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James Marshall

What do you think of my Spyer Gang rules for Modern Necromunda?

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 I've spend most of the last 3 weeks working on rules for Spyer Gang in Modern Necromunda. Here they are. What do you think?

They are based off The Spyer Gang from 1st edition Necromunda

But I’ve modified them, changed them and adapted them so that they can be used in 3rd edition Necromunda

I’ll admit that I’ve tried to both keep them as similar to 1st edition as possible but I think that they are at least slightly unbalanced

This makes sense in a way, after all they are supposed to be very bored members of some of Necromunda's Noble Houses that have come into The Underhive to amuse themselves by killing, destroying and slaughtering and whilst they are 1 of the strongest Gangs if not the strongest Gang at the start of most campaigns games theirs a massive problem

This is that they are hampered by  the fact that not only will even 1 death be a great loss but theirs also the fact that their lack of numbers, reduced earnings from territories, no Juves, prospects, gangers and leaders and everything costing double what it normally does means that once the campaign reach's the half-way point, or even sooner if your foes get stronger then normal the they become 1 of the weakest Gangs if not the strongest Gang in the campaigns

The basic the idea behind them is that whilst most Gangs win using a mixture of quantity or quality they win using quality and never rely on quantity

I’ve also tried to keep them like 1st edition Spyer, which means that The Gangs are made up of A Very Small Number of very elite Models that when or if possible she be both armed to the teeth and armoured to the teeth


Spyer Gangs also have both 10 unique benefits and 10 unique drawbacks that are all related to 1 of their 10 benefits and those 10 unique benefits and 10 unique drawbacks that are all related to 1 of their 10 benefits are as follows

The 1st is that they are a entire Gang of Champions and you can choose for them to have both The Stats and The Special Abilities of A Champions and you can freely choose your champions from The Champions of The 6 House Gangs, from Enforcer Gangs and from Vonotar Gangs, but once The Campaign has started Spyer Gangs can’t recruit any more Members

The 2nd is that they get A Free Settlement and A Free Drinking Hole, but on The Downside both The Free Settlement and A Free Drinking Hole give 20 Credits less then normal but you still get at least 10 Credits

What’s even worse is that if you’re Settlement would normally get you A Juve or A Ganger you don’t get A Juve or A Ganger, instead The Juve or Ganger is orcefully drafted into The Planetary Defence Force, which earns your Gang A Recruiters Fee of either 20 Credits for A Juve or 40 Credits for A Ganger

The 3rd is that when recruiting your Gang you can buy anything, even stuff that’s Rare or Illegal and that normally only A House Gang, Enforcers Gang or Vonotar Gang can get, but afterwards all Items that aren’t Rare or Illegal gain Rare 10 and items that are Rare or Illegal add +2 to their Rarity Value/Illegal Value

The 4th is that they start with 1 Suit of Mesh Armour, 1 Autogun, 1 Set of Filter Plugs 1 set of Smoke Grenades and 2 Fighting Knive’s that must both be Master-Crafted, but because Spyers would insist on buying stuff that’s of a lot higher quality then normal any and anything and everything by Spyers cost double what they’d normally cost

Paying double the normal price of anything and everything they have even applies to stuff they get once the campaign starts and also applies to the 1 Suit of Mesh Armour, 1 Autogun, 1 Set of Filter Plugs 1 set of Smoke Grenades and 2 Fighting Knives that must both be Master-Crafted that all Spyers automatically start with

The 5th is that they can never be Outlawed, but at the same time they can’t get Favors, in Law and Misrule Campaigns no matter how high their Rep gets they never get the bonus

The 6th is that no matter their foe or the mission they only get half the normal number of Tactics Cards but they can use Tactics Cards that are normally only available to 1 of The 6 Houses, to Enforcer and to Vonotars

The 7th is that Skills wise they get Combat, Ferocity and Muscle as Primary,  always get Shooting as Secondary, but as they haven’t yet received their full education or training they treat both Leadership and Savant as Secondary

On the bad guy as all their stuff slows them down the only way they can take Agility Skills is by paying to roll on any Skill Table and even then it costs 5 XP more then normal, which means it costs at least 20 XP

The 8th is that you can spend Credits to gain initial XP and every 25 Credits you spend gets you 2D6+2 initial XP, but when creating your gang no matter what experance A Spyer starts with both  LD and INT can’t be increased to better then 4+, WS and BS can both only be increased twice and all other stats can only be increased once

The 9th is that if A Gang Member either dies or retires you do get a replacement, but he or she is A Brand New Champion that only(?) starts with 1 3rd, rounded to the higher 10 credits, the value of the stuff the model he replaced that when he/she died and he/she only(?) has 1 6th, rounded down, The XP the model he replaced had

The 10th is that they have access to the things that only 1 House has, 2 examples are House Orlocks Legendary Names and House Goliaths Gene-Splicing, but each thing that only 1 House can use can only be given to 1 Spyer


As a example 2 Spyers couldn’t both have House Orlocks Legendary Names or House Goliaths Gene-Splicing but 1 could have House Orlocks Legendary Names and the other could use House Goliaths Gene-Splicing

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