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[FE16] Silver Snow Maddening Draft

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Normally not, only if it's explicitly mentioned in the rules.

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With that, Terrador gets Hilda and we're finished drafting!

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tbh prologue is mad easy, I definitely could have done more optimal EXP routing, but nobody's gonna have trouble hitting 5 and nobody's gonna take 4 lol

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Chapter 1: 10/15

This was agonizing, but really rewarding to pull off. Taking the first turn 10 clear instead of trying to squeeze out a ridiculous 9-turn because this map is hellish enough already.

I brought Ferdinand over Linhardt, then positioned to let Byleth take Lorenz and Bernie take Ashe. Next turn I kill Ashe with Ferdinand + Hubert, kill Ignatz with Byleth + Bernadetta (out of range of Lorenz), and have Edelgard Smash Lorenz. The Smash puts him in KO range of Miasma on EP if he doesn't Vulnerary, but.... he will if he's on 3 health, even with a guaranteed kill. I'm not sure what he'll do on 8, especially since the game should know he mostly dies. Anyway, he's easy cleanup, and the main objective is to get Bernadetta and Hubert in position by turn 4 so I don't really care where my melee units are placed on 3 to clean up Lorenz.

Bernadetta swinging at Claude with a Curved Shot (really convenient to hit, but I think I missed it on this clear) is absolutely crucial. Not only does it cause him and Hilda to momentarily split up, but it frees you of the blue lion recipe for death as well: placing any unit within one tile of Dedue's attack range before Claude or Hilda engage stirs up the bees' nest, and we can't have that. On turn 4, Hubert takes Dedue on EP (1 AS short of being doubled at base), then pulled Dimitri and Mercedes on the same turn. To pull Dimitri with a weapon in hand, you need +1 Spe Byleth, +1 Spe or Def Edelgard, Petra, or getting one of two 71% shots to miss with Ferdinand. I think this run it was Edelgard--Ferdinand got that roughly coinflip dodge to help chip as well, since I had other assets whacking Mercedes.

After that, really it's just cleanup. Kills were distributed above all else to ensure that my units moved quickly to kill and aggro the remaining four units and were healed enough to do so quickly, but I was favoring Bernadetta because she's going to be the rock star of this run without a doubt. I believe that to get this, you need no Unlikely Nonsense, plus a way to pull Dimitri without losing a unit (read: slowing down), plus I believe one more favorable event in the second portion--without the cheeky Curved Shot hitting or two units who live through Dimitri (doing the Mercedes + Dimitri pull) I'm not sure you're seeing ten turns with this setup. Thing is, though, fishing for a good event is pretty easy, because after all free no-risk gambles you can often safely fish for an impactful Crest of Seiros proc, Crest of Cichol proc, Smash crit, or even EX Crest of Flames or Crest of Indech procs. You only need a little extra juice, you've just got to be creative looking for it.

I used to hate this map with a burning passion. I'm kind of enjoying it now. What the absolute heck.


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Chapter 2: 12/27

Honestly.... kind of a snoozefest. The enemies are only a little stronger than in Chapter 1, but now I have HP+5 on my three main combat units, a pair of Iron Shields to pass around, Tempest Lance on Edelgard, Bernadetta, and Linhardt, Curved Shot!Hubert (I guess lol. I should've just gone for Mire, but I'm still 2RKOing everything so that mistake doesnt matter much). This was my first attempt, but.... how am I gonna speed this up? Every enemy takes two hits to kill for the most part, and the bridge up top is so choked up that I only bother sending three units anyway. Hubert and Byleth fight the entitled stinker squad for self-improvement at the end, but fighting them head-on for sure costs turns so I passed up the 10k. Hoping this doesn't come back to bite me, but who knows! Now, the nonsense part of the run begins: I'm anticipating Vengeance!Bernie for this upcoming map, and you know I'm gonna be rigging burdocks for Byleth to destroy everything later on! The rate legit isn't bad, you can get mad high booster rates really early (ex. iirc, Mixed Herb Seeds with the basic cultivation gives like a 55% shot or so at a burdock, what the hell).

As far as recruitment priorities go... that's gonna be interesting to route. My current plan is to recruit Felix first, since I can do that guaranteed at C+ support and C swords (I can probably feed the lion's share of a skirmish to Bernadetta and Byleth at this point, and Bernadetta gets to Take Classes as well).

E: I am a fool and apparently rigging boosters can't be done after the seed is planted. That sure complicates things, but I can still structure days to be able to rig some of them. Wheeze.

Edited by Terrador
i'm fool

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After a night of struggling with Felix's high standards, I realize that I won't be able to pick Catherine and Cyril up until right up at the timeskip. Why on earth did I pick them so early?? Cyril especially in this route is so bad..... why do I forget. The folly of man. At least this run will be good for building ESOTERIC GAME KNOWLEDGE! and who knows, maybe vengeance!bernie will carry anyway.

Also I was wrong about shit in the earlier post! By a LOT actually! I was mistaking score for booster rate on the flowers--in that example, the booster rate is a much measlier 16%. Also uh. Felix needs C+ swords at C+ support. Ope. Odds are I'll be building supports with Annette and Felix in a more balanced way to recruit next chapter, and I'll pull Leonie off breadcrumbs. 15 STR/C Lance is so extremely convenient, and C support to drop it even lower is not exactly an immense investment.

Also. If I can finish with the three least impressive timeskip joiners, y'all can too. Show me some action, I need M O T I V A T I O N

Oh I forgot about Alois lol. Well, uh. He sure is a character in this game! At least he isn't Gilbert. Alive in one route and still super unimpressive there.

Edited by Terrador
More yammering

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P 5/5 turns

Yeah. Byleth is female, named ByLass. Took Dimitri's and Claude's items, the iron bow being very important for the C1 strat.

C1 9/14 turns

Deployed Dorothea as a free unit, along with Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert and Ferdinand.

Iron Axe!ByLass tanked Lorenz on EP1. Hubert and Tempest Lance!Ferdinand finished him off on turn 2. Edelgard killed Ashe with Iron Bow on EP1 and Training Sword (w/ chip from Dorothea) on PP2. On PP2, ByLass used Wrath Strike vs. Ignatz, who survived. Dorothea tradeswapped her to Iron Bow while chipping for Edelgard so ByLass can't be killed by Ignatz on EP (as Iron Bow would kill, preventing the follow-up attack). EP2, Dorothea was attacked by Ignatz, taking 20 damage.

Turn 3, Hubert, Bylass and Ferdinand started going left, Ferdinand finishing off Ignatz. Edelgard went to the right, entering the forest, and Dorothea went up. Dorothea, ByLass and Edelgard healed with Vulns.

Turn 4, Hubert parked himself in Hilda's range without attacking. This aggroes her and Claude, who went to the left.

Turn 5, Hubert healed with a Vulnerary and ByLass entered Claude's range, with an Iron Bow equipped. Dorothea moved on a Forest tile in Dedue's range, Edelgard unequipped her weapons and entered Dimitri's range.

Turn 6, Edelgard OHKOed Dimitri with a Smash crit. Dorothea moved onto the Thicket tile and used a Vuln (if Dedue hit her). Hubert finished off Hilda, who is 3HKOed by Miasma. Tempest Lance!Ferdinand and Iron Bow!ByLass defeated Claude.

Turn 7, Dorothea finished off Dedue (who is 3HKOed aswell). Edelgard went next to her and equipped an Iron Bow to bait Mercedes. She also used a Vulnerary to heal up. ByLass entered Manuela's range with Iron Bow equipped.

Turn 8, Edelgard finished off Mercedes with Smash while standing at the end of Hanneman's range. Dorothea tradeswapped her to Iron Bow to let her EP chip Hanneman. Ferdinand and ByLass finished off Manuela.

Turn 9, Edelgard finished Hanneman with Smash.

Forced aux free/14 turns

ByLass      Commoner      03 28  14   8  10   8   8   6   7   9 D+ E  E  E  E+ E  E  D  E  E  E
Edelgard    Noble         03 30  15   7   6   9   6   6   4  11 E+ E  D+ E  E  E  E  D  D  E  E
Hubert      Noble         01 22   6  12   6   7   6   4   7   6 E  E  E  E+ E  D  E  D  E  E  E
Ferdinand   Noble         02 28   8   5   6   9   6   6   3   7 E+ D+ E+ E  E  E  E  E+ E  D  E
Petra       Commoner      01 25   9   3   7  10   7   5   2   6 D+ E  E+ D  E  E  E  E  E  E  D
Caspar      Noble         01 26   9   3   5   6   8   6   2   4 E+ E  D  E  E+ E  E  E  E  E  E
Shamir      2b recruited
Raphael     2b recruited
Hanneman    2b recruited
Mercedes    2b recruited
Lysithea    2b recruited
Seteth      2b recruited

C2 11/25 turns

Having 6 units really helped a lot here. Bought Steel Bow for Petra, Steel Lance for Ferdinand and Steel Axe for Edelgard.

This strat is pretty hard to describe and didn't follow a rigid plan because the enemy movement is hard to predict. Made use of ByLass' and Edelgard's gambits to freeze enemies when I couldn't kill them all in one turn. ByLass entered Kostas' range on turn 10, allowing me to finish him off on turn 11.

Hubert picked up the Large Bullion from the chest.

Aux free/25 turns

Primarily trained Ferdinand and ByLass.

Edited by Gradivus.

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