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No (Other) DLC Apotheosis with Avatar x Cordelia Pairing: Asset/Flaw Advice for Severa/Morgan's Stats

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I was getting this thought into my head.  I've done at some calculations and have figured that +MAG and +SPD are both capable of getting Severa/Morgan to key thresholds to fight Ikeadin/Anna/Thronie with a +8 SPD/and +DEF support (implying Hero support) and Defender (as well as SPD +2 if +MAG asset).  -LCK, -STR, and -SKL all work for DEF thresholds, but -DEF does not.  Grandmaster/Sorcerer/Dark Knight + Defender end up with 58 - 61 DEF depending on which of the classes they are and if they have -LCK  or -STR/-SKL - which is enough for Ikeadin.  Valkyrie ends up with 48-49 DEF, which is enough for Anna.  Grandmaster/Sorcerer/Dark Knight end up with 66 SPD with Defender (and SPD+2  if Magic asset), which is enough to survive against Anna, while Valkyrie ends up with 69 SPD under the same circumstances (enough to double Thronie). 

Given this, what would you recommend?  

+MAG/-LCK, STR, or SKL?  

+SPD/-LCK, STR, or SKL? 

Thanks for your advice. 

If I take +MAG, my skill load out would look like this:  1.) Galeforce, 2.) Tomefaire, 3.) Proc [probably Vengeance], 4.) Defender, 5.) Speed +2.    If I take +SPD, I have one free skill slot I can use instead of SPD + 2, but I have 4 less magical damage, a loss that I cannot fully make up as I'm already slotting in Tomefaire and even Mag +2 is only half of that gap. But I would be able to take something out, like Deliverer for Movement, a breaker skill or Hit +20 for more accuracy, an aura, or something else useful.  Neither could run a full Hex + Anathema set, but their support partner could if they were a Hero with a Sorcerer class.  

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I recommend you choose Spe+ out of the 2. It not only gives you a head start for speed but it also provides extra speed for your pair up with Cordelia (especially if you hard support using Berserker). I never want to -Ste or -Mag. Simply because if there is a need that Robin can fill, then they don't have to worry about penalties. I personally always go for -Def because it does not effect your skill, speed or mag/str. sure defense is a thing but in Apotheosis its one of those stats that don't matter unless you are building a Morgan tank. 9/10 that won't happen so focus on speed, skill, strength, and magic and play like it is a player phase game. best strategy I know.

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