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Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 44 complete, I hope I get what I'm aiming for)


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On 5/29/2021 at 11:13 PM, Dayni said:

So, this is a sequel. Good to see you're still the absolute nightmare for Our Protagonist.

It shall only get worse~!

Chapter 3 - 7/16


I had a two hours to myself today.  Some people would use it to do homework, while others would eat lunch.  I had another assignment.  A knock on the door snapped me from my thoughts.  Who would visit in the middle of the day?

"Hello."  Three years hadn't changed my feelings about her, and if she had dropped by, she must've felt the same.
"Audrey?  I thought you were busy!"  The smile she flashed me could dazzle a blind man.
"My class was canceled today, so I wanted to know if you were free for lunch."
"S-sure!"  The game could wait.  She poked her head through the door.
"Oh, you're replaying that game?  It's been quite the hit!  It's quite the retelling of that journey."
"This is a different game.  Straight from the ELS or something like that.  Even has its own walkthrough!"  Even though I was supposed to keep this game under wraps, Audrey knew how to keep a secret.  Her life was that of a peaceful civilian, but if word of her real name ever got out, she'd be hounded by camera crews.
"I'd love to see it!"  She bit her lip.  "I'll grab lunch from the cafeteria if you'll wait for me.  My treat!"
"I-I can't make a woman pay for my--" I started, but she'd already headed towards the elevators.

SR Point: Any allied unit defeats at least 4 enemies. (the game's specifications are a lot more stringent, but I think this one is accurate)

The turn count is high because this SR point doesn't have a turn limit.  A certain someone needs a certain number of kills by a certain time, with that time being "very soon".  Thus, I waited for that unit.  Domon beat up his buddy, which triggered the second portion of the map.  This definitely could've been done a turn sooner, but I missed an Erupting Burning Finger.

Saizo weakened enemies for the newcomers.  Slipped Domon a few kills, since he wants to get his next spirit command ASAP.  Testuya and Allenby talked about the weather.  Speaking of, Allenby is a support who hits back.  She has decent range and gets a nifty upgrade about halfway through the story.  Very solid for a repair unit!

New units:

Domon - His range is as short as my temper, but he hits hard.  He wants morale-boosters, since his better stuff is tied to that.  He also doesn't mind some range extension, so he can use his offensive power to make things cry on enemy phase.  Keep an eye on his EN, since he can chew through it almost as fast as a super robot.  Soul + his final move will put a giant dent into things!

Van - Courtesy of @Maof06, his spirit list isn't quite as shaky, since he starts with Bullseye.  He'll want a couple of range boosters and a ton of morale, since his ace bonus requires a lot of it.  He has several scenes with his, uh, unique culinary tastes.  The sooner he gets his ace bonus, the better, because that's when he really starts to heat up.


"Am I interrupting something?"  Wasn't Hathaway busy all day?
"Oh hello there, you must be his roommate," Audrey said sweetly.
"That's my bed you're sitting on," came the sharp reply.
"Would you rather I sat on his lap?"  She winked at me.  I felt my face flush.
"You'll interfere with his work."  Didn't he know how to relax?
"Are you offering your lap instead?"  I sputtered.
"Careful, princess, you might like it."  She hid a giggle behind her hand.  Since when did HE learn how to flirt with girls?
"I wish you could see your face right now."  After those words left her mouth, she doubled over, laughing.
"How do you think I ended up as your roommate?"  Hathaway's grin didn't waver.
"Y-you two--"
"I got her number from my sister.  When I told her that I'd transfer over here, she said that she'd make sure that I wasn't a stranger," he explained.
"I caught wind of something discovered within the ELS data.  Thanks to some connections, I learned that it was a game.  You wouldn't be able to play it unless you had no roommate - or one who was already familiar with the previous game's true origins.  It was happenstance that Hathaway called when he did."
"Alright, you two, you're forgiven," I grumbled.
"I've gotta get back to class.  Thanks for everything, Mineva."  He winked and blew her a kiss.
"No need for that name!  I'm Audrey now!"  She waved as he left.

What was going on between those two?

Chapter 4 - 4/20


Normally, my roommate would have his nose stuck in a textbook, or have his notes scattered on his desk.  The last place I expected to see him was in front of the console, with the walkthrough in hand.  Didn't he have enough of the walkthrough's author?

"She's as annoying as ever, but I should be able to follow this," he mumbled.
"You're gonna play the next chapter?"
"You have an exam at the end of the week.  Have you studied for it?"
"Well, I--"
"That's what I thought.  History's your weak point, and your grades are low enough as it is."
"You're not my mother!  And how would you know that?"  He held up one of my assignments.
"Maybe you should keep your side of the room neater."

SR Point: Clear the map within 4 turns.

This map's difficulty is determined by the state of Domon's Gundam.  Throw five levels into Sight and EN, and it'll make things a lot easier.  If you can't, prioritize Sight.

For this clear, you'll want everyone present.  There's a fair number of enemies, and barriers are the Tyranado's worst nightmare for now.  Burning Finger and its variants should be able to one-shot the fodder.  Domon should be able to 2HKO his friend (said friend is why upgrading Sight was so important).  Tetsuya's short range may be a liability, but he'll hit extremely hard once he's in range.  Spike joins up For Real, and you'll want to weaken stuff for him so that he can Autocannon himself into the fray.  Then, he can snipe with Plasma Cannon.

You'll have at least two turns of various forms of hit enhancement (Bullseye/Focus/Intuition), but you'll want to save a use for after Domon's friend goes down (try to do this before ending turn 3).  The two enemies that spawn are extremely dodgy, and trying to use the newcomer to secure kills will suck.  Speaking of, Akito's spirit list doesn't shake itself out until he gets Intuition, which is his third spirit.  Persist will be your bread and butter for a long time.

This is one of the tighter SR points if you're not prepared.  If you are, it's not so bad.

Van hit his target kill count here.  One of the new features in T is Special Training, which gives a variety of cool things to whoever undertakes it.  They must be done in order, and new ones won't appear until the current one is done.  The first one gave the pilot in question five extra kills.


"Can't argue with her advice," my roommate mumbled.
"This story is so different from what we know.  Mars didn't look anything like that," I added.
"You should be able to do the gameplay portion with the notes I took."
"Thanks.  I had a chance to look into America's history, on the date she mentioned."
"No public health crisis, no weirdness around Washington D.C., nothing.  It's like we're watching another story unfold in the walkthrough's writing."
"This has nothing to do with your upcoming history test."
"You've got a point, but the years before the Federation formed are so boring!"
"Those who don't bother to learn history are doomed to repeat it."   His gaze fell to the walkthrough, then looked back at me.  "Don't be like them."


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Ran into a weird error, so I'll continue here.

Chapter 5 - 6/26


"You look like you're about to fall over."  Didn't Hathaway have better things to do with his time?
"I think I passed that exam, no thanks to you."  A cold bottle of water found its way into my hands.  We didn't have a refrigerator in the room!
"Studying is not much different than exercising.  I'm sure Ryoma would be willing to help."  I arched an eyebrow at him.
"You're in far too good of a mood.  What are you hiding this time?"  A knock on the door answered me.
"Long time no see, you two!"
"CHAN?!"  Why was I the last one to about all of these things?
"She called while you were out."  My roommate sounded far too smug for his own good.
"Can I come in?  This box is kinda heavy."  I quickly took the load from her, and staggered.  She wasn't kidding about its weight!
"What is this?"  I poked at the box, to no avail.
"It's something that'll connect your console to your computer, to the rest of the world.  If his theory is right, this should allow you to broadcast what's on your display across dimensions.  That way, people on the other two Earths can watch your game remotely."
"Whose crazy idea was this?"  The older woman shot Hathaway a sly grin but said nothing.
"I'll need to plug this in here.  Mind if I move this plug?"  After some outlet shuffling, the device lit up.  It was a black disc, roughly the size of a dinner plate and about as high as my math textbook.  A set of amber lights blinked on its surface.
"Do those lights mean anything?" I asked.
"As long as they don't go red, it's fine.  Can you turn on your console and computer?"  She took a seat at the latter and typed away.  "That should do it.  Works just like he thought it would.  I'm going to test the connection."
"What the hell?" came a familiar voice from the computer.
"YOU!" Hathaway yelled.
"How's the sound and video quality, Lane?" Chan asked.
"I can see and hear you just fine.  Whose idea was it to pipe this connection through the phones?"
"Same guy who cooked this experiment up.  Thanks for bearing with us."
"Why were those two chosen for the experiment?"
"Because we're better than you."  What the hell happened between Hathaway and Lane?
"Would you rather deal with him?" I chimed in, pointing at my roommate.
"Point taken.  Later."  The screen went blank.
"Next, we'll need to do a test of the game itself.  I'm going to see if the extra draw does anything to the console."
"Here's the walkthrough."  I handed the paper to her.

SR Point: Any allied unit gains 5 ExC before the end of the stage.

There are two approaches to this map.  The fastest, most efficient way of dealing with it is to have the Arcadia rip everything apart.  You'll hit the point in no time.  However, I wanted a bit more experience for my other units.  Thus, get the Arcadia up to 3 ExC, then get another unit up to 3 ExC.  Use Boost ExC on the Arcadia on the unit with 3 ExC.  The upside to this method is that you'll unlock a power part this way.  Otherwise, this map is pretty straightforward.

The allied battleship section is strange for the next few chapters so I'll just introduce the new guy now.

New unit:

Harlock - The Arcadia has one job, and that's to turn whatever it faces into scrap.  Harlock starts with Persist and Bullseye, and will pick up Accel in short order.  He'll also get Resolve, which boosts ExC by 5.  This is by far and away the best thing a battleship captain could have, since it allows him to be a ExC battery on top of his usual duties.  Tochiro comes with a very cheap Analyze, keeps the ship afloat with Vigor, and will eventually pick up Valor and Bravery.  La Mime's biggest draws are one of two battleship Foresights and Bonds.  The biggest downside to this battleship is that it's one of two without a Commander aura, and there's only one Commander's Terminal.


"Huh, not bad."  Lane had been replaced by another soldier.
"I didn't expect to see you here, Jerid," Chan stated.
"Sorry, but your boyfriend is tied up in a meeting."  Chan looked away from the screen.
"What is this about a--OW!"  I elbowed Hathaway in the ribs as hard as I could.
"Were you going to ask her out on a date?  It's rude to pry!"
"Of course not!" came the cranky reply.  The woman in question chuckled.
"The two of you haven't changed at all," she commented, her voice a lot lighter than I expected.
"It looks like the connection is stable, but the heat may be an issue for the longer maps," Jerid interrupted.
"Ah, thanks.  He'll definitely want to hear about that."
"Who is this 'he' that you keep referring to?" I asked.  I yelped as an elbow found my ribs.
"Were you going to ask 'him' out on a date?" my roommate asked sharply.
"Jealous that it's not you?"
"That's enough horsing around, you two."  The voice from the computer did not sound amused.
"The second light is red.  What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.
"It means we need to shut this thing down before it overheats."  Chan waved at the screen, then yanked the plug.  The lights on the device went dark.  She gathered her things.  "Thanks for everything!"
"See you soon!"  I held the door open for her.
"Not too soon," Hathaway grumbled under his breath.
"I'll be back a lot sooner than either of you will like," she shot back mysteriously.

Chapter 6 - 6/32


Someone at the door on a Friday night?  This time, it was a party of three.
"You're--" Hathaway started.
"Tessa," the girl stated firmly.
"Tessa, Sousuke, Kaname, welcome!" I greeted as cheerily as I could.
"We're visiting from another school," Kaname explained.  I motioned them in.
"We're here to investigate both the black device and the game," Sousuke cut in, once the door was closed.
"What about it?"  I felt as puzzled as Hathaway sounded.
"We were not informed of such a device beforehand.  Furthermore, it appears that not all the fictional universes appear in our databases.  The 'Gundam Fighters' do not exist in any of our worlds, while Van is only in the AD dimension."  Sousuke sounded bored.
"This device looks like it overheats easily."  Tessa peered at it.
"Takes about an hour," I explained.
"Can we see it in action?" Kaname asked.
"We'd need someone on the other end," Hathaway mumbled.
"I have that arranged."  Tessa somehow turned all the electronics on in order.  A confused Chan appeared on the screen.
"What are you doing here?"  She quickly ran her fingers through her hair.
"You normally leave late on Fridays, so I figured that you'd be in your office."
"Captain Testarossa, I'm honored that you know my schedule, but it's a little disconcerting."
"It only took two weeks to gather the necessary intelligence," Sousuke added.
"Just because we were allies--" Chan started.
"Sousuke wouldn't dream of invading a Federation base!  Right?" Kaname interrupted.
"That would be too risky, given the data that we needed," Sousuke answered.
"We're going to broadcast the next map.  Can you tell us if you notice any signal abnormalities?"
"I guess it's too late to tell you guys to stop," the voice from the computer grumbled.
"Here's the walkthrough," I added, handing the paper to Tessa.
"I read through it while you were talking among yourselves."
"Tessa is every bit--" Hathaway started.  Tessa gave him a sharp look.  "--as amazing as when I first met her in school."  She nodded.
"What are we waiting for?" Kaname piped up.

SR Point: Clear the map within 3 turns.

Welcome to Puzzle Robo, except with way more turns and robos.  In this episode, you'll start with Kincade, Tobia, and Argo, and everyone else doesn't show up until after the SR point.  Stuff you'll need to do:

- Kincade needs the Morale for Beam Zanza sooner than later, because he'll be using that to chunk enemies
- Tobia needs V.S.R.B. active by the enemy phase of turn 3
- Argo will need to use Bullseye twice, unless you really like gambling

The general strategy is to have Kincade dive the enemy, while Tobia and Argo chip.  When enemy phase turn 3 rolls around, all enemies should target Tobia, and he should be able to counter-kill everything with V.S.R.B.  Which means that all enemies will need to be weakened a bit because Tobia can't outright OHKO with that attack.  This part relies a bit on luck, so a bit of Suspend nonsense may be necessary.

Once everyone else shows up, it's basic clean-up.  Spike went nuts here, since I forgot about him on the last map.  Argo leaves, but Tobia and Kincade will stick around.

New unit:

Kincade - Thank you @MagicCanonBalls!  Persist/Focus is a pretty good starting set.  He's a Newtype, which means he doesn't have to be in Kai Kai.  Given the nature of Newtype machines and his ace bonus, he might be more at home where he is, but I'll need to double-check certain machines.  If I can pull off what I want to, he may have a late-game something with his name on it!


"Did the writing team not like Tobia?" Hathaway muttered.
"That was a muted performance from him."  It must've been bad if Chan had noticed!
"I think I've figured out why this is overheating."  Tessa looked pleased with herself.
"I'll pass that along to the necessary people."  I couldn't understand what Tessa and Kaname explained.  Chan held a notepad.
"Very well.  I should have an answer by the end of Monday," she replied, once she finished scribbling notes.
"Thank you.  In turn, please let the appropriate channels know that Mithril would like to be involved with the interdimensional testing."
"Understood.  It's past the time I normally leave.  If you'll excuse me."
"Interdimensional testing?" Hathaway ventured.  Tessa and Kaname exchanged a look.
"They really kept you in the dark."  Kaname's words broke the awkward silence.
"We'll update you at a later date."  Sousuke stood up.
"Thanks for entertaining us!"  Tessa bowed politely before leaving.
"I hope we can drop by again!" Kaname added.
"Can you call before coming over?"
"Sheesh Hathaway, no need to treat them like strangers!"
"Don't want them to go blind because you're in your underwear."
"Very well, we will call ahead," Sousuke spat out.
"Was that necessary?" I growled, once the trio had left.
"Of course."


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1 hour ago, eclipse said:

"It's something that'll connect your console to your computer, to the rest of the world.  If his theory is right, this should allow you to broadcast what's on your display across dimensions.  That way, people on the other two Earths can watch your game remotely."

Is this foreshadowing?

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6 hours ago, eclipse said:

Kincade - Thank you @MagicCanonBalls!  Persist/Focus is a pretty good starting set.  He's a Newtype, which means he doesn't have to be in Kai Kai.  Given the nature of Newtype machines and his ace bonus, he might be more at home where he is, but I'll need to double-check certain machines.  If I can pull off what I want to, he may have a late-game something with his name on it!

Glad to help. Newtype skill users are generally late bloomer anyway so plenty of time to switch around and get that ace bonus. (at least for me).

I am playing SRW X at the moment and unfortunately have to bench a certain someone that looks like him due to new toy syndrome (G-Self and Talgeese-II).

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On 5/31/2021 at 9:54 PM, Teeheeyni said:

Is this foreshadowing?


On 6/1/2021 at 2:18 AM, MagicCanonBalls said:

Glad to help. Newtype skill users are generally late bloomer anyway so plenty of time to switch around and get that ace bonus. (at least for me).

I am playing SRW X at the moment and unfortunately have to bench a certain someone that looks like him due to new toy syndrome (G-Self and Talgeese-II).

Duo in the Talgeese was the single most ridiculous thing I did in X, and I don't regret it!  Bellri's just the coolest character, too!  I have no background knowledge of who he is, but he amused me!


Chapter 7 - 5/37


Last essay, done.  Why did my history class require so much writing?  The front door opened.  Didn't we lock it?

"Finished with your homework?"
"Uh, Audrey, how did you know--"
"You can't do your homework on Sundays because you leave with Hathaway and your laundry hamper, and don't return until night.  I figured you'd finish up your homework on Saturday, and maybe test you-know-what?"
"Or my sister blabbed," Hathaway interrupted.
"I've never seen you dressed like that before!"  Why was Elle standing behind Audrey?
"S-so what?  It's hot!"  I finally convinced him to wear a t-shirt like a normal person, too.
"Why'd you notice something like that?"  Beecha's voice sounded disappointed, but he winked at me.
"It's okay, I still think you're better-looking!"
"I'm right here!" my roommate snapped.
"Alright, come in.  What brings the two of you here?" I asked.
"We came to meet with a client," Beecha started.
"And then the return flight was canceled due to a mechanical failure.  It was the last one of the day!  We were looking for a place to stay when we ran into Audrey.  She pointed us towards a cheap motel, and then dragged us over here."  Despite the annoyance in her voice, Elle looked pleased with herself.
"Wasn't expecting the two of you, honestly.  Didn't think you were the type to share a room."
"What are you implying, Beecha?" Hathaway growled.

SR Point: Any allied pilot must shoot down at least 3 enemies in a single turn during the player phase.

Remember that 5 ExC SR Point earlier?  You'll need to do that, while keeping at least three enemies alive.  Use Multi-Action twice and you're done!  This is a relatively relaxing fight, since there's no turn limit, the enemies consist of those bugs that go squish and a new enemy that goes down to two solid hits, and a boss who melts when he encounters Harlock's manliness.  If anyone's lacking in kills, it's target practice time!

New unit:

Pricilla - The single most OP non-MC unit, from @Teehee the Sixth!  Autocannon's bleh, but once Fairy Stab is up and running, it's time to shine!  She's an amazing candidate for the first Haro, because that's all she needs.  A bit more range extension is peachy but not absolutely necessary.  Unlike some of the other non-MC units, she'll continue to dish out five-digit damage on crits long into Endgame.  Speaking of, her ace bonus rocks!  In terms of spirits, Focus is a bit more overcosted than most, and she'll get Persist a bit later.  Cheer will be a huge help later on, since certain battleships have the tendency to lag behind.  And on top of it all, she has Resupply!


"It's supposed to be an easy map?  Ah, well."  Audrey sounded disappointed.
"A mech with cat ears?  I wonder if that would translate over to mobile suit design," Beecha mused.
"As long as it packs the kind of firepower the author says it does!  Cute and deadly, just like Bonta-kun!" Elle added.
"Bonta-kun?"  Elle's grin widened.
"Of course you do!  In the first game, Sousuke can swap into it.  It's a very small suit that looks like an amusement part mascot!"
"You've been playing the first game?"  That caused Hathaway to look up from whatever he'd been working on.
"Well, yeah!  It's not like we have customers all the time!"  Beecha cracked his knuckles.  "I went through all the route splits, too!"
"It must have be so difficult without the walkthrough," Hathaway commented sarcastically.
"Maybe for you!" Elle teased.
"Hey, did either of you have dinner plans?  You can hang out here if--"  Once again, I wasn't able to finish
"Say no more!"  Audrey stood up.  "Dinner's on me!"
"Again?  Lemme pay you back!"  She stuck her tongue out at me before disappearing down the hall.
"What are you waiting for?" Hathaway snapped.
"She can't carry all the food back by herself!  I'll keep an eye on these two.  Now go!"  He yanked me to my feet and shoved me out the door.
"But the report--"
"It can wait!"  Was anyone interested in listening to me tonight?  I sighed and went after Audrey.


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Thanks editing error.

Chapter 8 - 6/43


"Try this one."  I couldn't tell the difference between the two devices, but Chan seemed to have no issues with it.  "It should fix the heating issue, at least for short-range calls."
"Short-range?  Why would that matter?"  I nodded in agreement with Hathaway.  A telephone didn't care if the call came from next door or the next continent over.  The phone company would, but I didn't have to pay for that.
"Let's see if this works!"  Grown women shouldn't sound that giddy.  Someone's picture briefly flashed on the screen before it cut out.  It flickered, then slowly came back, but much blurrier.
"Can you hear me?"  The voice was garbled, but I'd recognize it anywhere.
"That you, Banagher?  You joined the military?"  The picture slowly came into focus.
"Nope, just an average college student."
"He's the only one that has time for this project," Chan explained.  "That other guy's too busy."
"I'm trying to study!" Hathaway complained.
"Sheesh Hathaway, you haven't changed a bit."  Riddhe shook his head.  "I get to see your tactical genius, then?"
"Haven't had to think much so far."
"You're gonna regret that," my roommate warned me.

SR Point: Defeat 12 enemies within 3 turns.

Don't bother with the bugs unless someone can't hit another unit.  Since you'll need a turn to move into range, this is more of a two-turn requirement.  Weaken who you can on player phase, then counter-kill on enemy phase.  Alternately, have as many things as possible run into the Arcadia.  Just make sure to keep it patched up, as Tochiro doesn't start with Vigor!  Once you hit the SR point, you'll end up with a lot more bulky units to fight.  Bullseye/Intuition are lifesavers here, and Persist will be for the enemy who doesn't dodge.  Have the protagonist snag the kill against the OC enemy, and that should end the map.  Barriers suck, but Fairy Stab is the solution to them.

New unit:

Nadesico - Attune will be useful at the beginning and the end, and I still can't figure out how a battleship can Flash out of the way of things.  Regardless, it'll gain a few things as the story goes on, including its niche of crazy MAP attacks.  Stack kills early!  Watch its EN, because said MAP attacks will drain it (this is true for most EN-based MAP attacks in this game).  Oh, and it's your first Commander aura!


"All-out blitz to fulfill the SR point.  Not a bad strategy."
"How was the transmission, Riddhe?" Chan asked.
"No issues here.  The device on my end seems to be functioning normally."
"Interplanetary transmission is working as intended.  I'll need to report the results.  Thanks for bearing with us!"
"No worries!  If you run into Otto, please give him my regards!"  Riddhe cut the connection.
"INTERPLANETARY?!"  Hathaway sounded as shocked as I felt.
"Well, yes.  We're still tuning this, but it'll quite literally bring the solar system together."
"Which means inter-dimensional would be--"
"Still a theory," Chan finished for Hathaway.
"Imagine when that becomes reality.  We could say hi to Ange and the others!  Wouldn't that be great?"
"You WOULD be the one to think of the 1st Paramail Squadron."  What was his problem?
"I've got a lot of things to report, so I'll be back another time.  It's good to see you.  Study hard!"  Chan took the odd box and left.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 8 complete, we have an army!)

Chapter 9 - 3+1/47


"Not again!"
"Told you the maps get more difficult."  My roommate looked up from his homework, then went back to his lab report.
"It's been an hour, and I still have no idea how the author did it!"
"Have you tried checking the enemy's range?"

SR Point: Clear the map within 3 turns.

This one's deceptive.  The enemies outrange your heavy hitters, and the Nadesico will be restricted to missiles.  Morale and ExC will determine how this map goes.  So here's what to do:

- Domon, Van, and Pricilla have differing ranges.  Their absolute range (as in, the furthest enemy they can hit) is pretty bad, and one less than their effective range (the longest range they can hit and do appreciable damage).  Kincade technically falls under this, but Zanbuster hits pretty hard.  Saizo may not have the morale for his strongest attack, and his range is pretty good.  The Nadesico is a battleship.  Domon/Pricilla have an absolute range of 5 and an effective range of 4.  Van has an absolute range of 4 and an effective range of 3.  One of the bulkier enemies has a range of 5 and the other 6, so watch the positioning of these three!

- Collect ExC on someone, and have them kill multiple enemies on turn 3.  In my case, this was Kincade/Saizo.  Prioritize things that can snipe - if there's something that's five squares away from Van, it needs to die before enemy phase.

- Try to get a kill on the Nadesico.  Assuming you can do that and get a level, you should be able to use ExC Boost on someone to give them the extra oomph necessary to enable Multi Actoin.

- Do not underestimate that Commander aura.

- Of the Morale things, you'll want Pricilla to get Fairy Stab.  Domon's Hyper Mode will be helpful, as you can OHKO something because you can.

It may take a couple of tries, but it's doable.  When I did my run, one enemy survived the player phase of turn 3, at a little under half health.  It took its grievances out on the Nadesico.

The second part of the map is easy, regardless of whether or not Spike has any experience in him.  Bebop Formation 1 and Multi Action until everything is dead.


"FINALLY!"  I put the controller down and stretched.
"It only took you three hours," came the sarcastic voice from the other end of the room.  "I finished my report while you were busy counting squares."
"At least I got the SR Point!"
"If you were still on that map, I would've taken over so that you'd go to bed at a reasonable time."
"I am not that bad at the game!" I insisted.
"You keep telling yourself that."  My roommate yawned loudly.
"You need your beauty sleep, I can take a hint," I teased.  A pillow flew towards my head at a respectable speed.  I caught it easily.  "Or maybe not?"
"The next thing I throw will be my biology textbook.  If you don't mind."  I couldn't help but giggle as he snatched his pillow away from me and went to sleep.  He was as grouchy as ever, but he wasn't actively pushing others away.  Perhaps the pain in his heart was slowly easing.

Or had he found someone else to replace that hole in his heart?

Chapter 10 - 7/54


"I wasn't expecting this many people to show up."  To say that there was a crowd at the door was an understatement.
"We'll all fit somehow.  But if we don't, we can always send someone back to the car."  Chan grinned at Soji.
"Don't look at me, I'm the one with the pizza!"
"Not anymore!" Tessa commented, before grabbing the box from him.
"I still don't understand why we had to pick up a pizza.  It's not healthy and the grease will get on the controller," Nine complained.
"We're ruining a weekday night, the least we can do is buy them dinner," Chan explained.  Hathaway joined me at the door, and looked at the pizza as if it were sentient.
"Is it a pineapple pizza?"

On that day, I learned that androids could turn green.

SR Point: Defeat at least 2 enemies with Nadesico B's MAP weapon before the end of the stage.

You'll need 120 morale to fire that thing, so try not to murder everything too quickly.  It shouldn't be too hard to get two half-dead enemies in range, but make sure your units aren't in the line of fire!  The map will rush you, so it's a matter of killing whatever comes your way.  You'll get some reinforcements and additional enemies, but neither should put a giant damper in the overall turn count.  While this map could be a bit faster if the SR point is ignored, my goal is to get them all.

New unit:

Judau - HI MOM!  He shows up in some junker of a Gundam because his is in the shop.  Once it gets out of the shop, he'll be the MAP spammer of the Gundams.  Pay close attention to his EN, because he'll eat through it at a pace that would make a super robot do a double take.  Swap to G Fortress to get across the map, then transform and wipe things off the map.  As for spirits, he doesn't attempt to dodge incoming attacks.  Instead, he'll tank them with Persist.  Bullseye ensures hits, and he gets Fortune because he likes money.  His ace bonus is even more money.  I'm gonna be rich!


"I can't imagine Judau as anything but his annoyingly cheerful self," Hathaway grumbled.
"I recognize the characters, but they're acting so strangely."  For once, my roommate nodded in agreement.
"I suppose this is what you humans call 'creative liberty'," Nine mused.
"I'll start the transmission," Tessa stated.  The lights flickered.
"What the hell is in that little black box?" Soji demanded.
"I don't think that was us," Chan muttered.  "Even at maximum draw, it shouldn't have been anywhere near enough to trip a breaker."
"I hope the people on the other end can forgive us."  Tessa sounded hesitant.
"You sent the electricity used to power this dorm, not the data," Nine guessed.  A nervous laugh answered her.
"Do I want to know how that kind of 'error' happened?" Hathaway asked sarcastically.
"Can I hang here for a while?  I don't wanna deal with Chitose," Soji complained.
"It's not our fault that the calculations were faulty," Nine chimed in.
"Back to the drawing board, though this one shouldn't be too hard to fix," Chan stated, unhooking the device she'd brought.
"Thanks for dinner!"
"Yeah, thanks, I guess," Hathaway echoed.
"You're pretty unenthusiastic for someone who ate nearly half the pizza by himself."
"W-well, they brought a pepperoni pizza!"
"I remember your dislike of bell peppers on pizza, and Banagher's refusal to eat anchovies.  A supreme pizza was out of the question."  Of course the android would have a perfect memory.
"I didn't know your world had recovered enough to open a pizza joint.  The logo doesn't look like one of ours."
"It's not from my world.  We went to Nouvelle Tokyo before meeting up with these lovely ladies," Soji explained to me.
"All that for a pizza?" I blurted out.
"We had some other business there!  The pizza was an afterthought!" Soji insisted.
"I enjoyed it a lot!"  For a moment, Tessa sounded like an average college girl.
"I'll pick one up for the next office party," Chan added with a giggle.
"Your department has office parties?" Hathaway asked with amazement.

Chapter 11 - 5/59


"You're not Chan!"
"I told her that I'd take care of this.  She's been working overtime for the past two months," the man at the door explained.
"Best not leave him out here. We don't need the extra attention," Hathaway warned.  I took the hint and stepped back.
"Thanks.  I don't like it when people ask me for autographs," Amuro explained sheepishly, closing the door behind him.
"You'll have to excuse the mess."  I'd lost a page of notes a few hours before, and had upended my side of the room in order to find them.
"It can't be any worse than the last testing of this thing?"  He pointed to the device he held.
"How in the world could someone mix up data and electricity?"
"I'm not the one that designed this.  Such things go way over my head."
"It wasn't you?"  And here I thought that he was the reason why Chan was being silent on the inventor!
"Of course not!"
"So are you dating--OW!"  I punched my idiot of a roommate in the arm.
"Why would I be dating anyone?  I'm way too busy with work."
"Pay no attention to him, he needs to get out more," I hastily explained.
"Says you."  The older man chuckled.
"It's hard to believe that three years have passed.  I feel like we're still in space, and Hathaway's playing that odd game."
"It's my turn, because SOMEONE is taking way too many classes."
"You should take your studies more seriously!" my roommate protested.
"I'm sure the two of you will be fine.  Let's see if this works."  A silhouette briefly flickered on my computer.  "Well, it's a start.  Now, turn on the game.  Maybe something will go through."
"Yes, sir!"

SR Point: Any allied pilot must shoot down at least 3 enemies in a single turn during the enemy phase.

The most efficient way of doing this is to have your Hit and Run units weaken things, then board the Nadesico.  All the other units stay put.  On enemy phase, you should get this point.  Then you can unload everyone and complete the map as normal.  Or you can do what I did and give almost all the kills to the Nadesico.  Guy will show up after a few turns, and he's strong enough to solo his side.  This isn't a particularly hard map, even if the enemies are a lot sturdier.

I wonder if my world is infected with the same thing as the enemies on this stage.  Maybe it would explain why there's conspiracy theorists running for Congress (dear reader, if you have one running in your district, please make sure they're not elected into Congress, because alleging that space lasers run by a Jewish family caused forest fires should be grounds for throwing said Congressperson out by the seat of their pants).

New unit:

Guy - Sing along everyone!  Thanks to @Excellen Browning, we've got the unit with the most fabulous hair!  His bread-and-butter hits hard enough to 2HKO the weaker things for now.  Later on, he'll gain more attacks, which means he'll start really chewing through his EN.  He also has a barrier, which means that if he tanks hits, his EN will drop even faster.  He'll want a bit of range extension and EN regeneration.  In terms of spirits, he's very much into Bravery.


"You followed the walkthrough to the letter," Amuro noted.
"The author's theories are sound.  I think she's pulling our leg when she's talking about her world."  The redhead silently read through the chapter's walkthrough.
"The logic of the people in her world doesn't make sense, but it still bugs me.  She's fairly objective about everything else, so why would she be so caustic about her reality?  Given how she speaks of our world. . ."
"I try not to think about her logic too much."
"I thought my description was pretty spot-on," I bragged.
"Can we not?"  Was that a hint of color in the former commander's cheeks?
"If you insist."
"Hope this experiment went better than the last one."  Leave it to my roommate to pry into such details.
"The power didn't flicker, but I won't know how well it worked until the other side contacts me."
"Can't wait to hear the results!" I replied cheerily.
"Mind if I make a copy of that walkthrough?  I'm sure she said other things about her world."  My roommate and I shot each other a worried look.
"Uh, sure?"

Once safely in his car, Amuro mulled over everything he knew about both walkthroughs.  Despite multiple people reading the same words that he did, not a one mentioned a single anomaly.  During her unit summary, he'd naturally read his own first.  How could she have known about his conversation with Bright?  If no one else had noticed that, then how much more had he missed?  The second walkthrough would hopefully provide more clues.

He'd been right to tell Chan to go home.  He had work to do.  On the way home, he hummed the old, familiar tune that had played when Guy was introduced.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 10 complete, start singing everyone!)

Secret Scenario 1 - 6/65


"You again?"
"Is that disappointment in your voice?" Nine asked me.
"I can't figure out why you decided to drop by a third time," I explained sheepishly.
"I came to verify something."  She walked right past me and glanced around the room.  "I need to check something on your computer."  I nodded mutely.
"Huh?  Oh hi, Nine."  Hathaway rubbed his eyes, then went right back to the textbook on his desk.
"Busy, as I predicted," Nine mumbled.  She opened the computer's settings.  "That explains everything.  I will be back shortly with something that should fix this issue.  Please wait for me before playing the next chapter."
"According to the walkthrough, it's a secret scenario.  Is there a difference?"
"I suppose that this one doesn't need to be transmitted.  Please fill out the report as you normally would."  I blinked as she left.
"What was that all about?" Hathaway asked.  I shrugged.

SR Point: None, it's a secret scenario

This is plenty doable in five turns, if you're not trying to feed kills to one of the new guys.  Have Guy and Van rush the top and leave it at that.  But since Van doesn't need any more kills for now and a certain someone else does, I decided to play it safer.  Do what you can on the first couple of turns, then deploy normally.  Feed kills to whoever needs it.  It's a secret scenario, they're not meant to be brain teasers.  Eldora Soul is bulky, hits hard, is basically the comic relief of the game, and auto-recruits on a later chapter should you miss them here.

New unit:

Black Mightgaine - Hey, it's a secret scenario-only unit!  Thanks to @MagicCanonBalls for this one!  I have no idea what to expect here, but Accel/Bullseye is promising (even if both are expensive).


"What didn't you tell them?" Chitose asked, once they were safely in NCC's dimension.
"Everything.  They have no idea that they're getting a new computer."  Nine didn't sound the least bit sorry about her deception.
"Theirs should be enough to handle the data transfer."
"Theoretically speaking.   Realistically speaking, it's not enough."
"So we're going to bug our bigwigs for a computer?"
"I think they'll be more than happy to 'donate' one."  Nine chuckled.
"What do you have in mind?"  Chitose did her best to sound displeased.
"Something went wrong during the latest test.  I found classified documents on their computer."
"WHAT?"  Chitose buried her head in her hands.
"About the Mufti incident, no less.  We were lucky that Hathaway only saw a summary of his future in our dimension.  If he got a hold of those details. . ."  Nine trailed off.
"Y-yeah.  I'll help," Chitose concluded weakly.


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Chapter 12 - 9/74


"She's insane.  She's absolutely insane," Hathaway mumbled, as he read through the latest chapter's strategy.
"Uh, thanks for the new computer."  I had expected Nine to take more than a few hours to get everything in order, never mind acquiring a cutting-edge computer!
"Consider this a small thank-you for your help," Nine explained.
"It honestly doesn't feel like I'm doing much."
"Oh, you're about to change your tune."  Hathaway waved the walkthrough around.  "I can't figure out how she pulled this one off."
"I'll monitor the transmission," Nine volunteered.
"And I'll cheer you on!"  Chitose looked as lost as I felt, but the thought of doing something other than entertaining Nine seemed to have energized her.

SR Point: Clear the map by the 4th player phase.

Your team is preset, and thanks to how drafting panned out, it was the Ra Cailum and a single unit.  I'm not sure if this would've been possible with anyone other than Roux as the other unit, since her mech hits the hardest by far.  The strategy here is to keep the Ra Cailum and Roux right next to each other, and take advantage of Support Attack while staying stationary (both units get their strongest attack this way).  You'll need to watch the damage on the Ra Cailum, since your only sources of healing are Astonaige and Meran, and they're rather limited.  Take advantage of Missiles, because the Ra Cailum can run out of EN at a frightening pace.  This is doable by the end of the player phase of the fourth turn.  Save Bullseye for the third turn, when mostly everything should be unloading on the Ra Cailum.

Once the scene changes, it's a matter of cleaning up.  The boss is rather bulky, so it might take a bit longer to get rid of him.  Otherwise, it's pretty straightforward.

New units:

Ra Cailum - Sometimes, I have to remind myself that this is a video game, and Bright is a fictional married man.  That smile of his catches me off-guard, and then I feel my inner fangirl screaming.  Uh, my weirdness aside, the Ra Cailum is fairly efficient with firepower, complete with a compact MAP attack.  This doesn't mean it's helpless, as that MAP attack is great for weakening clusters of enemies.  It'll lose its punch on the later enemies, but that's okay.  Bright is a damn good commander, and that aura is helpful on its own.  And to top it off, it can Resupply whoever needs it.  Oh, and that ace bonus will make Van and Ryoma so very happy.  The utility this ship brings is absolutely amazing, and should not be discounted!

Roux - Thank you @Excellen Browning, she's hilarious.  She's not quite as hyper-focused on offense as the main guys, but starting with Focus/Flash is amazing.  Pick up the Extra Arms, and her mech should hold until the influx of better things.  She'll need several RNG Up power-ups to keep up with Judau, but she can pilot just about anything thanks to a decent Newtype level.  Unfortunately, it'll be a while before that Newtype level kicks in (something like level 63).  She's pretty solid for a filler unit!


"I'd say this test was a success."  A vaguely-familiar man smiled on my computer.
"Thank you, Sanada."  Nine's voice betrayed no emotion.
"YOU?!" Hathaway yelled.
"Hathaway Noa, was it?  Yes, I'm the one behind this project."
"What is the purpose of this?" I asked.
"We've connected the dimensions with travel between them.  The Brave Express Corps proved that things smaller than a battleship can be transported.  I shrank the scale, down to the atomic level.  If we could transmit data between dimensions, then we could truly connect the dimensions.  It's a lot faster and cheaper to hold a video conference than have people jump back and forth."
"Amazing."  Chitose wore a small smile.
"I guess you weren't in the loop, either."
"It's not that!" she insisted, turning towards me.  "I knew that Sanada wanted to do something with interdimensional communication.  But I didn't know the logic behind the theory.  Now that I do, I feel rather silly."
"We each have our own strengths, and it wasn't just me that pulled this off."  Another person blinked on screen.
"MAITO?!"  My jaw dropped.
"Developing technology isn't cheap.  Hamada came up with the device, Akatsuki talked Inez into helping with the calculations, and Sanada programmed it all," the CEO explained.
"What did we get ourselves into?" I asked no one in particular.
"We still have to address the heat issues, but it looks like everything else works.  Once we get the final touches in, I'll deliver these to the others.  We should be able to develop a consumer model in a year or so."
"That's pretty ambitious, Nine," Chitose remarked.
"No, it's a conservative estimate.  I think the first consumer models will be ready by the time Banagher finishes the game."  I added "smug" to the list of new things that Nine displayed.
"When he graduates from college.  Got it."  I rolled my eyes at my roommate's snark.
"What else are the two of you doing, anyway?" I asked.
"Taking full advantage of three dimensions," Sanada stated simply.
"Board meetings, finishing up high school, other things that would probably bore you to death," Maito replied, a small smile on his face.
"How is the line of face masks going?" Nine asked.
"You're kidding," Hathaway growled.  Why in the world would the Senpuji Concern be involved with something so mundane?
"It's a personal project of mine.  We found that our world is ill-equipped to deal with a pandemic.  I hope the data I've collected isn't needed in my lifetime, but I'm sure it'll help humanity one day."
"You actually believed that awful woman?"  Chitose chuckled at my roommate's distaste for the author.
"As much as she believed in you," Maito teased.
"That's quite the leap of faith," Sanada added.
"I think that's enough testing.  We need to get back in time for Chitose to meet up with Soji and Tatsu," Nine cut in.
"Oh right, I have dinner with those two!"
"I'll file this under success."  Sanada bowed, and his transmission cut out.
"Have fun!" Maito replied lightly, before ending his transmission.
"We're going to be busy," I muttered to myself.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 12 complete, I'm making life harder for myself)

Chapter 13 - 5/79


"I'm supposed to press this, and--"  The person on the other end of the screen focused on the keyboard.
"Hey."  A look of shock greeted me.
"You guys?!  I thought you were a civilian!"
"We are.  We got roped into this ridiculous program," my roommate explained.
"Why'd they have you two test military tech?"
"Same reason why they had you call us, I guess," I teased back.
"I heard something about a new game, and that I was in it.  Hope they got everything right."
"I'm sure you're just as charming in the game as you are now, Judau," Hathaway groaned.
"Then what are we waiting for?!"  Seems short-range transmission was better than last time!

SR Point: Defeat the Zaku III Custom within 3 turns.

Once again, it's Puzzle Robo!  This time, the goal is to defeat Mashy in the time limit using only Tobia in Kai Kai and Judau in a Jegan.  Mashymre will take potshots at you, so focus him down on turn 3 and he should go boom.  After the scene, Judau will be back in ZZ, and you'll have to deal with Haman.  It's worth it to defeat Haman, but you'll basically have one turn to do it.  Bright and the protagonist have Support Attack, and both have ways of guaranteeing hits for the round, so take advantage of that!  Roux can also Support Attack, but she'll have to rely on Focus.  This isn't Kincade's map, as he's stuck in the mass-produced thingy that Tobia was in.  Between ZZ's MAP attack and High Mega Cannon, you should be able to take out Haman before she ends the map for you.  You get a bit more info if you defeat her, so IMO it's worth it!


"What the hell."
"Imagine that both Leina and Ple are dead," I started.
"Dude, don't even joke about that."  The levity in Judau's voice was gone.
"That's your plot line, really.  Kamille's there as your big brother or something."  For someone who was busy, Hathaway sure paid close attention to the story!
"The story sucks."  I chuckled, which caused Judau to shake his head.
"Yeah, that's why it's a story.  How's Leina, by the way?" I asked.
"She's doing fine.  Wait, why are YOU asking about her?"
"Hathaway here is lonely--"
"I can get a date without your help!" my roommate snapped.
"Before or after you drop dead of old age?" I shot back.
"You two haven't changed a bit."  Someone else walked behind Judau.
"Hey, you didn't tell me you were chatting with your old friends!"  Roux waved.
"Looks like you're doing well, Roux!" I exclaimed cheerily.
"Can't complain.  How are you two doing?"
"We're arranging a date for Hathaway--OW!"  My roommate slapped the back of my head.
"No we are not!" he insisted.
"The two of you get along nicely."  Roux failed to hide her giggle behind her hand.
"We've got other stuff that needs to get done.  Say hi to everyone else for me!"  Judau cut the connection.
"That was odd," I muttered to myself, after I shut the computer down.
"What was?"
"Judau.  It's like hearing his own story took the wind out of his sails."
"You could tell?"
"Yeah.  Did the game hit a nerve?"
"He had some history with Haman.  Perhaps the game reminded him of things that he thought he'd resolved," Hathaway mused.
"Maybe.  I'd like to talk to him again.  We have no idea where Kamille went, so Judau's our best lead into the story."
"I don't know about that."  Hathaway's smile reminded me of a self-satisfied cat.

Chapter 14 - 5/84


"Wake up princess!"  I groaned as my roommate stood over me.
"You don't have to rip my shoulder out," I complained.
"It's fine.  I'm sure he's studying hard."  THAT voice was enough to wake me up.
"Really?  You really did that?"  My roommate handed the walkthrough to our guest.
"Why not?  My father's in the game, too."  I shook my head.
"Just introduced, no less."  Bright looked exactly the same as he had when we'd saved all three Earths.
"What do you think?" Hathaway asked.
"Looks like this is a pretty easy chapter."
"Really?  I usually don't read the walkthrough until after I'm done."  The older man looked up and smiled.
"Trying things out for yourself first, I see.  That's fine.  You should have no problems with this chapter, then."

SR Point: Defeat 28 enemies. Defeating Master Gundam or ZX-01 will cause their faction to self destruct.

Yes, the two enemy factions will attack each other.  Place your units between the two and enjoy the extra funds.  If you want Guy to stop moping, smack the giant hand around until you get a scene.  Don't worry about killing it off.  Of the enemies, one will have irritating barriers and one will not.  Send your beam guys with the Nadesico to deal with those without barriers, and have the Ra Cailum branch off to the right with everyone else.  The reinforcements will appear on the left side of the map, so have the Nadesico somewhat close to that edge, so you can pick up whoever you're not using.

Fairy Stab and Beam Zanza are amazing here, assuming that Kai Kai has its customization bonus.  If anyone uses Big Volfogg, Melting Siren makes things a lot easier.

Of the guys I'm not using, Chibodee's hilarious with range extension and I haven't used Sai or Argo.

New units:

Shiro - Recruited on the other path, but eh.  If one of Koji/Tetsuya are on the sidelines, kick them out and have Shiro sub in.  He won't hit quite as hard, but he'll get himself to the front lines in record time thanks to Accel.  Yes, Accel.  On a Mazinger.  His greatest weakness is being stuck with Persist instead of Wall.  While he doesn't have Soul, he doesn't need it - Mazingers tend to melt things anyway, and Great Mazinger has an attack that's perfect for it.  Mazinger Z on the other hand has the only armor shred attack in the game, so it's up to you where he goes.  Ichinana isn't horrible, but it pales in comparison to the other two.  Shiro also happens to be my favorite guy in that family, to boot.

George - Single silliest customization bonus, by a mile.  He'll want movement boosters, so he can get to where he needs to, because he doesn't get Love until extremely late (and IMO it's a very inefficient movement skill).  Slap Hit and Run on him ASAP, as his greatest strength is his MAP attack - it's a nice dot and it doesn't hit allies.  He'll generate his own ExC once his ace bonus is unlocked.  While he isn't the nuke that Domon is, his long-range attacks are welcome!


"That wasn't hard."
"Just your speed," Hathaway taunted.
"What did you think of the story, sir?"  Bright laughed.
"I'm out of the military now, so no need for formalities.  The story doesn't look like anything I'm familiar with.  Though the incorporation of Boson jumping was a nice touch."
"Not even breaking the ceasefire?" Hathaway ventured.
"It was bound to happen, given the way this story was written.  It's a nice 'what-if', but it's hardly the truth."
"I wonder why Judau was so out of it."  My roommate shook his head at my words.
"If my wife was nowhere to be found and my kids were dead, I'd be ill at ease.  In this world, my family is safe," Bright explained.
"In other words, this is a 'what-if' for Hathaway, too?"
"How so?"
"It appears that you stayed home with everyone else, instead of joining me in space."  Hathaway looked down.
"Then I wouldn't have met her," he whispered.
"Or any of us," I added.
"Why did that woman have to do another walkthrough?"
"We can learn more about her."  Bright's expression promised mischief.
"I don't want to know!" Hathaway snapped.
"I do!"  This earned me a glare from my friend.
"She has excellent taste in men.  Perhaps if she existed in this dimension, and I'd met her instead of your mother, she'd be the one you call mom instead."


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 14 complete, we are the "nameless")

Chapter 15 - 5/89


"--do you copy?"  Static played over the computer's speakers.
"I heard you for a bit," I replied back.  The computer screen flickered, before the image settled on a familiar face.  We stared at each other for a few seconds.
"You've grown, Harry!" I greeted enthusiastically.
"You two look exactly the same."  Was that supposed to be a compliment?
"Is that any way to greet someone?"  Another face appeared behind Harry's.  "Oh, it's just those two.  I suppose neither of them would be the type to snag a cute girl."
"You're how much older than us, Saburouta?" Hathaway asked pointedly.  Harry giggled.
"That's enough, you two."  The screen shifted, this time to the captain.  Despite the fact that we were the same age, she hadn't changed a bit.
"Hello."  I tried to be polite.
"You can relax.  Neither of you are under my command."  I felt the tension ease from my shoulders.
"You're still a captain," Hathaway insisted.
"And you're a couple of college students."  Ruri's wit was as sharp as ever.
"Point taken.  It looks like you're in this game, along with most of your crew.  I'll start the game."
"Wait, really?" came a voice in the background.

"I bet you're still a little kid in that game, Harry."
"Then you're younger too!  Just a creepy man instead of a creepy old man!"
"WILL THE TWO OF YOU CAN IT?  I WAITED FOR THIS ALL WEEK!"  My roommate and I shot a nervous look at each other.  Just how loud had Ryoko become over the last three years?

SR Point: Clear the map within 5 turns.

Tochiro should've learned Vigor, which means that Arcadia's survival shouldn't be an issue.  Have everyone work their way towards the center, and Our Heroes will show up on turn 2.  More allied reinforcements show up, with varying effectiveness.  Meanwhile, Master Asia will stick around for the duration of this map, and it's not a bad idea to use Darkness Finger with Soul behind it - it'll unlock a power part just because Soul is stupidly overpowered at this point in the game.  The enemies will rush you, so it's a matter of chopping them down, one by one.  The bosses not named Ple become tanky when their health is low, but that's why Shiro's in Mazinger Z.  My team was comfortably able to clear this by the player phase of turn 5.  It looks like a lot of enemies, but since they're kinda paper-thin, they go down pretty quickly.

New units:

Arcadia - Well, it's back for good (more or less), and things are a lot better now that Tochiro has Vigor.  Speaking of, his skill list is pretty crazy for a subpilot!

GekiRyuJin - The super robo with questionable manners and even more questionable aim.  He'll eventually fix that aim of his, and Vigor/Persist means that he's not going to die any time soon.  He absolutely needs range extension to function.  He isn't going to gib endgame bosses by himself, but he can help to keep the fodder at bay.

Ryoma (and company) - Musashi looks like he's going to develop a drinking problem any second, and I don't blame him.  Ryoma's loud and who knows what Hayato's planning.  Like previous games, Stone Sunshine unlocks later.  Even without it, he hits extremely hard, to the point where Valor is about as balanced as the game could get.  Shin Getter Robo will punch a hole in damn near anything and everything, takes hits and doesn't care as much (or Hayato can Flash out of the way), and could really use some range extension so that it can counter more things.  Thanks mom~!


"A colony drop."  Those words hung in the air.  Unlike our colony drop, they weren't able to destroy enough of the colony.
"We didn't have super robots with a giant eraser."  Under most other circumstances, Hathaway's wry observation would've been amusing.
"Is this what we averted?"
"Perhaps," Ruri responded to me.  "It sounds like this world hasn't dealt with something on the scale of the Axis Drop."
"It feels like something like that would've destroyed them outright," Saburouta chimed in grimly.
"Why would you say that?"  I was curious to hear the answer to Harry's question as well.

"We had a chance to read the walkthrough before the game was sent to your dimension.  There's some later comments by the author about a certain character that makes her contempt of the story clear.  If an event similar to Axis Drop were to happen with this world's current conditions, it would most likely succeed."
"We don't read ahead," I explained sheepishly.
"It's for the best," came the even reply.
"I wish she'd review Saburouta that honestly."  Ryoko appeared behind the captain.  I waved.  Hathaway glared.
"Mad because you're not in this run?" Saburouta teased.
"Why would I want to be part of that messed-up world?  We have enough problems here!"  I couldn't argue with that!
"I've verified the recording," Harry stated.  "We should be able to review both the gameplay and the quality of the transmission."
"Understood.  Please take care of yourselves, you two."
"Yes ma'am."  I winced at my reflexive reply.  Ruri chuckled before terminating the connection.
"I--" I started.
"Don't.  I don't think either of us will forget what happened."  My roommate's reply was harsh, but welcome.
"Yeah.  Sorry.  It's not something either of us wants to remember."

That night, I was back in the Unicorn, doing everything I could to destroy the colony.  The Nadesico initiated the jump, and disappeared with everyone except for me.  I woke up with a start.  Why did I continue to dream about that day?


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Chapter 16 Free Commandos - 4/93


"If you're not okay, I'll take over."  As much as I appreciated the concern, my roommate's offers were getting on my nerves.

It had been over a week since I'd touched the game, and exams had been a good excuse.  But with those out of the way, what other excuse could I use?  Not that I wanted this project to fail, but it didn't feel right to foist it on my roommate, since I was the one that had been asked to do it.  Oh, a route split?  Perhaps a change of pace would do me good. 

SR Point: Any ally unit defeats at least 3 enemy units in the same turn during a Player Phase.

This point is easy.  This map is easy.  Keep an eye on the amount of damage everyone takes, and that's it.  Setting up the SR point isn't too hard - get someone to 5 ExC, get three enemies to low health, trigger Multi Action, kill an enemy, trigger another Multi Action, and figure it out from there.  It's a nice breather of a map, which is good.  Some of the SR Points on the later maps are weird, and there's one which I'm not quite sure about.  Let's see if I can figure it out before the heat death of the universe!


Sometimes, I'd fall asleep and wake up without remembering my dreams.  I wasn't so lucky tonight.  I was back in space, above three Earths which were about to merge.  The battle was over, yet our enemy still refused to yield.  It created a distortion.  Koji and Shinji raced to stop it, but they were sucked in.  One by one, I saw my friends vanish into the ever-widening gap in space.  As my own machine was caught in the distortion, I screamed and woke myself up.

Chapter 17 - 8/101


"Huh, what are you doing here?  Don't you usually do your laundry at your mother's house?"  Audrey looked up from her book, the surprise in her voice mirrored on her face.
"Mom called and said that the washing machine broke.  It'll take at least a week for the new one to come in."
"How unfortunate.  It seems that you are the one in charge of housekeeping."  Her joke was meant to be light, but it didn't come across that way.
"He's sleeping."
"He was not the type to take a lot of naps."  She closed her book.
"It's what happens when he doesn't get enough sleep."  Hopefully, she'd get the hint and stop asking.
"You are just as busy as I am, but--"  She was on the wrong track, but was it a good idea to correct her?
"Nothing like that."  She scanned the room.  We were the only ones waiting for our laundry to finish.
"What's going on?" she asked sternly.  That was more like it.

Much to Hathaway's relief, Audrey's steel gaze didn't falter.  Someone had to knock some sense into that idiot, before he self-destructed in his own head.

SR Point: Defeat all enemies within 5 turns, with Shako and Chirico scoring the kills.

In other words, Domon and Van can chip enemies down, but Shako and Chirico are the only ones allowed to make them go boom.  Domon will need to scale back his weapons, as he can one-shot with a crit.  It shouldn't take too long to get everything squared away.  Once the second half of the map starts, use whoever you want for kills.  Ryoma should be OHKOing things once Getter Beam is online.  The enemies don't hit particularly hard, but they are somewhat evasive.  Another not-too-hard map, except one of the enemies wasn't in Fairy Stab range, hence the turn count.

Oh, right, the guys that aren't on this run.  Not sure about Shako, never used him.  Chirico is what would happen if Sousuke had the firepower of a battleship in his machine.


"Who would've thought that the AD dimension would be fully connected?" Hathaway muttered.
"Looks like it was bad timing on our part, if the only one at the resort was Momoka," I commented flatly.
"We take missing persons reports seriously, and the Para-Mails are perfect for locating swimmers who were swept out to sea," Momoka explained.
"More than one?" Audrey asked.
"A group of five.  The currents have been unusually strong these past few days."
"I hope they're found."  My voice didn't carry a lot of enthusiasm.
"I have perfect faith in Ange and everyone else!"  Momoka wore a big smile.  "Ah, customers.  Excuse me, but I must go!"  The connection cut.
"How did you know that they'd have a similar device?"  My roommate looked oddly displeased.
"I may not be active in government, but I am not completely out of the loop," Audrey answered cryptically.
"Thanks for dinner."  That also didn't sound sincere.
"I would like to meet more often."  Audrey wore a radiant smile.
"Homework permitting, right?"  I rolled my eyes.
"Of course!  My studies must come first!"  Audrey curtsied before leaving.

I should've been overjoyed to see Audrey again.  So why was I mad at her?

Chapter 18 - 4/105


"Rei?  You're all by yourself!"  The cloud over my head briefly dissipated as the quietest EVA pilot stood in front of us.
"The others had business to attend to.  I am here on their behalf."  She bowed ever so slightly, then walked right past me.
"That's new," Hathaway observed wryly.
"I wanted to serve this before it cooled down."  From her backpack, she produced a large thermos and enough bowls for all of us.
"Is this the miso soup I've heard so much about?" Hathaway asked.
"If Banagher finishes the map fast enough, you'll find out what this is," she replied, a small smile on her face.

SR Point: Defeat Ecrevisse within 2 turns

Have Arcadia Accel straight ahead, and have everyone else catch up.  Ecrevisse should target Arcadia, and we all know what happens when things mess with a battleship.  Open fire when it's your turn again, and that should be enough for the SR Point.  After that, it's straight clean-up.  There's a cute scene if you have Spike and Angela duke it out.


"We missed the map!"  Asuka's pouting face took up most of the screen.
"If the walkthrough was correct, it wasn't much of a map."  Though I couldn't see Mari, I could hear her clearly.
"It's good to see both of you."  This time, it almost sound like I meant it.
"I thought you were busy," came my roommate's dour response.
"I had to troubleshoot this device, and Asuka's grounded until she raises her grades."
"Y-you weren't supposed to tell them that, Mari!"
"And Shinji?" I asked.
"He's on Mars for an exchange program."  Why did Rei decide to explain this one?
"Uhh. . ."  Why did Asuka look so pained?
"Ah, my apologies.  Will the two of you try this?"  The contents of the container were the reddest miso soup I'd ever seen.  Nor did miso soup have those kinds of vegetables.  I gingerly ate a spoonful.  Heat radiated from my tongue, and not because of the temperature.
"It's far spicier than it looks," I gasped out.
"Potatoes aren't supposed to crunch."  My roommate's voice was calm, but his face was almost as red as the soup.
"WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS TELL ME THAT?" Asuka screeched.
"I had a portion with perfectly-done potatoes," Mari shot back, completely unfazed by her companion's outburst.
"I tried it right after swimming," Rei explained.
"Thanks for the feedback," Asuka growled angrily.
"Not bad for a first try," Hathaway commented.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up.  Three girls glared at him.
"It was nice talking to you too."  The ice in Asuka's voice could've frozen the soup.  The connection cut.
"What was that about?" I asked no one in particular.
"That was Asuka's sixth try."  Rei wore a genuine smile.  Once she cleaned up and left, the room felt oddly empty.


"How did it go?"  As usual, Asuka had to get the first word in.
"He smiled."
"N-not that idiot, the other one!"  Mari chuckled at Asuka's discomfort.
"They both smiled and laughed."  Rei smiled as she reported the mission.
"Good.  That should take a load off Audrey's mind."  Mari played with the end of her braid.
"Were you the one that--" Asuka started.
"We talk about girl stuff, not classified stuff," Mari interrupted.
"Sure, you keep telling us that," came Asuka's sarcastic response.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 18 complete, I have no strategy for the next chapter)

Chapter 19 - 4/109


"You've been at this for quite a while," my roommate commented.
"Yeah," I muttered.  Even with the walkthrough, this map was ridiculous!
"There's always that one map."  I heard the sound of rustling paper behind me.  "THAT'S her strategy?!  This is more like an essay!"
"I can't quite get the enemy units to cooperate."  I closed the game, shaking my head.  How many hours had I been trying to replicate her strategy?
"Restarting?  I want to watch this mess from the beginning."

SR Point: Clear the map in 4 turns (defeating Niva last)

It's a tough map, and the only reason why I won is because of a specific unit and a specific power part I'd unlocked earlier, along with another one I'd bought.  To say that this map is rough with only half the deployment slots is an understatement.  First, a note on the enemies - they have a single attack, which is 1-6 range, and they cannot use it after moving.  Which means you'll want units who have Hit and Run, as well as long-range attacks.  Let's take a look at the roster:

- Saizo fits both of these, because there's no reason for him NOT to have Hit and Run at this point (his bread-and-butter are attacks that force him to stay still, so any movement needs to happen after he fires).
- The Arcadia's main cannon hits way too hard, but its first attack should be enough to weaken the enemy.  This ship should also have Hit and Run, because it's a battleship, and this one wants to be front and center.
- Van has Longsword Throw, which is well under 6 range.  He'd also need Hit and Run.  However, as Longsword Throw is his only stay-put attack, and it kinda sucks, turning him into a sniper for this map is a waste of resources.
- Domon's Machine Cannon is weak enough for this map, but like Van, he wants to be in the enemy's face.
- Kincade's longest range attack is Zanbuster at 5.  He's not the worst option, but IMO resources are a little too tight to give him Hit and Run.
- Pricilla comes with Hit and Run, and Autocannon's 5 range and crappy power mean that it's perfect for weakening the enemies.  There's a certain power part that she wants, and she'll get it on the basis that no one else can use it as well as she can for this map.
- Spike's Plasma Cannon will liquidate enemies if he crits.  Aim it at the red sub-boss (not Niva), and have him Autocannon anything else.  He should have Hit and Run at this point, just because Autocannon is that bad.
- George's Rose Bits are perfect for denting enemies, and he should've gotten Hit and Run by now.  His MAP attack would be great, if only it wasn't locked behind 120 Morale. . .
- Ryoma hits too damn hard, full stop.  However, he needs to hit 120 Morale ASAP.  Hayate is an alternative, except he wasn't drafted.

First, prep.  If George doesn't have his customization bonus, unlock it.  Now.  This is the key to winning the map.  Next, you'll need to distribute certain things to certain units.  Here's what you'll need:

Spike: Land Module (otherwise he's looking at nerfed damage)
Pricilla: Quark Drive (buy this), A-Adapter (this should be glued to her)
George: Adrenaline Ampoule, ExC Boost (sell whatever isn't equipped to get this if you must)
Ryoma: Prairie Oyster

Second, this is where formation matters more than most.  Have George take one of the front-row ends while Saizo takes another.  Pricilla goes next to Saizo, and Spike nest to George.  Everyone else in back.  You will be moving backwards, but you'll want to get as many potshots in as possible.

Third, be prepared to Suspend a lot.  You need the enemy AI to run in the right direction, which is towards you.  Remember what I said about the enemy weapons and range?  Stay at least seven squares away from them for the first couple of turns.  They will move towards you.  Have those units who can't Hit and Run keep just out of their range.  Have your snipers weaken units at full health, then retreat out of range (this is why Pricilla got the Quark Drive).  Spike should be the exception to this - his job is to weaken the red tank on his side, but he'll be retreating like everyone else.  On turn 3, stay out of range of all green units who haven't crossed the line, BUT keep Shin Getter near Arcadia.  Weaken (but do not kill) everyone else.  Assuming everything went according to plan, you should have a scene during the enemy's turn 3.  As soon as that line disappears, go for kills, and let Ryoma's health drop (this should encourage the rest of the enemies to suicide into him, which is what you need).  Then, get ready for turn 4, because this is where everything falls into place.

As soon as the turn begins, pop the ExC Boost on George, then trigger Multi Attack.  Have George activate Bullseye.  If you did everything correctly, the green enemies should be a hit away from death and clustered together.  Use Rose Screamer's MAP attack to wipe out as many of the green guys as possible, then move to the next cluster.  Repeat twice more, and that should take care of almost all the green units.  On George's final move (he'll be at double-digit EN), have him in position to Support Attack the Arcadia's strongest attack (read: park him five spaces away from the boss).  Meanwhile, Pricilla should have Fairy Stab available.  Have one of Domon/Van/Kincade/Spike run right next to the boss and use their strongest melee attack (in my case, it was Spike with Bebop Formation II, since that swath of kills from George got his Morale high enough).  Ryoma needs to be at 120 Morale, because Shin Getter Charge is absolutely necessary for the win.  Then, have Pricilla sidle up next to George and Fairy Stab the boss.  Have the Arcadia take up another space next to George and use its strongest attack (gimme a break, my brain's fried).  George should have just enough for one last Rose Screamer (the 2-7 range attack), then have him cool his heels in the Arcadia.  Have Saizo and whoever didn't harass the boss take out the other tank (and make sure that the units who do this are more than eight squares away from Niva).  If everything went according to plan, Niva should be the last enemy standing, and will be at critical health.  He'll attack someone and die.

This map literally took me a week to figure out.  If I ever reattempt this without George, it's going to be with every other unit at my disposal ready to fight.  Niva's tanky, and he needs to go down in one turn (you can smack him around beforehand, but he'll heal up once that line disappears).

At the rate this write-up is going, I think I'm going to bleed into midterm elections.  But the next really ridiculous map isn't for a while, so maybe I'll finish before that.


"The hell was that?"  Hathaway looked as dazed as I felt.
"Someone's idea of a joke?" I responded weakly.
"That was far worse than that map where I had to keep Koji at low health so Leonard would harass him."
"I think she did this intentionally."  My roommate waved the papers in his hands.
"Why would anyone do this to themselves?"
"I don't want to know what goes through that woman's head."  Despite his words, Hathaway smiled.
"Sure you don't.  Up for dinner?  This one's on me."  Almost on cue, someone knocked on the door.
"Huh?  Oh, hey Audrey."
"You look pale.  Are you okay?"
"I was about to go to dinner.  Want to tag along?"  She giggled and nodded.  I turned back to my roommate, who had seated himself at his desk.
"I thought we were going to dinner?" I called out.
"I forgot about an assignment that's due tomorrow.  Can you pick something up for me?" came the reply.
"Uh, sorry," I muttered.
"It's not your fault!"  Her smile caused my heart to skip a beat.  I took a deep breath.  We were too young.  We were just friends.  We agreed to that shortly after the war ended.  Yet. . .
"Are you leaving?"  I glared at my roommate before closing the door.
"He's been cranky lately," I explained hastily.
"Are you okay?"  Her smile was replaced with a worried look.
"I just finished a really hard map."  Her expression softened.

Part of me was still back in the game, wondering what would've happened if Audrey had been in that situation, instead of safe in a Federation base.  Would I have been able to save her?


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 19 complete, I had to think way too hard to beat a strategy game)

Just wanted to chime in and say that, while I've never seriously watched a mecha anime (nor anime at all), and haven't played any SRW besides: the GBA OGs, the two OG Saga EF JRPG spinoffs, and half of the first Masoukishin, I do enjoy reading your LP!

Draft conditions + all Battle Masteries obtained + low turn counts combined make SRW more challengingly strategic than I had hitherto imagined. -Not to say I didn't have fun with OG 1&2, I loved 'em back in the day, but was the semblance of strategy atop flashy kabooms that drew me in.😅 I like what you're doing -but it might be too intense for me.😆

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On 6/27/2021 at 11:01 AM, Interdimensional Observer said:

Just wanted to chime in and say that, while I've never seriously watched a mecha anime (nor anime at all), and haven't played any SRW besides: the GBA OGs, the two OG Saga EF JRPG spinoffs, and half of the first Masoukishin, I do enjoy reading your LP!

Draft conditions + all Battle Masteries obtained + low turn counts combined make SRW more challengingly strategic than I had hitherto imagined. -Not to say I didn't have fun with OG 1&2, I loved 'em back in the day, but was the semblance of strategy atop flashy kabooms that drew me in.😅 I like what you're doing -but it might be too intense for me.😆

Thanks!  I'm quite literally making this up as I go.

Under normal conditions, SRW isn't quite this dificult.  I did the draft thing because it makes the game a lot more fun.  This particular route split, which is chosen after Chapter 15 is about as ridiculous as it gets.  Chapter 19 would be a lot easier if I used all the deployment slots.  If this game falls into your lap, choose the female protagonist and stick with the Nadesico, and the game should be more manageable.  The ending will be silly no matter what, though.

Chapter 20 - 5/114


"WHAT?!"  This game drew quite the crowd, but I hadn't expected someone who remained a celebrity!
"I want to see this game in-person, and I had some business in the area."  Chan had called us and warned us that we'd have a visitor, but she'd been awfully evasive when I asked who it was.
"P-please come in!"  Even my roommate looked pale.
"So this is what college is like," Sally observed.  Fortunately, my roommate had insisted that I put my laundry away.  My side was disorganized, but nothing that would offend a young woman - or her boyfriend.
"Is it normal to have that many books for a semester of study?" Maito asked, pointing to my roommate's overflowing desk.
"The bulk of that is my biology class.  I'm not sure why we need so many, since we use most of them once," my roommate explained.
"I see."  The CEO's eyes narrowed.  Whatever he was going to say was interrupted by another knock at the door.
"Long time no see!  Sorry we're a little late, we stopped to pick up dinner for--WHAT THE HELL?!"
"And you are?"  Unfortunately, I couldn't match his face with a name.
"Just call me Kurz.  Mao was supposed to come with me, but she was called away on a last-minute assignment.  Chan should've let you guys know we were coming."  I waved him in, and he was more than happy to unload what he was carrying.
"She never told us who was coming.  I thought she was talking about Maito."  Kurz shook his head at Hathaway's words.
"We just happened to be in the area."  I never thought I'd hear a sheepish explanation from one of the richest men across three dimensions!
"I should check in with Hamada.  I believe this is the computer you use for that?"  I nodded, and Maito had the connection up and running in no time.
"You're still in the UC dimension?  You have an early day tomorrow!"  Hamada held a planner.
"Sorry for the detour, but you said you wanted some from Senpuji Concern to observe the connection from the UC end.  I was in the area."  Hamada sighed.
"Well, let's make the most of this.  I wanted to test the connection between our dimension and another call in yours.  Is there someone you can contact?"
"I was asked to contact this person.  No idea who this is, though."  Kurz handed Maito a slip of paper.  If the first two visitors had been unexpected, the newest addition was beyond anything I would've imagined.
"Is there something on my face?"  The newcomer looked as confused as I felt.
"N-nothing of that sort," Kurz stammered.
"Fa?  Is that you?"  Leave it to Sally to immediately recognize the other person.
"Sally?  Maito?  Long time no see!"  Fa beamed brightly and waved at the pair she named.
"Isn't it late?" Kurz asked.
"Where is she?"  Why did I have to be the last one to know such things?
"I'm stationed in Hawaii," Fa replied.  Didn't Hawaii have a weird time zone?
"That is late!" Sally cut in.  "It would be past midnight!"
"Oh, don't worry about it, this is when my shift normally is.  I have the night off."
"Connection's holding steady.  How's your end, Maito?"
"Everything looks good, Hamada.  Ready to fire up that game?"
"Sure!"  Finally, something I knew!

SR Point: Defeat Photon Battleship in 1 attack (Second Attack and Support Attack can be used).

That's not a typo, it's the fifth-hardest SR Point in the game.  Fortunately, this one is more about preparation than execution, which means that if you've been upgrading mechs dutifully, you can reshuffle some power parts and make this point a lot less obnoxious.  Since Support Attack is allowed, take advantage of that!  The Arcadia can be used as a main attacker, but IMO it's better to use someone else.  Since I have Ryoma leveled, and I know what Shin Getter Charge can do, he'll fill that role (Domon can also do it, because Erupting Burning Finger hits hard).  Throw the Quark Boost on the main attacker, and ExC Boost on the Arcadia.  Upgrade the main attacker's weapons as high as your funds allow.

The map itself isn't too hard - the first wave of enemies are laughable, and the reinforcements aren't much better.  Keep Angela away from too much flak, as Focus will only take her so far.  If Zone attacks anyone, Defend/Evade.  What you'll want is to get your main attacker to at least ExC 5 and have the Arcadia gain at least one ExC point (more, if possible, but this isn't a priority).  You'll also want the second attacker in such a position that they can hit the boss after you main attacker does their thing.  I used Spike for this because why not.  Once the Arcade is within five squares of everyone, and you're ready to do that SR Point, use the ExC Boost, then spam Boost Stats until you run out of ExC.  Activate Smash Hit on the main attacker (and the second attacker if possible).  Activate Direct Attack on the main attacker.  Use Analyze on the boss.  Have your main attacker do their thing, and if everything aligns, the second attacker's hit should be enough to do the battleship in.  After that, clean up.  The routes reunite here, so I'm going to cover the units I would've gotten if I'd gone the MUCH EASIER route.

New units:

Angela - Thank you @Lightchao42!  She starts off somewhat weak, as Blade isn't exactly impressive, Machine Gun requires her to stand still, and that final attack is gated by morale.  But that's just Arhan.  Her main role changes once she gets New Arhan, but those ammo requirements don't.  There's a certain power part that has her name on it, and I'll probably get it just because the story's more interesting there anyway.  Character-wise, I'd like to think that she slapped Judau multiple times.  And he deserved every single one of them.

Hikaru - Hey person from the PM, I finally got one of your units!  Hikaru and the other two girls get continuous improvements throughout the story, with Hikaru getting the lion's share of them.  They each fulfill a different role, with the leading girl being the heavy hitter.  Unfortunately, her best attacks are combo attacks, and I didn't get Umi or Fuu, so those are off the table.  She'll still put a dent in things, but she takes time to ramp her damage.  She wants morale and Hit and Run.  Oh, and she has Fortune, which means that I can collect more money!

Show - Of the Aura Battlers, he's the only one I didn't use.  But since he's the main guy, he should be at least on par with Shion.  He also has Chum, which means more spirits!  Unfortunately, he has less personality than Shion and Tod, even if the former's immature and the latter is one of those guys who I never want to meet.  And worse fashion taste than Marvel, but let's face it, that describes everyone not named George, Rain or Harlock.


"This map was more about preparation than anything," Maito stated.
"You made it look easy!"  Kurz punctuated his words with a slap on my back.
"It's thanks to the walkthrough," I blurted out.
"Ah, the mysterious lady who seems to be fond of teasing certain men, regardless of age.  Has she spilled what kind of man could captivate her heart?"  Kurz's gaze bore into mine.
"Not.  A.  Word," Hathaway growled through gritted teeth.
"She seems fond of well-dressed men."  Sally looked up, a big grin on her face.  She winked at Hathaway, who looked away and blushed.
"Uh, guys. . ."  Fa fidgeted in her seat.
"What's wrong?" Hamada asked.
"I only have six minutes, and there's something really important I had to tell Kurz--" she started.  The smirk disappeared from Kurz's face.
"I need to use your phone," he stated.  Hathaway nodded.
"Hello?  Yeah, Fa's on the other end.  We have some unexpected visitors.  Their names?  Maito, Sally, and Hamada.  Speaker phone?  I think it's this one."
"Can everyone hear me?"
"AMURO?"  Fa sounded ready to faint.
"I'm the one that arranged this.  You said Kamille found something important, but didn't want to tell me over a regular phone line, which is why you asked me to get you to a military base.  What did he find?"
"Kamille's in Florida.  While looking through the hospital archives, he found a box full of historical documents.  They claim that a certain election was a fraud, and something about taking over the government."  The hospital that Fa named didn't sound familiar.
"Where's this box?"
"He said he moved it to a safe location, and that's the last I heard from him.  That was two weeks ago.  We normally speak twice a week."  The room fell silent.
"Which means we need to find Kamille and the box, in that order."
"I'll get the surveillance tapes from the hospital.  Three weeks minimum," Kurz volunteered.
"Three weeks?"
"People have patterns."  I wasn't sure what to make of the blond man's cryptic response to my question.
"I'll get in contact with Nine.  If anyone can analyze that much video in a short amount of time, it's her," Amuro continued.
"I'd like more information on that hospital," Hamada piped up.  "Cameras can't cover everything."
"I can do that!"
"Sally, no!  That's dangerous!"
"You're the famous one!  You've kept me out of the spotlight, which means all they'll see is an enthusiastic high school student who's interested in medicine."  Maito fell silent, unable to argue with Sally's logic.
"I'll keep trying to get in touch with Kamille."  Fa's voice shook.
"Banagher and Hathaway, keep playing through that game.  The more clues the author drops regarding her world, the better.  Assuming we find this box, I want to cross-reference it with everything she's written."
"Yes sir!" I replied automatically.
"No matter what, don't let this discovery leave this room.  Once we get to the bottom of Kamille's disappearance, we'll figure out what to do next.  Later."  The phone line went dead.
"My time's up.  Thank you, everyone!"  Fa waved, before her connection cut.
"Hamada, I'll work out the details with you after I get back."
"Understood, Maito.  See you soon!"
"Dinner's a little cold, but there should be enough for everyone.  Dig in!"  Kurz opened the package, which held a giant container of fried chicken.

Scratch "business meeting over fried chicken" off my bucket list.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 21 complete, let's hack out the disco!)

Chapter 21 - 7/121


"I didn't think anything could be uglier than the Invaders," I muttered.
"Have you seen yourself in the mirror?" my roommate shot back.
"I look better than you!"  A dry chuckle answered me.
"Uh, guys, I'm glad to see you as well, but I don't have much time. . ." Shinji trailed off.
"Roux managed to sneak him on base, but the 'tour' concludes in fifteen minutes," Judau added.
"Ah, right.  I'll make this fast!"

SR Point: Before the end of the stage, shoot down 3 or more enemies with a MAP weapon.

I think you have to blow them up at the same time?  That's what I did, because I wasn't about to do Astragius-level testing to figure out if I could save a turn.

I didn't feel like dealing with attacks from three sides, so I blew up the initial enemies, then strafed my way across the map.  Gravity Blast was the only thing that could hit three things, so that's what got me the SR Point.  The little green things are longer-ranged than they appear, so if you're going for speed, force them to close in.  Do not let those pink seashells hit anyone, because they have an on-hit stat reduction, and that's just irritating.  The big thing hits harder than anything on the map, but as long as your battleships have decent health, they should be able to weaken it.  Of the new unit I'm not using, Freud is something like tied for second in terms of straight-up usefulness for a non-MC unit.  Her final attack punches a hole in whatever you need, and she refuses to die.  Biggest downside of that unit is mobility.  Which means if that's the off-unit, then. . .

Noriko - Hello person from the PM, this was your other unit!  She's Yet Another MAP Dot, and has a staggering array of ranges.  Unfortunately, she loses almost all of said range if she moves.  She really needs to get her morale up, because her most devastating attacks are both close-range and need her to be truly pumped.  If she connects, it'll hurt.  Meanwhile, enemies will bounce off her.  The scary part is that her machine is running at half capacity.  But even at half, she'll eventually get Bravery, and I think it's cool that a female pilot gets Bravery.


"Shinji, what's so funny?"
"Being brave for others.  It's nice."
"That's what we had to do during our fight," Hathaway bluntly pointed out.
"W-well, I thought I was the only one like that.  This game shows others like me."
"Imagine how lively the crew would've been with the Magic Knights," I mused.
"Or Angela," Shinji added.  "She seems like she'd be fast friends with Judau."
"Why are you dragging me into this?"  At least Judau didn't sound like he was moping!
"The author said something about how Angela would slap Judau and he'd deserve it."  I felt like slapping my roommate.  No one else needed to know that!
"As if I'd let someone like that get within arm's range!  She looks way too slow for that!"  I giggled.
"But you'd still be friends," Shinji concluded.
"Uh, maybe?  I-it's not like I'm looking for that sort of thing!"  Judau's cheeks held far more color than when the call started.
"A girl like Angela would be able to keep my roommate's tongue in check--OW!"  I should've known that he'd smack my head.  I looked up, and noticed Shinji's expression darken for a few moments.
"We're out of time.  It was nice seeing everyone!"  Shinji's smile seemed forced.  I waved, then ended the connection.

What the hell happened to Hathaway before he enrolled in college?

Chapter 22 - 4/125


"Aren't the two of you already enrolled in a different college?"  The pair in front of me smiled.
"We can't say hi to a couple of old friends?  We even brought pizza!"  Koji held up a box, this time from a place I recognized.
"What kind of pizza?"  Only someone as dense as my roommate would dare to question free pizza.
"Half vegetarian, half pepperoni.  We came to hang out, not to declare war!"  Sayaka grinned.
"Good!"  Hathaway naturally went after the pepperoni slices.  I shook my head and grabbed a vegetarian one.
"What did you really come here for?" my roommate asked between bites.
"We have a device similar to yours, but we can't get it to work," Koji explained.
"All we get is static," Sayaka added.  "Tetsuya's waiting for us on the other end.  Though I've heard that this map is tough?"
"The author seems to think so."  The slice I ate had far too many bell peppers.
"This will come down to unit deployment."  Koji skimmed the page that apparently had the walkthrough on it.
"How--" Hathaway started.
"Koji really likes these kinds of games," Sayaka explained.
"Says the girl who unlocked all the trophies," Koji shot back.  Hathway and I exchanged a look.  Was this a challenge?

SR Point: Clear the map within 4 turns.

It's a bit harder than the SR Point two chapters ago, because of the RNG known as barriers.  Since I have more units than deployment slots, this isn't quite the nightmare.  Have everyone spread out (don't be shy about loading up Ra Cailum with the mechs who can't hurry themselves to the front), with the Barrier Buster crew and Ryoma towards Hokushin.  The first thing you'll need to do is to get Haman's health below half, for a scene.  Then, you'll have maybe a turn and a half to take out everything.  Fortunately, said scene gives Judau the rest of his weapons, so deleting Haman should be a little less annoying.

Meanwhile, Arcadia can either join the fray or go item fishing (yes, it has to be the Arcadia).  Assuming you have the Arcadia's customization bonus, you'll reach the designated square on turn 2 if you use Accel twice.  One of the items increases the morale cap (among other things), while the other is the first Extra Arms.  Plus, there's a stupid pun in the dialogue.

Regardless, activate Pirate's Strategy on turn 4, so you get a free Charge on everyone along with some stat boosts.  Assuming everything went according to plan, you should be able to finish everything by the end of player phase turn 4.  But if you can't, delete the bosses first, because manipulating their AI is a gigantic pain.

Stay safe out there, whether it be from the heat, flooding, new virus variant, or the fires (again).


"That map wasn't too hard," Koji commented.
"Uh-huh," Tetsuya commented from the other end.  "How many times did Sayaka have to bail you out?"
"H-hey, I wasn't that bad!"
"I wonder if this is how their relationship will be once they're married," Hathaway whispered.
"That's a lot of assumptions," I whispered back.
"This is what the transmission data is supposed to look like?"  Sayaka's eyes darted over the pages she'd printed.  "Did we plug everything in?"
"I'll pay a visit to your lab tomorrow." Chan waved over Tetsuya's shoulder.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 22 complete, now we have a proper space laser)

Chapter 23 - 5/130


"Huh?  Aren't you busy with other things?"  I blinked in surprise at our guest.
"Chan would be the one to check up on you, if she didn't have her hands full with an exploding box."  I quickly let Amuro in, hopefully before anyone saw him.
"Exploding what?"  Hathaway wasn't shy about asking what was on my mind.
"The reason why Koji's box malfunctions is because it keeps blowing out.  When we plug anything else in, it works as expected.  Chan's trying to figure out what's going on."
"Good luck to her," I muttered.
"Has the author said anything else about her world?"  Down to business, as usual.
"She mentioned the weather, but what--"  Before I could finish my sentence, Amuro grabbed the walkthrough out of my hands.

SR Point: Any ally reaches 10 ExC.

The worst of this chapter is remembering where everything spawns (from the initial enemies, one group spawns to their left, and the other group spawns directly below them).  Leave someone at the mercy of the starfish, and you'll hit the SR Point in no time.  Otherwise, just kill everything, barrier or not.  This chapter is a nice breather.  If any of your units are lagging behind, have Pricilla/Chum Cheer for them before killing a boss.

Happy Independence Day!  Please follow your local ordinances regarding the safe usage of any sort of fire-based entertainment (assuming you're not in one of those areas that's expecting a tropical storm).  California has enough wildfires and doesn't like competition.


"I guess that's a good thing," Amuro muttered to himself.
"What is?"  I peered over the other man's shoulder.
"The weather.  It means that there's nothing else for her to talk about."
"I guess?  Why do you care about her so much?"  I rolled my eyes.  Would my roommate ever let his grudge go?
"Because we found Kamille."
"Isn't that a good thing?"  The look I got told me that I would've been better off keeping my mouth shut.
"He's currently in a military prison, and refusing to talk."
"WHAT?"  When it came to big things, the two of us usually agreed on a course of action.  Or in this case, on what to say.
"We found him in the Florida Keys, cooperating with a terrorist group.  Don't tell anyone else this."
"Of course.  But why did you tell us?"
"The two of you have the most contact with the other dimensions.  Keep your ears open, and if anyone mentions anything about a terrorist group, please let me know."
"No pressure at all," Hathaway grumbled.

Chapter 24 - 5/135


"Not this again!"  I reset the game.
"You've been at it for the past two hours.  Why don't you take a break?"  A sandwich appeared in my hands.
"But Amuro said--" I started.
"If you studied as hard as you played this game, you'd be out of college in no time."

SR Point: Defeat 15 enemies by the end of turn 3.

And we're back to the stupid SR points!  Fortunately, Ryoma can make the Battlers cry, so this isn't quite as stupid as most of the other stupid points.  The first turn is just Van, so have him dash due south.  Then the map really begins - but since you're so far away, this SR point should read "counter-kill 15 enemies on turn 3's enemy phase".  Which means you'll do just that.  I sent Hikaru, Saizo, George, Black Mightgaine, and Ryoma to the eastern portion of the map along with the Ra Cailum.  Have Hikaru, the Ra Cailum, George, and Saizo end their turn next to each other, and have George Hover.  If possible, have Black Mightgaine stand next to George, but it's not absolutely necessary.  Load up Arcadia with whoever doesn't have Accel, then use Accel on everyone else and hustle down south.  If everything is done correctly, the kikaiju will target Roux, who can take one hit, so hope the RNG plays nice here!

On turn 3, weaken as many things as you can.  Your goal is to get as many of the fodder down to 3500 HP or less.  Remember that weird formation that Hikaru and Co. were in?  Have Hikaru attack a golem first, and someone should Support Attack her (prioritize the Ra Cailum).  Then have the Ra Cailum attack, followed by Saizo.  Have George land, then have Black Mightgaine move next to George and hit something (preferably something that no one else has attacked).  If this sequence is done correctly, all the golems should be at low health, and a lot of support attacks should've been used.  Have George attack something, then have Ryoma harass a Battler (but not Allen, he's too durable).  Once everyone has taken their potshots, end your turn and hope that everything suicides into you and you get the point.  If the next part of the map begins before Harry and Ruri have a short conversation, reset.

Once you finally get that point, clean up.  It shouldn't take more than a couple of turns, since most of the weaker enemies wil be dead.


"Finally!"  It had taken three and a half hours total, but I'd cleared the map with the SR Point!
"Nicely done!"  When did Audrey get here?  And why was she so close to me?!
"You should see what your face looks like," Hathaway stated with a giant smirk.
"Still better-looking than yours," I spat out.
"The two of you bicker like a couple!"  Her laugh rang hollow.
"Something wrong?" I asked.  She looked up at me abruptly.
"W-what do you mean?"  This wasn't like her at all!  My roommate looked up from his desk.
"I need some fresh air."  Before either of us could object, he walked out of the room.
"It's gotta be bad if he noticed," I muttered.
"I--" She looked down at the bed.  This was worse than when she was hiding her true identity.
"THERE YOU ARE!"  The door burst open.  Hathaway stumbled in, with a woman not far behind him.  She slammed the door shut, then rooted around Hathaway's bed, much to his dismay.
"Good, it's still there."  She dusted herself off and stood up.  "My apologies, everyone.  Can you guys give Amuro a call?"  I reached for the phone, but she batted my hand away.  "Over an encrypted line, please."
"Like that?" Audrey asked, pointing to the black box.  The woman nodded.
"Isn't it late for you--" Amuro started.  He backed up when the woman stood in front of the computer.  "Mao?  What are you doing there?"
"What the hell were you thinking, dragging civilians into this?" she yelled.
"They have an encrypted line and the best chance of contacting people across dimensions," he explained, his voice unsteady.
"You're damn lucky Kurz left a little something to keep the conversations in this room private.  We didn't think they'd be serious enough to monitor the entire dorm, though."
"The what?" I repeated numbly.
"A network of cameras, all through the dorm.  We couldn't figure out where the data was being sent before they were fried."
"But why go through so much trouble?" Audrey asked.  "We're just students!"
"Students with state-of-the-art technology, involved in something civilians shouldn't have to worry about," Mao corrected.
"Who would go through so much trouble?" Amuro demanded.
"Whoever they are, they got to the hospital surveillance before we did, along with every single traffic camera within the county."
"Anything else we should be concerned about?" Hathaway asked sarcastically.
"Uh, I'm glad everyone's here," Audrey spoke up.
"Now's not the time to hide things," Mao snapped.
"Fa has disappeared."


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 24 complete, this game doesn't want to give me a break)

Chapter 25 - 3/138


"I'm sorry for getting all of you caught up in this mess."  Rather than deal with the possibility of a wiretap, Amuro had come down in person, along with Tessa.
"What should've been a project to connect the dimensions has instead turned into a cross-dimensional criminal case," Tessa explained.
"That leaves so many questions," my roommate grumbled.  Much as I hated to admit it, I had the exact same thoughts.
"Most of which will have to stay unanswered, I'm afraid."  She shot us an apologetic look.
"Where's Audrey?"  Shortly after the initial call with Amuro, Mao had hustled her out of the room, and we hadn't seen her since.
"Still being questioned."
"She's not a criminal!" I blurted out.
"Her call history says otherwise."  I couldn't meet Tessa's gaze.  There's no way Audrey would cause trouble!  I just knew it!  Something chirped.  Tessa took a phone out of her pocket.
"It seems I'm needed elsewhere for the next couple of hours.  I'll come back with dinner."  With that, she left.
"What are we supposed to do?" Hathaway asked the silence in the room.
"It looks like the next two chapters are linked.  I'd like to see them."

SR Point: Clear the chapter within 3 turns

This is more of a story chapter than a proper one.  Saizo on Focus shouldn't have to worry about being hit, so park the Tyranado in the middle of everything and let the enemies end the map for you.  As for the other unit?  Have her cool her heels.

Welcome to the other protagonist.  Because there's no battleship, it means that you have a free usage of Sagiri's Daunt.  Use it as soon as the chapter starts, and you'll unlock Vitality Down.  The other mech on the map makes for a decent Repair thing, and Protagonist Powers means that the pilot will be decent.


"The chapter splash screen's at the end.  I like that."  The older man went back to reading the papers in his hands.
"Learn anything new?"
"No.  Wait."
"Reading ahead?"  Hathaway peered over the edge of the paper.  Wouldn't the writing be upside-down?
"Call me when you hit Chapter 30.  I want to see that one for myself."
"You're a glutton for punishment," Hathaway muttered.  He glanced at something on my desk.  "Hey, don't you have an exam coming up tomorrow."
"Y-yeah, but what does that--"
"Have you studied for it?"
"Aren't we in a hurry?"
"I can take care of the next chapter.  If she did both chapters at once, it can't be that hard."
"Your goal is to graduate from college, not drop out of it," Amuro reminded me.
"Fine," I grumbled, tossing the controller at my roommate.

Chapter 26 - 5/143


"Remind me why I chose to do this chapter?" Hathaway snapped.
"Because you don't want Banagher to fail out of college," came the far-too-light reply from Amuro.

Why'd the next exam have to be integrals?

SR Point: Gain 120,000 funds before the end of the stage.

This is the single coolest SR Point in the game, because supporters and creativity go a long way here.  The Astragius gang have a low enough cost to be activated on turns 2 and 5, and you'll need both of them!  Judau, Spike, and Hikaru have Fortune, while Rami and Ruri have Bless.  Judau may get more money if his ace bonus is unlocked, while Spike and Harlock just get bonus money on kills because crime pays.  In other words, activate Funds Finder, then activate Bless on someone with a MAP attack, then get as many enemies in the blast range as possible.  The more kills, the better.  I used the Nadesico's Gravity Blast for giggles, though High Mega Cannon can also work wonders if Judau gets his morale high enough.

That one slow ship is worth 10,000 funds at base, so use someone with Fortune to finish it off for lots of money.  The boss is also worth a good chunk of funds, and you'll want Saizo to get that kill, so have Bless active on him as well.  Enjoy the upgrade spree!

The Tyranado Rex is introduced here, and it's a solid upgrade.  It sports a MAP attack with an awkward radius, straight upgrades to everything, and is still missing an attack.  Its job as a sniper hasn't changed, though.

The boss drops a Haro.  This, along with the A-Adapter keep Pricilla relevant through the entire game.


"I'm back!"  True to her word, Tessa unloaded a platter of sushi.
"Thanks!"  Anything was better than integrals!
"How'd the study session go?" Hathaway teased.
"I hate calculus," I grumbled.
"Oh?  Can I take a look?"  I nodded, and Tessa glanced over my notes.  "There's a few things to remember about integrals."
"All of that made perfect sense."  Why couldn't my professor explain it like that?
"I think you'll do just fine on your exam!"  Gone was the serious commander of Mithril, replaced by a young woman who smiled from the bottom of her heart.
"What's this?"  Amuro held up a scrap of paper with a long sequence of numbers on it.
"In a moment.  Banagher, do you remember Audrey's class schedule?"
"Well, uh, sort of?"  I gave the days, times, and subjects that she told me.
"That matches with what she said.  Mind if I make a call?"  Hathaway moved from the computer.
"Can I help you?"  Hamada held a sketch pad.
"Can you trace this number?"  Tessa held up the numbers to the screen.  Hamada swallowed.
"Uh, just a moment?"  He picked up a telephone on his end.  "You'll have your answer in a minute."
"What is the meaning of this?"  Maito looked ready to drive his fist through the screen.
"That's what we want to know," Tessa replied.  "This number was found on Audrey's phone.  We know it's from your dimension."
"What time did Audrey make the call?"  Much to my surprise, Tessa smiled.
"Audrey received a call from this number on Wednesday at 2:08 PM".
"That's impossible!  She had an exam that day!" I blurted out.
"Her phone would've been off.  That's the professor's policy," Hathaway added.
"That matches," Maito paced.
"Can we tell them about that?" Hamada asked nervously.
"I don't see why not.  Someone tried to abduct Sally when she visited Kamille's hospital.  She escaped, but her phone was stolen."
"I knew it was too risky to let her go," Amuro muttered.
"Not like she'd listen to anyone once her mind's made up," Maito grumbled.
"She told me something very strange when she returned, though," Hamada butted in.  "She said that Mondo and Iino were the ones that gave her time to escape.  They mentioned that it was Shinji's suggestion to go to that hospital.  Did either of you tell him about that?"
"Of course not!" my roommate and I exclaimed simultaneously.
"According to NERV, Shinji's on Mars," Amuro stated.  "What is going on here?"
"Didn't we talk to him shortly after we learned about Kamille?" I asked.
"Yeah, he was with Judau."  Tessa and Amuro looked at each other, puzzled.
"I think you need to have a nice, long chat with Judau," Maito replied after several minutes.


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Secret Scenario 2 - 3/146


"I'm not sure if I'm glad to see you guys," Shinji answered nervously.
"Still taking that tour?"  Hathaway crossed his arms over his chest and glared.
"I have more important things to take care of."  The shy boy had grown into a quietly determined man.
"Such as?"
"Boot that game and play a bit.  Meanwhile, read me the numbers that appear on the screen."
"Is it okay if it's a short chapter?"  He nodded.  Good.

SR Point: None

I don't think this map needs an explanation.  Run forward and beat stuff up, with "stuff" being much easier than your usual fodder.  This is doable in two turns if you don't mind upping the Arcadia's kill count.  Otherwise, use this time to feed kills/experience to whoever needs them.

Once again, stay safe out there, I hear there's another heat wave.


"That's the last of them."  Shinji didn't look up from whatever he was writing on.
"Thanks.  There's no mistaking it.  These boxes--"
"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?"  We didn't place that call!
"Hi."  Father and son stared at each other from two different planets, a feat made possible by a little black box.
"We, uh--"  Their glares turned to me.  I gulped and shut my mouth.
"You weren't supposed to activate that," the elder Ikari stated, his enunciation exaggerated to dramatic levels.
"These boxes are leaking data to NERV."  Shinji held up a piece of paper with numbers on them.  For a fraction of a second, the older man's expression registered shock.
"A necessary step in order to facilitate communication," came the steely reply.
"One that can be listened in on."  The Shinji I knew would've withered under his father's glare.  This one met it with his own.
"As noise."  Shinji shook his head.
"The transmission was unencrypted.  I asked a couple of my friends to verify it, and they did."
"Mondo and Iino," I muttered.
"How did you know that?" Shinji snapped.  I took a deep breath.
"They didn't just meet Sally.  They saved her."  This was enough to replace both glares with bewilderment.
"Do you ever shut up?"  My roommate punched my arm to make his point.
"Shinji said that the transmission was unencrypted.  Someone was waiting for Sally.  Therefore, someone else must've heard the same thing as Shinji.  Did you see the looks on their faces when I mentioned what Mondo and Iino did?  I don't think either of them ordered that kidnapping."
"Why would anyone kidnap Sally?" Shinji wondered aloud.
"Send me those numbers over a properly encrypted connection," Gendou snapped, before he hung up his end.
"We'd love to tell you, but we were asked to keep it under wraps," Hathaway explained.
"I see.  I'm curious, but it'll be a distraction.  I need to go now.  Please be careful about what you talk about over these lines."  I nodded, and the screen went blank.
"What have we gotten ourselves into?"  I wondered the same myself.


Twenty addresses.  Yet the boxes were only supposed to have sixteen connections to NERV.  What were the other four for?  Where did they go?  Three of them were connected to personnel that had been terminated over the past year.  The last one made him arch an eyebrow.  HIS address?  How convenient.  Woe to whoever thought that old men were unable to use a computer properly.  Ten minutes later, and he had an answer that darkened his mood.

Always have an ace up your sleeve.  Time to invoke this one.  He picked up a phone line that was most definitely secure.

"I will inform the school that Shinji Ikari is disenrolling and returning to Earth.  I need you to look into something on Mars, Kaworu."
"I'm listening."
"I need you trace an address."

With that task done, he leaned forward, his elbows on his desk.  Due to the nature of its research, NERV was locked down tightly.  The only way this could've been executed would be if the perpetrator was from NERV, someone who'd worked with them for a very long time.  But who would deliberately punch holes in NERV's security system?  Mari was the closest he could think of to a proper leak, but her outside contacts were people she'd met during her time as an EVA pilot.  What she divulged was mildly concerning, at best.

Kaworu would call back once he found something.  Until then, he had a puzzle to assemble.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Secret Scenario 2 complete, I'm rich!)

I caught a math error in the last post, which has been corrected!

Chapter 27 - 4/150


"Do we tell them?"  With all the insanity flying around, I wasn't sure if we should tell anyone about NERV's issues.
"Let's see if they mention it."  I shrugged.  It sounded as good as any plan.  Someone knocked, right on schedule.
"Hey boys!  I have to update that box of yours."  Chan put down a package that smelled suspiciously of oyster sauce and noodles, then put a disk in the computer.  The computer beeped.  A few keystrokes later, and a couple of faces appeared.
"It seems the update is stable, so far," Sanada commented.
"It's been a while."  Tieria adjusted his glasses to make his point.
"Aren't you guys out in deep space or something?" Hathaway asked, the usual irritation in his voice absent.
"We came back to the solar system to resupply and perform some upgrades.  Though I'm glad we were able to come while you're playing that new game.  How do you like it?"
"It's harder at certain points," I stammered.
"I though Hathaway would be selected as the playtester."  Not that I could fault Tieria!
"He's really busy with school.  My schedule is lighter, so I was chosen."
"Everything is working as expected so far," Sanada interrupted.
"Let's see what you can do, Banagher."  No pressure at all.  Thanks, Tieria.

SR Point: Clear the map in 4 turns or less.

The hardest part about this map is making sure that your troops are spread out evenly.  Everything that you need to obliterate will show up by turn 2, so don't worry about unexpected reinforcements.  Niva is the hardest thing on the map, but this time you have three battleships to harass him with.  The enemies should clump, which means that you can snipe with George/Noriko to make your life easier.  Or just have everything stand next to Judau, and have him wipe them out.  With a full roster, getting the SR Point should be fairly straightforward.  Unless you're Kincade, and completely forgot how to dodge.


New Arhan - Like Arhan, it's ammo-reliant.  Unlike Arhan, it's a mid-to-long range fighter.  This is why Angela needs Hit and Run.  Give her a bit of range extension and she can safely snipe a lot of things.  Give her a lot of range extension, and she outright trivializes a certain late map.


"That wasn't so bad."  Not once did my roommate have to read anything from the walkthrough!
"Passable," Sanada commented.  Did he play this game too?
"Everything looks normal on this end."  Chan collected a sheaf of papers from the printer.
"No abnormalities here."  Another face popped up.
"Nicely done!"  Maito gave me a thumbs up.
"You weren't part of the call!" Tieria protested.
"We caught wind of an unencrypted broadcast.  Chan asked us to watch uninvited, if you will.  The patch was supposed to fix that, but it was only partially successful.  Didn't take long to break in and have a front-row seat."
"The encryption shouldn't have been that trivial," Sanada protested.  "Chan, can you bring your copy of the patch over here?  I want to compare it to our own."
"I'll do that tomorrow."  Dinner beckoned, after all.
"Send the patch over here as well.  I can run my own analysis."  Sanada nodded.
"If it's from the author himself, then who am I to argue?"  Chan smiled wearily.
"This keeps getting weirder and weirder," Hathaway commented.
"Tell me about it," Sanada snapped, before his end went blank.
"It really was nice talking to both of you!"  Tieria waved before leaving.
"Until these boxes stop broadcasting everywhere, I'm afraid I can't update you," Maito apologized.
"You're always welcome to drop by, if you're in the area!" I shot back with a smile.
"Thanks, I might take you up on it!"  Maito's transmission ended.
"Who's up for dinner?"  Chan grabbed a plate and served up a stir fry.
"Are you kidding?" Hathaway snapped.
"It's good for you!"  What was he so nervous about?  Without paying attention to what was on my plate, I took a bite of something, and regretted it.  What WAS that awful flavor?!
"Do you look at your food before you eat it?"  I was tempted to erase the smirk on my roommate's face by throwing my plate at him.
"First time you've had bittermelon?"  Chan stifled a giggle.

Why me?


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Chapter 28 - 5/155


"I'm sorry, but I can't!"  Audrey had finally returned, but she refused to say what happened to her, or why she no longer wanted to see me.
"If it's something I did, I'm sorry."  For a moment, our eyes locked.
"This is not your fault!"  She backed away and ran.

SR Point: Defeat at least 20 enemies before achieving the victory conditions

And since the victory conditions for the first part are three turns total, you're gonna have to work fast.  Pricilla's great here, because Fairy Stab makes short work of the fodder.  Kincade also finds this map amusing, though he isn't quite as ridiculous as a critical Fairy Stab.  As tempting as it is to burn Shin Getter Charge here, save it.  Clear a path for Akito, and the first part should go quickly enough.  If done correctly, the SR Point announcement will occur right after he arrives.  Put your beam guys near the squares closest to you, the viewer, because a bunch of ATs will spawn there.  So does a familiar face.

Part 2 is where you'll need a bunch of Bullseye.  This is also where Shin Getter Charge is used.  Smack the new enemies around, and the map should be over quickly enough.

The Nadesico C makes its grand entrance here.  It looks cooler, and comes with hacking!


"If she doesn't want to see you, then there's nothing we can do."  I knew my roommate was right, but my emotions said otherwise.
"Your run wasn't riddled with this kind of drama!" I complained.
"We were in the middle of a war."  He could try to show some sympathy!
"This isn't fair.  We're supposed to be civilians.  Why are we still involved with stuff like this?"  He shook his head, finally silent.  "I'm going for a walk.  What did you want for dinner?"
"The usual."  Right.  I stalked off.  Maybe a change of scenery would clear my head.

The semester was set to end in a few weeks.  My grades were passable, but not high enough where I could slack on my finals.  Thanks to Tessa's coaching, math wasn't as much of an issue.  History continued to be a thorn in my side.  Why did I need to take a year's worth of it, anyway?  And why did I have to write so much?  Surely all those dates and events weren't--

"Hey, watch it!"  The woman I'd inadvertently bumped into glared at me.  She looked more like a blond pin-up model than a student.  Perhaps she had been, at one point, before furthering her education.  Her expression softened.  "Wait, do I know you?"
"I've never seen you before in my life."
"You were in that picture with him."  Her eyes narrowed.  "No mistaking it.  But that's not what I came here for.  Have you seen this?"  A photograph was roughly shoved in front of my face.  It was a black truck.  Why would I care about that?
"Don't remember seeing that."  What else did she want me to say?
"Very well.  But if you see it, please let the police know immediately."  I nodded.  She walked off towards a pay phone.  I tailed her, and hid behind a tree.  Why would she need to make a call now?
". . .I'm sure of it."  It was hard to make out what she was saying.  "The rumor was true. . .pilot of the Unicorn. . .can lead us to Mineva. . ."  This wasn't good!  I exited as quietly as I could.  Once I was out of sight of the phone booth, I sprinted back to my room.

Who was that?


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 28 complete, the story is writing iteslf, send help)

Chapter 29 - 6/161


Did I listen to my roommate?  Of course not.  What did he know about women?  It didn't take long before I bumped into Audrey again.  Instead of letting her go, I grabbed her arm.

"Did someone ask you for an interview?"  The look of surprise on her face was all the answer I needed.
"I'm sorry," she mumbled, her eyes firmly on my shoes.
"I've got a lot more to ask, but not here.  Meet me back at my room after you're done for the day."  She silently nodded, then yanked her arm free and walked off.

SR Point: Destroy the FTO with HP above 10,000 in one attack within 3 turns.

It looks like a mouthful and it requires some setup.  Arcadia's the best for this, as it can lay down quite a bit of damage with Smash Hit.  Get a strong supporter, and you'll clear this objective.  Once that's done, your target will switch to the NSX.  It hits decently hard, but it runs out of EN fairly quickly (well, quickly for an objective).  Tank/evade it, then go for the kill when it can't counter.  You'll then have to defeat everyone on the map, which is more of a slog than anything.  Make sure to chase Rudi off with Saizo!  Oh, and be careful about chipping away at Joe, because if his health goes too low, he'll get a scene with Maito, and the latter will run himself straight into enemy territory.  Make sure you have a battleship with at least one ExC handy (or just fly it close enough so that Maito can hop on, Gaine should have Accel).

New units:

NSX - Take the advice from this stage and get its EN up!  Its MAP attack is similar to the Nadesico's, both in naming convention and shape.  The team of Eagle/Geo have a nice set of spirits between them.  However, Eagle can fly off on his own in the FTO, leaving Geo all alone and without Accel.  I'll keep Eagle on the NSX when possible.  This ship doesn't have a commander aura, but eh.

Joe - Shin Getter is no longer the star of hard knocks!  Goryu's biggest issue will be EN, even with Joe's skill set.  He'll take off chunks of HP, and he can sort-of take a hit.  Slap a bit of range extension on him and have fun!  Charge is, uh, useful for one attack.


"That's odd, her classes should be over by now."  Hathaway looked at the clock on his desk.
"She didn't look happy, but she wouldn't stand me up.  Right?"  The phone rang.
"I"m sorry!"
"You're not coming, are you?"  Disappointment laced my voice.
"I'd love to, but that lady is hanging around in your lobby."
"I saw her leave her car.  I have her license plate.  Do you have something to write on?"
"Got it."  I handed the paper to Hathaway, who shook his head.
"Doesn't ring a bell for either of us."
"Please be careful!  She's persistent, and I don't want either of you to be caught up in this!"
"It's too late.  She recognized me."
"May I?"  I handed the phone to my roommate.
"Hey, Audrey, can you call my sister?  Tell her what's going on, and that my computer's on.  Call me back if she doesn't answer.  Thanks."  He hung up the phone.
"What is that supposed to mean?"  My roommate flashed me a small smile.
"Exactly what I said."  He walked across the room and turned the computer on.  "We can study for our exams while we wait."

Much to my surprise, the computer beeped roughly half an hour later.  Hathaway hastily hit a few keys, and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the person on the other end.
"Using Audrey to get your message across?  That's not like you."
"Sorry dad, the phone lines aren't safe.  I would've called you myself if I could've."  I waved at the monitor.
"What's going on?"  Between the two of us, we managed to explain the situation to Bright.
"Do you have any ideas?" I asked.
"I think I know who this is.  What does she look like?"
"Uh, she has long blond hair, blue-green eyes and a really nice figure.  She said that she recognized me from that photo with someone else, but I didn't ask her who."
"I'll swing by tomorrow and pick up dinner for the two of you."
"Thanks!" the two of us said in unison.
"Don't worry about it."
"Oh, and can you let Amuro know that I'm about to start that chapter he's interested in?"
"Really?  I'm going to have to see this!"  The man on the other end chuckled, then hung up.
"Should I be worried?" I asked my roommate hesitantly.

Chapter 30 - 6/167


"Can you hear that?" I whispered.
"My dad sounds mad."  Two voices echoed down the hall.  One was female.  The other belonged to Bright.  I slowly opened the door.  Sure enough, the pair bickered.
"I came to visit my son, and saw you with your camera aimed at his room.  What the hell did you think I'd assume?"
"He's an adult!"
"You're harassing my family!"  It wasn't the truth, but it made for quite the cover story.  Much to my surprise, I saw someone else walk down the hall, laden with bags.
"Get out."  I exchanged a look with my roommate.  Amuro usually yelled when he was mad.  To see him this quiet was unnerving.
"I'll call the police."  His voice was steady and calm.  The woman whimpered, then ran down the hall.
"I'm surprised you kept your nerves."  Bright clapped the other man on the back.
"We had an audience."  I gulped.
"I suppose so.  Can't let the kids know how terrified you used to be."
"Did you have to mention that?"

SR Point: Defeat all enemies within 3 turns, defeating Jagd Doga last.

Welcome to the next edition of Puzzle Robo!  Use your phases to get close to Jagd Doga and smack it.  Use enemy phase to counter-kill the enemies.  If done correctly, you'll win during the enemy's turn.  If not done correctly (as in, you didn't trigger Focus/Intuition), reset until you do.  Fin Funnels will attack first on counter, so take advantage of that!  Also, Jagd Doga goes down in three solid hits (Vulcan Cannon is not a "solid hit").

Once everyone else shows up, mow the enemies down.  Use the ExC from the first part on Boost Dash, so Amuro can hop on the nearest ship and cool his heels.  Speaking of. . .Amuro finally comes with Hit and Run!  In return, Fin Funnels ammo has been reduced by two.  I'll put my thoughts on the story in spoilers - don't read this unless you want to hear me whine about things outside of my control.


If this was the alternative to Char's Counterattack, then I'm so glad that it was tossed in the trash.  Beltorchika somehow wound up with less character than Chan in V, and Chan lived only because certain events were sped up to prevent her untimely demise.  Quess manages to somehow NOT be the most irritating thing on screen, despite the fact that her entire character annoys me to no end.  It's one thing for Quess to be a brat, but as far as I'm concerned, Beltorchika picked a fight with her.  After that, Beltorchika is shot at, then joins up with Amuro as his girlfriend. . .and is mostly forgotten except where she gets knocked up.  Meanwhile, Amuro goes from moping to somehow being really popular with girls, all while having this undercurrent of "if clipsey pushes this version of him too hard, he'll probably spiral back into depression".  This entire introduction was a train wreck.  I'm especially mad about Beltorchika, because she could've been replaced by an emotional support cat, and had roughly the same amount of impact on the story (have Amuro get some regulation passed that allows pets under certain circumstances or something as the "yay everything will work out" moment in lategame).  And I could've forgiven a cat for getting mad at Quess.

I much prefer Amuro the Oblivious in V, where he's watching people from afar while generally being clueless that there's women interested in him.  Unlike the whiplash in T, him being completely unaware of women matches his general geeky/stubborn personality.  Plus, I don't feel like I have to tiptoe around his character  - I'm sure he'd shake his head, maybe think I'm a lunatic, and move on.  Thus, I can use him as the butt of some jokes.

I'll post my impressions of Gyunei/Quess later.  Suffice to say that Hathaway isn't the only one with terrible taste in women.

Due to the way the recruitment system works, Amuro will make random appearances in order to recruit someone.  Fortunately, this is doable because Fin Funnels are amazing like that.


"Are you okay?"  Hathaway stared at the screen, his usual commentary silent.
"I was afraid of this," Amuro muttered.
"I thought you wanted to see why the author was so mad about the story."  The redhead shook his head at his friend's words.
"I saw mentions of Quess, and I wasn't sure how Hathaway would take it."
"I'm fine."  My roommate's expression said the opposite.  "This is a what-if.  She's not real."
"I'll keep an eye on him."  I vaguely remember someone providing meals for me when I was stuck in the past.  It was time to return the favor.
"Thanks, Banagher."  From the oddly mismatched packages, four containers came out.  Why did they look familiar?
"You asked mom to cook?" Hathaway asked flatly.
"Of course!  Figured that you could use a change of pace."
"T-thanks."  We ate in silence for a few minutes.
"Why did that lady freak out when she saw Amuro?" I asked between mouthfuls of rice.
"She can be a little too persistent with her interviews.  It was Bright's idea to get a restraining order against her."  Amuro had emptied his bowl in record time.
"She looked like the woman in the game."  Bright laughed.
"Except Amuro didn't ask her to be his girlfriend!  Even if she was very interested in him."  Amuro's face went red.
"We went out for coffee once, but that's it," the man in question protested.
"A date's a date," Bright teased.  Despite the mood, my roommate stared at his dinner, which was mostly untouched.
"I need to use the bathroom."  He quickly left the room.
"Can you live without this page?"  Amuro held up the last chapter's walkthrough.
"Good.  I don't think he'll take kindly to having his taste in women insulted."  The door flew open, and Hathaway darted through, then slammed the door shut.
"Is that lady a part of the military?"  His speech was faster than normal.
"Not that I know of.  Why?"
"She was talking to two guys in military uniforms.  I overheard something about her assignment, and me."  Bright swore.
"The two of you are coming with us.  Now."  I wasn't sure what Amuro had in mind, but arguing was probably out of the question.
"We have finals soon."  It was worth a shot!
"I should be able to convince your professors to allow a make-up."  Bright sounded awfully confident about that!
"Is Audrey safe?"  The two men looked at each other.
"We'll send someone to pick her up.  You two, pack that device, your homework and a week's worth of clothes."
"What about the computer?"  My roommate's voice almost sounded like his old self.
"This doesn't look like anything for sale in this dimension."  With an almost inhuman speed, Amuro unplugged everything and hefted the unit off the table.
"Looks like these will come in handy."  Bright produced two flat bundles of cloth.  In moments, they became duffel bags.  Someone knocked on the door.  Bright herded us to the back of the room, while Amuro cautiously opened the door.  Much to my surprise, Audrey entered the room.
"I saw some strange guys outside my window, so I came here as fast as I could.  Why is the Federation watching me?"
"Do you have your phone?" Bright asked.
"Yes, but why does that matter?"
"You're coming with us."  She'd be safe with us.  Or so I hoped.


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On Steam, no less.  I'm considering a blind stream, just so everyone can have a good laugh.

Chapter 31 - 4/171


I don't know why we had to vacate our dorm for three days.  Fortunately, we hadn't missed too many classes, so catching up wasn't too bad.  Audrey and Hathaway swapped notes on the class they had in common.  Chan of all people gave me a hand with my history notes, helping me to organize them until they almost made sense.

"I think this connected here?"  Putting everything back was such a pain!
"We'll figure it out when we turn it on," came the dismissive reply.
"All I have to do is plug it in--huh?"  I picked up a gum wrapper from under the table.
"That's not mine."
"Not mine, either."   We looked at each other and shrugged, but my mind was racing.  One thing was clear - someone else had been in here.  I slipped the piece of trash in my pocket.

SR Point: Clear the map in four turns or less.

The boss is made of relative paper.  Being dodgy's annoying, but a good chunk of my team has Bullseye/Intuition, including Joe.  Thus, the worst of this was managing Goryu's EN.  Everyone else picked up kills where they could.  Run everyone forward, and this map isn't too hard.


"Finals are soon.  Why call now?"  Amuro put down a mug, no doubt filled with coffee.
"We found something weird in our room," I explained, digging out the gum wrapper.
"Huh?  She never mentioned that," he muttered.
"Mentioned what?  If that woman was in our room--" Hathaway started.
"I'm afraid she was.  She's fond of that gum."  My roommate groaned.
"Afraid she saw your underwear drawer?" I teased.
"I'm afraid she saw the mess that's your side of the room!" he shot back.  A weary laugh interrupted us.
"Thanks for the info.  She won't bother you anytime soon."  The man on the other end rubbed his eyes and cut the connection.
"Has he been sleeping?" I wondered to myself.
"We have our own things to take care of, like finals."  Why did he have to be so grounded?  I sighed and ambled to my desk.


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 31 complete, EN management is hard)

Chapter 32 - 5/176


"Finally!"  Nothing like a good stretch after an exam, or in this case, the last one I'd have to worry about for a while!
"BOO!"  I yelped.  Audrey stood behind me, grinning.
"Your finals are over?"  A pounding heart and a bruised ego were far better than having one of my friends avoid me!
"Of course!"  It was almost as if nothing had happened between us.
"Can't wait for the break.  Two weeks without class!"
"What were you going to do over the break?"  So that's what she wanted to talk to me about!
"Someone's gotta keep you company here," I replied lightly.
"I will stay over with some friends."  Oh.
"That's, uh, good.  I'll be okay, I promise!"  I put on the biggest smile I could muster.
"Hathaway's family would be delighted to have you over!"  It was her turn to put on a not-quite-sincere smile.
"I'm already stuck with him--" I started.
"Mithril is the other option," she whispered.
"Why would they do that?"
"They would not tell me."  I blinked.
"Mrs. Noa's cooking for two weeks straight?  Sign me up!"  Both of us smiled shallowly.

SR Point: Finish the map in five turns or less, and one ally reaches 10 ExC before the end of the map

That's not a bad point, right?  The first three turns are Show and Shion dancing around the map, so you can't gain ExC.  Then Show swaps mechs, which apparently resets his ExC.  The rest of the army doesn't arrive until the end of turn 3.  What a pain.

Or, it would be, if one didn't read the objectives.  This is a "defeat boss" map.  Park Show in the middle of the enemies, and his ExC will skyrocket, since he can one-shot the fodder.  Shion can also do something similar, if he's properly leveled.  Otherwise, there's the ExC Boost and use the Saizo that this playthrough is using - he'll get Resolve sometime between levels 33 and 36.  And then there's Lisa.

Get your ExC up, then beat up the boss.  It's not too bad!

New unit:

Bellvine - Hits harder than the Billbine, but has lower range to compensate.  Slap a range extender on this and watch things go boom.

Ray - Courtesy of @Maof06!  I have no idea what he does, but I see a ridiculously long-ranged attack in his arsenal, Hit and Run, and Snipe.  He's gonna get me a power part just by being himself!


"Uh, Hathaway," I started, as soon as I got back to my room.
"Did Audrey get in contact with you?"
"Mom already said okay."
"She cleared it with me first before asking you.  Don't understand why you can't just stay here, but it seems that there's security concerns."  He shrugged, then reached for the computer.
"We're leaving tomorrow morning, right?"
"What about it?"
"I'd like to get to the next chapter.  The one where the author gives a whole bunch of ExC recommendations."


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  • eclipse changed the title to Why am I playing Super Robot Wars T? Who cares, let's play it and attempt some creative writing along with a bit of a guide! (currently: Chapter 44 complete, I hope I get what I'm aiming for)

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