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When do you think that they'll let us play as the villains?

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4 hours ago, NinjaMonkey said:

You can't really title your game "Conquest" if it's about an internal conflict, since you aren't conquering anyone, just quelling rebel groups within your empire.


I've always fantasised about a Mario game where you control the Koopa Troop, so a FE game controlling the villains would be right up my alley.

Well the game didn't necessarily need to be called Conquest. And in fact as is it's still a bit strange since Corirn's goal isn't conquest at all and Hoshido is left free to it's own devices by the end. Really there's no more conquesting going on in Conquest than there is in any other Fire Emblem.

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21 hours ago, 𝙵ᴇɴʀᴇɪʀ said:

having a game based on an "evil" villain going for war while dealing with stuff involving violence, death and eventually other not-so-kind concepts such as rape isn't exactly the best way to promote a game, because regardless of genre and rating it's probably going to be crucified by the media depending on story writing and overall focus of the game.

It depends on how those themes would be used in the story.
Do the game promotes such a villain as the "good guy" or as a morally right one? Or it presents him as the bad guy, basically telling the player "Look, he may be the protagonist but he's a piece of garbage, do not act like him"?

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