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Let's Play Hector Normal Mode Randomized Ironman

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As I had some extra free time on my hands, I thought I would do a playthrough of FE7 for fun. Before I begin, I just want to note a few things about the run:

  • This will be an Ironman run, so no resetting for character deaths or any other reason. With that being said,  I would like to know how I should handle game overs. Should the run be considered dead, or should I try again but force some kind of penalty like intentionally killing someone off?
  • The run will also be Randomized for things like growths, bases, and classes. The full details of the changes can be viewed HERE( Current set-up as a download as  I couldn't figure out how to make it viewable online. If someone knows a way to do that, let me know and I'll make the change!) I haven't looked at the log myself in order to keep things a surprise, but I thought it would be fun to let you guys look into the future a bit if you would like. I only asked that you don't spoil things like unit growths or upcoming classes.
  •  For full discloser, I had originally tried the game on hard mode, but after losing a lot on the first map, I thought I would just lower the difficulty. To counter it a bit, I did increase enemy and boss strength by a little so I hope that's okay.  I'm not too great at the game, so we can still expect to see deaths due to my poor playing, or bad RNG with units.
  • Lastly, this is the first time I would be doing something like this so any suggestions for improvements are encouraged.  While it is just a fun thing I wan to do, I still want it to be somewhat entertaining to read or there wouldn't be much reason to share it in the first place. Feel free to tell me to focus more on certain things or to cut down on other things.

Now that all the long intro stuff as been said, lets get into the first chapter.

CH11 Another Journey



Staring out by creating a tactician. Jus going to use my birth month for this as the affinities are randomized. For all I know this might not end up doing much in the end.


I'll be skipping all the story stuff for his run and instead will just jump into the gameplay. With the first chapter underway, lets take a look at who we got here.


Dart has become the main character and also seems to have taken the lord class despite that being randomized. His bases are worse then base Eliwood if I'm remembering them right. He could be a hard one to train. At least he as a wyrmslayer I guess....


Next is Nino and oh boy I don't like the looks of this. 10 defense is nice early on, but with 0 speed and only 6 attack, I don't see her doing too much in combat.


Going with a simple starting move here. Nino only takes 2 damage here and will bait the solider forward to make him easier to attack. 


Quick look at Nino's battle palette here. One thing I really like about the randomizer are these edited battle palettes. I think they can be fun to look at so I will showcase them off if I remember to do so.


Looks like the soldiers does way too much damage to Dart. Sure he would get the kill but that would leave him open to die on the next turn. I think I'll make him tank a hit this one turn before move Nino back in. She won't be able to hit the solider at 1 range but I hope she can take his hits enough to kill the upcoming enemies and deal with this guy after that.


Oh no, This could be a problem. I hope Nino can sneak in some dodges in order to last long enough to do this. This might take a while.


That's two of them down. Nino managed to level up and gained speed and defense. That makes the soldier deal 1 damage now which helps stall him out a bit longer.


Everyone but the first solider has been deal with but at a huge cost to Nino. Hopefully she will be okay enough to finish the chapter. She gained another level and it happen to be speed again! It's still not great but maybe it's enough to not get double in the next chapter. 


After a lot of time we finally dealt with the wave of enemies and moved to open of the chest. A sleep staff is a nice gain, but who knows when I might be a staff user. Even if I get one soon, I doubt they will have to weapon rank to use it any time soon, unless they are a pre-promote.  It is something nice to have going forward. The solider at the bottom there has a heave spear and will kill anyone he attacks. The enemy to the north has a vulnerary so I will try to kill him in order to get that and heal up.


Thanks to that 3% crit I was able to get it before he ran away and used it on himself.


After healing up, I move Nino into the enemies range to bait him out. She only receives 3 damage so she will be ok now that she is all healed up.


Nino ended up dodge anyway, she I guess she didn't really need to heal up but better safe then sorry. After a risky double team attack, all that's left to do is face the boss.


After making my way to the boss, it's time to take a look at him.


Wire is a Pegasus knight which couldn't be more convenient for me. Nino can safely attack at 2 range and take him down. Something to note is that the boss seemed to have gained S rank in their weapon type. I assume this is because of the option for bosses to have stronger weapons and ensure they can use them. I don't know if it ends up giving them any bonuses but it could be something to look out for later.


As you would expect, the boss was really easy as Nino took him down in two shots. This caused here to gain another speed! If I can get a speed wing and she keeps this up, she might not be as bad as I first thought. 

With that the chapter comes to an end. It was a little tricky in the beginning against the first wave of foes, but after that the map was much simpler to play. 

MVP: Nino

Deaths: 0 (0)

Edited by FeHero

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Hm...cool! So the units and classes are randomized, but maybe not their growth rates? That would explain 3 speed levels, ninos growth in speed is uhhh 60%? Could be broken to have her growth rates with early availability.

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25 minutes ago, xigbar7 said:

Hm...cool! So the units and classes are randomized, but maybe not their growth rates? That would explain 3 speed levels, ninos growth in speed is uhhh 60%? Could be broken to have her growth rates with early availability.

we can select an option to randomize growth rate or not

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For this I did use the randomized growths rates. I set it to full random, so units can have anything between 5-90% in a growth rate. I have not looked at my characters growths as I like to personally keep them secret until it's over. For all I know she could have a really high speed growth or I have just been getting very lucky with her early levels.

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12 minutes ago, FeHero said:

For this I did use the randomized growths rates. I set it to full random, so units can have anything between 5-90% in a growth rate. I have not looked at my characters growths as I like to personally keep them secret until it's over. For all I know she could have a really high speed growth or I have just been getting very lucky with her early levels.

You're like me. I don't want to look at growthrate either. But I prefer use Yune Randomize, set growth rate from 20%-80%

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You can screenshot the HTML file and post it as a pic.  Preferably by uploading it to your favorite external image hosting site first.

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CH12 Birds of a Feather



This chapter adds quite a lot of units to the team so lets start by getting a good look at them.


Serra looks to by another bow user. For a level 9 I feel like her bases are a little low outside of speed and luck. 


Raven looks like the basic level 1 monk. Other then the magic stat his other bases don't stand out too much. If he gets some good levels I can see if sticking around for now.


Now lets take a look at the bottom section units.


He is pretty good for the early game pre-promote. He has low defenses for a general but with decent speed and HP he makes up for it. 


Heath being a cleric is good to see. Getting a healer early means I won't have to stress about stocking up on healing items all the time. I'm not too worried about his stats has he already has a role on the team that no one else can fill for the time being. That is, as long as I don't do something stupid and get him killed.


Based on the starting location, I believe this is my Eliwood replacement. That sucks. He has terrible bases outside of speed so babying him will be annoying. I can always not deploy him, but he will be forced on some chapters and with this being an ironman if he dies the game and possibly the run ends. He also has a lockpick for some reason. I thought at first it mean he was Matthew, but I remembered that Matthew starts in the top group with Hector in the base game. I won't complain though as it will be nice to have if I ever get a theif at some point. He also happened to become a Eliwood lord just like Dart. 


Another nomad character. From the looks of it, he is just better Nino. He has less defense but makes up for it with speed and HP. Not sure what his levels will look like, but he can be pretty good if he can get some strength.


Pent has good speed and decent strength for level 2. The 5 defense plus the 16 HP will make him pretty easy to get killed if I'm not careful. 


Last unit for the chapter and it's not a good one. He is a flier but his combat stats are not anything note worthy. He might just be used to collect some villages in the early game before seeing he bench. Now that all that is out of the way, lets get the chapter started now.


Starting off pretty basic by having Serra just kill this bandit here. She happens to do just enough damage for the kill. This gives a chance for us to see what she looks like it battle. She will be in range of the mage, but they will only do 1 damage to her.


I then just set up a wall for the bottom guys, while I send Hawkeye north to the village. I placed Nino in the range of the mage as well, but they are likely going to attack Serra because she would not be able to counter attack.


After a pretty uneventful enemy phase, I move Hawkeye on the village to get the item and it's just a boring old Iron Bow. I guess it doesn't hurt to have extra weapons for the 3 bow users I have. After that I have Hawkeye join the guys up north.


Next we double team this bandit. Is it more an excuse to get Wil a kill. I want to try and get him some EXP now before it become almost impossible to later. For some reason, Wil just looks like Eliwood while in battle. I then rescue and drop him off. He was in range of the archer and while it wouldn't kill him, I still don't want him to get damage when I can avoid it.


Nino and Serra clean up some enemies at the north. Dart and Raven haven't been able to get in on the action just yet.


Here we get a look at effective weapons being useless, so instead I decide to just attack the lord with Nino. Doing so gives her a level of only Hp and defense. Looks like the speed streak she was getting is over


I then move the others to the corner. I can't deal with the Wyverns in our current position so I need to have them get closer to me. 


The bottom guys sent up another kill for Wil and we can take a look at Pent. 


Some enemy phase attacks. Nino being Nino take no damage while Dart could have gotten doubled and died if the bandit wasn't getting weighted down by the armorslayor. These are the kinds of dumb mistakes I sometimes make and won't be surprised if it ends up costing a units live going forward.


Now that they are closer, lets see how I can get out of this mess.


Hawkeye gets to make a easy kill here and get a chance to show how he looks in battle.


Nino then one shots the flier here.


Once again effective weapons suck and Serra can't kill the wyvern alone. So Raven gets a chance to assist here. 


Dart then moves to heal up. Putting him here only puts him in range of the hand-axe using bandit.


On the bottom we continue to set up kills for Wil and-


Never mind looks like he missed. Guess it will go to Wallace instead.


Enemy phase begins and I almost could have lost Serra right there. Sure, the hit rates for both of them are pretty low but they fact that it could have happened is still terrifying.


The boss is starting to get close so lets take a look at him. He has low speed so he doesn't look to bad. Well, that is until I looked at his weapon. Luna and 27% crit?! I hope his low skill makes it easy to avoid his attacks. Having a chance to deal out 27 damage is scary.


More clean up of he enemies staying just out of the bosses range.


He has about 20ish crit on petty much everyone here.


This looks to be the safest option for dealing with him, so lets go with this.


The shodown has begun and Canas wanted to show off a bit. He first dodges then crits the boss right back. 

With that, the chapter ends. The bottom gang had it pretty easy while the top ones had some close moments. If I didn't get 2 bows users in the north dealing with those fliers would have been so much harder to deal with

MVP: Serra

Deaths:0 (0)



Edited by FeHero
Finishing the chapter

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