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For me :

- Alm : Conqueror

- Celica : Rigain

- Tobin : Oliphantier

- Faye : Harrier

- Clive : Skogul

- Delthea : Enchantress

- Mae : Enchantress

- Boey : Guru

- Genny : Exemplar

- Saber : Yasha

- Valbar : Spartan

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I used everyone like a man.

Unless you mean specifically who I brought to the final chapter because I forgot, just like the rest of the game.

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I'm assuming you mean for post game stuff. In my most recent run, I made an attempt at min/maxing and came up with this, which is working quite well for me:

Alm (Alm uses convoy better than Celica imo)

Celica (Probably the best offensive spell list)

Saber (Dreadfighters are broken)

Gray (Dreadfighters are still broken)

Mathilda (9-10 move, any lance with a oneshot skill)

Python (Killer bow user)

Sonya (Excalibur + Entrap)

Tatania (Warp + Fortify)

Silque (Warp)

Faye (Rescue + Anew)

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My Thabes squad was:

Princess Celica with the Speed Ring or Ladyblade;

Hero Alm with the Royal Sword;

Sage Tobin with the Mage Ring;

Bow Knight Gray with the Killer Bow;

Saint Clair with the Dracoshield;

Gold Knight Mycen with the Gradivus;

Falcon Knight Mae with the Javelin;

Bow Knight Boey with the Steel Bow;

Dread Fighter Saber with the Zweihänder; and

Gold Knight Conrad with the Ridersbane, Blessed Lance, or Duma's Lance.

Notice anything? All of these units are "forced recruits". That's because this was on my "forced recruits only" playthrough, wherein I dashed the hopes of Forsyth, Jesse, and anybody else whom I could turn down. Still beatable, even on Hard mode - admittedly, the Pitchforks were a big help.

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