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Support Conversation Branches

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The following is what I expect is the vast majority of changes that Supports undergo based on the circumstances in which you view them- time-based, route-based, progress elsewhere, etc. The source was https://fedatamine.com/en-us/, and as I recall when I compiled this, they're missing at least one example that I know of from other sources, which is why I believe there might be more. They also don't know some of the triggers, and some Supports have triggers listed but no actual changes listed- I suspect the latter is not the case in other languages.

"Minor student references" are moments where a character talks about school mechanics like exams or studying that is replaced with a war mechanic post-timeskip. "Timeline references" are when characters date things and correctly add five years if the timeskip's five years have passed. "Social position references" are when characters will correctly change the titles a person uses if they change over the story. Marianne will use a different expression based on Part when referring to Dorte and other animals that make her feel comfortable.



Byleth C- If “The Sealed Forest Snare” has been completed, Sothis will be omitted.

Byleth B: If “Capturing Derdriu” has been completed, Edelgard will say “But you came back to me” in place of “But I’m not alone”.

Hubert C- Two minor student references.

Hubert A: If Hubert has an alternative A Support, Edelgard will suggest he has a crush on them.

Ferdinand B: One minor student reference.

Ferdinand A: If Ferdinand has an A Support with Hubert, Ferdinand will enjoy coffee instead of tea.

Linhardt C- One social position reference. One minor student reference.

Linhardt B: If Caspar is dead, Linhardt will not use him as an excuse. One minor student reference.

Caspar C- Edelgard will take greater offence to Caspar as Empress.

Caspar B: One minor student reference.

Bernadetta C- One social position reference. If “Foreign Land and Sky” has been completed, Bernadetta will mention having swum in Brigid seas. so

Bernadetta A: If Bernadetta has completed other A Supports, Edelgard will tease her about them.

Dorothea C- If “Conflict in the Holy Tomb” has been completed, Edelgard’s plans will not be in future tense.

Dorothea B: Under unknown circumstances, Dorothea will have “someone whose company I have come to enjoy” instead of “met someone quite charming recently. I’m hoping we can spend more time together soon.”. Edelgard will have “a certain face come to mind” rather than “nothing resembling romance” under similar circumstances.

Dorothea A: Under unknown circumstances, Dorothea will find it difficult to be interested in certain men rather than have lost passion for chasing love.

Petra C- If viewed after timeskip, Edelgard’s plans will not be in future tense.

Constance C- Edelgard will reassure Constance that they are friends and only friends if Constance is a member of the Black Eagle House.

Constance B: If “Conflict in the Holy Tomb” is not completed, Constance will have read the signs and determines to not be shackled by the past. In the inverse, she will praise Edelgard for having risen to become Emperor in an age of uncertainty. Edelgard will also not use future tense if she is Emperor.



Byleth C- If “Assault at the Rite of Rebirth” has not yet been completed, Dimitri will briefly introduce Rodrigue.

Ashe C- If “The Magdred Ambush” has not yet been completed, Ashe will suggest Lonato might get angry if he learns Dimitri did errands for Ashe. Under unknown circumstances, Dimitri will say “We’re supposed to be allies. We’ve fought side-by-side as equals, haven’t we?”

Ashe B: One minor student reference. In Part II, Dimitri will specify that he is still yet to be the official King.

Sylvain C- One minor student reference.

Sylvain B: In Part II, Sylvain will accuse the Empire of chasing Dimitri.

Annette C- If Annette and Gilbert have reached C Rank, Annette will say “So you can see the resemblance” instead of “I hear that a lot”.

Annette B: In one Part, Annette will say “I feel we can talk like this because of our time at the academy… But if he saw me speaking so casually to you… Oh my goodness. He would probably faint.”

Annette A: If “Weathervanes of Fodlan” has not yet been completed, Annette will refer to her uncle having betrayed the Kingdom.

Ingrid C- One timeline reference.

Raphael B: If Manuela is recruited, Raphael will mention he didn’t encounter her at the infirmary. In Part II, he will say “I’m gonna be completely useless!” while he believes he is failing in his training.

Flayn C- If Seteth is alive and recruited, Flayn will mention even he avoids her in the kitchen and refuses to answer whether he enjoys her cooking.

Gilbert C- In Part I, there is an extended opening where Dimitri asks if Gilbert has finished praying before using his true name. If “Saving Derdriu” has been completed, Dimitri and Gilbert will not acknowledge Patricia’s presence at the Tragedy. “Return to the Kingdom” changed to “Remain in the Kingdom” based on Part, with Faerghus’s state changing from “rotten husk” to “ravaged land”.

Catherine C- Dimitri will be unsure if his childhood was long ago in Part I.

Catherine A: If “To War at Gronder” has been completed, Catherine will say she will defeat the Empire and rescue Rhea. If “Saving Derdriu” has been completed, Catherine will instead say she’ll find Rhea no matter what.

Hapi B: If “Taking Fort Merceus” has been completed, Dimitri will feel a great deal of emotion rather than being pleased greatly on being compared to Patricia. If “Saving Derdriu” has been completed, Dimitri will say “Don't worry too much about it, Hapi. However, if you could consent to keeping all of that between us, I'd be much obliged.” instead of “I would very much appreciate your silence on the matter. But thank you, truly, for all that you said.”



Lorenz C- One timeline reference.

Raphael B: One minor student reference.

Ignatz B: If Byleth is female, Claude will ask Ignatz to compare her to the goddess.

Lysithea C- One minor student reference.

Marianne C- In Part I, Claude will explain the significance of his lost pendant and say his grandfather would be angry if he lost it.

Marianne B: One Dorte expression.

Hilda C- One minor social position reference.

Leonie C- One minor student reference. In Part II, Leonie will mention there is no such thing as too much food.

Ingrid C- One minor student reference.

Ingrid B: If Sylvain is alive and recruited, Ingrid will reference him more clearly as her troublesome friend, and Claude will identify him by name.

Flayn C- If Seteth is dead, Claude will reference his book curation and adoration of Flayn in past tense.

Flayn B: If Seteth is dead, Flayn will speak of her promise to him in past tense, and intends to keep it still.

Flayn A: If Seteth is dead, Claude will not mention asking him about his secrets.

Flayn A+: If Raphael is alive, Flayn will compare him to her own brother in addition to Holst.

Shamir C- In Part I, Claude will leave the conversation admiring Shamir’s capabilities as the greatest sniper in the knights.

Shamir B: In Part II, Claude will address the Knights of Seiros in past tense. Shamir will only say she owes Rhea a debt in Part I, instead changing to “her interests have changed” for Part II.

Cyril C- If Rhea is not present, Claude will address Cyril’s relationship with her in past tense. One minor social position reference.

Cyril B: In unknown circumstances, a large swath of Claude’s attempt to enter the Holy Tomb will be reworded.

Balthus C- One minor social position reference. In Part I, Balthus will call Claude’s sudden appearance fishy. In unknown circumstances in Part II, Claude will accuse him of working for House Gloucester instead of just Lorenz.

Black Eagles with Byleth/Black Eagles


Byleth/Hubert B: Hubert will only claim Arundel, Aegir and Vestra joined forces in Part I.

Byleth/Hubert A: Hubert will only suggest he and Byleth could become a couplet of birds if Byleth is female.

Hubert/Ferdinand C- One minor social position reference.

Hubert/Linhardt C- One minor student reference. Hubert’s “soon ascend the throne and deal with noble privilege” will change to “we are in the middle of a war” in Part II. Linhardt will say “Cooperating the way I am now, serving in the military, it's about all the generosity I can muster” only in Part II.

Hubert/Petra C- If Linhardt is alive, Hubert will express the desire that Petra’s work ethic rub off on him. Reference to future adversity changed to present.

Hubert/Petra B: In Part II, Petra will wish to show her strength during the war to help Empire relations.

Byleth/Ferdinand C- On Silver Snow, Ferdinand will say Byleth holds Edelgard in high esteem based on an impression, rather than asking Byleth’s opinion directly.

Byleth/Ferdinand B: Ferdinand will have a large tweak in Crimson Flower to reflect being the head of House Aegir rather than a disgraced noble. If Edelgard/Ferdinand A has been achieved, Ferdinand will believe he has gotten on better terms with Edelgard while still playing second fiddle.

Byleth/Ferdinand A: On Silver Snow, Ferdinand will say Byleth gives direction rather than standing beside a leader. He admits he will never be greater than Edelgard in Crimson Flower rather than never prevailing over her in other routes.

Byleth/Ferdinand S: Ferdinand will only refer to his position as Aegir as “rightful” in Crimson Flower.

Ferdinand/Petra A: Ferdinand says Edelgard desires Petra to ascend the throne in Brigid in Crimson Flower, rather than saying toppling the Empire will free her.

Byleth/Linhardt C- If “Assault at the Rite of Rebirth” is completed, Linhardt will suggest Byleth’s use of a Heroes’ Relic makes him similar to a hero in a silly legend.

Byleth/Linhardt B: One minor student reference. In Part I, Byleth will say “As long as I’m here, I won’t let you die.” In Part II, Linhardt will ask for a world where his dreams are possible rather than to make it a reality.

Byleth/Linhardt A: In unknown circumstances, Linhardt will reference asking “help me achieve my goal of being a person who can simply nap all day” rather than “help me make this the sort of world where I can simply nap my days away”.

Linhardt/Caspar C- In non-Crimson Flower routes, Linhardt will guess Bergliez and Hevring are still bickering rather than state he can’t fathom the problem. In Part II, Caspar will point out he has grown.

Linhardt/Caspar C- Caspar hopes Linhardt has grown stronger in five years in Part II.

Linhardt/Dorothea C- One minor social position reference.

Linhardt/Dorothea B: The soldiers will be annoyed that Dorothea is higher ranked than them in Part II.

Linhardt/Dorothea B+: Dorothea thinks she doesn’t deserve to attend the academy in Part I, and thinks she’s out of her league as a general in Part II.

Linhardt/Petra A+: Linhardt will not claim the chair they burned was the archbishop’s favourite in Crimson Flower.

Byleth/Caspar B: The knight who mentions the scorpion tattoo is not familiar with it on Crimson Flower.

Caspar/Dorothea C- In Part II, Dorothea mentions that leaving her room a mess wouldn’t be fair to the next person “assigned” to it. Her line “Were you raised in a stable?” only occurs in Part I.

Byleth/Bernadetta C- Bernadetta will mention being scared of Byleth on their first meeting only in Silver Snow.

Byleth/Bernadetta A: The “We can ask another professor” dialogue option is not available if Manuela and Hanneman were not recruited. Bernadetta will think she’s not good enough to get close to Byleth if he is a male, but just request alone time if she is female.

Byleth/Dorothea C- Dorothea will warn Byleth about her fading beauty if she’s a girl. She will also react less strongly to Byleth’s flirting.

Byleth/Dorothea B: Dorothea attempts to come onto a male Byleth, but tries tickling a female Byleth. She will react to a male Byleth’s lack of reaction by losing confidence.

Byleth/Dorothea S: Dorothea’s expression will be different for a male Byleth when she says “maybe the person I’ve been looking for is closer than I realised”.

Dorothea/Petra C- Dorothea is more confident that Petra is at ease in Part II. In non-CF routes, Dorothea will comment that returning to Brigid is unlikely to happen.

Byleth/Petra C- Petra will show a female Byleth her tattoos, but doesn’t think male Byleth will get the chance so easily.

Byleth/Petra B: Petra acknowledges the lack of real fighting in Garreg Mach in Part I, and faces the importance of it in Part II. She will have belonging to “our squad” in Crimson Flower and a more generic collective in other routes (changing based on Part.)

Byleth/Petra A: Petra’s explanation of her country’s position is dramatically different determined on Crimson Flower or not, with a focus on toppling the Empire in the latter. She promises she will share her true want with a male Byleth first.

Blue Lions and Byleth/Blue Lions


Dedue/Mercedes C- One minor student reference.

Dedue/Annette B: If Dimitri is in his boar phase, Annette will be apprehensive about Dedue’s success changing his mood.

Dedue/Annette A: If “Weathervanes of Fodlan” is completed, Annette will mention Dedue would probably already know her uncle was strict. If Annette and Gilbert have achieved C Rank, Dedue will name Gilbert as Annette’s father.

Byleth/Felix C- If “Assault at the Rite of Rebirth” is completed, Felix will mention Byleth wields the Sword of the Creator.

Byleth/Felix B: In Part II, Byleth may respond with “To stop this war” to explain their drive to become strong.

Byleth/Felix S: If Byleth says that Felix hasn’t changed, he will point out he is now a Duke in Azure Moon.

Felix/Sylvain B: If Ingrid is not present, Sylvain will comment that Ingrid is no longer lording over them.

Felix/Mercedes C- If “The Face Beneath” is completed, Felix will point out Mercedes’s brother is the Death Knight. If not, Mercedes will elaborate extra detail about Emile’s history.

Felix/Ingrid C- One minor student reference.

Felix/Ingrid B: In non-AM Part II routes, Ingrid will point out that Felix has successfully ran away from his duties as Fraldarius heir.

Felix/Ingrid A: If Dimitri and Ingrid have achieved B Support, Ingrid will say that while Glenn’s death was a tragedy, she believes he would have suffered had he survived.

Byleth/Ashe C- If “The Magdred Ambush” has been completed, Ashe will mention Lonato by name as his adoptive parent.

Byleth/Ashe A: If Byleth asks if Ashe cares about them, Ashe will deny romantic tension if Byleth is female, and claim resemblance to Lonato if Byleth is male.

Ashe/Sylvain B: If Ingrid and Dimitri are alive, Sylvain will compare Ashe’s stubbornness to them.

Ashe/Annette C- In Part II, Annette will point out that the math will be important one day on the battlefield.

Ashe/Annette A+: If Annette and Gilbert have reached C Support on Azure Moon, Ashe will mention him by name. He will instead be “one of the king’s best knights” on other routes.

Ashe/Ingrid B: In non-Azure Moon Part II, Ingrid will point out that although she turned her back on House Galatea, the expectations of being a Crest bearer have not changed.

Byleth/Sylvain C- If female Byleth says Sylvain broke the girl’s heart, Sylvain will protest that he is on her side. He will invite female Byleth to tea for heartbreak consolation and male Byleth for a night on the town looking for love.

Byleth/Sylvain B: Sylvain will suggest “Sylvain and the professor are on the prowl” to a male Byleth, and get defensive about talking to a female Byleth. If “Assault at the Rite of Rebirth” is completed, Sylvain will bring up his brother as an example of a kid with no hope.

Byleth/Sylvain A: If Faerghus is stable (Crimson Flower, Azure Moon after “Reclaiming the Capital”), Sylvain will say Sreng belongs to Faerghus, otherwise he will point out that hostilities could break out at any time. If Sylvain possesses the Lance of Ruin, he will mention being gifted it by his father.

Sylvain/Mercedes B: If “The Underground Chamber” was completed, Mercedes will bring up Miklan as an example of an unhappy story of Sylvain’s.

Sylvain/Ingrid A+: If Felix and Dimitri are alive, Sylvain will guess Ingrid is attempting to attract their attention.

Mercedes/Ingrid B: In non-Azure Moon Part II, Ingrid will not mention being a tool for her family’s fortunes or her father’s desires.

Byleth/Annette C- If Mercedes is alive and recruited, Annette will express confusion about how a girl like her never sets foot outside her room on days off.

Byleth/Annette B: One minor student reference.

Annette/Gilbert C- One minor student reference.

Byleth/Ingrid C- Ingrid will refuse to help clean male Byleth’s room on the grounds of the implications, but will not hesitate for a female Byleth. If Sylvain and Felix are alive and recruited, Ingrid will suspect they had a hand in Byleth coming to check on her.

Byleth/Ingrid B: On non-Azure Moon Part II, Ingrid will remark how strange it is that she will not receive any more letters from her father. Otherwise, she will complain about how much rubbish he is creating by sending them. The letter will later be described as Ingrid’s last letter from her father in Part II of all routes. One minor timeline reference (on non-Azure Moon).

Byleth/Ingrid A: On Azure Moon, Ingrid will mention having gained her father’s consent to fight. Otherwise, she will observe that nothing is stopping her from pursuing her dream now she is not beholden to him. The option “It’s no use worrying about things that are in the past” and Ingrid’s response are only available outside Azure Moon.

Golden Deer and Byleth/Golden Deer


Byleth/Lorenz B: Outside of Verdant Wind, Lorenz will say that his increasing influence is the best path for peace for all of Fodlan, and claims the fate of the world is on his shoulders. In Verdant Wind, only the Alliance does so.

Byleth/Lorenz A: If Byleth is female, Lorenz will apologise for the discomfort caused by the complaints about him.

Lorenz/Ignatz C- One minor student reference.

Lorenz/Lysithea C- Lorenz will elaborate on his desire for political talk on Verdant Wind only. Two Alliance/Fodlan switches. Lorenz’s opinion on the Alliance’s position changes based on timeskip. Lysithea’s magic will be for the benefit of the Alliance on Verdant Wind and Fodlan on other routes.

Lorenz/Hilda C- One Alliance/Fodlan switch. One minor student reference.

Lorenz/Hilda C+: Under unknown circumstances, Lorenz will call Holst one of the foremost commanders of the Alliance rather than just one of them.

Lorenz/Hilda A: One Alliance/Fodlan switch.

Byleth/Raphael B: If “Salvation at the Chapel” has not yet been completed, Raphael will suggest Byleth ask their father for more siblings.

Byleth/Raphael A: On Verdant Wind, Raphael observes Byleth does everything Claude asks of them.

Byleth/Raphael S: Outside of Crimson Flower, Raphael will point out Byleth must make a decision about what to do with the Church. If Raphael and Ignatz have reached A Support, Maya will be mentioned to have expressed desire to become an artist.

Raphael/Ignatz C- If “Death Toll” has been completed, Raphael will acknowledge Ignatz’s guilt over his own parents’ deaths.

Raphael/Lysithea C- One minor student reference.

Raphael/Marianne C- Two Dorte expressions.

Raphael/Leonie B: One minor student reference.

Ignatz/Lysithea B: If Raphael is alive and recruited, Lysithea will compare Ignatz’s biceps to his.

Ignatz/Lysithea A: If Lorenz is alive and recruited, Ignatz will compare his own tea brewing skills to his.

Ignatz/Marianne C- Three Dorte expressions.

Ignatz/Marianne B: Three Dorte expressions.

Byleth/Lysithea A: Outside of Verdant Wind, Lysithea will explain the political situation leading to the mages visiting Ordelia.

Byleth/Marianne B: In Part I, Marianne is at the academy to be married to a powerful noble. In Part II, she is sent to contribute to the war effort to raise her family’s standing.

Byleth/Marianne A: If “Forgotten Hero” has been completed, Marianne will cite her Crest as causing her problems directly.

Marianne/Leonie C- One Dorte expression.

Marianne/Leonie B: Two Dorte expressions.

Byleth/Hilda B: In Verdant Wind, Hilda will cite Claude as a serious worker. She will say people would be jealous of a male Byleth, while suspecting that a female Byleth would help her find someone to treat her to a free meal.

Byleth/Hilda A: If Lorenz is alive and recruited, Hilda asks that Byleth not tell him about Holst being mentioned in talks for Alliance succession.

Black Eagles and Blue Lions


Ferdinand/Mercedes C- On Crimson Flower, Ferdinand will point out that Edelgard does not deny the right to pray to the goddess.

Ferdinand/Mercedes A: If “Reclaiming the Capital” has been completed, Ferdinand will have free access to Fhirdiad, but will still require stealth in the Bartels estate.

Linhardt/Annette B: Two minor student references. Annette will be worried about Linhardt being a dropout in Part I and a coaster in Part II.

Linhardt/Annette A: If Linhardt and Hubert have reached C Support on Crimson Flower, Linhardt will suspect Annette of having spoken to him.

Caspar/Annette C- In Part II, if Catherine is not alive and recruited, she will not have solved Annette’s dining hall catastrophe.

Felix/Bernadetta A+: If Felix and Lysithea have reached B Support, Felix will refuse Bernadetta’s candy. If none of Dimitri, Ingrid or Sylvain are alive, Bernadetta will not suggest Felix fell out with an old friend.

Bernadetta/Ingrid C- One minor student reference. In Part II, Bernadetta will go into more detail about how she’s still around during the war.

Bernadetta/Ingrid B: Ingrid’s description of Bernadetta’s potential for lost peace at a moment’s notice changes based on Part.

Felix/Dorothea C- One minor student reference.

Felix/Dorothea B: In non-Azure Moon Part II, Felix will point out he has abandoned his nobility and has no political capital worth marrying. If Felix does still possess his nobility, Dorothea will dismiss him as a noble worth marrying.

Dorothea/Ingrid C- In Part II, if Alois is not alive and recruited, he will not do work on Dorothea’s opera. If Ingrid and Annette have reached C Support, Ingrid will say she doesn’t do makeup rather than doing it rarely.

Dorothea/Ingrid B: In Part II, Ingrid will point out how wartime has made makeup a low priority. If Annette and Ingrid have reached B Support, Ingrid will point out that she has been starting to learn makeup from her.

Black Eagles and Golden Deer


Ferdinand/Lorenz B: One minor student reference.

Ferdinand/Marianne B: In Part II Crimson Flower, Ferdinand will use his own lost status as an example of life’s obstacles to overcome.

Linhardt/Lysithea C- In Part II, if Hanneman is not alive and recruited, Linhardt will discover Lysithea’s dual Crests by investigating his room rather than an accident that occured in it.

Linhardt/Lysithea B: In Part II, if Hanneman is not alive and recruited, Linhardt will be continuing his work rather than assisting him with it.

Caspar/Raphael C- Caspar will mention having grown in Part II, but not as much as he would like.

Bernadetta/Leonie B: Leonie will point out Bernadetta's skills are useful to the war effort, which Bernadetta will deny.

Dorothea/Lorenz C- In Verdant Wind, Lorenz will hope for a wife who can help unify the Alliance. On other routes, he seeks to build upon the honour of his house.

Blue Lions and Golden Deer


Ashe/Marianne B: If “The Magdred Ambush” is completed, Ashe will refer to Lonato by name.

Ashe/Marianne A: If Sylvain and Marianne have reached B Support, Marianne will mention Sylvain’s words about a person’s value being in their smile.

Mercedes/Ignatz B: In Crimson Flower, Mercedes will mention having not spent much time considering how to help people who can’t help themselves. In other routes, she has a vague idea that working for the church would do so.

Raphael/Ingrid B: In non-Azure Moon Part II, Ingrid will find a letter from her father rather than receive a new one, and explain that she chose to fight rather than follow her father’s plans.

Students and Church


Hubert/Hanneman C- In Part II, Hubert will describe his father in past tense. He will also mention Edelgard crushing her opposition. His expression will also be more pleased for the latter quote.

Hanneman/Shamir C- In unknown circumstances, Hubert will recall Shamir’s skill with a bow rather than admire it.

Ferdinand/Flayn C- Ferdinand will use more colourful language and a dour expression to describe the dangers of hunger on the battlefield in Part II.

Ferdinand/Flayn A: If Seteth is alive, Ferdinand will advise Flayn to keep their embraces secret from him.

Linhardt/Catherine B: If another Relic is available, Linhardt will intend to ask someone else to assist his experiments. If not, Linhardt will say he can keep himself busy.

Caspar/Catherine C- In Part II, Caspar will describe Catherine’s reputation in past tense.

Caspar/Shamir C- In Crimson Flower, Shamir will be thankful that Edelgard destroyed the old Empire.

Bernadetta/Alois B: If Byleth is male, Bernadetta will observe that her uncle is not the only man she ever felt comfortable around.

Dorothea/Manuela C- In Part II, Maneula will ask about Dorothea’s enrollment in past tense. Dorothea will talk about the heirs in past tense as well. In unknown circumstances, Dorothea will have candidates for marriage in mind.

Petra/Shamir C- In Part I, Shamir works to repay her debt to Rhea. In Part II, she is curious what will happen to Byleth. In Crimson Flower, she says her ill will was directed at the former Empire, and that the current Emperor has not earned it. In Crimson Flower, Petra will say Edelgard continues to give her help and strength- in other routes, she will mention that she used to.

Petra/Shamir B: In Crimson Flower, Petra will ask if Shamir would fight her allies in the Imperial Army rather than her allies in all of Fodlan.

Sylvain/Flayn C- In Part II, if Seteth is not alive, Flayn will describe his warnings in past tense.

Sylvain/Manuela B: In non-Azure Moon Part II, Manuela will not consider Sylvain’s noble heritage a factor in his marriage prospects.

Mercedes/Cyril C- In Part II, Mercedes will wonder why Cyril has not remembered her name yet.

Annette/Hanneman C- In Part I, Hanneman will say that seeing Annette grow is more than a humble professor like him deserves.

Annette/Hanneman A: In Azure Moon, Hanneman will suggest that Gilbert would smile on seeing Annette follow his lead and become a knight.

Ingrid/Seteth C- In Part I and Azure Moon, Ingrid will explain Galatea’s situation to Seteth. In non-Azure Moon Part II, Ingrid will skim over the details and mention she has parted ways with him.

Ingrid/Seteth B: In non-Azure Moon Part II, Ingrid will mention her father’s hopes were dashed long ago.

Raphael/Flayn B: In unknown circumstances, Flayn will say she wants to give her brother peace of mind and that she needs to get stronger to do the things she wishes. Outside of Silver Snow, in unknown circumstances, Raphael will not ask Flayn to give it her all to make her brother proud.

Raphael/Flayn A: In unknown circumstances, Flayn will describe her brother becoming anxious on hearing her shouting.

Ignatz/Flayn C- In Part II, if Seteth is not alive, Flayn will say Ignatz passed her test. If Seteth is alive, Flayn will say she will not report Ignatz to him.

Ignatz/Flayn A: In unknown circumstances, Flayn will observe Ignatz is lucky her brother has not noticed his behaviour.

Lysithea/Hanneman C- Outside of Crimson Flower, Hanneman will mention he has not told the Church of Lysithea’s twin Crests for fear of being branded a traitor.

Hilda/Cyril C- Cyril will only say that Fodlan has Lady Rhea if Rhea is not being held in captivity.

Leonie/Catherine B: In Part II, Catherine will ask Leonie to draw upon her existing combat experience rather than attempt to imagine some.



Byleth/Sothis S: Outside of Crimson Flower, Sothis will state that the Crest Stone is mere decoration.

Byleth/Seteth C- Seteth will adjust his initial opinion based on how far you have proceeded through the story. He will start being openly distrustful. If “Assault at the Rite of Rebirth” has been completed, Seteth will comment on the Sword of the Creator. If “The Underground Chamber” has been completed, Seteth will have trust in Byleth, but be eager to take an objective test first. If “The Sealed Forest Snare” has been completed, Seteth will not express any mistrust, speculating on Byleth’s true nature. Later, If “Salvation at the Chapel” was completed, Seteth will assume a grieving expression and use past tense on the topic of Jeralt.

Byleth/Seteth B: In Part I, Seteth will promise his aid as Rhea has put faith in them. If Rhea is still in captivity, Seteth will use past tense. If “Confrontation at the Palace” has been completed, Seteth will acknowledge Rhea’s renewed faith in Byleth.

Byleth/Seteth A: There is a huge knot of dependencies on this one. I have yet to solve them.

Byleth/Seteth S: In Azure Moon, Seteth will inquire about Byleth’s role as Archbishop. In other routes, he will discuss being the supreme ruler of Fodlan.

Seteth/Flayn C- One minor student reference.

Seteth/Hanneman C- One minor timeline reference.

Seteth/Hanneman B: If Manuela is alive and recruited, Seteth will ask if Hanneman would be better served asking her help with his back pain. If Hanneman and Manuela have not reached A Support, the prospect of relying on Manuela will concern Hanneman.

Seteth/Manuela A: In unknown circumstances, Seteth will say it is his routine to swear an oath to Cethleann’s likeness. In the alternative, he will describe Cethleann’s wishes in past tense.

Seteth/Manuela A+: If Flayn is dead, Seteth will muse that she would not have wanted him to remain alone forever. If Flayn is alive, Seteth will comment that she will not want to remain at his side forever.

Seteth/Catherine C- If Rhea is present, Catherine will suggest getting wounded to receive her personal ministrations, to Seteth’s chagrin. If Rhea is absent, Catherine will vow to find her to potentially receive that honour.

Seteth/Cyril B: If Rhea is absent, Cyril will point out that his duties are still in her name.

Seteth/Cyril A: If Rhea is absent, Seteth will suggest that Cyril ask Rhea for her opinion on his path. If Rhea is present, Seteth will speculate that Rhea would worry about Cyril continuing to focus on repaying his debt. If Rhea is absent, the conversation will end on the note that they should focus on changing that.

Byleth/Flayn C- If “The Underground Chamber” has been completed, Flayn will refer to her brother’s uncertainties in past tense. She will also be grateful for the chance to enroll in the academy despite the hard times, while she is merely curious about doing so beforehand.

Byleth/Flayn B: If “The Sealed Forest Snare” has been completed, Flayn will suspect relation thanks to Byleth’s hair and eyes. If not, Flayn will suspect, and consider possible because of Rhea’s breadth of experiments.

Byleth/Flayn A: If Seteth is dead, Flayn will speak of him in past tense. In unknown circumstances, Byleth can explain their history by saying “It’s complicated” rather than “I don’t know”.

Flayn/Manuela C- In Part II, Manuela will describe Mittelfrank in past tense.

Byleth/Hanneman C- If “Salvation at the Chapel” is completed, Hanneman will apologise for Byleth’s loss of Jeralt, but still receive the notes he needs from his old mercenary crew.

Byleth/Hanneman A: After telling the story of how he lost many women because of his focus on Crest studies, he assures a male Byleth that he is still concerned about keeping his attention in spite of his gender.

Byleth/Hanneman S: In Crimson Flower, Byleth will point out she has lost the power of her Crest, but Hanneman will deny this is an obstacle to his research. In other routes, he will deny seeking any tests in the first place.

Hanneman/Alois C- One minor student reference.

Byleth/Manuela B: Maneula’s response to Byleth’s answer as to whether she’s doomed to remain single and whether she’s imperfect enough changes based on Byleth’s gender. She will flirt with a male Byleth in response to negative answers.

Byleth/Manuela A: Manuela will suggest marrying a male Byleth before deciding otherwise, but will mope with a female Byleth.

Byleth/Alois C- If “Salvation at the Chapel” has been completed, Alois will address Jeralt in past tense.

Byleth/Alois S: Alois’s response to Byleth’s answer as to whether they’re waiting on a rendezvous will change based on Byleth’s gender. He implores a male Byleth to settle down, but supports a female Byleth asserting independence if she desires it, while being protective of her if she has a match in mind.

Byleth/Catherine C- If “Assault at the Rite of Rebirth” is completed, Catherine will be perplexed by Byleth receiving the Sword of the Creator. If “Salvation at the Chapel” has been completed, Catherine will refer to Jeralt in past tense.

Byleth/Catherine B: If Rhea is absent, Catherine will say her report will still be given on her return.

Byleth/Catherine A: If Seteth and Catherine have reached C Support, Catherine will remember how she got imperiled before Rhea arrived.

Byleth/Catherine S: In Azure Moon, Catherine will call Byleth the Archbishop instead of the new ruler of Fodlan. If Rhea is alive, Catherine will acknowledge this.

Catherine/Shamir B: In Rhea has been rescued, Shamir will point this out.

Byleth/Shamir C- If “Sword and Shield of Seiros” has been completed, Shamir will use it as an example of them working together.

Byleth/Shamir B: In Crimson Flower, Shamir will say Byleth is leading the Imperial army rather than leading the charge against it.

Byleth/Shamir A: The conversation will end with Shamir saying “Though, I may have done enough traveling for one lifetime. I like the idea of having a permanent home. And after all my time here, I've grown quite fond of Fódlan” to a male Byleth and “I left Dagda, crossed through Brigid, and came all the way to Fódlan on my own. I think I'll be just fine navigating this world, wherever I decide to go” to a female Byleth.

Byleth/Cyril B: In unknown circumstances, Cyril will ask if Byleth will go for the extra mile for Rhea rather than asking if they feel the same about Rhea.

Byleth/Cyril A: If Rhea is absent, Cyril will want to prepare the monastery for her return.

Byleth/Cyril S: If Rhea is dead, Cyril will say there’s not much point to him being present. If Rhea is alive, Cyril will say Rhea has insisted that Cyril has overpaid his dues and it’s time to live for himself.

Ashen Wolves


Byleth/Yuri S: In Crimson Flower, Yuri calls Byleth the emperor’s favoured subject. In Azure Moon, Archbishop. In the other routes, ruler of Fodlan.

Byleth/Balthus S: Byleth will have asked the leading faction to protect Kupala. Edelgard will declare it an independent region of the Empire, the Church will claim Kupala and restore the Eastern Church, the real estate of the mountains will help Fodlan/Almyra relations, and Dimitri will do nothing. Balthus will ask to shack up in the monastery on Azure Moon and Silver Snow.

Byleth/Constance B: In Crimson Flower, Constance will endeavour to appeal to Edelgard. In other routes or if Edelgard has not yet become Emperor, she will not name her target.

Byleth/Constance S: Constance will use the correct title to describe from where Byleth will step down from. She will ask if Byleth is free to move to the western edge of Fodlan on all routes other than Crimson Flower.

Byleth/Hapi A: In Crimson Flower, soldiers will be on hand to fight off Hapi’s monsters over the timeskip. In the other routes, it will be the people underground that have to help.

Byleth/Hapi S: In Crimson Flower, Hapi will ask to talk about the dissolution of the church and Knights of Seiros, and call it good riddance. In other routes, she will ask to talk about Byleth’s responsibilities- Archbishop on Azure Moon, ruler of Fodlan in the other two.

Yuri/Balthus A: In Crimson Flower, Balthus will be concerned Yuri stole from the Empire. In the other routes, it will be the church’s vault.

Yuri/Constance A: In Crimson Flower, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will extend an offer of support to Constance. In the other routes, Count Charon will do the deed.

Yuri/Bernadetta B: The context in which Bernadetta avoids Yuri changes based on Part.

Yuri/Dorothea B: In Part II, if Manuela is not alive and recruited, Yuri will not suggest Dorothea approach her. What kind of down-on-their-luck people will serve as their audience will differ based on Part.

Yuri/Ingrid C- In Crimson Flower, Ingrid will not praise Yuri’s donation as a noble example. One minor timeline difference. If Sylvain is alive and recruited, Yuri will realise what sort of mess Ingrid was cleaning up.

Balthus/Hilda A: If Seteth is alive and recruited, Balthus will suggest Hilda’s hypothetical sounds like Seteth rather than Holst.

Balthus/Lysithea C- In Part I, Lysithea will not understand what kind of life Balthus lives intuitively.

Constance/Jeritza C- If Mercedes is alive and recruited, Constance will ask if Jeritza has had a chat with her yet.

Constance/Jeritza B: If Mercedes is alive and recruited, Constance will suspect Jeritza has given her incredible ulcers because of his attitude.

Constance/Jeritza A: If Mercedes is alive and recruited, Constance will invite Mercedes and their mother to see the garden of Nuvelle alongside Jeritza.

Constance/Ferdinand B: Ferdinand will be humbled if his father has fallen from grace. If “Retribution” is completed, Ferdinand will say his father is dead rather than whereabouts unknown. Constance will grieve his predicament in Part II.

Constance/Ferdinand A: Ferdinand will describe the loss of his status as happening only five years ago in Crimson Flower, rather than being an ongoing concern in other routes.

Constance/Mercedes C- In Part II, if Annette is not alive and recruited, Mercedes will not suggest Constance have a tea party with her.

Hapi/Ashe B: In Part II, Hapi will say the events of the C Support happened five years ago and be impressed Ashe recalled them.

Hapi/Ashe A: In Crimson Flower, the Knight keeping Hapi underground will have read the story from the Church records.

Hapi/Linhardt A: If Hanneman is alive and recruited, Linhardt will briefly consider giving him the task of helping Hapi.

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C: is apparently not allowed to happen, so now they're all C-s.

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Honestly, this is wild. I always felt like the support conversations were weirdly well-aligned to the narrative but I didn't realise there were so many variations in support conversations. Thanks for putting this together! I have always treasured the support system in 3H but now I love it even more (fite me 3Haters)

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The amount of stuff the game can account for is insane honestly, and this is without getting into monastery dialogue.

Some observations:

On 5/6/2021 at 7:41 AM, bethany81707 said:

Edelgard/Ferdinand B: One minor student reference.

Claude/Lorenz C-: One timeline reference

These 2 examples go unused in the game proper actually! Edelgard/Ferdinand B can only be seen in Part 2 while Claude/Lorenz C- is Part 1 only.

On 5/6/2021 at 7:41 AM, bethany81707 said:

Lorenz/Hilda C+: Under unknown circumstances, Lorenz will call Holst one of the foremost commanders of the Alliance rather than just one of them.

The only instances I think Lorenz would call Holst "one of the commanders of the Alliance" is if neither Judith nor Claude are around, which can only happen after the Gronder 2 battle in Silver Snow (Chapter 17 onwards) and after conquering Derdriu in Edelgard's story (Chapter 15 onwards). Since Hilda can't be recruited in Crimson Flower, only in the former scenario Lorenz should use this line (assuming I'm right of course).

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