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HELP for two old remake video FE OC x Canon Project

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I am pretty new here.... I been in the fandom of Fire Emblem since the day of 2017 cause of my waifu Lucina..


I am trying to get help to do the voice acting for my Fire Emblem Heroes OC and pairing up with two girls from Fire Emblem Fates: Nina and Soleil (favorite waifu, since Lucina is thirdly a favorite waifu of mine) 


I am trying to get help. I am also am remaking two video from 2018 that I use to make those back then, but I am making both videos of the support conversation like they did on Awakening and Fates - a homage quality of doujinshi rated G and PG quality with 1980s/ 80s music ballad music to fit the theme...... 


IDK if anyone can help me out please post this or note me anytime, or contact me onto discord so we can talk about it?? IF anyone has Casting Call Club.. I am making a Youtube video very complex..


There be a few addition in behalf maybe, later on..




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