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Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Deirdre

Diovani Bressan

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A new Bound Hero Battle is here!
Seliph: Heir of Light and Deirdre: Lady of the Forest are waiting in Special Maps!



Another easy special map. It gave me a chance to use Cain and Abel outside Rokkr Sieges. Even Seliph's Miracle effect was not enough to stop them.

@BoaFerox @Maaka @daisy jane @Sasori @Landmaster @DarkAlf @mcsilas @SatsumaFSoysoy 

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@Diovani Bressan Nice clear! It's fun to see the original cav duo in action like this, they make for a nice team. Kaden being there as a sneaky cavalry support also worked very well for this team.


I decided to do a fairy themed one turn clear this time, since another one of my Galeforce units got a fitting Resplendent attire to be on the team. Had to downgrade Elincia to regular Brave Sword to manage to Galeforce though, her extra resplendent stats made her too strong lol. 


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@Diovani Bressan Ah wow, I don't see galeforcing Abel or wings of mercy food too often. Green Kaden was a neat one to use as well. NIce job!

@BoaFerox The fairy theme is quite nice even though one of them is actually a goat. Doing too much damage to galeforce is quite the issue sometimes, but great job handling it!

My clear was just the usual Bartre and Fir family destruction


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Oh yeah. I completely forgot to upload this one. Its not the worlds most interesting GHB. So its mother and son vs best mom and her mothers boys.

@Diovani Bressan : Oh nice. I knew you had a Abel, but I did't know you had a cain too. I mostly just see energy drink give other people wings of mercy.

@BoaFerox: Cool to see the new Elincia in action. I wondered why she stuck with a old Brave sword, but that was because she'd just be too though with Amiti around.

@Maaka: I had a feeling the Batre clan would have absolutely no problem with this map. Other then them maybe being too strong to properly galeforce with all those squishy mages on this map.

Edited by Sasori
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Meant to post this with the LHB the other day

@Diovani Bressan - Heavy Blade: The Clear. Getting the order right must have been tricky, nice work!

@BoaFerox - FAIRIES! Mirabilis’ Japanese voice is so cute. It’s great when a theme team works so well. Now we just need Galeforce Mira

@Maaka - Taking out Seliph first is one way to easily enter WOM range. Easy easy for the Bartre fam. 

@Sasori - Very nice of Henriette to keep all these sons safe. Ronan is seriously on steroids with his Res being able to tank Dierdre.

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