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Unconventional or ingenious uses you've found for skills

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I thought I'd make a topic for those that wanted to share any unconventional or ingenious uses for skills they've found out about, either through experimentation or by someone else telling them.

By unconventional or ingenious, I mean any uses for those skills that may or may not have been intended or thought out when the skills were released.

I'll start us off to give you a general idea of what I mean. Note that I'll change or remove things if I'm wrong, so tell me if so.

1 - The Unity skills (Atk/Def Unity and Atk/Res Unity so far) only work against field penalties (from daggers, Chills, etc). The Lull passive skills bypass this, as the stat penalties it inflicts (as miniscule as they are) are during combat. (This may have been the intended idea behind the Plegian weapons, to be used as a counter against the Unity skills.)

2 - Combining Miracle, Mystic Boost, and Heavy/Flashing Blade (or a similar skill) can potentially stop many foes from eliminating your unit; as Mystic Boost heals your unit after combat, you can be brought to 1 HP many times, as long as you can keep the unit alive until Miracle is ready to activate. Brave!Ike, Brave!Hector, and both genders of Default!Byleth can abuse this interaction well, especially the first and last due to the first's superior damage reduction and the last's ability to prevent the foe from using the effects of many skills that would allow them to take him/her out before Miracle procs.
EDIT: Hel also does this very well thanks to Hel's Reaper.

3 - Saintly Seraphim's effect can be translated to mean "for every 4 Res the foe has, the foe loses 1 Res". Using the same logic, Triangle Adept can be translated to mean "for every 5 Atk the unit in WTA, the foe loses 1 Def/Res". Combining the two with a skill like Glimmer that deals damage based on the damage the unit inflicts, you can easily OTK most blue units with the greatest of ease (especially if you combine these with her Soul of Zofia, which has a Desperation-esque effect).

4 - A unit with 44 max HP or lower that is damaged by the effect of an ally Winter!Bernadetta's Hrist can use Ardent Sacrifice on her and immediately get into Desperation HP%, as the total HP lost from this is 11. Adding additional Winter!Bernadettas increases this by 4 max HP for each Hrist proc, as they each activate their own effect at the start of the turn simultaneously.

5 - A second interaction with Hrist and Ardent Sacrifice. If the unit with Ardent Sacrifice also has Fury 4, you can use Dance on that unit (after it uses Ardent Sac.) before attacking with said unit, taking a total loss of 19 HP. A unit with 38 or less max HP will be able to proc their own Escape Route or an ally's Wings of Mercy after losing that much HP, potentially setting up a sweep (especially due to Galeforce and now Canto existing).


This is sort of an experimental thread, honestly, but I'd like to see if you guys have any interesting skill combinations 🙂

You don't have to be as thorough as I am, but at least some general explanation about the skill combination would be great!

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