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Fire Emblem (Tentative Title) & Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Next Generation

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So I recently figured out how to download ROMs and am creating two projects.

Fire Emblem (Tentative Title) (FE7 engine)

-A love letter to the spirit Fire Emblem, while also having fun with it and being a little different.


  • Sine's mother (Sage)
    • Queen
  • Sine (Pegasus Knight)
    • A princess of a kingdom lost to makind; fights for her country. Able to perform Triangle Attack with her retainers.
  • Costel (Pegasus Knight)
    • One of Sine's retainers; Dedicated to training.
  • Tannen (Pegasus Knight)
    • One of Sine's retainers; Incredibly nurturing towards children and cats. Follows Sine because he wants peace and loves her.
  • Judas (Fighter)
    • A middleweight bounty hunter who joins the band of heroes as a coping mechanism for an undisclosed mental condition
  • Paarth (Wyvern Rider)
    • A deserter who feels regret for his previous acts of violence while still being an all-around nice and cheery guy. Switches sides to atone for his sins.

Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Next Generation (Working Title) (FE8 Engine)

-An epic Heirs of Fate-style tale starring the children of the students of Garreg Mach from Three Houses. Will they divide or unite?


  • Skylar--Byleth's child (Mercenary)
    • (Depends on the route Byleth has taken)

Black Eagles

  • Irma--Edelgard's daughter (Lord)
    • Heir to the Adrestrian Empire, she seeks to unite all of Fodlan under one banner under the continent as a whole, and heavily believes in the strength and power of friendship.
  • Escamillo--Dorothea's son (Myrmidon)
    • Not that great of a singer, but is just as beautiful as his mother. Can woo both men and women alike, which he uses to his advantage.
  • Achille--Bernadetta's son (Archer)
    • He's quite clumsy, but is always good-natured.
  • Kelsea--Petra's daughter (Fighter)
    • Heir to Brigid

Blue Lions

  • Abraham--Dimitri's son (Lord)
    • The crown prince of Faerghus has been taught from birth to respect others and treat even those he disagrees with respect despite many referring to him as "soft" because he hardly ever shows anger. When raising him Dimitri did everything in his power to make sure that Abraham never repeat the mistakes he made. Yet, Abraham also inherited his father's strength, though it is unconsciously been repressed.
  • Emile--Mercedes's son (Troubador)
    • Named after his uncle, Emile is a kind man who cherishes life in all its forms
  • Hannah--Annette's daughter (Brigand)
    • Optimistic, yet unsure if she wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother or grandfather
  • Francesca--Ingrid's daughter (Cavalier)
    • Serious; Values justice above all else

Golden Deer

  • Irina--Claude's Daughter (Wyvern Rider)
    • A schemer like her father
  • Edgar--Hilda's son (Knight)
    • Unlike his mother, he will apply himself to any task. He works so hard that he occasionally forgets to sleep and is ironically regarded by some as lethargic as a result.
  • Blanche--Marianne's daughter (Cleric)
    • Having embraced her heritage, Blanche hopes to one day wield the Blutgang and a staff. Still, she acts solemn as she is humble.
  • Ganymede--Lysithea's son (Dark Mage)
    • After reading about what happened to his mother, Ganymede vows to use his gifts to crush the remnants of Those Who Slither in the Dark and help people suffering under similar circumstances.

Ashen Wolves

  • Aurelia--Constance's daughter (Mage)
    • Having been born to a  restored house, Aurelia continues her mother's love for magical research. Humble.
  • Duamutef--Hapi's son (Thief)
    • A dedicated monster-slayer and (a Monster Hunter if you will)

These are mostly for fun and out of hobby. but it's nice to actually get to participate in the activity of fan games.

Map design will come later for both. I have to figure out the rest of the story first.

Edited by Morgan--Grandmaster

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