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Finished my first Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem - book I run!

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Ignoring the outdated patch (eww "Shiida"), I enjoyed more the remake than the original. It has a mighty pleasant atmosphere, with a mix of "old school vibe" and a freshness I didn't feel with any other Fire Emblem. I'll never forget how much my eyes shone when I was this game for the first time, it's so beautiful holy cow.
 The story has more details (Camus didn't become even 10% of Elgidan, but now I felt he had at least some weight in his character), even though I prefer the Blade of Light's endgame (for both story and gameplay).
 It's a fresh and delightful game, with somewhat outdated mechanics but it's still a full breath close to FE1.

Score: 6/10.


Since I'm a huge fan of listing, I will tell y'all my 5 favorite units (based on how much I LIKED them, and I'm not even really talking about utility):


1- Est.

2- Vyland.

3- Gordin.

4- Ogma.

5- Marth.

to be continued.png

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