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Be strong and embrace yourself!

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Sorry the title sounds kind of lame; I cannot really think of anything better to say. Anyways, I was browsing the news and read an article on transgender swimwear for kids, and I wanted to share it because what the little girl wrote honestly made my eyes water and I felt like I could cry. Although I am not transgender, her words felt extremely powerful and it still touched me, and I feel a little overwhelmed by my emotions.

Basically, a father and his transgender daughter launched their own transgender swimwear line because they could not find anything they felt comfortable with. The little girl writes a postcard when a customer makes an order. Here is a transcript of one of the postcards if you have trouble seeing the image in the article.

"First Name: Ruby

Age: 11

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Hi there I hope your having a fantastic day. You are loved by me and rainbow Club at school. You are strong, brave, and extremely important. Keep being you are don't let anyone bring you down. I am transgender myself and can understand you ♡ XX






It is kind of hard to find words after reading that. It makes me happy that there is love and understanding out there, but also sad that we desperately need these words right now because there is still so much antipathy and hate to overcome as well. Anyways, y'all stay safe out there. And I hope this brightens your day.

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It's hard to imagine for me how it must feel like to know that there are people who won't accept you no matter what you do just because you simply want to be happy in your own body. It's hard to imagine, and it also makes me immensely sad. Why can't people just focus on themselves and leave alone those who does no harm to anyone? And seeing how my country's government does the exact same thing, or supports those that do (shredding this one book which reimagined old fairy-tales in a more inclusive manner and posting it on social media....), it feels as if here people are stuck in the dark middle ages. I just wish I could finish my studies and move out from here. This last year can't end soon enough.

Thank You for sharing this. It really warmed my heart. Shows that there is still good out there in this world (no matter how cliché this sentence is).

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Dude, that's super sweet! That's why I think it's important to be as encouraging as possible to others who need it since you may have next to no idea what they're going through in life and what their circumstances or situation is like. I just can't imagine being mean to someone for... well, anything. 

I understand that different factors will affect how someone turns out to be, so that's why I think it's important to treat everyone with kindness and respect.

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