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Legendary Hero Battle's New Dawn: Claude


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@Sasori Both great clears! I really liked your Siegbert, he is pretty strong!

@Landmaster Nice job! Interesting to see Mirabilis without her dance skill, but I saw that Reposition was needed there. About Freyja not havign her Prf weapon... the damage reduction that it grants would now allow her to enter WoM range.

@Maaka Glad to see that Bartre & Fir were able to beat that map without problems. Like mentioned when quoting Landy, damage reduction would mess up with WoM. She barely reached 20 HP for the clear. Outside this, this one was one of the easiest Abyssal map to clear in the recent months. The map was very open, so a lot of movement options... very different from Seiros's map in january.

@SatsumaFSoysoy Celica and Hana make a pretty nice duo, but Hilda also did a great job in being a very nice tank. Congrats on the clear!

@Alexmender I enjoyed both of your clears! It's nice to see Norne with Guard Bow. I usually see her with Spendthrift Bow, but that would mess up Deadeye. And Eirika... it's nice to have you back in action!

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@SatsumaFSoysoy That's a nice Ninja Hana there. I run a similar skillset on mine. Yeah, Claude was just too fast for any of my units to double him. I miss when my units were the fastest but that's Gen 5 speedcreep for ya. I wanted Plegian Bow for NY!Anna but I didn't want to spend orbs on the Plegia banner so I skipped it for now. I decided to wait until Raphael shows up on a double seasonal banner with W!Sephiran or NY!Plumeria.

@GuiltyLove I guess you could say Claude outschemed himself on his own map. I like how you had B!Claude finish L!Claude off. Nino looks great with her refined weapon as well.

@Maaka Bartre being able to quad Claude was impressive. I was also surprised to see S!Bartre take down that red fafnir easily. Nice clear!

@Landmaster Starfish was a nice choice in avoiding the Flash Cleric from attacking your units. Great clear as always.

@Alexmender It's not often I see Norne using the Guard Bow she starts off since most people switch it out for a different bow. Ninja Hana was impressive as well. I'm guessing you are waiting on grails for that last merge? Nice to see Eirika still being able to pull off solo clears.

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On 2/26/2021 at 7:07 PM, SatsumaFSoysoy said:


@Sasori So the orphan boys couldn't handle the Abyssal?

Thats what I thought so I decided to go for another team....but it turns out I underestimated the Orphan team. They just needed a babysitter capable of dealing with Claude.

And oooh. Hilda, Hilda, Hilda (+10). She was a EP shield that your absurdly though Celica and Hana could use for some of scary foes on this map

@Maaka : 'Eat this pall' is definately not something you could see Seiros or her other roles say. Which makes it pretty funny.

Also ow wow. I'm starting to think that there will never be a foe that Batre the Brave can't outspeed and one round.

@Landmaster Hahah Siegy smalls is a new one, but both him and Gordin can get some big numbers behind their blows so they always come in handy.

Speaking of smoll powerhouses. The elise squad did real nice as always. I was wondering how Claude would go down, but ganging up on him worked well. Also surprised how good the elise's took care of the dagger jerks.

@Diovani Bressan: Thanks. One day he'll be my first and probably only 5 star exclusive....or I hope thats what going to happen since I haven't seen a Siegbert in ages.

@Flying Shogi

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21 hours ago, Sasori said:

Thats what I thought so I decided to go for another team....but it turns out I underestimated the Orphan team. They just needed a babysitter capable of dealing with Claude.

Their babysitter isn't much older than them this time. And I think Asbel himself might be an orphan too, though I forget if they ever mentioned his mother at all. Nevertheless, he shred Claude hard. Even got the final kill.

@NSSKG151 Good luck on pulling the bow later then.

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Tiki decided to help the two younger brothers trying to protect their older dancer sisters!

Really thought I'd have to use Tiki to hurt or kill Claude, but when things play out like this Ewan was able to just get the kill himself. Definitely helped that both he and his sister had enough res to dodge the sabotages, which was part of why I went with them in trying to figure this one out. Happy Nils got to see a little combat this time too!


@Maaka Is it bad I got excited seeing OG Fir for a sec before she just repo'd? Also sheesh, Bartre just barely managing that kill on Claude. Good stuff as usual!

@Diovani Bressan Man that's some nice thinking downgrading Freyja's weapon, very nice 1-turn.

@Alexmender That's an interesting Norne build, especially with having Guard Bow. The snipe on Claude was quite satisfying, and I like seeing V!Silque too. The Eirika clear was also just fantastic and it's fun seeing the big numbers on her now.

@GuiltyLove Maybe not the usual fun PP build, but seeing Catria tank all that stuff was a fun change of pace. Fly Nino's refine is really nice too, I need to use mine more.

@Landmaster Man nothing can stop the Elises, and OG Elise always impresses me, especially since she can't get a damaging special. That near exact kill on Claude too! Now that seasonal refines are a thing I'm sure you're hoping S!Elise gets one at some point too eh?

@Sasori Looking forward to seeing Lex/Azelle someday, I'm pairing my Azelle with Tailtiu and hoping to use them both in a clear sometime. She was my first +10 actually and I haven't used her for one of these yet. Happy to see you get a successful shot with the orphans and their new friend, your Raigh has the skills I wish mine had. Lugh's enjoying that new tome, mine's definitely liking his new Plegian Torch. Nice seeing Siegbert get some love too.

@Flying Shogi Nino putting in good work as always, and I like seeing Reinhardt with the AOE special there.

@SatsumaFSoysoy Certainly wouldn't want to run into that team in an arena run, great as usual!

@Some Jerk Silviadoser indeed. I had similar problems getting Ewan to double (and survive) Claude, but all the pieces came together nicely after working on it a while.

@NSSKG151 Very nice on both clears, another satisfying Deadeye snipe, and nice to see Raven there too!

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I just slapped this team together, obviously Leif would be good, but Rhys served a purpose as well. The open map made things petty easy. Someone mentioned it earlier, but I'm surprised they didn't make the map based off of Deirdru.




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On 2/27/2021 at 6:40 AM, Alexmender said:

Phew, I almost forgot to this battle due to reading a manga P.D> Can't believe Umineko made me cry, it's quite the story I tell ya. It's still day 1 so I'm not very late, I think. Anyways, let's start with some comments! 

@NSSKG151 Wow! NY!Anna really ravaged this map like it was nothing. Honorary Anna opened the stage for the MVP, while Heroes Anna closed the curtains. What impressed me the most was that the TA blue flier did nothing to NY!Anna, for me that one was quite the pain, haha. 

The 1 turn clear gave me some ideas that I can use in the future, so thanks for that! LnD9 Raven seems fun to use, NY!Anna still destroys everything in her path effortlessly and Cordy is also a wrecking ball. Great clear!

@SatsumaFSoysoy Guess we tend to coincide a lot when it comes to clears, haha! I also used Ninja Hana with practically the same skillset minus the special. B!Celica really has come a long way since those days she was called the worst of CYL2, now she's amongst the best of the best in terms of sword units! W!Hilda+10 was quite the surprise, even more when she has to rely heavily on Repositon and Azura's Guidance to get into the fray very fitting that she'd drag her feet to not do anything, lol but when she did she destroyed whatever got in front of her. It was a great clear! 

@Landmaster The Elise squad is still going really strong. It's really impressive how OG!Elise can double practically every unit on the map even when some guys reach speeds on the upper 50s, of course the other Elises don't fall behind as they are all very scary nukes that can demolish anything in their path! Excellent clear!

- - - - - - - - 

At the beginning this was going to be the only clear I made, but after seeing Landmaster's Elise rampage I decided to go with two clears instead. To open up the show we have a team that is very unlikely to come back again in the future as it was brought together by how specialized this map can be. If you have questions about the +9 unit, that's on me for lacking 100 grails due to all the Linus fodder I bought, haha. 

For our second clear we have an old classic. It's been a while, huh? When I first tried to tackle this map I just cheesed it with W!Altina+Bride Micaiah, but that's cheating. I then tried to use Eirika in a similar fashion to Altina but she got obliterated, I thought Powercreep finally reached her as she was doubled by L!Claude. Turns out I was approaching the map on the wrong way, after taking it slowly it crumbled like every other Abyssal map Eirika has faced. Guess you really need more faith and love to reach your Golden Truth. Anyways, ignore my ramblings and enjoy the show! 


I still have no idea how you pull these off, wow!!

By the way, what do you use to record this footage, or do you emulate on PC?

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@Unknown Gamer11 Someone actually doubled Claude? Ewan is scary! Also, Tiki just casually did 112 damage to a Manakete o_O

@LoneStarI did not know Rhys could just tank a melee unit like that. I was surprised to see an AoE on Dimitri. Nice clear.


I uploaded another clear, this time with only Whitewings and their young leader! I've been doing Whitewings clears for the past few days. Some of them are harder than others. I redeemed Spring Est with my free Forma soul, so you can see her in all her power.


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everyone tags me. and i watch them. but i forget to comment. they are all great. 

I haven't recorded lately mostly because i can zip through them but can't remember how. LOL this one is probably easily replicable but I'll have to twink. 

the team was Peony+Triandra, Norne (eating up most of the map), Alm+Celica and Alfonse+Sharena. 
pretty easy all things considering. it only took me 10 minutes and only 3 restarts.

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@Landmaster Wow OG Elise went on a bit of a rampage this clear. That odd recovery does quite a lot as well. Not that dagger Elise needed it with that starfish. Great job!

@Sasori Ah the amazing Chad returns! Still can't believe how well he can tank everything and just fully heal back. Asbel exactly one-shotting Claude thanks to that savage blow was quite nice. Raigh did a surprisingly good job here as well. 

@Unknown Gamer11 Didn't realize Ewan was such a monster. Quite the speedy set on him. I suppose Tiki/Ninian helped out quite a bit, but it was basically Ewan completely destroying everyone. Very nice job!

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@Unknown Gamer11 Oh thats a very cool clear with a very impressive Ewan. Almost +10 too so good luck on the last ones.

I thought it was kinda cool to see him one round that pretty bulky lance infantry unit, but he one upped that by one rounding even Claude as well. With Tiki bringing a lot of anti dragon power.

And oh yeah you had a +10 Lugh. I can see a plegian toch working out really well for it. For once green tomes got a few new options to play around with.

@Maaka: I do like seeing all the damage get healed back. It makes Chad into a wall that works a bit different from the usual stat monsters. Figuring out how to get that one shot was the biggest challenge in that map.

@SatsumaFSoysoy: Asbel does hit pretty hard and pretty fast. Combine that with the flyer slaying and he's pretty neat to use. It makes up for the fact that I haven't played Thracia and don't know too much about him.

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@Diovani Bressan Nice one turn clear! When giving a unit a seal named Threaten doesn't make them more threatening... Him not having Iote's Shield meant L!Leif was a very good answer though. I had to nerf Freyja's weapon for one turn clears before myself. Luckily she's so strong she can make up for the lost Atk.

@Sasori Nice clears! Cool to see Azelle in action. Siegbert is also a unit I don't see that often, but he did very well Galeforcing to take out key threats here. And the orphans pulled through in the end as well!

@Maaka Great clear! Clever setup to quad Claude there, hurting Bartre with Fury to disable Catch and having Spring Fir close for the Atk/Spd Rein. Don't know why I didn't think of trying to take damage before attacking Claude myself, might have been easier, eheh.

@Landmaster Ah, Claude falling to the power of the Blade tome, what a nice sight. 

@Unknown Gamer11 Nice brother-sister clear there! That Ewan is really awesome, wish mine was even half that strong. Definitely want to get him that Fox tome sometime.


My one turn clear features my newly built Ninja Hana, who did nicely in opening up the map. Tana also got to put her new Resplendent stats to use in doubling Claude while his Catch skill was active, as a small flex (his Spd was chilled though). In all not that hard of a map, for once all the enemies weren't miles away.


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