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Patch for Radiant Dawn Transfer Data?

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Does anyone know of a Radiant Dawn patch to fix the transfer glitch? People say that it works as long as you play on hard mode but when I transfer my hard mode it still crashes the second an animation starts. I can get up to Michaiah's promotion with animations off, but then I'm softlocked because her promotion is a forced animation. I know its supposed to be patched on newer roms but they be hard to find, so looking for a patch hopefully.

Just want to replay my favorite FE with a few hommie bonuses on my MVPS!




(proof that its a hard mode save and there is no easy mode saves)

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I'll leave this in the RD subforum for now, but since this is technically for the ROM version, you might have luck looking for something on the Fan Projects side.  Just. . .don't spam this topic.

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...I think the problem might not be the transfer glitch, cause I got the transfer glitch back in the day and it just freezes when it tries to display your saves to import, not when a battle animation plays.

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