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So, me and another guy in our discord server decided to run a Shadow Dragon draft. Problem: No one else in the server is up for it right now, as far as I know. If anyone wants in, feel free to DM me and I'll send you the server link.
The rules are:


1. This draft is for 5 players.
2. Marth, Jagen, Caeda, Xane and Nagi/Gotoh are free for all to use.
3. The game will be played on Hard Mode (1*) with the Gaiden Requirement Removal Patch.

1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, visit houses, trade, and shop. They are also allowed to meatshield to protect a drafted unit that would otherwise be unsavable (read: Boah/Midia/Tomas. So Dolph and Macellan can meatshield on Ch12 to keep them from dying.)
2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding for the sake of holding off the enemy and opening chests/doors.
3. Gaiden chapters do not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken.
4. You are free to reclass units as you please.

1.  Usage of the Warp staff or Wing Spear is strictly prohibited.

1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter.

One last thing: Despite me hosting this draft... don't expect me to attempt to LTC. I just don't do that, and I'll be anything but the winner, but I do this for the sake of unique army compositions.

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