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FE4 Project Naga Documentation?

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Hey all, been a lurker for a very, very long time but I can't find what I need so I thought I'd finally make a post. 

Long story short, I would like help obtaining any documentation/mapping of the Project Naga patch. 

Short story long, I've played this series for years, and been hacking almost as long as I've been playing. However my hacking exploits have almost entirely been consolidated to the GBA games, and while you can do a lot more with them, FE4 has always been my favorite game and the newest translation patch makes it super easy to read menus/dialogue/other text. Since I cannot read Japanese, translation patches have been massive for getting me into older games, but at the same time they make me cautious to attempt hacking the games. Recently, I was researching FE4 hacks and found the tools left by Lamia and the Binary folks super helpful. In an attempt to make a FE4 hack that I can actually read, I was wondering if anyone had documentation on how PN handles text. For example, I can change hex values in the place where text would typically be according to the FE4 documentation I have, but it wouldn't change any in-game text (duh, it's been changed because of the patch). 

I don't claim to be good at hacking or even understand half of what's going on in code, but my patched ROM is about double the size of my original, and I think the PN data starts at 00600200 in my hex editor.




Messing with these values (changing the next few lines to "00") left the game in a runnable state, only crashing after I press the start button on the main menu, which is where PN text would first show up (I assume the title screen is an image file and not text). This is essentially the extent of my knowledge in hex, so any help pointing me to where I need to go would be a huge help. My end goal would be the ability to edit the names of characters, items, skills and so on within a copy of FE4 that has the PN patch applied. 

Also, sorry if this is a common file that comes with every copy of Windows10 or something, but I couldn't find any documentation on the patch's forum post or dev blog, and since I don't want to bother people I figured it would be best to throw out this post first before I go around DMing folks who might know. Again, my knowledge with programming in general is fairly poor, so I apologize if this is something I should know how to do on my own. Any help is appreciated!

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