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Collection of my Fire Emblem Works (Commissions)

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I have been hard at work, commissioning several artists for their work for fire emblem pieces that would really make my day. 

my I have gathered them here to be enjoyed by everyone. 
some were commissioned for me, others were by me, one was by me for a friend. 

All artists agreed to me spreading this album, and feel free to continue sharing any art! 


If you pay really close attention you may notice a theme

the last one I posted is part of a 2 part crossover gag. If you like that one, please stick around, part 2 is coming soon! 









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Would this be more of a general Fire Emblem post? It doesn't sound Heroes-specific.

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Oh maybe. I figured heroes was fine for all FE characters. 

I considered adding a “vote Chrom cyl5” 



but wasn’t sure if that’s allowed here 

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