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New H5 playthrough with notes

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I'm starting a new playthrough and I'm just going to share my thoughts throughout, some of which I'm sure could be discussed as a lot of other people have played this mode.

I have finished H5 without warp skipping or boss grinding before, but it's time to turn up the difficulty.


Merciless Difficulty - If I picked anything less then I wouldn't a masochist and the world wouldn't make sense.

No Reclassing - This mainly punishes Sedgar/Wolf. They are no longer useful. It also means less flying utility.

No Warping - We have to fight through everything in this one.

No Forging - Forges can basically be used so that your team can one-shot multiple enemies each turn, which helps a lot. So I banned it.

No Online - I don't think people in medieval times even had internet.

All Bosses Killed within 5 turns of engagement - This is to eliminate the possibility of boss grinding because boss grinding in this game is actually really good.

No Arena - I'm not even sure if arena is useful but now it's banned.


I'm not a master FE player so I'll probably struggle sometimes. I have a sloppy FE style. 

Chapter 1

I decided to use Marth as a level 1 king piece.

I had the idea to rush Cain's lance rank to D that way Cain would basically be a second Abel.

I got an iron lance and 3 javelins, but in retrospect I should have gotten 4 javelins.

Caeda can distract some pirates and make this chapter way easier.

I also put Jagen on the fort with a silver lance which helps.

With these tricks this chapter becomes more relaxed but there's still the boss. Killing him in 5 turns can't be done with 100% reliability so sometimes you'll have to reset if you're doing the challenge I listed.

We get Wrys which is an awesome unit.

Chapter 2

Early on in this battle Cain's lance rank reached D. At this point Cain can use javelins and is basically another Abel, with essentially no investment required. Now I turn to grinding Abel's lance rank to C though, and then after that I'll get Cain's lance rank to C.

I deal with the first pirate and the northern enemies, then block both bridges to take out the cavalary.

The rest is really easy. You can always retreat to form a concave formation and kill any enemy group easily.

I let Darros die. I also got some hand-axes (only needed one without Darros though.)

The boss is easy with a map save.

Chapter 3

I formed a blockade for the northern enemy group and killed them as fast as I could while the western 3 pirates showed up. It seemed close but luckily I got a crit. I really recommend not losing anyone in the previous chapter (I lost Darros). One way to make this part easier is to just sacrifice a unit to the enemies that you don't need, such as Darros (I told you not to let him die, so you can let him die here.)

I try to grind Wrys staff rank to C. I plan to replace Wrys with Boah so I'm not sure if it'll actually matter. I'll be able to have two physic users on part of chapter 10 and on chapter 11 (and then get Boah on chapter 12).

The boss is easy with a map save. I went with killing edge crit into devil's axe with Barst.

Chapter 4

I simply killed Matthis.

I can't forge or reclass, but that leaves lots of gold for other things. I bought every weapon I could possibly need, plus a fire tome for Merric (very important).

You can rush all your enemies to the north of the bridge and then form a blockade and methodically eliminate every single cavalry and fighter. I used this strategy and it worked very well. 

I learned a really cool trick by accident. If you put a unit (even Wrys) one space away from the enemy knight then the enemy won't be able to attack at all and won't move. You can use this to safely recruit Merric, and then methodically take out the bow users and the knight.

I got Merric to about level 5.5 by the end of this chapter without boss grinding (for more than 5 turns). I did this by feeding him every kill, including the boss, and I trapped one of the horseman so that he could attack it repeatedly from an adjacent space.

I bought 5 steel lances here. In retrospect 4 might have been enough.

Team Focuses So Far: Cain, Abel, Caeda, Barst, Merric, Wrys, Lena

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Honestly, you can just put "no boss grinding" as part of the rules, and we'll understand.  Chapter 6 is pretty irritating otherwise.

That being said, whatever picture you embedded doesn't show up.  Not sure how important it is to the topic.

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