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Fire Emblem 8 Randomizer(Fire Emblem Sacred Stones: The Bravest)

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I'm deciding to Chronicle my FE8 Randomizer Adventure with the Self Randomizer. I'm calling this run: Fire Emblem Sacred Stones: The Bravest as this group is less of a trained group of soldiers and more like some random people picking up weapons who made the mistake of trying to create an army against a kingdom. I already did The Prologue and Chapters 1-2 before so I'm going to do a quick Casting Call and Short Recap.

Casting Call:


Eirika(Roy-ika): The princess of Renais who left in a rush after the castle was invaded. Barely has any fighting experience, she never had to fight before.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

Low Strength, Defenses, and average skill, here's our "Lord" everyone.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

The growths are terrible too. Low on everything except Luck and Speed.(And even then its only average)

Seth: Eirika's retainer. An inexperienced fighter blessed with insane physical aptitude.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

The low skill is really killing me, but everything else is good at least.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

Wdym this looks like Vanilla Seth to me.


Franz: A trainee Mage of Renais who was sent to help protect Eirika. Better than Eirika, though that's not a high bar...

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

A pupil with garbage bases? Hooray and Hoorah! Ironic the Pupil has the most skill out of the main three.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

I know we should teach kids to follow their dreams, but Franz buddy, your Magic growth is not Pupil material.

Gilliam: A training cleric from the magic school next to Franz's. Sent to accompany Franz and heal Eirika.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

Looks like someone didn't pay attention in Magic Class either...

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

At least your a fast learner! You know, you and Franz should really swap your classes to an Armor Knight and Archer/Mrym respectively. You have the potential!


Moulder: A former Priest, now Shaman sent by King Hayden to accompany Eirika and her army. A trained soldier but.... he can't separate his dark arts from a Bolting.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

That Speed though is nice. Skill is also delish. Let's not talk about that Magic.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

*Sigh* I guess the Shaman has the same Magic potential as the Pupil....great work Moulder.

Vanessa: A pegasus Knight sent by King Hayden to protect Eirika and her army.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

Yep, it's a Pegasus Knight alright.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

Those are certainly....growths. Your only saving grace in this army is going to be the added Avoid cause of Luck, and HP. Speed should really be higher.


Ross: A teenage Shaman from a quaint village who studied his forbidden magic in secret, protected by his father. As expected as a boy who is dumber than a bag of stone golems he sucks at it.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

He can give a real good mean look though.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

Thankfully he actually has an aptitude for his Magic of choice (Looking at your Franz and Moulder). Everything else sucks though.

Garcia: The father of Ross. Used to be the greatest soldier in Renais, but retired years ago. He's still ready and raring to get into some action...but with this army that plan is suicidal.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

That Strength and Skill is real nice. Defense is great. You might actually be pretty decent. Especially with Bonds as a skill.

r/fireemblem - FE8 RANDOMIZER CHRONICLES(Fire Emblem 8- The Bravest) Part 0: The Recap

THAT STRENGTH GROWTH WHAT. You are going to be a beast if I keep you around. Hopefully, your Speed will catch up.


End of Casting Call now for a short recap of stuff:

Prologue: Eirika did nothing. Seth missed with his Dragospear. Managed to kill Boss with luck.

Chapter 1: All the enemies sucked and did nothing. Eirika did 1 damage and broke her only Iron Sword. Frank also broke his Thunder Tome trying to hit the Healer Boss. Everyone's Skill stat is not helping the fact that our weapons have garbage accuracy. Seth and to use his Infinite use DracoSpear on Turbo Speed in order to kill the Boss. To let you know how long it took, you know that 1 EXP you get after every action, be it an attack, healing, or something? Seth started at around 10 EXP when he was trying to hit the boss and got a Level Up purely from those pity EXP.

Chapter 2: Lots of Loading and retries as everyone missed everything again. Vanessa and Seth rescued Ross and Garcia and Vanessa quickly went to the corner and waited patiently for the battle to end as she did no damage. The Minotaurs could do high damage so I had to tank with Garcia and Seth. Moulder and Ross were packed with a Nosferatu so they were really good against the low Res enemies. Managed to get through with no casualties and used the Armory to buy some weapons for Eirika and our other physical attackers. Frank has to wait until Chapter 4 or a random drop occurs before he can actually do anything. He is currently dead-weight.


Next time we'll start Chapter 3 with our lovely band of untrained misfits as they try to survive in this dangerous world. Hopefully, their enemies are as incompetent as they are.

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Moved to Let's Play / Streams.

Also, as an advisory, the way you've formatted it has ended up with a white background that shows up starkly against the dark theme. It's still readable, but just looks a little off.

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Just use Seth lol. 19 & 22 atk & spd base. 75% & 55% growth xdddddddddddddddddddddd

Still Seth Emblem. No different from default game, huh?

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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones( Fire Emblem The Bravest) Chapter 3:

Eirika and the gang run off to find who stole there bracelet. High chance they won't actually be a thief.



While there we meet Neimi who correctly guesses that we're a mercenary troop. Yes, that's how I'm roleplaying this randomizer, we are way too unskilled(In story and in gameplay) to form an actual army.


Neimi then proceeds to give us useless backstory about how good she is with a bow because...



Those bases are absolutely terrible. And the growths...


I mean... She could become very offensive, but its definitely bad for an Armor Knight to have a low Defense and HP Growth. The skills are also a mixed bag.

These skills are great(not counting the mandatory shove foot units have, but Aether might never proc. Seal Skill might be nice, but getting her into combat would be a death wish for her.

After some consideration I'm making the decision that I won't bench Neimi under any circumstances. She will be our Nino and I will make her good.

Anyways, lets start the actual Chapter.
                                                                                                                                         CHAPTER START!

I survey my enemies and find the the hardest hitting(Besides the boss but I'll come to that, is an archer and Tarvos in the South-East. The Tarvos is much more scary with that high Hit Rate.


I open up the wall to see if Neimi could kill the Tarvos but...


So I send Seth to go do some damage, but you see my friends, Seth also kind of sucks right now. With low skill(For a Jagen) and low-Hit, weapons, his highest chance to hit is a 42%. Thankfully he has the Speed to double and the Defense to dodge, but it's still very annoying, and its what makes this run very tough.


As expected he missed. Both times. Thankfully the Tarvos also missed, but its little consolidation. 


His Sturdy Stance skill does mean that if he does hit he'll do 4 more damage, and he won't take any damage if hit be the Tarvos, so that's something.  Since there's nothing else to do, I just move everyone up to wait for Colm. I also have Moulder shove Ross just because.


On Enemy Phase Seth instantly redeems himself by criting the Tarvos on a 9%. That's the Seth we know and love.


I wasn't paying attention to the random Journeyman who could hit Ross, but he dodged and counterattacked with some chip damage.


Colm shows up as a Bonewalker, so either this is a wholesome story of how Neimi managed to befriend a willing monster, or he died while searching for her necklace or whatever and died before somehow being resurrected. Pick your headcanon.


Colm is the most basic "Bad Fe Unit" you can imagine. Bad Bases, Bad Growths across the board except for that one decent growth in some random stat, and even mediocre skills that would be way better suited on another character who will actually be in the situations to use it. Instant bench.




I will try to make the most of him until I get a better character. Who knows, maybe he'll suprise me and turn out to be an MVP of my army. or at the very least a usable unit.

I send out Moulder who doubles the Journeyman and dodges his attack. Real worried about the chance of a broken turn on enemy phase though.


I didn't move Colm much and sent the rest of my units to the right to continue the map. Vanessa carries Franz as they both have no weapons and are essentially dead weight until then.


On Enemy phase the Journeyman uses a vulnerary to heal up instead of throwing himself to death at Moulder or Ross. 


Seeing as I have no theif or Door Keys to open any doors I take to using Seth to break through the walls and tanking anything that hits him on Enemy Phase while we sit and watch.


Enemy Phase comes and as expected, no one can do anything to Seth. Skeleton basically kills itself on him.


Tarvos and Seth both miss their attacks but even if the Tarvos did hit it would nothing.


A Mougal tries to attack Eirika but it also misses.


I use Seth again to try and hit the Tarvos, hopefully he'll do as well as when he critted...


He hits both and does a crit on the second! Seth is getting lucky with the crits today. This leaves him in the perfect spot for a kill.


On Enemy Phase Seth kills the Tarvos

And Vanessa gets hit by a Mogal. She heals up 2 Hp at her Fort, and she isn't going near combat, so this doesn't matter too much.


I let Seth attack the Mogal and he manages to kill it in one strike. Very happy that Seth is getting lucky with all these below 60% hits.


I put Garcia in the front so he can bait out this Tarvos. With his 10 Defense, the Tarvos would only do 4 Damage.


Gilliam heals Vanessa for some free EXP.


The Tarvos hits Garcia who shrugs it off, and misses his attack on the Tarvos. On Player phase I swap Garcia out for Seth to let him wail at the Tarvos, only hitting once.



Ross and Moulder swap Nosferatu's so that Moulder can double the Tarvos. He lands both hits, leaving the Tarvos at prime killing range on Enemy Phase.



Seth easily kills the Tarvos on Enemy phase, letting us continue the map.


Gilliam heals up Seth and I set him up in front of the Tarvos with his Slim Lance for Sturdy Stance Bonus


Unfortuanately Seth's luck catches up to him as he misses both hits and gets attacked for s measly one damage. Here's hoping Player Phase is better.


I take another shot with Seth who manages to land one of his hits and gets attacked again. 

I send in Garcia to make use of his Pragmatic so he and Seth can tag team. He misses and gets hit, so I can only hope Enemy Phase is in his favor.


It in fact is in his favor as he hits the Tarvos with a juicy 11 Damage. We could probably take him out if we're lucky.


I try to use Seth and hope he hits the 45%...


He hits! He swiftly kills the Tarvos and we can move on with our crew. 


Gilliam heals up Seth to get his a Level, which gave:







Defensive stats would have been nice just in case, but its nothing terrible. 


Seth baits out the archer and dodges his attack, which is very helpful as it would've done 19 Damage. I guess I really shouldn't have done that but he and Garcia are the only ones in this army with good defense.  On Player Phase Seth kills it, and we head to fight the boss: 

Bazba the Tarvos


Strength: 16

Skill: 9

Speed: 8

Luck: 0

Defense: 13

Resistance: 3

Skills(Not Counting Useless Ones like Shove or Provoke):

Impale: Deals 4x Damage(Skill% Activation)


Bazba is very strong and can wreck us. Impale has a 9% chance to just kill us in one hit, so we need to just bum rush him with everything we got. Too bad Neimi won't be able to do anything...


I thought I could shove him off the throne, but I can't so Seth's 10% accurate Slim Lance attack means he cant do anything right now... Or so I thought. I remembered supports and set up Eirika and Franz(Who supported with Seth right as I dropped him in place putting them at B Rank). 

With that, I have Neimi give Seth her Toxin Lance, and with all of that...Seth has a 20% chance to hit, to do 9 Damage per hit, with a 14% chance to Crit.

Every turn, Seth is healing 2 HP, so he's effectively taking 1 Damage each turn. I just have to keep on going on and hope he hits or crits.

On the Third Turn of this charade he manages to hit once! The poison is a nice bonus but it'll probably get healed up. He also got a Level Up where he gained:





Bad Level with no Skill, but I'm more happy he hit Bazba. I continue with the cycle...




Turn Whatver, Eirika get her B Support with Seth, so that will help a ton.(It raised hit to 33%)

Right after that, he hits again! It cant be too long until he kills it...


I thought it would be more grueling but Supports helped tremendously.

Speaking of Supports, I grind up for Seth and Garcia's C Support, to help Seth just a bit more.


Eirika seizes the throne, Colm(Ugggh) and Neimi(C-Cool I guess?) decide to join our mercenary group, and it marks the end for Chapter 3.

This Chapter was pretty easy all things considered. Still just Seth Emblem.


Be prepared.












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Seth stomps on everything.  I know this is a randomized run, but this looks like the FE8 we all know and love.

Good luck with Colm.  You'll need it.

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Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones( Fire Emblem The Bravest) Chapter 4: The City of Healers

After finding a bracelet and getting Neimi (Plus a skeleton benchwarmer), We go to Serafew in order to get to Grado. Only to find its...

A town of Clerics and Monks just living peacefully. This must be Gilliam's hometown! Eirika and Seth I guess has been ignoring Gilliam's presence + has never seen a healer before.


Geez guys it's just some clerics! Have none of you seen healers before?!


Arthur comes out and tells us about how he's on a un-holy crusade to kill all clerics I guess. We need as much help as we can get so we agree to kill all these innocent clerics.

Taking a look at Arthur, he has amazing Strength and some decent Skill and Speed! He has terrible Luck(As if that matters) Defense(That's kinda bad) and Resistance(Eh). The 12 HP is terrible though. 


Growths are heavily lopsided onto Strength, Skill, Speed and surprisingly enough Resistance. Those terrible Defense and HP Growths are not helping him though. I can see him becoming a mighty glass cannon if we train him(And he doesn't die).


His skills(Excluding Shove) are meh. Sealing Luck doesn't matter and String Riposte is good to have but nothing too special.


For my Battle Preperations I buy Franz a Fire Tome(1 Might, 89% Hit) so he can actually attack and give Neimi an Iron Lance(9 Might, 32% Hit). I also drop Vanessa cause she's bad and terrible. Colm is also not coming for the same reasons.

Chapter Start!

Looking at the map I was afraid the healers and monks were gonna be packed with insane stats and weapons but...they're just healers. The Monks have Shine to do 3 Damage and a few have a Lightning to do 4 Damage, but they are literally defenseless healers.


We send Arthur to the House and he finds a Skill Scroll. Pretty nice. I wait with everyone else cause lul they're just healers. 

Next turn after nearly killing Neimi cause of her 7 HP, I take  Franz and Eirika to do some chip damage to a Monk and have Neimi  finish them off.

....But they both miss and so nothing was gained.


Everyone else waits and on Enemy Phase the Monks all miss Neimi and a Dancer gets a pot-shot on Arthur for 2 Damage.


Next turn I have Eirika kill off the weakened Monk and I send Neimi to kill a Cleric. She misses again. 

I get tired of this so I let Franz do some damage to a dancer in order for Moulder to finish them off.


Garcia kills a Monk for that juicy EXP and Arthur trades his Skill Scroll to Neimi which she can pop open next turn. Gilliam heals us Arthur.


On Enemy Phase more Clerics and a lone Dancer advances for some reason. Neimi uses the Skill Scroll and gets Spur Strength. Pretty nice actually.


Arthur almost mutilates a Dancer, and Garcia kills a Monk, gaining a Level:


It's really nice! +2 Strength is great, by Skill or Defense would be helpful next time.

Eirika does some good damage to a Cleric and Franz finishes off the Dancer getting C Rank in Anima Magic. Gilliam heals Garcia for Rank C in Staves!

The Top Half is just Clerics so I'll update when something notable happens...

Neimi kills 2 Clerics and gets a hefty sum of EXP from it.



Ignore EXP Bar Glitch. When Neimi kills one more Cleric and gets a Level up its:


Disappointing. No Strenght or Skill. 2 Stats we desperately needed. Ironically enough she got points in Defense and HP, which she had 15 and 25% growths in respectively. I guess if it makes her tankier its fine...

We move everyone down and Franz kills a Monk.


Seth kills a Cleric near the river and since I'm too tired of this Chapter to go to the House for Lute I decide to send everyone to the boss and hope Neimi can get a kill after chip.


Seth and Garcia head up to deal with the Monks and Neimi is dancing with Death as she dodges a 36% chance for the Boss to instakill. Speaking of the Boss:


Magic: 10

Skill: 3

Speed: 4

Luck: 1

Defense: 4

Resistance: 10

Skills(Not Counting Useless Ones like Shove or Provoke):

Renewal: Restore 30% of Max HP at the start of each turn.

Impale: Deals 4x Damage(Skill% Activation)


The Druid is extremely weak, and with their Luna Tome having 0 Might and 17 Weight, they're even more useless. They can barely hit and can't double unless your speed is super bad, so don't worry bout a thing. Unless your Neimi...

Speaking of Neimi, she kills the Boss after Eirika weakens them, and she gets:

A fine level. She basically got aall the stats she missed out on last level except for Resistance.  Nice!

With the boss gone, all thats left are the Clerics and the 3 Monks, which Garcia and Seth kill in the following turns.

Eirika gets a Level off of Chip and gets:

Good job Eirika.

We finish off the last Cleric with Arthur and we end the Chapter. We enlist Arthur in our war effort as he will probably get plenty of chances to kill more Clerics on the way, and we welcome Lute onto the team cause she was bored.


I think its best to sign off with taking a look at Lute(Deal with Text):



Magic: 10

Skill: 3

Speed: 4

Luck: 1

Defense: 4

Resistance: 10


HP: 65%

Magic: 105%

Skill: 35%

Speed: 55%

Luck: 55%

Defense: 15%

Resistance: 50%

Skills(Not Counting Shove or Provoke):

Charm: Allies within 2 tiles deal +2 damage.

Adept: Gain a consecutive attack.(Speed % activation)


Woah...Lute is good..like really good. Great bases for a Mage, Amazing growths guarantees she gets Magic on a Level Up and a good chance of getting Speed. Good Skills that ACTUALLY WORK IN TANDEM WITH HER GROWTHS. We finally have another actually good unit. Definitely gonna be a mainstay, that 105%Magic is not going to waste.


So thats the end of Chapter 4. Very boring as it was just all healers. Hopefully Neimi will get some better levels next time.


Be prepared.




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After a bit of a hiatus, Chapter 5 is gonna be out on Sunday! These Chapters are gonna be getting real long so I'm going to split chapters up into parts. It can also lead to nice cliffhangers too! So get ready for that

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Changing date to Sunday

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If you feel the posts are getting too long you can use spoiler tags to hide the pictures!

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9 hours ago, eclipse said:

If you feel the posts are getting too long you can use spoiler tags to hide the pictures!

Oh didnt know that, thanks!

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