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Best Partner seals?

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So which of these married to the Avatar reclasses via partner seal would be best:

Setsuna- Knight/General (fixes her defense)

Saizo- Dark Knight (mixed growths, fixes his res plus he gets Seal Magic to further help it)

Odin- Monk, Great Master

Benny- Samauri -Swordmaster (fixes his Speed Issues, can S rank in Swords)

Hana- Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord: fixes her defense issues a bit

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Out of all of these odin is the clear winner.   Renewal is a great skill but what he really wants is tomefaire from omyoji which he also gets from monk talent corrin.   Dark knight saizo can work, him and odin I feel can work in almost any class.

The issue with the rest of them is that instead of focusing on a unit's strengths you focus on their weakness in an effort to patch it up,  which just ends in a mediocre unit all around.      Swordmaster benny could be a fun meme build but fixing his speed is a futile effort,  same goes for setsuna's defense.    Wyvern lord hana could be pretty decent.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter, just go for whatever seems most fun to you.   I assume this is for a rev run which is forgiving enough that you can experiment freely with no real issue.

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The actual best on that list is Odin to Onmyoji. Benny would be better as a Wyvern, Hana would rather go Merc or Cav and Saizo is best in a purely physical class since he's going to have decent Res and Mag but never good. There's no real way to fix Setsuna since she needs strength more than anything. Maybe either Outlaw or Merc to end up as a Bow Knight since her best default classes are Kinshi or Mechanist.

Edit: If you're insistent on Saizo in a mixed class, Basara or Malig Knight are better. Seal skills are useless for the unit using them and those 2 classes hit harder and have better weapons than Dark Knight.

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Dark Knight Saizo looks amazing. I remember seeing a screenshot of him here a long time ago. 

Master of Arms Subaki, Falcon Knight Kaden and Kinshi Knight Jakob are great on my current Birthright playthrough. Falcon Knight Laslow is quite good as well (but not as good as Kaden.)


Here are some S-rank reclassing options I want to try in future playthroughs. Any opinions?

I plan to Partner Seal Peri to Falcon Knight in my next Conquest playthrough. Not only would the outfit look fantastic on her, but she already uses lances and it would improve her already high speed and resistance. I also really like her as a character and want to S-rank her at some point.

In a different playthrough I plan to partner seal Shura to either Kinshi Knight (so he keeps bows) or to Butler (so he keeps staffs.) Both would look great on him and work well with his high speed and resistance and low defense stats. I’m leaning toward Kinshi Knight, but I’m looking for second opinions. I also really like him as a character and want to S-rank him at some point.

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