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List 1 minor change you'd make

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On 3/20/2021 at 10:22 AM, drattakbowser said:

Maybe Annette solo paralogue. Like Lord, Hubert, Dedue, Felix, Sylvain, Lorenz and Marianne.

I think just switching Gilbert with Clause or Seteth would also do the trick. The main thing about the paralogue is that Gilbert makes special arrangements for when things go wrong. That's something Claude or Seteth could easily replicate. And while not his brother the leader of the Alliance, and the right hand man of the church should logically be able to arrange a meeting with the baron very easily. 

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I'll stay true to my user-name and say more cosmetic options. The game eventually added the option for characters to wear variable outfits in infantry classes, but that option doesn't extend to mounts. The only options for mounted classes is to change outfits if the character had that class as one of their "canon" options. It's especially frustrating for characters who have a custom outfit in one mounted class, but not other ones. For example, apparently Petra can dress uniquely as a Wyvern Rider, but not a Wyvern Lord. To add insult to injury, when I watched Faerghast randomized playthroughs, I saw that units could keep special outfits on mounts. For example, a Pegasus Knight Yuri replaced one of the lords in the prologue, yet still wore his default commoner/Ashen Wolves pre-skip outfit in that class. So, something in the game code allows for this, yet the toggle was never fully provided to the player. Only motivation I can think of are clipping issues, which ... shrug, I would prefer to decide for myself is clipping is a deal-breaker (also, a bunch of characters already have their hair clip through the Gremory outfit anyways).

Also, I would like to generally switch outfits for classes around. For example, I enjoy the Brawler design but really dislike the Grappler "armor;" the chains just strike me as gaudy. I would love the option to promote my unit into Grappler, then assign them to keep the outfit from Brawler. I'm sure it could also lead to some funny shenanigans by the players, such as a Fortress Knight clanking around while dressed as a generic Warlock.

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