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Hello to everyone. 

So, I kinda had a flashback that made my brain obsess with something. I remembered playing a FE8 hack where the main lord was a shaman (don't remember the actual class, I think it was a dark haired girl with a special class using dark magic) and in the final chapter she was the boss, being the "demon king". Can anyone help? Ringing any bells? Or just my childhood memories got mixed up? 

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7 hours ago, ranger016 said:

Midnight Sun perhaps?


6 hours ago, Von Ithipathachai said:

Yes, that definitely sounds like Midnight Sun.  AFAIK, the hack is no longer being worked on, the Midnight Sun project having morphed into a standalone indie game called Path of the Midnight Sun.

Thank you very much for the help guys 😊😊

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