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Grand Hero Battle: Díthorba

Flying Shogi

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19 minutes ago, Franp3 said:

...How did we get from Pamela to  checks spelling Díthorba? Out of the many names changed in translation this is by far the weirdest.

I thought it was supposed to be Pamela too, but appearantly Dithorba isn't her, but instead the other pegasus knight boss you faced in that chapter. I don't really know why they went with her since Pamela seemed to be the important one.

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I actually found this GHB to be pretty simple/straightforward--well, at least with the B!Claude I've built. I don't really intend on utilizing Dithorba or her "Flier Formation" skill for inheritance, but ya never know. 

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Díthorba's map was quite easy.

Here's my one-turn clear, by using galeforce:

And then we have Saizo doing his job:

@BoaFerox @Maaka @daisy jane @DarkAlf @mcsilas @Some Jerk @Landmaster @SatsumaFSoysoy

@Sasori Nice use of Henriette to tank those two ranged foes at the beginning. I was expecting some Far Save action here, but nope. You didn't need it. Good job!

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@Sasori Poor Dithorba, just getting annihilated by Ronan like that. Too bad the red flier didn't suffer the same fate, but at least he got ganged up on. Nice job!

@Diovani Bressan Ooo some nice galeforcing going on here. Nice to see Kaden and mini Marth galeforcing. Too bad you had to cheat for the Saizo one turn. Those firesweep weapons are fairly annoying since you can't just enemy phase everything. Nice job!

Just the usual massacre by the Bartre and Fir team for me.


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IDK why I didn't attack with Mirabilis at the end but no biggie

@Sasori– Sharena has been replaced by her mom, it seems. Well she is just as stronk as her daughter. Not that this was the hardest map in the world but still nice to see Henriette in action~

@Diovani Bressan– The dancer was just there to Smite, how sad. But cool one-turn, you even managed to work around all the trees with ER Kaden

Saizo is as ruthless as ever, just bringing Ephraim along so he can take his Duo Skill.

@Maaka – Such a massacre, Bartre and Fir are a savage family.

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@Sasori Mama! Sure wish I pulled her.

@Diovani Bressan Brave Sword YMarth and Slaying Lance Seteth are pretty funny.

@Maaka Nice to see that SFir is a staple now. Now we need Karla to get a refine.

@Landmaster smh should've padded Mirabilis' kill count


Not worth the effort.

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Been a bit behind on my replies on this one

@Diovani Bressan: That was cool. I was wondering how you'd reach the enemies. Having frail weak Raphael throw people across the battlefield hadn't been my guess.

@Maaka I could have felled that one too with Ronan, but I though it would be better for Kana to have a kill of his own.

This map did seem pretty poorly equiped to deal with your Bartre's. All frail flyers, mages and priest.

Did that sword flier just do only 15 damage to a frail gen one mage with weapons triangle disadvantage? That new toy should serve summer elise pretty well though.

I am pretty pleased with the results. I normally skip out on armours, but I made a exception in this case.

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Pretty late to the party here, but better late than never right?

@Sasori Nice clear! Expected you to abuse Far Save more, but it seems that wasn't necessary. 

@Diovani Bressan Nice clears! Kaden does really well as an opening unit for Galeforce clears. Saizo had no trouble either.

@Maaka Good stuff as usual, this map didn't really have any units that could potentially challenge Bartre's family.

@Flying Shogi Nice Nino family! Flying Nino's new(ish) refine seems quite nice for her, even though she did more of a taxi job here.

@Landmaster Nice Elise action! They are all surprisingly bulky when they want to. 

Tana didn't need to be Resplendent even to completely solo this map, asserting herself as the superior lance flier.


Also got it done in one turn with a Sacred Stones team.


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