,” Sigrun replied. “With such a mismatch on the boundary sizes, by traveling from the larger one to the other…”

“It looks like we became smaller upon emerging on the other side,” Sanaki finished.

“Correct, Empress.”

“Hmph, that’s quite the theory,” Tanith said. “But I must admit it has its merit.”

She then shook her head.

“Regardless, it’s inconsequential how this size discrepancy happened. What matters is that it did. In our current state, we are severely handicapped.”

Sigrun sighed.

“That’s unfortunately true,” she said. “We can’t possibly keep placating the Tempest if we are like this.”

“But we can’t go back!” Ninian spoke out. “If the boundaries between worlds are starting to become mismatched like this, then it means things are more unstable than expected.”

“Ninian is right,” Sanaki declared. “This is clearly a sign time is running out. The barrier itself already looked unstable.”

“Then what are we to do, Empress?” Sigrun asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? We press onwards,” the young Empress replied. “We must seek the aid of the locals. They are our only hope in overcoming this part of the Tempest.”

“Bah, even if we must seek help, I am not going to let this force me to the sidelines,” Tanith scoffed. “I’d gladly join the battle regardless!”

“That’s easier said than done, Tanith,” Sigrun said. “As we are right now, we’re nothing but dolls to the people of this world.”

“Dolls that can defend themselves, Commander,” Tanith waved her impromptu weapon around. “Don’t forget that.”

She then smirked.

“And who knows, perhaps our smaller sizes can be to our advantage instead.”

Sigrun sighed, dropping the issue at least for now.

“Regardless, I hope we do encounter someone friendly first,” Ninian said, slightly nervous.

“Then let’s be on our way,” Sanaki said. “We’ve wasted enough time as it is.”

With that, the quartet ordered their pegasi to move again, getting back in formation again as they flew deeper into the woods.


Spacetime can be a finicky thing, isn't it. Fiction, specially Sci-Fi, loves to dabble in what could happen when such an intrinsic yet delicate thing sometimes... breaks. FEH is no different, in the way they make the Tempest work. Well, I decided to take it a step further. That's pretty much why I wanted to write this. Trying to fool around with portals, hehe. After all, how convenient every world is connected on an 1:1 scale. So, let's shake things up further, I'd say. Thus, our heroines find themselves currently facing a "small" predicament in the trials of the Tempest. Will they find a way to compensate, or is big trouble on the horizon instead? Well, that will be for next time! As always, the feedback thread is available for any comment, criticism, etc.

Until next time.

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