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New Heroes: Seeds of Fodlan

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2 hours ago, Tybrosion said:

Yes, he does have high Atk...but not quite as much as either Lysithea, Kiria or Fallen Julia (and they all get a super asset in Atk while Hubert does not).

And given that he lacks a Prf and has shitty skill fodder, Hubert just feels severely lacking as a 5* exclusive unit compared to those girls (and Azelle too for that matter).

He is only off by like a few points, but I do not think those few points are so critical that it makes a huge difference.

I do not think it matters too much that he lacks an exclusive Weapon, since he will get a Refine eventually if the game lasts that long. I agree lack of good fodder is a bit disappointing though.

1 hour ago, Hilda said:

45 base atk... seriously lol? there are dagger users that cant even reach that attack after +10 merges and Dragon Flowers looool

Hey now, there is no need to shame Merlinus. Azama is not any better either. At least Merlinus can get over 50 visible Atk without buffs via Life and Death. Azama cannot even reach 45 with his own skills, and cannot even reach 50 visible Atk with Summoner Support and buffs. :P

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Giving New Heroes For Three Houses (Not Elibe/Valentia), Ingrid (FE16), Dedue (FE16), Linhardt (FE16) & Marianne (FE16) & Legendary Heroes Remix For Gunnthra (Original).

Giving Grand Hero Battle For Nergal (FE7), Fernand (FE15) & Solon (FE16). & Double Special Heroes With WT Reinhardt (FE5) & Duo Lyn (FE7).

Giving Hero Fest, Replaced Sothis (FE16) With Legendary Seliph (FE4), Harmonized Veronica (Original x FE14), Replaced Duo Ephraim (FE8) With Seiros (FE16) & Duma (FE15).

Giving Special Heroes For Summer Alm (FE15),  Summer Lachesis (FE4) & Pirate Edelgard (FE16) Giving Reward Unit For Duo Lyn (FE7) By Visitor.

Giving Collaboration Hero Digby (ACNL), Philia Felice (TOD), Roxas (KH2) & Axel (KH COM) & Legendary Heroes Anna (Original).

Edited by Gustavo Ramirez Mella

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5 free summons, got a Brave Edelgard +Res/-Something I don't remember because I used her as base and merged my neutral one into her. I'm very okay with that pull.

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Okay it only now occurs to me that Luin doesn't have enemy follow-up nullification, but counterattack nullification.
I... was under the impression of the former, so I was always just thinking "okay, so Ingrid can disable automatic follow-ups, that's cool I guess but woulda prefered true Null Follow-up", but now...
Well shit, it's like they're trying to phase out true Firesweep weapons with much stronger weapons that also have counterattack prevention that to be fair have a condition, but it's such a laughably easy condition to meet that it hardly makes a difference (5 more Spd seems pretty easy to meet when you have 53 Spd on initiation alone, debuff the enemies Spd by 3 and remove Spd buffs, and also have a number of good Spd-boosting Sacred Seals available, all at just her base 40 Spd). I mean, the last true Firesweep weapon released back when Roderick got his refine, and if not then then it woulda been Gerik's Firesweep Axe... hell, no demotes have ever been given a Firesweep weapon since Soleil, even though Firesweep Bow has been 5* locked for years to a single unit.

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Actually, since I managed to get my preferred version of Marianne, I don't need to worry about trying to get her brave version. ^_^ Though...

Marianne spoilers


If she comes as a beast for a sort of fallen version, I may need to get that.

So, I can just pick up my free Brave Gatekeeper! 😄 I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about choosing which one I'll pick up this year!

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